If Not Me Who Would I Like To Be?

Recently read a magazine interview where they asked some actresses who they’d like to be for a day if they could be anyone. Most picked another actress (Angelina Jolie was a popular choice) and one wanted to be Lady Gaga, I believe.

Started me thinking though. I find it too limiting to be just one other woman for an entire day (maybe because I’m not a busy actress LOL). So here are my choices, one day as each:

saldana pineModern Day Actress: Zoe Saldana. She gets interesting roles, she looks great in clothes, she seems very sensible…can I have one day on the set of Star Trek with Chris Pine…?

Golden Age Actress:  Lauren Bacall.  A woman who takes no nonsense…and that voice – wow. Or Elizabeth  Taylor – her life was pretty fascinating,  Richard Burton, jewels….ok, one day on the set of “Cleopatra,” after she’s fallen in love with Burton of course.

Dancing With The Stars Dancer: Chellsie Hightower. That girl is strong! And a wonderful dancer…although I’m pretty fond of Anna Trebunskaya too…I want to dance the paso. Or maybe the quickstep. NOT the waltz.

Science Fiction Novel Character: Lessa of Pern, by Anne McCaffrey. She’s always my choice – I crave a golden dragon and also a hunky bronze dragonrider for my very own, not to mention the adventures that woman had!  ANY day as her, after she’s become Weyrwoman.

ripley hicksScience Fiction Movie Character: Ripley of Alien and Aliens – they lost me with Aliens 3. MY concept of the alien universe involves Ripley and Hicks having a future together, however dangerous…or maybe I’d be Sarah Connor of the Terminator series, any version. She was so strong and she had that one lifetime’s worth of love in a single night with Kyle Reese. (Hmmm, Michael Biehn again – I sense a trend here.)

Regency Heroine: I’d kinda like to be one of Elsie Lee’s ingénues who blithely sailed through Regency times making everything work out for herself and all those around her…but I think I’d begin to annoy myself LOL. I love Mary in Georgette Heyer’s “Devil’s Cub”, but she’s a bit too high minded. Hmmm. Maybe I’d have been Frederica in the Heyer book of the same name. To be able to fling the witty repartee and waltz…

Hatshepsut_1 Real Life Queen: Hatshepsut, who ruled Egypt as a Pharaoh about 3500 years ago. I’ve never much liked her, probably because I loved the novel “Mara, Daughter of the Nile” and Hatshepsut was portrayed as being so evil…but you just have to wonder what she was like as a person, to seize the throne and hold it for so many years. And remember, I’m only staying a day in each of these ladies’ lives! So maybe a day in the middle of her reign, when things were going well. And if there was a hunky guard she expecially trusted….

First Lady: Can I be Dolley Madison?  She didn’t have quite as much to deal with as some First Dolley-madisonLadies, although the White House got burnt on her watch and there was the War of 1812…so the day she rescued the famous painting of George Washington from the fires…

I could do a day as Jane Austen, couldn’t you? Just to feel what she felt as she wrote? Or Louisa May Alcott?

Apparently I don’t want to be bored (which IS an absolute rule of my life) and ideally I want there to be a hunky guy involved (how hunky was James Madison by the way?) but that’s not a total deal breaker…who would you be, if you could be anyone for a day?


Photo Credits: Wikimedia

Dolley Madison: “Courtesy of the University of Texas Libraries, The University of Texas at Austin.”

Hatshepsut:  Attribution: Postdlf from w

4 comments on “If Not Me Who Would I Like To Be?

  1. Hatshepsut has to be my favorite, definitely my choice. For an age when women were supposed to be demure and simply “seen”, she took what was rightfully hers and did more good with it than all her male counterparts combined. Either her, or Cleopatra – she held her own in the game of empires.

  2. Oh, I love this. I’d be Sarah Connor–esp. the way she looked in T2. So determined to defend her son. Katharine Hepburn would be my real life persona. What strength and sense of humor. In history, I’d love to be Abigail Adams. She held down the fort (farm) while he was off being a politician/rebel and she gave John as good as she got! Besides being a heroine in one of my own books, I’d be Rya (Rebel) Bennton in Linnea Sinclair’s Hope’s Folly–tough protector and she got Philip Guthrie.

    • Thank you very much for the kind words! I *thought* about Abigail Adams too, for just the reasons you gave…loved your selections – all good choices too, if I may say so!

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