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Warriors logo revisedI’m taking snippets from my newly released scifi romance CAMRON: A Badari Warriors SciFi Romance Novel, the 8th book in the award winning series.

(Badari Warrior’s Baby – a Megan and Mateer novella just released and is uploading at the ebook sites. See cover, blurb and buy links below.  )

Here’s the link to the Weekend Writing Warriors central page, so you can visit all the participants sharing excerpts today…a fun way to sample new books and find new authors! (Also welcome to the Sunday Snippet visitors!)

Punctuation may be wonky to comply with our guidelines here. May be edited a bit from published version.

If you haven’t read any of my Badari Warriors books, here’s the background:

Genetically engineered soldiers of the far future, the Badari were created by alien enemies to fight humans. But then the scientists kidnapped an entire human colony from the Sectors to use as subjects in twisted experiments…the Badari and the humans made common cause, rebelled and escaped the labs. Now they live side by side in a sanctuary valley protected by a powerful Artificial Intelligence, and wage unceasing war on the aliens. 

The excerpt – I’ve skipped ahead a bit and Gemma and the other prisoners, including Camron, are on board a flyer. (She doesn’t know his name as yet, however.)

They’d been flying for perhaps half an hour and Gemma was drowsing, head against the vibrating bulkhead, when the flyer took an abrupt turn to port, before straightening again. Adrenaline coursing through her veins, she sat up and her gaze met an equally alert glance from the prisoner on the litter. Clearly, the maneuver hadn’t been normal. Even as she had the thought, the flyer nosed up dramatically, the engines whining as if pushed beyond their limit, before rolling over and falling into a steep dive.

Gemma heard herself screaming as she hung onto the straps for dear life. The women next to her were having hysterics and the guard had undone his own safety harness and was fighting to make his way up the aisle toward the cockpit. As the violent gyrations continued, a cargo container broke loose, careening through the space, striking the guard and bowling him over in a shower of blood.

“Brace yourself,” the captive shouted to her in Basic.

She did her best to curl into a ball, head down, and prayed to the Lords of Space.

The impact when the flyer plowed into the ground was the most horrifying thing she’d ever experienced. When the violent rolling and all the horrific sounds had stopped she was hanging upside down in the straps, blood dripping from a cut on her forehead.

Coughing from the acrid smoke drifting in the air, she stared at the flyer’s cabin, “We’re on fire,” she said, feeling stupid and slow and incapable of motion.

camronThe blurb:

Dr. Gemma Madarian is far from her home in the human Sectors, kidnapped along with hundreds of other humans to be used for horrifying experiments conducted on a remote planet by alien scientists.

She and another prisoner, Camron of the Badari, are the only survivors of a deadly crash landing. She’s paired up with the genetically engineered soldier by their mutual enemies and sent fleeing through rough country, hunted for pleasure by an enemy officer and his ferocious trackers.

The enemy wants a triumphant kill. Gemma and Camron want to survive.

Camron never dreamt of having a mate but Gemma shatters his preconceptions and makes him desperate to do everything in his power to save her life and claim her for his.

There’s no help or refuge to be had in the desert where they’re fleeing for their lives.
Or is there?

Will Camron and Gemma live to fight another day and explore the growing attraction between them, or will ancient secrets and bitter rivalries end their bid for freedom?

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BadariWarriorsBoxSetFinalNew to my award winning Badari Warriors series? There’s a box set of the first 3 books!

There’s no new material included, other than a brief recap of why I wrote each book (which appeared in previous blog posts) But I thought it was time to put the books together!

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Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00068]The blurb for Badari Warrior’s Baby: Dr. Megan Garrison, mate to the Badari Warrior pack’s senior enforcer Mateer, is perilously close to the due date of their baby when she’s kidnapped by human malcontents in Sanctuary Valley. The kidnappers threaten to harm her and intend to ransom the half human-half Badari child to the evil Khagrish scientists in return for their own lives.

Mateer and his fellow Badari launch a desperate effort to save his mate and child but the situation is made more complicated as Megan goes into labor. Can they rescue her in time to save mother and child?

A 25K word novella…

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  1. Oh my gosh! I’m sure she’s still in shock, but hope she can react fast enough to get out. Really enjoyed this snippet!

  2. I’d have to say that being on fire, as opposed to being flattened to the thickness of the electrons with which this comment is written, is rather good news.

  3. Thanks for visiting and commenting! Well, I do have action and adventure as part of my author brand so, yes, the characters in my Badari Warriors series do find themselves in some pretty hair situations!

  4. Intense scene! And despite the fact she’s feeling stupid and slow, at least she’s alive. Now to just get out of the plane…Nice, well-paced scene, Veronica!

  5. We’re on fire – is not a good statement at that moment. Especially as she is stuck upside down. I hope she’s gets her wits together quickly – or someone handsome comes and rescues her.

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