Romance In A Glance Valentine Whimsy

010As I collect my Victorian era trade cards, the romance novelist in me is most fascinated by the ones that seem to encapsulate an entire romance in a single glance. I’ve been saving these cards for my Valentine’s Day whimsy post. Before we get to those, I think it’s amusing that the 1880’s had their version of “Victoria’s Secret Angels” (some concepts are timeless, apparently) even though these ladies to the left here are advertising cigarettes…and for this post I’m considering them to be Cupids…

This first card to the right is my very favorite and for some reason it reminds me of ???????????????????????????????Georgette Heyer Regency novels (which I love with a passion…). I realize it doesn’t seem to be depicting the Regency (and I’m no expert) but something about it really appeals to me. Probably the man in uniform with the broad shoulders and her very demure face.

Moving along, this next one could be an entire novel I think. My take is that the dashing musketeer or cavalier is trying to make his case with the maid, while the eager lady of the house is just now coming through the door. (Of course, he is bringing the maid starch, which considerably reduces the romance  factor and could indicate he wants her to starch his small clothes just so, but I choose  to go with the more interesting romance plot.???????????????????????????????Then we have some more conventional moments of romance to share….



I love the elderly couple depicted below – romance doesn’t pay attention to age!

And here’s a beautiful pigeon in the center, below, who’s clearly delivering a love letter, don’t you think? Happy Valentine’s Day!

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