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I’m only going to do one or two more excerpts from  Danger in the Stars since it’s now released. Then I’ll switch to something else.

This is from a scene later in the book, after Mirielle’s used her power and is having a hard time recovering. Jareck, her ‘controller’, left her alone in the hotel suite, confined to the couch by ankle restraints. Conor has stopped by as promised earlier, to check on her health. Edited a bit from the published version.

The excerpt:

“Please, can you do one thing for me?” She hated to ask for anything from these people, but her breathing wasn’t improving, and she was frightened. Jareck wouldn’t show up for hours, if at all, and when he did, his mood might be volcanic if he’d lost, or he might be too drunk to pay any attention to her. At least Conor had tried to get a doctor for her.

Hand already on the door, he paused, glancing over his shoulder, “What do you need?”

She gestured at a huge bouquet the hotel had placed on the table at the other end of the capacious sitting room, “Could you bring those closer to me, maybe on the floor next to the couch?”

He threw back his head and laughed, “Lady, that’s the strangest request I’ve ever heard. You like the smell, do you eat them, what?” Conor strolled closer, “No answer? I’m not touching the flowers till you explain.”

dangerinthestarsfinalThe story:

Miriell, a powerful empathic priestess, has been kidnapped from her own primitive planet along with a number of her people, and sold to the evil Amarotu Combine, largest organized crime syndicate in the Sectors. When she and her handler are sent to use her power to commit an assassination, she must leave behind her own sister as hostage to ensure her compliance. Miriell cannot ask for aid without endangering herself and others.

Despite his best efforts, Combine enforcer Conor Stewart is entranced by Miriell, and helps her evade the worst of brutal treatment from the rest of the mob. But Conor must keep his distance, before the lovely empath learns that he has secrets of his own–secrets that could get them both killed.

The situation becomes dire when Conor and Miriell come to the attention of both the Combine overlords and the deadly Mawreg, aliens who threaten the Sectors. Can she save herself and the Mawreg’s next victims? And will Conor help her, or remain loyal to his evil bosses?

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24 comments on “She Needs Flowers Weekend Writing Warriors

  1. Oh now I’m intrigued. If she can’t breathe, why does she want the flowers closer? Great snippet, Veronica. 🙂

  2. At least she has Conor looking out for her. I know why she needs the flowers based on your story in Pets in Space, but I look forward to reading this story to find out how they end up together. It’s waiting on my Kobo app. 🙂

  3. He’s a clever fellow! I’m thinking she’s used to saving her own skin and whatever healing agent those flowers have will do the trick. I like the dynamic between them, Jean.

  4. Intriguing request, but it sounds like they will help her, so I hope Conor gives in and moves them. I suspect what she needs them for, but I’ll have to read the story to find out, I bet! 🙂

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