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Apologies in advance but I’ll be slow getting to comment on other posts this week…helping out with my new grandbaby – YAY!!!

I’m continuing on with my latest release, Star Survivor for the last week. The book is on sale if you want to know how things turn out LOL!

Next week will be from something else…

(Blurb for Star Survivor below the excerpt.) Edited a bit from published version, mostly for punctuation. Twilka and Khevan are on the run, trying to evade other assassins, since the Red Lady has a kill order out on Twilka. The couple are in a bad area of town, waiting for their friend Nick to arrive. Khevan’s last line, last week, was  “I didn’t abandon you on Temple Home, at least not willingly.”

Tilting her head, Twilka raised both eyebrows, “Seemed like it to me. Did I ever see you again, did you send word, say goodbye?”

“I couldn’t,” Leaning his head against the wall, he closed his eyes, “What do you remember of our final evening?”

“Drums. There we were in the White Lady’s temple across the great square and your Red Lady had her people pounding the drums, for a ritual, you said. The sound echoed—it was eerie. The percussion symphony gave me a migraine, but you were restless, pacing, agitated. I went to bed and you left the room. And I never saw you again until the other night on the Nebula Zephyr.”

“The drums were her heartbeat.”

Star Survivor by Veronica ScottThe story:

The survivors of a terrible wreck meet again—but this time only one can survive.

They survived an iconic spaceship wreck together. She never expected to see him again … especially not armed to kill her.

Twilka Zabour is an interstellar celebrity. She built on her notoriety as a carefree Socialite who survived the terrible wreck of the Nebula Dream, and launched a successful design house. But now the man who gave meaning to her life, then left her, is back–this time for the worst of reasons. Will he kill her … or help her survive?

D’nvannae Brother Khevan survived the Nebula Dream in the company of a lovely, warm woman, only to be pulled away from her, back into his solitary life in the service of the Red Lady.  Now Twilka’s within his reach again–for all the wrong reasons. Khevan will do everything within his power to discover why Twilka has been targeted for assassination, and to save her.

But Khevan is not Twilka’s only pursuer. Will allies Nick and Mara Jameson arrive in time to aid the couple, or will Khevan and Twilka’s ingenuity be all that stands between them and death?

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  1. Scary. Great last line guaranteed to leave me imagining a creature who’s beating heart sounds so like a drum. Happy days are ahead of you with your new grandchild. Congratulations!

  2. Thanks for all the comments and the good wishes for the new grandbaby (who is SO cute!!!). Yes, the Red Lady is an alien being, who takes human form – not a spoiler, that’s been established in other Sectors novels. And yes, if I went one more sentence you’d start hearing the truth about what happened to Khevan 🙂 on that night 5 years ago.

  3. I’d forgotten about the drums. Eerie. Enjoy that grandbaby. As you can see, I’m slow getting around, too. Same reason–only mine is a toddler. 🙂

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