When the Gods Of Ancient Egypt Are In Your Novels

???????????????????????????????One of the best things about employing the Egyptian gods as characters is that there were many varying legends and beliefs about each deity, so I can pick and choose the aspects that work best for my story. A true lightbulb moment for me was when I was studying a statue of Sobek, the Crocodile God, in his half human form and realized I was looking at a shifter. While the Egyptians never depicted him in full human guise, what if that was just because they never happened to see him that way? And what if he enjoyed walking as a human on his favorite part of the Nile’s riverbank at twilight and happened to hear a priestess singing one of his favorite paeans? (Crocodiles have very sensitive hearing as it turns out.) Romance ensues…that was the beginning of my debut novella, Priestess of the Nile from Carina Press. Sobek has his challenges, understanding the human heart and what it means to truly love….

I’m guesting today at the Paranormality Universe blog, with author Linda Hilburn, so hop over there to read about the other members of the Ancient Egyptian pantheon who appear in my other novels in the Gods of Egypt series. We’re also giving away a $25.00 Amazon gift card, so feel free to leave a comment on Linda’s blog to be entered to win!

And if you don’t mind a tiny bit of promo, WARRIOR OF THE NILE is out now and DANCER OF THE NILE is coming on October 15th!


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