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I’ve switched to an excerpt from a brand new novella set in my version of ancient Egypt, working title Healer of the Nile, which is for a boxed set later this year.

Tadenhut, elder son of a noble house and heir to the Hunting Cat estate, has been gravely injured in a battle against Pharaoh’s enemies and brought home to die. Mehyta, a woman from the estate’s village who has skills as a healer, has been ordered to assist the physicians in his care.

This excerpt comes quite a few days after last week’s. Having used her healer’s magic to assess his injuries, she finds herself dreaming of Tadenhut, who remains in a coma in the real world. Her dream takes place on a battlefield, after the combat has ended:

Her path took her toward the center of the area, where a standard with Pharaoh’s cartouche leaned drunkenly against a wrecked chariot, one horse dead, the other nowhere to be seen. A man in a soldier’s uniform sat on the tail of the vehicle and as she drew nearer she wasn’t surprised to see it was Tadenhut. Knife in hand, he was whittling a piece of wood, carving it into the shape of a cat.

            Setting aside the knife and the half-finished statue, he rose to his feet as she came nearer. Eyes wide, brows lifted, he said, “Who are you and why are you in this awful place?”

            His voice was deep, resonant, a bit startling to hear after all this time in his unresponsive state in the real world. She took a swift glance at his legs, seeing both were strong and whole. If this was his dreamspace, as she believed, he might not realize the extent of his own injuries. “I’m a healer, my lord.”

            He gestured at their surroundings,” No one to heal here, my lady, only the dead.”

            “And you.”

I don’t have a cover or a blurb for this one yet. but there will be copious quantities of magic and a bit of romance, of course. Locked in his coma, Tadenhut isn’t as ready to give up his hold on life as everyone assumes, especially after this meeting in the dreamspace. The novella took on a sort of Cinderella-by-the-Nile air in some ways as I wrote it…I’ll  share one or two more excerpts from this and then move back to science fiction romance.


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  1. I agree this is very visual. Your writing is clear about details yet you don’t overwhelm us with TOO much detail. That’s such a great skill. Definitely looking forward to more of this WIP 🙂

  2. Oh, i like this idea that she can visit him in his dream space/coma. That’s awesome, Veronica. I did find a typo, “he was whittling a piece of word”. I think you want the word “wood” instead. 😉 Great snippet.

  3. It was a fun story to write, glad people are enjoying the excerpts so far! There are quite a few plot twists to go but Tadenhut does awaken, with her help, although not at this time. She has to go consult the god of Fate and then…..

  4. Took a wack at the hieroglyphs on your drawing.

    first panel: nb nhh nw (Lord Eternal see)
    ‘w gs (alone, only?)
    f tw nb (Lord of all of us ? he, you, lord)
    n hpr nb(3 pots above) ( being or form, in the name of the Lord)
    then it repeats backwards.

    So it’s a prayer, something like
    Look eternal lord, our only lord, being in the name of the lord, our only lord, eternal lord.

    Probably wrong, but a fun way to spend an hour with “how to read Egyptian hieroglyphs”

    • How fun! Sort of like a sub snippet 🙂 I can’t take any credit for the hieroglyphics, as this is a detail from a reproduction papyrus painting I bought but I’m glad at least it did make some sense. Thanks for sharing, Amelia!

    • I agree, Carrie-Anne, and the time period really calls to me.I love adding in the magic and the gods. I have five books published in the loosely connected series, so this novella will be the 6th story, and I have several more in mind. One might spin off into a series on its own!

  5. Ooh, I love this snippet. How intriguing, her meeting him in his dreamspace. Gives him one more reason to wake up, yes? I love the visual of him whittling a cat while sitting on a wrecked chariot.

  6. Oh this just got REALLY interesting. I’m definitely hooked on wanting to see how this goes. That last line gives so many possibilities on how this is going to go. I love it! I’ve always been a fan of setting plots into dream spaces, you can have so much fun with those settings. Great snippet!

  7. I find it interesting that he’s whittling a cat sculpture, since they were so sacred perhaps he is aware of the severity of his injuries and that he needs some kind of help in order to survive. Love the symbolism of this dream encounter.

  8. Omg, I’m already in love with this story. Wonderfully written excerpt! I have such a weakness for the ‘nursing the hero back to health’ kind of stories. This one promises to be fabulous!

  9. Tadenhut is very calm in the midst of calamity. That says a lot about him and the life he’s lived, I think.

    I’m a totally sucker for telepathic love stories (Might be part of why I love my Vulcans so much!), and Egypt. Definitely looking forward to next week! =D

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