Weekend Writing Warriors Should We Have A Truce?

better wewriwaOnly one more excerpt after today from WARRIOR OF THE NILE because then the book will be released – WHEE!  Can’t decide whether to leave you all on a nonspoiler happy note or a cliffhanger next week for the last excerpt? Any preferences?  For today, here’s another snippet from the conversation Khenet and Tiya have been having, early in their voyage down the Nile:

“Let’s declare a truce. In fact, perhaps we can compare notes on this trip we’ve embarked upon,” Khenet said.

Tiya raised her eyebrows. “What do you mean?”

“I know what Pharaoh shared with me, and you know what Nephthys told you, alone in her sanctuary. It won’t surprise me if we each have some puzzle pieces the other hasn’t seen.”

Tiya bit her lip, as she said. “I can’t – Nephthys forbade me to discuss any details, even with you. Especially with you.”


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And the blurb for WARRIOR OF THE NILE (which is available on Netgalley now for reviewers BTW):

Egypt, 1500 BCE

Lady Tiya is bound to the service of the goddess Nephthys, who plans to sacrifice Tiya’s body to protect Egypt from an ancient terror. She embarks to meet her grim fate alone but for the hardened warrior Khenet, who is fated to die at her side. Tiya’s dreams of love and family now seem impossible, and Khenet, who is the last of his line, knows his culture will die with him. Struggling with the high cost of Nephthys’s demands, both resolve to remain loyal.

Neither expects the passion that flowers when Tiya’s quiet courage and ethereal beauty meet Khenet’s firm strength and resolve. On a boat down the Nile, their two lonely souls find in each other a reason to live. But time is short and trust elusive.

Without the willing sacrifice of Tiya and Khenet, a great evil will return to Egypt. How could the gods demand their deaths when they’ve only just begun to live?

36 comments on “Weekend Writing Warriors Should We Have A Truce?

  1. Happy almost-release! I vote for a non-cliffhanger excerpt next week, otherwise I’ll go crazy. Although, that’s definitely an excellent marketing strategy. 😉 Fantastic excerpt, as always!

  2. I plan to buy your book, so my preference is a cliff-hanger, but I’d take a happy spoiler, too 🙂
    What a predicament these two are in… I’m all for exchanging knowledge, since neither of them are headed toward safety anyway… why not take the extra risk and maybe discover an alternative to death? That’s my hope for these two 🙂

  3. Really appreciating the comments today as always…going to be hard to stop excerpting the story of Khenet and Tiya LOL but it’ll be time to move on once the book is out. Maybe I’ll do a few weeks from my new SFR and then bounce back to the Ancient Egyptians since DANCER OF THE NILE comes out in late October.

  4. Oh that sneaky goddess. That’s very inconvenient. I don’t like secrets. Can’t wait to read this! Great snippet!

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