SciFi Romance #AuthorTag Continues

Having been tagged earlier this week by the wonderful Pauline Baird Jones, who also writes science fiction romance, I thought I’d continue the SFR theme and tag three more authors, whose books I’ve enjoyed.

First would have to be Rachel Bach – I totally love Devi Morris, the heroine in the PARADOX Series and regularly tell people this kickass mercenary is the toughest science fiction heroine I’ve seen since Ripley. (Or maybe Aeryn Sun in Farscape.)  Here’s her webpage: . She also writes as Rachel Aaron.Heaven's queen Here’s what Rachel said in a recent USA Today/HEA column I wrote, regarding the appeal that science fiction has for her:

I love science-fiction because of its humanity. No matter how farfetched, every SF story is ultimately a tale of our shared future. SF authors get to explore the farthest edge of what humans are capable of, both good and bad, on a universe-sized stage. That’s always a good show, and it’s why SF and romance work so well together. They’re both genres about people exploring new ground, and I think that’s beautiful.

in the blackNext let’s tag Sheryl Nantus, whose TALES FROM THE EDGE series combines the feel of Firefly with some great mystery. I want her to write a lot more volumes in the series! Here’s her website: Her quote about science fiction romance from the same column goes as follows:

I believe that humanity will go exploring out far into space and no matter how far we go from our native planet our emotional needs are going to follow — we all want to find that one person who hopefully we’ll end up living happily ever after with. Writing science-fiction romance lets me show that humanity will survive because of, and in spite of, our overwhelming need to want and be wanted, the need to love and be loved. No matter how far we roam from Earth we’ll need those emotions to survive.

And third, for today I’ll tag PJ Dean, whose FELIG CHRONICLES are fun and feisty and I’m so enamored of one FELIGcharacter that I got myself unofficially adopted by the lady (Mattie, the heroine’s mother) LOL.  Here’s her website: PJ is taking time out from SFR to write historical romance at the moment but hopefully there’ll be more FELIG goodness to come! Whaat she had to say in the USAT article:

The thing I find most appealing about writing science-fiction romance is that it is limitless. A writer is only limited by his or her imagination. Unlike other romance genres, that follow a set of established, stale rules, this one is free from those stuffy conventions that could stifle innovation.

Of course there are many other wonderful authors of science fiction romance – thank goodness! – and you can find 18 more of them interviewed in the USAT column, which was written upon the occasion of the SFR Galaxy Awards.

Ok, ladies, TAG, you’re it!


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