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Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000040_00014]My guest is the wonderful Cara Bristol, author of the science fiction romance series  Breeder, the erotic Rod and Cane Series and now beginning a new series with her new book Goddess Curse. Cara’s talking about Amazons today, followed by an excerpt from her new novel, so let’s get right into her post:


No one knows if mythological Amazon women really existed, but the myth is an intriguing and powerful one for women. Throughout history, the “weaker sex” has been dependent upon men for support and protection—yet here was race of women who didn’t need men for anything—except reproduction.

According to Greek mythology, the Amazons lived without men until they needed to procreate once a year. They kept and raised the female children, but killed or delivered the male ones to their fathers. Amazons reportedly cut off or burned off their left breast so they could better shoot a bow and arrow, while keeping the right one for nursing.

Interestingly enough, none of the depictions of the Amazon on Greek pottery show the Amazons missing a breast.

Although these women were considered fierce warriors (and fought on the side of Troy in the Trojan War), they lost every battle they fought. The ancient Greeks, a male dominated culture, couldn’t allow a race of women to best the men—but neither could it be an easy win for the men because there would be no glory it. So myth built them up to be strong warriors—but had them lose.

I drew inspiration from the Amazons in my fantasy/sci-fi romance The Goddess’s Curse by creating a tribe of women who live without men until “libidinal fever” forces them to mate.

Story  for The Goddess’s Curse

Sharona women and barbarian Lahon men maintain separate lives until libidinal fever strikes, and the women are forced to mate.

Stricken by a mysterious terminal illness, Sharona Princess Reena jumps at the chance to accompany a cousin on her mating journey so she can at least see a Lahon before she dies.

Garat, leader of the Lahon, hates the Sharona because of the woman who birthed and killed his son years ago. Now that a massive earthquake has left his people with precious little water, he has the perfect excuse to exact revenge by driving the Sharona from their homeland and taking what the Lahon need.

When he encounters Reena on the mating journey he takes her hostage to force the Sharona to capitulate to his demands, but finds himself drawn to her instead. As his desire rises, lust for revenge wanes.

But after what he’s done, can he convince her of the evil that lives in the palace in time to save her life?

The Goddess’s Curse Excerpt

Reena sighed and snuggled in her bed. As her illness progressed, a persistent chill had pervaded her bones. The heaviest robe, the thickest blanket could not banish it. This morning? So comfortable and cozy. Her blanket, though unusually heavy, was oh so warm, and so was the pillow beneath her head. But hard. What kind of feathers could make a pillow so firm yet still tickle her nose? She rubbed her cheek against it, absorbing the unusual, pleasant scent. Musky, and earthy. Like woodsmoke or fresh evergreen. Or a combination of both.

If only every morning could be like this. She hugged her pillow. Soon an attendant would arrive to rouse her for breakfast, but maybe she’d feign sleep. Naughty. She smiled.

Then sobered. Yes, she’d been naughty. She had displeased her cousin by refusing further treatment. What had occurred after that? She crinkled her forehead, trying to remember. She’d poured out the tincture, and then…then…

A Lahon had burst from the foliage.

Then muscle cramps and searing pain. Paralysis.

Her eyes flew open. Rough-hewn walls, large, rustic furniture filled her field of vision. Gone were familiar accoutrements and luxuries. Instead of finely woven fabric,  a furry animal hide covered her, and, supporting her head, was hard flesh covered by a thick mat of…of, hair. A man’s chest.

She bolted upright with a shriek.

The Lahon sprang up without a sound.

“Help!” She tried to scramble from the bed, but he hooked an arm around her waist. “Let me go! Help!”

She slapped at his shoulders, his chest, his face. Neither blows nor screaming fazed him a bit, and she found herself flat on her back, her cries silenced by his calloused hand, her arms restrained, her lower body pinned by his heavy, muscular thigh, and something sizable and rigid poking her leg.

She stared into dark eyes. Be careful what you wish for—you may get it. She’d longed to see a Lahon up close and personal. It couldn’t get any closer than this. She could detect the pores on his face, discern that his “green” eyes were composed flecks of fern, moss, and teal, and that a muscle twitched in his square jaw. Long, unbound dark hair fell against broad shoulders.

Her heart fluttered like the wings of a frantic bird. What had happened? How had she gotten here? Where was Honna? And…and her robe? Oh Goddess. He was naked, too. That, that, thing digging into her leg was his…his manroot.

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Cara Bristol continues to evolve, adding new subgenres of erotic romance to her repertoire. She has written spanking romance, contemporary romance, paranormal, and science fiction romance. No matter what the genre, one thing remains constant: her emphasis on character-driven seriously hot erotic stories with sizzling chemistry between the hero and heroine. Cara has lived many places in the United States, but currently resides in Missouri with her husband. She has two grown stepkids. When she’s not writing, she enjoys reading and traveling.

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