Are They Coming Back Later? Weekend Writing Warriors

Warriors logo revisedHere’s the link to the Weekend Writing Warriors central page, so you can visit all the participants sharing excerpts today…a fun way to sample new books and find new authors! (Also welcome to the Sunday Snippet visitors!)

From my new, best selling science fiction romance Star Cruise: Marooned. There’s only one other ship’s party on the planet with our crew and suddenly they receive an urgent recall, no reason given.

Moments later, the TDJ shuttle lifted straight from the pad and shot into the azure sky. Meg rubbed her elbow, suddenly feeling goose bumps. The beach wasn’t as welcoming anymore, despite the bright sun and the ethereal music from the Falls. 

            “What’s with them?”

            She jumped, turning to find Red standing behind her. This time it was a bit comforting to have him by her side. “I don’t know.”

            “Is the other crew coming back later for their stuff?” His face was set in serious lines.

 “I-I don’t know,” Meg said as she walked toward their own set up, “The TDJ staff member in charge said their captain got on the com from orbit about some emergency and recalled them.”

MaroonedFinal-FJM_High_Res_1800x2700So the book has been at either #1 or #2 all week in Amazon’s Romance Fantasy Best Seller list! I’m really excited about how well it’s doing and thanks again to all the Warriors and Snippeteers for their support.

The story:

Meg Antille works long hours on the charter cruise ship Far Horizon so she can send credits home to her family. Working hard to earn a promotion to a better post (and better pay), Meg has no time for romance.

Former Special Forces soldier Red Thomsill only took the berth on the Far Horizon in hopes of getting to know Meg better, but so far she’s kept him at a polite distance. A scheduled stopover on the idyllic beach of a nature preserve planet may be his last chance to impress the girl.

But when one of the passengers is attacked by a wild animal it becomes clear that conditions on the lushly forested Dantaralon aren’t as advertised – the ranger station is deserted, the defensive perimeter is down…and then the Far Horizon’sshuttle abruptly leaves without any of them.

Marooned on the dangerous outback world, romance is the least of their concerns, and yet Meg and Red cannot help being drawn to each other once they see how well they work together. But can they survive long enough to see their romance through? Or will the wild alien planet defeat them, ending their romance and their lives before anything can really begin?

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41 comments on “Are They Coming Back Later? Weekend Writing Warriors

  1. Yeah, I don’t think the other crew is coming back for their stuff. Great tension and I love that little bit of warming on her part. Congrats on hitting #1!

  2. That ranking is AWESOME! Love the excerpt! Read Marooned while I was on vacation last week. Great read and Red is my kinda hero! Congrats that it is doing so well!

  3. Thanks for all the comments and good wishes for the book! I really appreciate the support and I’m so happy people are enjoying the story. And enjoying the snippet today! I tried really hard to make the situation grow more and more foreboding on the planet (but believably)…until everything goes bad…..

  4. Her goose-bumps and the unknown emergency that had the crew recalled, oh my, I don’t think the beach, no longer welcoming, is a very safe place to be. Very tense.

  5. What does the other crew know that they don’t? Mum’s the word. I know because I’ve read the great. It’s great, people! Add this to the top of your TBR list!

  6. They’re not coming back, are they? Great snippet.
    Congrats on the ranking! That’s fantastic.
    Just finished your Ghost of the Nile. Loved it!

  7. I’d be as nervous as Meg in this situation… ACK! Though… maybe they will be able to make use of some o the other crew’s gear. Sounds like they may be needing extra supplies.

  8. Red flag, red flag! I got a bad gut feeling someone is about to get more than they bargained for on this recall assignment. This should be interesting. Well, for us readers, for the characters… Probably not so much.

    Congrats on the number one spot! That’s amazing!

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