Weekend Writing Warriors More Shifter and Girl With A Secret

better wewriwaWell since everyone was so kind to me last week about this unedited WIP I’ve got sitting on the shelf, I’ll venture another excerpt! It’s my one and only shifter novel (so far, not counting “Priestess of the Nile” where the Crocodile God shifts)…Kyle is a leopard shifter and Caitlyn is the mysterious girl-with-a-secret who infiltrated the Witch Queen’s castle with his help. Now she’s been summoned to participate in a magical ceremony, at which the Queen draws upon Kyle’s powers to augment her own.

Anger burned in her, watching the shifter used as a source of power for the purposes of others.

Closing her eyes, she launched a mental search for his spirit, wanting to let him know there was one person in the room who was there for him. The torchlit chamber, the overpowering smells and the sonorous chant disappeared from her consciousness as she found herself standing in a small forest clearing. An agitated leopard paced the perimeter, tail thrashing from side to side. When the great cat saw her, it slunk in her direction, snarling, fangs bared.

Caitlyn backed away as the leopard stalked her. She whispered Kyle’s name, trying to master her fear. “The Witch Queen takes too much from you – no spell is worth your death,” she said.


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42 comments on “Weekend Writing Warriors More Shifter and Girl With A Secret

  1. I love how this reads. It’s both stunningly visual and fun to read aloud. I loved that you used the word sonorous. That’s such a fantastic word! And the whole scene hooked me!

  2. I expected her to walk right up to the leopard, knowing who it is, but I like that she’s afraid. It makes her more real for me. You picked a wonderful 8 this week 🙂

  3. You fly straight into the heart of a conflict not explained–but supernatural or not, we’re all far too well acquainted with those who Ask Too Much. Intriguing excerpt.

    • Well that’s kind of the problem with only 8 sentence snippets LOL. By this point in the actual story Caitlyn does have a good idea what’s going on…but she’s still angry on his behalf.

  4. This story is so good on so many levels. Shifter leopards are not unknown in the literature. I believe Harris used them as well. And witches are right up my alley at the moment. What’s unique about your version is the empathy toward the shifter and the budding relationship between the two.

    • this new story of yours almost demands ordinary objects that aren’t what they seem. My current instructor strongly encourages such devices

    • Thanks for the kind words! Yes, the first leopard shifter I ever “met” in a book was Andre Norton’s “Jargoon Pard”, set on Witch World, and then of course there are Nalini Singh’s leopard shifters…but I thought probably there was room for my leopards in the paranormal world too. The characters just *do* tell the writer who and what they are LOL and we go from there….

  5. Really appreciating the comments and feedback. I feel so very encouraged about this story and will probably go back to it and finish it after all. Probably a few more weeks of excerpts coming from this one…

    • Yes, ma’am LOL! I think I will work on it at some point, now that people have been so encouraging…I really love these two characters, I must admit. Thank you!

  6. Wow what a switch! From Sci-Fi to Paranormal (I hope I got that right :)) This is my firs time reading this excerpt and I am impressed. I’ve now have questions. Tuning in to see what happens next!

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