Weekend Writing Warriors Why Are The Engines Off?

better wewriwaI’m still doing excerpts from my SF novel WRECK OF THE NEBULA DREAM until April 14th, the 101st anniversary of the Titanic’s sinking but after that I’m switching off to something else. I appreciate all the comments and feedback! This scene occurs in the middle of the second night out, when Nick awakens suddenly, realizing the Nebula Dream’s engines have shut down. He’s just asked the Ship’s AI what’s going on. (Um, it’s really 10 sentences but they’re short and you don’t mind too much – do you? I’ll go back to being good next week, I promise!)

“There’s nothing to be concerned about, Passenger Jameson – we apologize for disturbing your sleep. Please resume your slumbers now, with no further care.” The AI’s voice was smooth, glib as always. “Do you require a sleep inject?”

            “No, I do not,” Nick said, allowing his considerable annoyance to creep into his tone. “Why are the engines off?”

            “Merely some required maintenance, sir.”

            Nick glared at the glowing interface. “No one does engine maintenance in the middle of the shipping lanes.”

            Silence from the AI.



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WRECK OF THE NEBULA DREAM, a 2013 SFR Galaxy Award winner,  is available for kindle, as an audio book or a paperback at Amazon. The audio sample is here.



50 comments on “Weekend Writing Warriors Why Are The Engines Off?

  1. I’m glad Nick isn’t fooled by the glib answers of the AI. Very astute of him not to believe the maintenance excuse. But what is afoot? Can’t wait for more!

  2. I really like the voice you gave the AI. It’s exactly what I’d expect and that helps me feel like I’m right there on the ship. Great excerpt.

  3. That definitely sounds bad. The AI reminds me a bit of HAL and OTTO/AUTO (from WALL-E). Good thing he turned down the inject. He’s going to need to be awake, I’m thinking.

  4. Thanks for all the comments today, which I enjoy SO much – and I appreciate the forgiveness for greedily supplying TEN (gasp) sentences. Promise I won’t do it again LOL!

  5. OK, the AI is definitely hiding something! I like how you make the AI come across as almost sinister, even before Nick catches out. Nick’s annoyance was also very clear through his dialogue. Great snippet.

  6. This is when you start hearing the Jaws theme song start to play… Great tension in your snippet, Veronica. I’m nervous for him. 🙂

  7. Another great six … eight … TEN! LOL. The part about shipping lanes is so true. (Well, that comes from my boating experience on the ICW, which is a highway of sorts … no space travel yet, LOL).

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