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better wewriwaSwitching this week to my latest release, Dancer of the Nile, which takes us back to Ancient Egypt again. The story blurb is below the photo. This is from the beginning of the story, as Nima the Dancer tries to help another prisoner who has been denied water.

  “Here,” she whispered, holding the mug out to him. “Drink quickly.”

                When he raised his head, she recoiled from the intensity in his eyes. However defeated he may appear, this man isn’t giving up. Unsmiling, the warrior glanced at her bound wrists then at her face, saying nothing.

                Why doesn’t he trust me, can’t he see I’m a prisoner here, too? Nima placed the mug against his swollen, split lips and tipped it up. Swallowing in greedy gulps, he kept his eyes focused on her face.

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Egypt, 1500 BCE

Nima’s beauty and skill as a dancer leads an infatuated enemy to kidnap her after destroying an Egyptian border town. However, she’s not the only hostage in the enemy camp: Kamin, an Egyptian soldier on a secret mission for Pharaoh, has been taken as well. Working together to escape, the two of them embark on a desperate quest across the desert to carry word of the enemy’s invasion plans to Pharaoh’s people.

As they flee for their lives, these two strangers thrown together by misfortune have to trust in each other to survive.  Nima suspects Kamin is more than the simple soldier he seems, but she finds it hard to resist the effect he has on her heart.  Kamin has a duty to his Pharaoh to see his mission completed, but this clever and courageous dancer is claiming more of his loyalty and love by the moment. Kamin starts to worry, if it comes to a choice between saving Egypt or saving Nima’s life…what will he do?

Aided by the Egyptian god Horus and the Snake Goddess Renenutet, beset by the enemy’s black magic, can Nima and Kamin evade the enemy and reach the safety of the Nile in time to foil the planned attack?

Can there ever be a happy future together for the humble dancer and the brave Egyptian soldier who is so much more than he seems?

I’m ecstatic to say DANCER OF THE NILE hit the Amazon Best Seller list the first day, in the Romance=>Ancient World category. Thank you to everyone who purchased the book, giving it such a terrific head start,  and I hope you’ll enjoy the story!

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38 comments on “Weekend Writing Warriors DANCER OF THE NILE

  1. Strong excerpt in a lot of ways! Definitely intriguing. Yeah, it’s great that the book is starting off so well. We need more books set way back in ancient times, with accurate research like you’ve done 😀

    • Thank you very much, I’m endlessly reading new-to-me research books on ancient Egypt, although of course I do take historical liberties here and there in order to write paranormal!

  2. Thank you for stopping by, everyone! And for all the encouraging remarks…I thought it would be interesting to start the novel with both characters being prisoners of the Hyksos and see what they each thought of the other and the situation.

  3. Trust is probably pretty hard from his point of view–she could be betraying him somehow, while he’s pretty much helpless. He’ll have to get over it if he wants to survive!

  4. He makes me curious… I can imagine he’s a pretty intense person, and keeping somebody like that prisoner never ends well! A great excerpt, as always 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  5. Great interaction showing us his suspicion and her need to help him. Big congrats on making the Amazon best seller list!!

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