Wednesday Whimsy Ornaments and Villages

015Since quitting the day job and becoming a fulltime writer, which happened earlier this year, I’m actually having a bit of time where I can go through boxes  in storage. I invested about three days total to going through all the Christmas decorations, some of which hadn’t been looked at since 2007, according to the dates on the boxes. I really enjoyed seeing all the sparklies again and setting out the Nativity scene and our family’s version of a Christmas village. So I thought for today’s Whimsy post, I’d share some of what I found. (I’ll probably do the Nativity next week…)


I always envied people who had those big, elaborate Christmas village scenes. The Dept 56 company makes the most wonderful, detailed high end buildings and vignettes and accessories you could EVER want. Well, I couldn’t afford those so I decided early on that our village would be composed of whatever we found that we liked. So I have a few key pieces of Dept 56, like this Regency mail coach, and I have a lot of figures and accessories from everywhere!

003The Royal Doulton company does a series called Bunnykins, and we have the Santa and the kid bunnykins on a sled, going over a Dept 56 bridge.

We also have a few Disney visitors to the Village….007

And some of Hallmark’s Merrie Miniatures,as well as their Cat Ladies:



My best friend brought this charming little Swiss chalet back from a trip to Europe in the 1960’s, and the little couple beside it were my Grandmother’s salt and pepper shakers.


Not sure where I acquired this little mini village of colorful straw houses:


And I went through a big phase of loving all things Lenox (kinda still do, actually), so I was charmed by these two ornaments. Imagine having an entire dollhouse furnished with Lenox!


I also like big, colorful, glittery and flowery ornaments on the tree:


But I’ll leave you with my shy little patchwork deer from the 1970’s (I think that’s her time frame):



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