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Today I’m giving a snippet from the WIP Star Cruise: Outbreak. Dr. Emily Shane has agreed to to take a temporary position as ship’s doctor on the Nebula Zephyr luxury cruise liner. Upon arriving at the clinic, she finds a passenger waiting, along with her large retinue. Jake is the ship’s Security Chief (and he’s no red shirt!).

“I’m Dr. Shane, what are her symptoms?”

            “The Hereditary Princess Falyn is quite well, thank you,” answered the oldest woman, frowning as the little girl sneezed with perfect timing.

            “Then why – “

            “It’s my pet, doctor, she’s sick.” Holding out a small ball of variegated green fur, the child left her chair and scooted around the bodyguard. “You must make her all better for me.”

            “I’m not a veterinarian,” Emily protested. She turned to Jake. “You allow animals on board?”

There’s no blurb as yet. This is a standalone sequel to Star Cruise: Marooned, and Meg and Red will appear as secondary characters. The Nebula Zephyr is a sister ship to the Nebula Dream, although there’s no crossover of characters between the two stories. At least not yet!



36 comments on “Make Her Better Weekend Writing Warriors

  1. I loved how the princess’s guardian frowned when she sneezed, Veronica. And why shouldn’t a princess get to bring her green furry pet on board. I can see how that would lead to all sorts of cool complications on a cruise ship.

  2. I love stories that include pets 🙂 I never seem to be able to do that in a natural way. Anxious to see how this gets resolved, and wondering if princess will be scolded if it turns out her pet has brought something contagious onboard.

    • Still wrestling with the nuances of the plot, so I can’t make any promises! This is really a WIP – usually I’m sharing a more finished project here but thought it’d be fun to go with this today.

  3. At first I thought that was the pet’s name (’cause at first glance I’d seen the latter sentences), but thought otherwise soon after. All the same, I thought “what a title!” I do wonder what’s ailing the furry green pet. And is it green because it’s ailing or is that the creature’s natural color? Curious either way XD

    Awesome snippet!

  4. I love the way you set this scene up. Very fun and well-written! Allowing animals on board will ensure even more hijinks! I’m all for it! 😀

  5. Obviously the princess thinks of her pet as more than just an animal… and since she is royalty I guess the good doctor is just going to have to learn. Good snippet.

  6. Oh, this is looking like a fun read. I can’t wait to see what kind of creature the pet is. And it looks like your doctor is out-numbered — she’d better make the pet all better or we’re coming after her!

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