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Warriors logo revisedWelcome to my weekly excerpt from Darik (A Badari Warriors SciFi Romance Novel): Sectors New Allies Series Book 4, my best selling new scifi romance action adventure novel!

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I can’t share too much more from DARIK without getting into serious spoilers. TIMTUR went to the editor but there’s some time before it’ll be ready to release. I may circle back to the first book in the series and share a few excerpts from it to tide us over. We’ll see!

I’ve jumped ahead from last week, going to when Nicolle has been taken inside the alien lab and put into a cell.

The excerpt: 

Nicolle sank onto the hard mattress, feet braced on the bed frame’s side rails and cupped her elbows with her hands. Rocking back and forth, she realized this was worse than the first lab already – at least there the humans had been allowed to stay together in a communal cell. Of course, at the second lab she’d been isolated, but the cell hadn’t been so bleak. Nor underground. Thinking about the millions of tons of rock and soil above her head right now made her nauseous.  Her chest constricted as if the weight of the earth was pressing directly down on her.

A sudden hissing attracted her attention and, fixing her attention on a grate in the ceiling, she saw a pink mist flowing into the room. Nicolle held her breath as long as she could, but then her screaming lungs forced her to inhale deeply, followed by a sneeze. The mist had an institutionally pleasant floral smell. Air freshener? Why do the people running this place care if our air is faux fresh?

darik_Veronica_ScottThe blurb: 

Nicolle James is far from her home in the human Sectors, kidnapped by alien scientists to be the subject of horrifying experiments.  Her only hope might be a mysterious soldier she’d glimpsed outside the laboratory fence. She’d managed to sneak a few words of conversation with him when her captors weren’t watching but now the aliens were taking her inside the lab to begin the experiments.

Darik, a warrior of the genetically engineered Badari pack, is on a solo recon mission to check out a mysterious new lab high in the mountains. His orders are strict – do not engage. But when he has a chance meeting with the woman who might be his mate, he vows not to abandon her, orders or no orders.

Can he get inside an underground lab, find Nicolle and rescue her without getting captured himself? And when he learns the lab’s deadly secrets, can he get word to his pack about the new dangers?

Because the ruthless alien scientist running the experiments wants to get her hands on him too and will stop at nothing to achieve her goals.

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22 comments on “What Do They Care Weekend Writing Warriors

  1. Thanks for visiting and for the comments – always much appreciated! Yes, it’s…not air freshener…Nicolle always tries to think positively, as you can tell. Things go really downhill from here in the book. Well, until things start looking up again since it’s a romance with an HEA. Lots of scifi adventure with the romance!

  2. Yes, that was just a little too optimistic to be true. So what could it be that smells nice but isn’t? Perhaps they intend to knock her out before carrying out their experiments. In any case, great cliff hanger to leave us with! Great snippet!

  3. Such a visual and intriguing scene – I wasn’t convinced by the ‘air freshener’ and it sound like the other commenters on this post weren’t either! 🙂

  4. I hope it is just air freshener. Loved the description and you can really feel her tension and fear.

  5. I suppose it could be just air freshener, if the aliens have to smell her room for some reason–a visit or whatever. No reason they’d want to deal with a stinky human!

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