Expanding My Blogging Horizons

word whores logoI’m very excited to share the news that I’ve been invited to join the Word Whores group blog!

An excellent group of bloggers I’ve been following for quite some time, who write about all aspects of this craft and profession that we authors love so dearly…and now I’ve been invited to join in the fun, which made me VERY happy. I was honored! My first official post for them is today, combining an introduction (who am I? existential question LOL) and my take on the group’s topic of the week, which happened to be self publishing. Since I have self published one book, I was able to weigh in. (Whew, new kid in school, first week jitters averted!) You can go here to read the post I did.

(Despite the somewhat racy name, the group blog doesn’t have or need the Over 18 disclaimer, by the way.)

I’ll be holding down the Saturday spot  over there from now on but I’ll absolutely still be writing posts all the time here on my own blog about whatever takes my fancy.

The current Word Whores are:

Allison Pang, Jeffe Kennedy, Kristine Krantz, Marcella Burnard, Linda Robertson and James Moore. Carolyn Crane is moving on, so I’m honored to be selected for the vacancy.

1110953_76520004I wasn’t there when the blog first started obviously, but I know each of the original members at the time blogged about what the title meant to them and why they felt it was appropriate. (Personally I like minx but there’s a wonderful group in Australia that already has that title!)  My late mother wouldn’t have approved of the name, I know that LOL!  I think to me it boils down to the fact that I have to write. Writing is like breathing to me and I’ll do anything to make time to write, to give my Muse room to express all the stories bottled up inside. And, I really REALLY like being paid for writing! I can and do write for free but it’s wonderful to have books published, not only so I can share my characters and their adventures with readers, but also so I can maybe work toward being a fulltime writer someday (the dream). Yay day job for paying the bills but writing, now there’s the thing, as Shakespeare (almost) said.

So I’m the Saturday Strumpet over there, happy to talk about all things to do with writing! Hope to see you there…


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