Disneyland in the Rain for Wednesday Whimsy

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We had that huge, severe rainstorm here in Southern California last week and a minor ripple was my plan to go to Disneyland. (Which was nothing compared to mudslides, a tornado, etc., that many people had to deal with.) My best friend and I go annually right around this time of year and in all the time we’ve done that, it’s only rained twice. Rainy days have a magical effect on Disneyland – many fewer people! I have four layers on in the photo to the left – it was freezing in the morning! The photo at the top is my new pair of mouse ears, complete with peacock feather…

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We went a bit later than usual, to miss the freeway jam ups. For the first hour it was raining pretty steadily but then the magic of Disney kicked in and we had blue skies in Anaheim. There were quite a few people but nothing like the normal December day so we were able to walk right up to rides, even Star Tours and Indiana Jones. The sidewalks weren’t crowded and we were able to get a good spot on the curb to watch the parade when it began, instead of sitting for an hour.

photo (7)I tried to take some different Disneyland photos this trip. There are a lot
photo (6)altof unexpected details in the park, which are fun to uncover. Here’s a view from the second floor of the Jungle Cruise landing area. And then the view looking left, toward the Aladdin pavilion (or whatever it’s exact title is).

photo (5)My friend has a low tolerance for photo (9)“It’s A Small World” so we only ride that photo (3)photo (10)once. It was SO pretty with all the lights!

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