Weekend Writing Warriors Don’t Displease the Cook

better wewriwaHappy Mother’s Day! I don’t have anything about mothers to excerpt for today so I went with a snippet about the Cook in the Witch Queen’s palace, because she’s the closest thing to a motherly person in this unedited WIP about a shifter and a Girl With A Secret LOL.

Kyle is having a hard time recovering from the most recent spell casting, where the Witch Queen pulled even more of his magic to fuel her spells. The palace physician (who is also a witch) has ordered a bland diet suitable for an invalid. Caitlyn goes to the kitchen to ask for a proper meal for predator in need of strength. Nadelma the Cook is speaking.

“Strange times we’re in, with the poor shifter caught in the middle. He carved me a special wooden spoon last year for the winter festival, you know – all my favorite flowers and fruits on the handle. It’s far too beautiful to cook with and so I told him.”

Caitlyn felt the kitchen cat rubbing against her ankles. Bending down, she stroked the soft gray fur, thinking sadly how dull and matted the leopard’s fur had been. “So you’ll allow me to make something proper for Kyle to eat?”

Nadelma hoisted herself from her chair with an alarming amount of effort and said, “I’ll fix him a breakfast suitable for a warrior with my own hands and we’ll just see if that doesn’t do him more good that what the high and mighty ordered. They do their magic, I do mine.”


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42 comments on “Weekend Writing Warriors Don’t Displease the Cook

  1. Bravo, Veronica. Love the last line, it’s so true. I also enjoyed the little bits you put in to give me the true feel of the scene. Happy Mother’s Day.

  2. I enjoyed this snippet very much, Veronica. I like that the magic in your world needs to be fueled by energy – calories. 🙂 Plus there is something wise and true about the role of nourishment in Nadelma’s words. 🙂 P.S. That kitty pic is stunning.

  3. Happy Mother’s Day! Absolutely loved this excerpt. Nadelma is such an awesome character and her dialogue is fab! Well done!

  4. ok where do I start? The carving – shows thought and affection on his part. She can’t use it of course not. It’s too special. The use of the cat to compare to what he feels like now when he’s ill. My writing instructor would give you an A And now the cook will repay him for the gifted spoon. It weaves a perfect circle

  5. I know the feeling of being afraid to use something that’s too beautiful for cooking or another ordinary use. Servants can be such fun characters.

  6. I appreciate everyone’s comments and input, glad my cook was a hit. I wanted so badly to just keep going and include the entire scene (I’m kinda fond of Nadelma too LOL). Even the Witch Queen herself doesn’t venture into the kitchen… Seems to me I have to go ahead and finish this novel in the not too distant future. (It does have a beginning, middle and end but needs a LOT of work – pretty much first draft still.)

  7. Aww, very nice that they are both so concerned. Poor shifter leopard with his matted fur. Nice way to introduce that thought with the kitchen kitty rubbing her ankles.

  8. Nice snippet! There’s a lot packed in here. I felt there was something intentional in how they prescribed a diet insufficient for Kyle’s needs, as if they wanted to keep him weak. Nice implications of further tensions and conflict. And then you add some nice characterization with the detail of the spoon. Tells us so much with so little! Love it!

  9. Gotta love the cockiness of the cook! I can picture her struggling against gravity to get out the chair with unyielding determination to do what she does best. The smallest of scenes is brought to life in my mind and I thank you for that. Great snippet!

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