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HEAOver at the USA Today Happily Ever After blog, I’m interviewing science fiction romance author Eve Langlais, who specializes in hot and spicy…she’s a NYT and USA Today  Best Selling author, whose books are consistently in the top of the Amazon science fiction romance best seller lists. I also have a few other recommendations to share, from steamy to not-as-much.

SethQuite a few SFR novels have cyborgs (short for “cybernetic organism”) – male and female – as the main terminatorcharacters/love interests. In the old days when I thought of a cyborg, my mind went straight to the Terminator films and if there was romance to be had, I was more interested in Kyle Reese, soldier from the future, than I was attracted to Mr. Schwarzenegger. Fortunately many SFR authors have a more active imagination than I do on this topic, and cyborgs have become quite the romantic heroes.  In most cases they have a lot more dialog than the 58 words uttered by the Terminator in the first movie! Just looking at the cover of Eve’s latest novel and comparing that image to the Terminator, you get the feeling Seth would be MUCH better as a romantic partner.

Edgar Allen Poe generally gets the credit for being the first to mention a man with prostheses, back in 1843. Then there was the Six Million Dollar Man TV series in the 1970’s, with a lot of good science fiction stories being written between Mr. Poe and Lee Majors’s time. And many more in the past forty years since then!

Nowadays medicine can do amazing things with prostheses to restore a lost function, such as an arm or leg, or to provide a missing ability, the way cochlear implants can allow people to hear. I have a feeling we may not be all that far away from the capabilities that SF writers give to their cyborgs…but come on over to USA Today HEA and have the SciFi Encounter!

(And before we hop over there, here’s Kyle Reese as well as his ‘brother’ Derek Reese, from “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles’  TV show, which I enjoyed.)


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