Veronica Does A Men’s Magazine Quiz

Voracious reader here – I read all kinds of magazines, and as you know if you visit this blog often, I love to take the little quizzes and questionnaires I find. When I was reading the September 2015 issue of Maxim (yes, the one with the fabulous photo of Idris Elba on the cover!), I was delighted to discover a quiz. It wasn’t Mr. Elba who answered the Maxim questions, but Stuart Vevers, Executive Creative Director of Coach. A select few of the questions and my answers:

Favorite Car:  He picked Land Rover, which  while certainly worthy, I’d go with maybe the DeLorean (but only with time travel option), or the new replacement for the Humvee, which is a badass-looking set of wheels, with firepower…or the Lamborghini Huracan looks like fun…but my Honda reliably gets me there. and is purple-blue in strong sunlight when freshly washed.

Destination:  I always vote for Disneyland!

Beer: Sapporo, he says, which I discover is the oldest brand of beer in Japan and is a rice lager style beer. I’m kinda partial to pumpkin beer…

Dish: His: Truffled mac n cheese. While this certainly sounds good and I’d love to try it (maybe without visiting the specific restaurant in NYC where he dines on this), I love the honey walnut shrimp at Panda Express. Hmm, beginning to suspect that my tastes are a tad more plebeian than Mr. Vevers’!

Indulgence: My choices: Sleeping in? Ummm….being able to buy anything I want from the LEGO store? Ooh, buying ALL the Lunch At The Ritz earrings I crave!

Movie: He picks “Jaws,” I pick “Aliens” so two good solid classics there. We could sit and watch movies together apparently, finding common ground.

Style Icon: His: Debbie Harry Mine: Georgina Chapman for the red carpet (I can dream, can’t I?) I’d totally wear Cavalli if I had the lifestyle that called for it. And the figure. And the budget… In the meantime I’ll be over here browsing in the Ross Dress For Less racks…

Collectible: While he went with rare art books, good choice; I kinda go for Beatrix Potter figurines and Lenox carousel animals…or long dangly earrings. Or maybe reproductions of ancient Egyptian items.

Childhood Crush: Mine was probably Flash Gordon! Or possibly Robin Hood…or maybe the Swamp Fox…I was kinda fickle. I also had a thing for Jim in the Trixie Belden books and F’nor in Anne McCaffrey’s Dragonriders of Pern. King Kull of Valusia…..but not Conan.

Suit Jacket: I never wear them any more, sorry. Being an independently published author these days, I don’t dress up before sitting down to write.

Sweater: He picked one by Coach. My favorite would be  a vintage Ralph Lauren that I picked up at a thrift store years ago on sale for $1 that we then sold on eBay for $1500. Failing that, a Christmas sweater I used to own which was liberally bestrewn with white sequin swans.

Tie: He says Charvet, I say Hermes, although the Jerry Garcia Grateful Dead ties had some cool designs. And I loved the one on our local Channel 4 weatherman this morning but have no idea what brand it might have been.

Signature Barber: Well I have my hair done by a lovely lady named Chris but I guess my favorite barber would be the guy who gives kids free hair cuts if they read him a book!

Scent: He picked Blanche Byredo, which I discover has: TOP: WHITE ROSE, PINK PEPPER, ALDEHYDE
HEART: VIOLET, NEROLI, PEONY  BASE: BLONDE WOODS, SANDALWOOD, MUSK. I’m  currently in love with DKNY Pure, which has freesia, vanilla, sandalwood, lotus, rose, transparent jasmine, white amber, orchid, dew-drop petal accord. Freesia and vanilla are two of my favorite scents, so no wonder!

Moisturizer: He goes with Estee Lauder, I go with Clinique or Ole Henriksen.

Shaver: I’ll put my Lady Gillette against his Gillette Mach 3 any day!

Shaving Cream: I have no preference, sorry! He uses Elemis Ice Cool Foaming Gel, which does sound nice…

Kitchen Utensil: I use my apple corer/slicer the most often, I think. And I eat Granny Smith apples for those who need to know…

Favorite Bar: The Royal, owned by Pree in “Killjoys” (but only for Season One) or the Star Wars Cantina!

Favorite Lamp: I vote for the one in the Pixar logo!

There were other questions of course, but I had the most fun with the ones above and then I went and read the interview with Mr. Elba and admired those photographs extensively.

There were other questions, many of them, none revolving around anything to do with the kinds of topics you may have thought of when I mentioned it was a men’s magazine – I get those quizzes in Cosmo ALL the time but I don’t answer them here so you’ll just have to use your imagination – but I alas have no favorite chair, no especially favorite sneakers, no club, my luggage comes from whatever is on sale at ROSS when I need a new suitcase (the last one was purple faux crocodile)…..

And that’s it for this quiz, always cruising for a new one to answer and share. (I think Buzzfeed saw me coming, with all their little quizzes but I tweet those results, if I like them. If I don’t, you’ll never know mwahahahaha…)

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