My 2019 End of the Year Books and Words Report

I’ve been tagged by various people on Facebook to do the summary of my year as an author but I decided to write the facts up as a post here and share over there…

Short answer: nine new books, two re-releases and a box set! I now have 37 published romances…

The new titles were a mixture of the three genres in which I write, so I’ll talk about them in groups.

2019 coversFirst, the Badari Warriors, my award-winning ongoing scifi romance series about genetically engineered soldiers of that far future, fighting alien scientists for the right to live and to love…and the human women who’ve joined them in the war.



Badari Warrior’s Baby



Plus I put together a box set of the first three novels (Aydarr, Mateer and Timtur)…

Just a note, Camron was my highest selling novel ever – thank you so much to all my readers! That was an exciting month for sure.

2019 Egyptian novelsSecond, I managed to find time in my schedule to write two new Gods of Egypt paranormal romances. I also got the rights back to my first ever published novella, Priestess of the Nile, which began my career as a published author in 2012 (thank you, Carina Press/HQN!). I put a new cover on the book since Harlequin retained the rights to the original and re-released the title myself. I did a light edit but didn’t add to the story. I like it just the way it is!

Song of the Nile

Return of Dancer of the Nile

As a note, Return can be read as a standalone, with maybe a few mild spoilers for the first book, Dancer of the Nile.

winter solstice dreamI was very excited to return to my fantasy world of Claddare and write my very first holiday romance novella – Winter Solstice Dream, featuring the head cook at the Witch Queen’s castle and a Cinderella-like theme.

I re-released Star Cruise: Mystery Dancer, which had been in the USA Today Best Selling Pets in Space® 3 anthology in 2018…it’s my scifi romance take on the Anastasia cruise mystery dancer

Which brings me to last but not least, Pauline Baird Jones and I co-managed the USA Today Best Selling Pets in Space® 4 anthology in 2019, for which I wrote a new novel, Star Cruise: Idol’s Curse. As a result, with the amazing support from our fellow authors included in PISA anthologies 1-4, Narelle Todd of the Get My Book Out There PR firm and the scifi romance reader community, we’ve now been able to donate over $10K total to our charity, Hero Dogs, Inc., since 2016. Pauline and I are so proud of this achievement and the difference which has been made for the charity’s work as a result.  But none of it would be possible without the readers!

cocktail umbrella canva graphic

I have no idea how many words I wrote this year. I don’t track my progress in this way. Sorry!

I also kept up with my once a week New Releases report on this blog for scifi/fantasy/paranormal romance books, curating the content and offering 50-80 new titles each week for readers to contemplate.

I wrote for the AMAZING STORIES MAGAZINE blog and was honored to have several of my posts included in their list of top posts of all time, in terms of page views. I appreciate their continuing and important support for science fiction romance.

I blogged every Saturday over at the SFF7 group blog and of course wrote guest posts for various other platforms on occasion.

I started trying to do more on Instagram, which is a fun place to be! Currently I’m sharing from my fashion jewelry collection of earrings…I’ve been collecting since high school so I have a TON.

canva earrings montage

A sample of what I’ve shared this year so far…earrings are my THING.

For 2020 I envision more of the same writing-related activities and can’t wait. I’m currently about 50K words in on my next Badari Warriors novel, Landon, which I hope to release by the end of January.

Wishing you the very best in the New Year and much happy reading!

Lilac shiny Happy New Year 2020 background.

Note: All book covers by Fiona Jayde. Photos are Author’s own, of items in her personal collection. Other graphics from DepositPhoto.

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    • Thank you! I already have my next 3 Badari book covers ordered, with more adventures planned beyond those so…no worries! Yes, I really need to do more with the D’nvannae at some point….so many possibilities, which is a fun thing to have as an author.

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