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WeWriWa buttonHere’s the link to the Weekend Writing Warriors central page, so you can visit all the participants sharing excerpts today…A fun way to sample new books and find new writers!

We’re onto a new story of mine, a WIP that still needs a lot of work. Mark, an ex-Special Forces soldier in the Sectors, has been hired by the Outlier Empress to rescue a kidnap victim who’s been taken to the border planet Freemarket, where anything goes and the authorities are usually hands off. Kind of like Las Vegas…he’s broken into the house of  Barent Kliin, the kidnapper, persuaded Alessandra to go with him and fled in a stolen car, pursued by the bad guys and the planetary police. They collided with a cargo hauler…Mark knocked the driver out and assisted Alessandra from their wrecked vehicle, after which the couple flee into the crowded marketplace but are now trapped…until a strange little being showed up, offering to help…having no choice, Mark and Sandy flee with the creature and fall into a tent. The owner of the tent is an extremely mysterious being, who just prevented him from shooting at their pursuers.

Sandy tugged at his arm, drawing him way from the threshold, “I think we need to listen to her – maybe she can help. She’s protecting us, which ought to be worth something.”

Their hostess laughed and the sound was like a birdsong, changing from second to second, “I’m Lajollae, Keeper of the Globes of Khanamur.”

“Which doesn’t mean anything to me,” he said, holstering his blaster. 

She extended her arms, hands cupped in front of her, at waist height. An iridescent bubble five inches in diameter materialized in the blink of an eye, resting on her palms. A second sphere fought to come into existence, extruding from the first with a pop, and floating a few inches apart. Golden specks teemed in the new bubble as it hung over the original. 

Note from me: I’m presenting this scene pretty much intact so over the next weeks you’ll find out what the bubbles are for, what Lajollae means by “traveling”….and what choice Mark and Sandy make. Hopefully that’s ok!

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32 comments on “Keeper of the Globes Weekend Writing Warriors

  1. So. Much. Awesome!

    I love stories that start one way and turn out to be about something completely different! This is great, Veronica. 😀

  2. Ha, this is great! I agree, I like stories that twist too. During last week I thought about the story and wondered what might happen next, so you’re succeeding in keeping my interest. But I expect nothing less from you!

  3. Women are smart. He’s ready to blast everything in sight and she calms him down. Even in outer space, folks so I’m not going there. Marvelous eight. Ah the bubbles. It’s magic just like your writing, Veronica.

  4. I love the description in this scene, Veronica. Your stuff is always a treat to read, and this is some of your best WWW stuff yet!

  5. I appreciate all the comments (I’m late getting going to visit everyone today but about to start) – very encouraging. The responses are helping me ponder the revisions needed to some of the later parts of the plot. I might get this one out in 2015 after all! But GHOST OF THE NILE is next, since it’s in edits now. HUGS!

  6. I can understand why someone would be “taken in” by the glowing globes, I am naturally suspicious though and hope they are still a bit wary. Great writing.

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