Earth Ship Siren – New SciFi Romance Continuity Series

es siren1Over at USA Today/HEA, I’m interviewing a trio of Australian science fiction romance authors who had an inspired idea for an SFR continuity series. All three novella-length stories are set on the same ship, heading for the same colony planet.  My friend Shona Husk, who I’ve known since my days as fellow authors at Carina Press, had the original idea, and invited Mel Teshco and Denise Rossetti to play along with her.

The books are best read in order and here are the summaries (courtesy of Momentum):

Yours To Uncover: ES Siren 1, Mel Teshco: It’s the year 2202. Earth is grossly overpopulated and seriously polluted. Rita Songworth has spent half her twenty-two years trying to escape the dying planet. But the journey to Unity, the new colony, isn’t easy. Rita has to resist an attraction to hard, brutish prisoner, Tristan MacFallan, whose masterful hands create more than the beautiful art he’s been assigned to make. But obeying Kane, her ex-lover and malicious lieutenant, appointed to keeping the prisoners under guard, comes at a high price. Is Rita willing to sacrifice everything to keep her secret and her lover safe?

Yours to Command: ES Siren 2, Shona Husk:  Corporal Sienna Jade wasn’t given a choice about joining the mission to Unity. Alex Tariel knew his only chance to get a place on ES Siren was as a prisoner, so he stole water rations. Becoming Sienna’s ship husband puts Alex between her and the lieutenant who tried to kill her for kicks on Earth. While Sienna tries to keep control of her feelings for Alex, Alex would do anything to protect her, if only she’d let him.

essiren2Yours to Desire: ES Siren 3, Denise Rossetti: On board ES Siren, the brilliant Doctor Lily Kwan has worked in secret to develop an antidote for the aphrodisiac rape drug, sexmeth. The antidote has no effect on her extraordinary reaction to Connor Madison, the Siren‘s tough quartermaster. A former gang rat from the slums of a dying world, Con came up the hard way, so when geeky Doctor Kwan tops his hit list of possible drug runners, nothing’s going to save her—not her family’s money, nor her clever mind. Not even the smile in her eyes.

A few Q&A we ran out of room for over at USAT:

Veronica: Do you have a favorite line from Yours To Command?

Shona: Only one? I’m going to cheat and say these three.

He was pretty sure they weren’t just talking about the fruit. If they were, he’d just gotten his first peach-driven hard-on. It didn’t feel entirely wrong.

Veronica: What’s on your Bucket List?

Shona: I don’t think I really have one. I have a list of stories that I want to write a mile long and I want to travel and perfect my macarons (I keep trying and they keep failing–not so badly they are inedible though). I’d also like to develop super powers at some stage…however that is unlikely (I may have watched too many X-men cartoons as a kid)

es siren3Mel: Travel! I want badly to tour Europe. But I also want to see more of Australia. Though I’ve moved over twenty times in my life, I’ve only ever lived on the East Coast and haven’t even explored that side of Australia fully. When I travel I get to write too, so it’s great knowing I can combine both loves.

Denise:  I’d love to go on safari and see big cats and elephants and rhinos in the wild. Sometimes, I think about sky-diving. Then I stop.

There’s much more about the books, the authors and the characters over on my SciFi Encounters column.



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