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On my blog I’m giving away three $10.00 Amazon gift cards (no substitutions) as well as three free ebooks of my latest scifi romance Hostage To The Stars, in the format of your choice (epub or mobi) AND three free Audible downloads of the scifi romance audiobook Mission to Mahjundar. That’s 9 separate prizes, to be awarded to commenters on this blog, via random selection. It is possible for one person to be randomly selected to win more than one of each type of prize.

I’m going to pick a somewhat unusual planet and specify Altair 4, as seen in the movie “Forbidden Planet,” which was released to theaters 50 years go (as of this past March). It was the first science fiction movie I ever saw as a child (on the TV late show in black and white) and absolutely fired my imagination as to what was possible – space travel, robots, ancient aliens, invisible monsters, high tech, heroic (and handsome) space captains and romance…oh yes, I was HOOKED. I discovered Andre Norton’s books around the same time and the scifi movie and the scifi books reinforced each other for me, as far as what genre I was most interested in.

Here was the plot synopsis, from the Internet Movie Database:  A starship crew goes to investigate the silence of a planet’s colony only to find two survivors and a deadly secret that one of them has.

Not to mention a cool robot, ancient alien secrets and more…

Here’s the trailer:

What was the first science fiction movie that fired your imagination? Leave a comment and be entered to win this blog’s prizes.

25 comments on “SFR Brigade Summer Blog Hop to Other Worlds

  1. Outstanding! I thoroughly enjoyed this! There were some big names in this movie. I never saw it, but will have to look it up now.

    Also, I wondered if that was the real (50 year old) trailer. The way the words rolled back toward the stars at the beginning of it–just like Star Wars! SO, did SW steal the technique, or was theirs in homage to the older movie?

    The first scifi movie I can think of that really fired up my imagination was actually Star Wars. Earlier than that, I watched every episode of Star Trek, and I’ve always been a fan of the outer limits–especially the scifi-ish ones.

    • Glad you enjoyed the post! Yes, Lucas did the Star Wars opening ‘crawl’ as a nod to the old scifi movies, like this one, and things like the serials.Gotta love scifi!

  2. Star Wars IV fired my imagination. The 1st time I heard the theme I knew I had to see the movie.

  3. I’m showing my age here but the first scifi movie that has always stuck with me was 2001: A Space Odyssey.

  4. Would have to be the first Star Trek. I lived in a no tech household until I married my husband.

  5. I don’t remember one SF movie that lit up my imagination. Star Wars and ET for sure, but by that time I’d been reading every SF book I could lay my hands on. My entree into the genre was through written words rather than flicks.

  6. 2001: A space odyssey was one of the earliest movies. But I also watched the first airing of Star Trek on TV. 2001 was so in advance of the times that it’s only in the last decade or so that it has started to look dated. As for Star Trek – the effects were almost as funny as Dr Who.

  7. That’s the second time I’ve seen that movie mentioned today. I’m going to have to check it out. I don’t remember watching many sci-fi movies as a child. I started watching them when I was older and not living at home. I did watch Star Trek:TNG, Out of this World, and ALF. All three had some influence on my writing and imagination in creating worlds.

  8. I don’t know whether you would include “Planet of the Apes”? (yep, I can show my age, lol) Then there was the TV series, “Lost in Space”…
    Thanks for the generous giveaway!

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  10. My first (& still favorite) venture into sci-fi was books. I think Star Wars was the first movie that I thought had the same quality I found in books.

  11. That’s one of my favourite SF classics. The whole Id thing scared the living daylights out of me – still gives me the creeps but then I’m easily spooked (which is why I don’t watch horror or psychological thrillers). But actually the one that got me writing SF was Star Wars: A New Hope. I saw it the first time ever on TV one Christmas and was instantly hooked (as well as developing a huge crush on Luke Skywalker). I wanted to be a Jedi and fly an X-Wing, and use my Jedi mind tricks on the school bullies. >.< I think I'd probably have been more of a Sith. 😛

  12. Star Wars was the first SF movie that made my imagination go wild. So many other people’s first too! But my Dad was super into science fiction and Fantastic Voyage was one that always stuck with me too.

  13. I remember watching the original, Invasion of the Body Snatchers on TV as a child. Aliens were something I was always watching out for from then on!

  14. I saw Forbidden Planet for the first time last year. I thought the plot seemed familiar, and my partner laughed and told me it was a retelling of Shakespeare’s The Tempest.
    I’d seen Star Wars and other sci-fi movies, but the first movies that fired up my brain as much as books did were City of Lost Children and The Matrix.

  15. So much fun! I love old movies, particularly the SF ones. I particularly remember the dark side of the moon ones. It was kind of sad when we finally saw the other side and it looked like the front. lol

  16. Total classic! I remember watching Logan’s Run as a kid and some of the other Disney scifi movies. Will Robinson, maybe?

  17. This was the first movie I saw Leslie Nielson in that was not a comedy. The movie that fired my imagination was Star Wars. It changed my life, even though I’d been reading Star Trek books for years. I fell in love with the spaceships first, since I was only 12. LOL.

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