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better wewriwaSince people were enjoying the character of Nadelma the cook in my unedited Shifter and the Girl-With-A-Secret paranormal novel, here is another excerpt from the scene in the kitchen where Caitlyn has gone to ask for a special meal to help Kyle recover. Nadelma has vowed to make a proper breakfast for a warrior.

 There was a rare steak, an omelet bursting with cheese, crisp bacon piled high, country potatoes and freshly baked bread for dunking in a steaming fish chowder.

“Just one thing missing,” Nadelma said, pointing at the nearest kitchen maid, “Fetch me a glass of the fresh milk.”

“Milk?” Caitlyn choked back a laugh. “For Kyle? He’s a grown man, not a boy.”

Nadelma winked at her. “He once told me he runs as a cat. Or am I wrong?”

Caitlyn looked over to where the kitchen cat was lapping up a bowl of milk. As a vivid mental picture of the ferocious leopard with milk dotting its muzzle came to her, she laughed. “You’re right, I never would have thought of that.”

“Which is why I am head cook in this palace.”



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49 comments on “Weekend Writing Warriors More From the Cook

  1. It all sounded yummy – except for the fish stew… and yes, that is why she’s the head cook. I hope his meal will be appreciated

  2. I really like that Nadelma has a clear personality; her parts read like you’ve spent a lot of time with her. For me, secondary characters like that really add richness to a story.

  3. Oh, this is so funny. I love it! My grown young men are big milk drinkers, so guys do drink milk, but, yeah, picturing a leopard with milk on its muzzle is really something.

  4. That settles it. I love Nadelma! Also, I am huge into breakfast, and you have managed to describe my favourite meal in such a delicious way that I’m in awe of you. Well done! 🙂 *runs to eat*

    • Thanks! I did enjoy writing Nadelma – time with her or in her kitchen was a nice break from all the intense stuff going on around Kyle, Caitlyn and the Witch Queen for sure…

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