New Releases in #SciFi #Fantasy and Paranormal Romance for Wednesday DEC 25

project adapt achieveAs always, I recommend sampling before you buy! I have not read most of the new releases listed (although I always end up one-clicking a bunch as I prepare these posts LOL).



My welcome at the CEG Space Station didn’t go as planned. Arriving as a new mother and meeting the male responsible for my situation was only the beginning of my problems. Now I have to prove to politicians that I deserve to be a citizen instead of property, prevent the scientists from thrusting me back into experiments, and deal with others trying to hunt me—all while trying to adjust to having new responsibilities and a growing clan.

And then there is Kaede—I am sorry, Agent Kaede—who doesn’t know what he wants and doesn’t care who he hurts along the way. Sometimes I wish I could just dream myself away to my familiar island where it all started.


axxeon kings captiveAXXEON KING’S CAPTIVE (MATES FOR AXXEON 9 BOOK 1) by Liz Paffel

She’s too busy trying to save humanity to become an alien baby mama! Scientist Alora Church barely leaves her lab long enough to remember that Axxeon aliens have invaded Earth. When her best friend is Summoned to become an alien breeder, Alora is prepared to help her run. Until two huge Axxeon warriors show up… and take Alora captive instead. She thinks there’s nothing worse than being taken as an alien incubator… but she’s wrong. Very wrong.

Tryllin, King of the Axxeon made a pact with Earth’s leaders to save them from genocide in exchange for select females. They have a common enemy, one that has infiltrated Earth and Tryllin is prepared to destroy. But he needs the scientist’s help, willing or not. Alora. She does not remember, but they have met before. When he first prepared her for her destiny. Now it’s time for her to make a sacrifice… until he suspects she’s also his fated mate. Can he make his captive a willing bride, or will destiny leave his arms empty?



On the eve of being sent to retrieve a mysterious artifact, he’s sent something just as enigmatic. A human woman, lush and curved. His mate. Even worse, she wants nothing to do with him. His blood burns for her, but the need to make her happy overrides everything. He’ll find a way to set her free, even if it means he’ll be alone. Forever. But when danger comes from an unexpected source, they’re thrown together. And when his mate turns to him, he’ll protect her. Keep her. Claim her.

Lila Kanes never wanted any thing but a quiet life on her family farm. She certainly didn’t want to be claimed by a massive alien mate.  Thrown into the stars, she’ll do whatever it takes to find a way home. Back to Earth. Back to her family. She couldn’t possibly want to stay with the hot, horned alien with the amazing body, who made her feel like the most precious thing in the universe, could she? Right?


terran seductionTERRAN SEDUCTION (TERRAN 2) by Echo Ishii

Diana Aventina is a ranking senator serving the Terran Republic. Her lineage is one of power and influence. She’s courted by powerful men for a bloodline match, but hasn’t found anyone suitable. Power means sacrificing everything for a higher cause, even love.

Brennus is a legendary commander picked to lead all the armed forces. On the mysterious wintry world of Sobek he’s discovered a weapon that may change the future of the Terran Republic. His star is on the rise, and he wants a powerful woman like Diana by his side.

But the weapon might not be all it seems. And a new line of Terran soldiers threaten the stability of the Republic. Brennus and Diana can’t fight their desire for each other, but they may lose the Republic in the process.

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gift for the medifA GIFT FOR THE MEDIF (THE MATE INDEX BOOK 10) by S J Sanders

With everyone away celebrating the holidays with their families, Medif is the lone male out. Refusing the invitations of his friends to join them, he instead contents himself with the idea of a quiet week alone while he enjoys the happy bluster of the season going on around him as he searches for a mate. Earth offers much to quietly enjoy during their festivities, after all, and it is enough to distract him from the things lacking in his own life. His plans did not include a surprise visit from his brother Ehmhy, a mischievous fashi and a new extended family intent on interfering in his life.
With family descending upon him for the holidays, Medif’s peace is shattered and his world turned upside down amid a frenzy of shopping, an expedition for the perfect tree, and unexpected merriment. Yet, when everyone conspires to bring him together with Natasha Baranov, a female who stirs his passions and rouses his mind, Medif discovers he may end up with the best gift of them all if only he can convince her to be his.


krygors hopeKRYGOR’S HOPE (BRAXIANS BOOK 3) by Regine Abel

Discarded by her husband who then sells her as a pleasure worker, Hope secretly enters into an Indentured Servant contract with a strip club owner to avoid being given to an unknown master. But she soon realizes that he has not only conned her into endless servitude, he also has nefarious plans involving her child. Desperate, she turns to a broker to find a new buyer for her contract. As soon as she meets the buyer, a Braxian giant named Krygor, with a fearsome face and the body of a god, Hope knows the Goddess has finally answered all of her prayers.

When Krygor comes to Lilith Hive for business and leisure, the last thing he expects is to fall hard for a delicate beauty and feel so paternal towards her teenaged daughter, both in desperate need of his protection. Hope awakens in him feelings he had banished after getting his heart torn to shreds by his first love. But a broken heart quickly becomes the least of his worries when enemies from his past use his females to capture him.

They shouldn’t have messed with the most insane of the Braxian Berserkers. They may think they have him at their mercy, but Krygor will bathe in their blood for daring to threaten what’s his.



VS Note: Cover too revealing for my PG-13 blog.  20K short story.

My people collected–(Captured.) –all the bi-pedal inhabitants of a small blue planet in a galaxy that was quite a journey from our own star system. Tender-skinned and intelligent, these new aliens make interesting pets. Fascinating, actually. And when the rest of the universe realizes this, everybody wants to own one. Therefore, we need these new aliens to breed. It’s my job to assist the aliens in reproducing… by whatever means I deem necessary.


hunted on predator planetHUNTED ON PREDATOR PLANET (PREDATOR PLANERT BOOK 1) by Vicky L Holt

VS Note: Brought to my attention by Tiffany Roberts.

Esra Weaver, exo-geologist, is hired for the Kerberos-90 Mining expedition, but when she awakens in her Emergency Egress Pod on a tropical, uninhabited planet, she realizes her life has taken a drastic turn for the disastrous. ‘Predator Planet’ tries to kill her at every turn, and Esra soon discovers it also harbors a mysterious alien out for her blood. When danger and death converge on her, her hunter becomes her savior, and when her feelings for him evolve, she realizes she must battle not only Predator Planet but also her past to make room in her heart for an unexpected but passionate future.

Naraxthel Roika, Mighty Hunter of the Ikthekal race, discovers the existence of a spy on his hunting grounds planet. With blood and fury in his veins, he tracks her down, only to discover that she isn’t a spy at all, but a mighty little hunter in her own right. Against centuries of tradition and physiology, Naraxthel’s heart-home begins the biological changes that indicate he has discovered his mate. He tries to fight what his heart is trying to tell him, but love doesn’t distinguish between star systems and it won’t stop growing, even if the consequence is exile.

Together, along with Naraxthel’s hunting party, they must embark on a dangerous and desperate journey to reclaim not only Naraxthel’s place in his society but also find a way for them to be together.

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All Cazak wanted was a simple life. Well, as simple as you could get when you were stranded on an alien planet that seemed to be under constant attack. Beautiful, headstrong and sensitive, Sybil is desperate to break free from her artificial life, but there’s no one she can turn to for help. When her father becomes possessed by the Ancient Enemies, her safety rests in the massive red, scaled hands of one of the alien warriors. As her life crumbles around her, can she trust him to see who she really is behind the facade?



As winter deepens on the tropical isle of Kasha-Asor, Keir and Quin find themselves in a somber mood, adrift in nostalgia. So begins a quest to recapture past happiness as each takes a different path to find new ways to celebrate their good fortune. But can distant memories really be revived on an alien world far removed from all they knew?

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once upon a starmanONCE UPON A STARMAN by Allie Marell

Sometimes you have to cross the stars to find the Christmas of your dreams. 

 Andra Dalesio thinks she’s found the perfect Christmas gift. Until it’s stolen in a Christmas market by an injured soldier claiming to be a Starman from outer space. 
 A Starman claiming to have memories of a former life here on Earth. 
 When he kidnaps her and begs her to help him, she can’t leave him out in the cold. 
It’s Christmas after all, and his story intrigues her more than she wants to admit. 
 As they grow closer in her cosy cottage on the moors, fugitive super-soldier SA NT AR12 realises that with his location tracker still active, his time is running out and 
together they begin a journey of discovery to a Christmas that never was.
A Christmas that might still be out there, waiting – if only they can find it in time.


blood sweat blaster boltsBLOOD, SWEAT AND BLASTER BOLTS by Ronald Jones

VS Note: From October, not romance but scifi, saw on FB Echo Ishii had recommended it, sounds interesting. 8 short stories.

Come explore the outer reaches of the universe. Charge up your adrenaline and strap on your courage for action adventure among the stars!
Outpost: An embittered solitary commander of an isolated space station faces the grave threat of an invading enemy armada along the ruinous frontier of a fallen galactic empire.
Freebooter: A smuggler crash lands on an uncharted planet. Her only way off-world is to ally with the planet’s inhabitants in their struggle against a malignant horde of blood sucking monsters…(more about the other stories on ebook seller’s page…)

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rogues revengeROGUE’S REVENGE (ROGUE STAR BOOK 12) by Ava York

I want nothing to do with the human woman Glorie. Prickly. Grumpy. When we’re assigned to a training center at the edge of enemy space, I’ll find out just what she’s made of. Passion. Strength. Desire. And then, despite my best intentions I want everything from her.  But we may not have a chance. The Rogue Rebellion is Rising…But when a mystery weapon can knock out their hidden bases, do they still have a chance?


hot alpha alien husbandsHOT ALIEN ALPHA HUSBANDS: ZANE AND TANYA by Scarlett Starkleigh and DD Prince

I was sent to another planet to be a mail-order bride as a punishment.
I’m a quiet and painfully shy librarian who spends her off-time with her nose in a book.
Me and 37 other girls were shipped off to a place with almost no women and told we had three days to have sex with an alien otherwise we die. I’m here. And now that I am, after being whisked away, thrown over the shoulder by a giant hot alien man and put into a sky-car of some sort, I’m thinking…What if my life, the life I wanted but was never brave enough to try to have… was finally about to start? All I need to do is lose my virginity in 72 hours. The problem is…this hot alien wants to take things slow. We keep getting to the brink, and my life depends on pushing us over.


cyberevolution oneCYBEREVOLUTION ONE: THE AWAKENING by Kaitlyn O’Connor

VS Note: A re-release

They were the latest weaponry–cyborg soldiers–a melding of robotics and biological materials conceived to integrate them with their human counterparts–except they were scary-big and so powerful they were capable of destruction no human was. And then they attained awareness and went rogue. And Danika, their human handler, discovered ‘her guys’ were thinking things it had never occurred to her was something she need worry about.


starlightSTARLIGHT (DARK SPACE BOOK 3) by Lisa Henry

VS Note: I read the first book and enjoyed it so I’d better catch up on book 2 and then this one…

Brady Garrett is back in space, this time as an unwilling member of a team of humans seeking to study the alien Faceless and their technology. It’s not the first time Brady’s life has been in the hands of the Faceless leader Kai-Ren, and if there’s one thing Brady hates it’s being reminded exactly how powerless he is. Although dealing with the enigmatic Faceless might actually be easier than trying to figure out where he stands with the other humans on board, particularly when one of them is his boyfriend’s ex.

Cameron Rushton loved the starlight once, but being back on board the Faceless ship forces him to confront the memories of the time he was captured by Kai-Ren, and exactly how much of what was done to him that he can no longer rationalize away. Cam is used to being Brady’s rock, but this time it might be him who needs Brady’s support.

This time Brady is surrounded by the people he loves most in the universe, but that only means their lives are in danger too. And when Kai-Ren’s fascination with humanity threatens the foundations of Faceless society, Brady and Cam and the rest of the team find themselves thrust into a battle that humans have very little hope of winning, let alone surviving.

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claimed by the horde kingCLAIMED BY THE HORDE KING (HORDE KINGS OF DAKKAR BOOK 2) by Zoey Draven

In my human settlement on the hostile plains of Dakkar, I am an outcast, a strange girl orphaned since birth, alone, and dreaming of a life I don’t have. I hunt to survive, though it is forbidden, though it breaks the strict Dakkari laws that we all must follow.
When my desperate actions catch the attention of a Dakkari horde king—a cold, powerful, and merciless warrior leader, with eyes like flint and a body like steel—he seeks to punish me…and he succeeds.

But then he does the unexpected. Instead of taking my life, he claims me as his own.
He steals me from my village and brings me back to his battle-bred horde. There, I warm his bed. I make bargains with him on starry, cold nights. I look into his grey eyes and see not a monster, but a demon king who captures my soul. But demons have a way of never letting go…and as the cold season descends upon Dakkar, I begin to wonder if I even want him to, even when it hurts.



The Ithilir people of planet Fora are an insular people by nature. Rumor has it that they are as cold as their planet, as coated with ice and unfeeling as the land they live on. That is rumor, but the nature of them as ruthless, strong warriors is fact. Anyone who thinks to invade their cloistered planet is met with fast and furious battle, and ultimately destroyed. For hundreds of years the Ithilir have kept to themselves, but now their gates are opened.

Why? One word. K’varot. A cruel and evil dictator who has declared war on the ice warriors and anyone he sees as weak enough to conquer. Before he moves to take the ice warriors out, he heads for Earth, planning on wiping out the humans there and using their planet as a place to train his armies. Cullen, one of the younger ice warriors is sent with the rest to Earth to warn them of what’s to come and to protect them.

Never before have the Ithilir concerned themselves with other races, but in order to keep K’varot from taking over their planet and many others, they’ll have to change their ways. It was just supposed to be a simple mission, but Cullen doesn’t expect what he finds on Earth, and he certainly doesn’t expect to be saddled with Sadie, a woman he saves from K’varot’s clutches and ends up taking a liking to, despite the urging of his people and the danger looming over them all.


fazilFAZIL (THE KIF WARRIORS BOOK 4) by Kiki Burrell and Crista Crown

Rok had never considered having children of his own, and after seeing the mess his brother Luk made out of finding a mate and getting pregnant, he’s even more settled in his ways. The stability of the ship is only as good as the stability of its captain, especially on a pirate ship. And he’s definitely not going to let one of those prancing, impregnating Asraf near him, no matter how mesmerizing someone’s deep blue scales might be.

Fazil kind of likes this space pirate adventure, now that the kif isn’t in danger of getting sold to slavers, passed around the crew for fun, or eaten. It’s only temporary, even if they’re still figuring out how to get home, so he might as well have fun while he can. And what’s more fun than seducing the stern, immovable captain?

When the two are stranded on a remote planet with a tribe of pacifists after a mission gone wrong, one touch, one flash of lightning, is all it takes to change everything for Fazil. Rok is no longer a toy to be played with, he’s a treasure to be protected. He’s Fazil’s mate.

That touch unleashes the yearning in Rok. But even after being separated from his crew and responsibility, it’s difficult to let himself accept love. And neither warrior is content to live happily ever after with a bunch of basket weaving, grass smoking hut dwellers. They have to find their way back to the ship. Force and violence won’t work this time, though, and they’ll have to lean on each other and learn a gentler way of doing things to find their way home.


solstice gift wendy rathboneSOLSTICE GIFT by Wendy Rathbone

When Remi’s turn comes to be presented to His Majesty, everything goes wrong from a costume malfunction to breaking protocol. Remi has prepared for over a year to be the king’s gift at the annual winter celebration of the Eve of the Great Frost on the planet Niobe. One of twelve male pleasure slaves trained to bring ecstasy to others, he hopes to be The One chosen to spend an erotic night with the mysterious alien king who always wears a mask. What happens next is a shock, and a night he will never forget.



VS Note: A re-release

Should he change the past for love? As an agent for the Tempus Institute, Jason Adams’ task is to observe the past, not change it. But when he’s sent to 21st-century Wellington, New Zealand, during the last week of aspiring songwriter Sean Henderson’s life, Jason finds he can’t just watch from a distance. He and Sean quickly become friends and then lovers, and when the song that’s haunted Jason for years connects them in a way he never anticipated, he’ll risk changing history for the chance of sharing a future with Sean.
Author’s note: This story was originally published in 2012 by another publisher. This edition has some added content, and uses UK/NZ spelling to reflect its setting.

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feline the flamesFELINE THE FLAMES (THE FIREHOUSE FELINE BOOK 2) by L A Boruff, Lucy Carter Andersen and Laura Greenwood

Callie’s Check List:
1. Tell the hot firefighters I’m their cat.
2. Stop shifting at the worst possible moments.
3. Survive against the angry witches.
4. Discover the truth about my family.
5. Stay alive
Oh, and next time you wake up naked in a fireman’s bed, do something about it! Things are heating up, and it’s not from the flames.



A golem in the garden is the last thing Deanna needs with her other unexpected issues. Life is changing for her and Paul big time and they must do what she never imagined–they must clear out the attic and the space under the stairs. All evil ghosts, trapped demons, and haunted objects MUST go…but they’re not free to roam. They must be moved on, cleansed, or contained elsewhere.
When one particularly troublesome ghost rallies opposition, De, her crew, her angels, and the golem must show the evil ones who is the real boss! Only this ghost has an ace up its transparent sleeve leading everyone to a gray area that Gran herself must mediate for the good of the Oscar legacy.

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essence of the witchESSENCE OF THE WITCH (WITCHES OF KEATING HOLLOW BOOK 8) by Deanna Chase

Miranda Moon has been cursed. Ever since she had the misfortune to come in contact with a crude love spell, she’s had one bad date after another. After lighting a man’s hair on fire and ending up on a blind date with her cousin, she’s ready to lose herself in the books she writes and live her life as a spinster… until Gideon Alexander, the one man she’s always wanted, walks back into her life.

Gideon Alexander doesn’t date. He’s been burned one too many times. But when he’s asked to plan the Keating Hollow Christmas ball with his old friend Miranda Moon, suddenly he finds himself breaking his own rules. Maybe dating the sexy author is just what his scarred heart needs. The only problem? Miranda’s curse has the potential to destroy their relationship before it ever begins.

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With the Hope Diamond locked around her throat, Jesse Alexander finds herself in the unfortunate position of being a walking national treasure. With the Starfall stone poised to pulse and flood the world with more of its magic, she must figure out how to remove it before she becomes its pawn yet again. Unfortunately, the stone has a mind—and plans—of its own. Add in a determined tiger, a wolf out for revenge, and an ultimatum to find her clan’s missing Starfall stone, and it will take all of Jesse’s wit and cunning to survive with her life—and her heart—intact.

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VS Note: Really no blurb. The author is quoted as saying about book one “John Wick meets John Constantine.”

Welcome to Hotel California.


fools bargainFOOL’S BARGAIN (FATES FOOLS BOOK 7) by Ophelia Bell

VS Note: From November

After three thousand years as prisoners, the last three unmated satyrs in all the realms finally have a chance to find their mates. What they don’t count on is that Fate’s biggest rival wants to use them as pawns in a contest of wills. But how can they say no to the Diviner—and their last chance at salvation?

Their arrangement sends them to the woman of their dreams, a member of the bloodline overflowing with nymphaea magic, but she isn’t meant to be theirs. Fate magic has already marked her for someone else: a nymphaea female who is just as deserving of love as they are, if not more so. But when the four of them agree to share their perfect mate, Fate isn’t happy. Will they be able to complete their bond before the powerful immortal tears them apart forever?


shadowborn academy book oneSHADOWBORN ACADEMY: YEAR ONE (DARK FAR ACADEMY SERIES BOOK 1) by G Bailey and Scarlett Snow

My fate is in the dark, And my shadow there is real… The darkness likes to play in this world. It also likes to deceive. In the Enchanted Forest, secrets thrive and one girl desperately needs to find answers before it’s too late. That girl is Corvina Charles, a powerful Shadowborn—a human who touched dark magic and became something else.
Something dangerous. At the age of eighteen, Corvina and her best friend are swept away to the Shadowborn Academy, the one place where magic and darkness coincide. It’s also where pupils go missing, teachers don’t play by any rules, the therapist is hot, and boys with dark magic love to seduce your soul. With death becoming a game at the academy that not even the Dark or Light Fae seem capable of winning, my love life should really be the last thing on my mind…especially when one of the boys just so happens to be my teacher!


shade of vampire 83A SHADE OF VAMPIRE 83: A BENDER OF SPIRIT by Bella Forrest

The Reapers have found Unending. But now she must find herself.



I thought I had it bad—living in my dead Dad’s old hunting blind in the woods, barely staying alive on apples and ramen…that was before the storm hit and destroyed the only form of shelter I had left.
Enter, Jared. The hottest—and most unavailable—guy at school. Except he wasn’t Jared when he pulled me out of the mud. He wasn’t even human. As if that wasn’t unsettling enough, when he brought me back to his cabin, I found he wasn’t alone. Another guy, one I’d only ever heard about in whispers beneath the bleachers, was there too. Clayton Armstrong: bad boy extraordinaire. And it turned out, he wasn’t human either. Mindf*ck, right?

At first, all I want to do is run away. But I have nowhere to go, and for whatever messed up reason, Jared is insistent that I stay. Despite Clay’s loud protests. So, now I’m stuck in a cabin in the woods with two hot as hell wolf shifters. One who wants to protect me. And another who wants to eat me for lunch…What could go wrong?



Esper and her ever-expanding group of freaks set out to confront one of the most powerful sorcerer families in the US. It turns out Toma’s brother is missing, someone out there is powerful enough to make an entire nest of vampires disappear—oh, and Toma’s family are a bunch of assholes. With all the political bull and the thinly veiled threats against Esper’s kind, it’s almost a relief to leave Toma’s family behind. Too bad the only help she has cleaning up the sorcerers’ mess is one small medium, one overly-emotional vampire, one busty werewolf, and one guy who doesn’t even have a body of his own.

Oh, and then there’s the weird familiar with boundary issues. Just another day in the life of the world’s most awkward necromancer.

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christmas by the seaCHRISTMAS BY THE SEA (HAUNTING BY THE SEA BOOK 6) by Kathi Daley

In this Haunting by the Sea Novella, it’s Christmas in Cutter’s Cove and the town is all decked out for the holiday. Amanda is out and about working on a photoshoot for a contest run by a popular magazine when she comes across the body of a young woman frozen in the snow. On the surface, the death looks to be an accidental overdose, but Amanda isn’t buying it, so she, along with Trevor and Alyson, set out to discover what really happened.

Meanwhile, Donovan is concerned about the anonymous texts which have been sent to Amanda’s phone, Mac is spending time with Ty, and a new puppy wanders into Amanda’s life.


chased by darknessCHASED BY DARKNESS (FOUR KINGS ACADEMY BOOK 1) by Taylor Spratt

After being framed for murder, Aria Kolgrim is given two choices. She either attends Ravenwell Academy to master her Void Magic or spend the rest of her days in prison.
The Academy seemed like the safest choice, but she soon finds herself drawn into a cruel world of warring factions ruled by Four Powerful Wizard Kings. Each wants her to be their queen and nothing can stand against their wanton wishes.

Aria is determined not to lose her freedom to the will of the Kings, but how can she win against Four Powerful Elementals who will stop at nothing to claim her? Can she fight when the King’s jealous exes come for her, out for blood? Will she survive the merciless bullying by her classmates? Or will she succumb to the Four King’s wicked teasing, meant to break her and make her submit? If she caves, she’ll lose her freedom forever. So, she’d better think fast. Because the Kings are coming for her and when they do, she’ll lose more than her autonomy or even her life. She’ll lose her heart.


kissing krampusKISSING KRAMPUS by Viola Grace

VS Note: Not listed as a romance; a short…

When Leda was a child, she was taken to a land of glitter and soft voices and told she was there to stay. In a rush of confusion, a creature appeared and demanded that she and others be handed over. In the blink of an eye, she is back in her bed, but she remembers the creature, she remembers being taken, she remembers everything.
The day her nephew went insane, she had her suspicions, and when she ran a test, she knew. He had gone naughty right before the holidays, and she was the only person who knew why. She had a mission. She had a goal. She had to go talk to a monster known for abducting children.

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enforcer abigail owenTHE ENFORCER (FIRE’S EDGE BOOK 4) by Abigail Owen

Death comes for everyone. Even Drake Chandali. The aging process that twists all unmated dragon shifters’ bodies into something useless has taken hold of his body centuries early. A mate could have reversed the process, but now it’s too late. To protect his team of enforcers, he leaves, and comes face to face with the woman he’d thought was human when he saved her from a fire months before.

Except she’s not human. She’s a mate. Camilla Carrillo almost lost her family to wildfire. To discover she’s fated to mate a creature made of flame and rage, and become one herself, should be terrifying. But somehow a rightness settles inside her, especially when she’s around the glowering red dragon shifter who wants nothing to do with her.

When Drake learns Cami bears his mark—the same mark as the High King—he refuses to believe she’s meant to be his. It’s too late. How could he turn Cami only to take her with him to the grave? At the same time, he can’t walk away. Hiding her from the corrupt, rotting High King might be the last honorable thing Drake ever does with the little time he has left.

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arctic hunterARCTIC HUNTER (ARCTIC SHIFTERS BOOK 1) by Kaylin Peyerk

Ashe has lived an isolated, quiet life taking care of her twin sisters within their cabin in the woods. They are arctic wolf shifters, the rarest and most sought after lineage in the paranormal world. While their family was once the ruling alpha pack, an uprising exiled them and landed them in the Great Woods. Shortly after, their parents vanished, leaving Ashe to care for her sisters and to ensure they’re never found.

Yet her naïve sisters refuse to be kept isolated, enrolling themselves and Ashe into the High Fae Academy for gifted supernaturals without her knowledge. Now, Ashe must navigate the politics of the academy shifter packs all while dealing with mean girls, sinfully sexy males, and her inner demons. Will Ashe be successful in protecting all that she holds dear?


fire magicFIRE MAGIC: THREE MOON FALLS BOOK 1 by Katie O’Connor

He’s a professional diver. She’s a witch who controls fire.Fire and water don’t mix…Until evil starts stalking her and destroying their town.

Amber Hawk can trace her roots all the way back to the witches of Salem. She’s got astounding magical abilities, including the ability to control fire. Something weird is happening in her peaceful hometown of Three Moon Falls, and Amber suspects dark magic is behind it. The only way she can get to the bottom of all the strange happenings is to team up with the infuriating, sexy man who’s been making her life miserable.

Kodiak Wilkins doesn’t believe in hocus-pocus mumbo-jumbo. He thinks Amber’s a bit off her rocker, but against his better judgement, he’s attracted to her. Something keeps pushing them together and scary things are happening. He’s going to have to swallow his disbelief and help her out of this dangerous crisis. And in the process learn some interesting things about himself. Can they defeat this evil and keep their lives separate, or is fate going to keep forcing them together until they admit the attraction burning between them?

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topaz broochTHE TOPAZ BROOCH (THE CECTIC BROOCH BOOK 10) by Katherine Lowry Logan

…THE ADVENTURE: In New Orleans to speak at the annual conference of the National Association for Catering & Events, former Army Ranger Billie Malone decides to swing by an estate sale, and can’t resist buying a magnificent topaz brooch. Later in the day, while admiring her purchase, she triggers the magic, is whisked back in time to Barataria in 1814, and is drawn into the Battle of New Orleans, and the escalation of an ancient, ongoing war with powerful, global combatants.



All Shay Graves is worried about is helping her daughter, Ember, prep for her starring role in the upcoming musical at the local community theater.
All Alvin Graves is worried about is passing his continuing education course at Mystic Key University.
But when Shay’s father falls ill, she agrees – albeit begrudgingly – to attend on his behalf and take copious notes. It’s only an hour out of her day, after all. What could possibly go wrong?
As luck would have it, it just so happens to be the day all spell breaks loose on campus.
Now, Shay is left shaken and an unexplainable rash of suicides has the town in a tizzy. Even more troubling, the spirits have descended on Shadow Lane and they are adamant that foul play is involved. What’s worse, they aren’t going anywhere until they find out what – or who – is responsible.
But with a mystery more convoluted and a killer more subtle than any she’s faced before, Shay will have to think fast before someone close to her becomes the next victim.


defiant wolfDEFIANT WOLF (WHITE WOLVES) by Julie K Cohen

April volunteered for a dangerous mission to escape Nathan. Now Nathan’s pulling strings to be her guard. He plans to mate her, blood-bond her, and bring her back.
April has other ideas. When the mission goes horribly wrong, they must put aside their differences And face the greatest threat to them both…Their Alpha.


smoke and mistletoeSMOKE AND MISTLETOE (BEST WISHES BOOK 3) by A J Macey

Over the last few months, life at Redwood Supernatural University has been busy, overwhelming, and sometimes downright terrifying, but it’s finally winter break. With two and a half weeks of downtime, I’ll get the time I’ve desperately wanted to just hang out with friends, family, and my boyfriends. After everything we’ve been through this semester, don’t we deserve a little time to relax?

When the guys come to my hometown, I’m surrounded by gifts, love, and all the embarrassing mother/boyfriend bonding that I never knew I needed. And, if I’m being honest, the hot chocolate isn’t the only thing getting steamy. But my mom doesn’t need to know about that part.

Unfortunately, winter break isn’t all mistletoe, magic, and mini marshmallows. As if being kidnapped by my crazy ex-boyfriend and getting stuck as genie-smoke wasn’t bad enough, now I’m finding out that there’s a lot more to my supe identity than I’d ever imagined. At least I have my six guys to help me navigate the craziness that is being home for the holidays. I got this…I think.


forbidden bond lee colginFORBIDDEN BOND (THEY BITE BOOK 1) by Lee Colgin

Vampires and werewolves are historical enemies. When the Peace Accord that imposes an uncomfortable armistice between the species is threatened, the entire supernatural community must respond. Young vampire heir Sinclair Davis successfully petitions the council for permission to attend a werewolf dominated university. Surrounded by a pack of unwelcoming wolves, Sinclair’s first meeting with their alpha doesn’t go well. The handsome wolf hates him.
Alpha wolf Mitchel Edgehill is furious when the university sends a vampire to be housed among his pack, even if he is cute. But there’s nothing he can do since the paperwork has been signed. They’ll have to find a way to coexist. As tension rises within supernatural society and violence escalates between vampires and werewolves, an uneasy truce develops between Sinclair and Mitchel. The pair attend a peace conference in hopes of preventing war, but when a rogue group of humans attacks, Sinclair is kidnapped and held for ransom. Can the alpha wolf work with vampires to save Sinclair, or will war break out after all?

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king of glassKING OF GLASS (BLOOD COURT BOOK 5) by Ava Mason

Kip and Stryder face down the demon Lorcan in the Blood Court finale. Can they defeat the demon and his legion of undead warriors? Will the power of their love conquer the magically bound engagement of Stryder’s past? Will they discover the truth about Kip’s past?


merrily ever afterMERRILY EVER AFTER (OUACHITA SHIFTERS BOOK 9) by P Jameson

The Ouachita clan of werecats first came together because of a Christmas miracle, but fate isn’t finished with them yet. After nine long years of trying to grow their family into the perfect dream come true, fated mates, Ryan and Layna, are ready to give up. Not on each other but on their dreams. When they’re given the chance to help an abandoned baby temporarily, they’re faced with a pain harsher than what they’ve already been through. The pain of hope. But this little one isn’t what any of them expected, and when the fiery truth comes out, hearts are bound to melt.


fae warriorTHE FAE WARRIOR (FAE OF BALLANTINE) by Serena Meadows

Keaton might have blue blood running through his veins, but he’s happier tending his farm than navigating the politics of the royal court. Peace and contentment fill his days, and he longs to find a sweet, supportive wife to start a family of his own.

Rainie has more experience killing men, than dating them. As captain of the imperial guard, she must work hard to make people see past her striking beauty. Of course, there’s always one grunt who refuses to respect her authority, but few are given the chance to make that mistake twice.

When the royal family suffers a terrible betrayal Rainie jumps into action to deliver justice. But the mission ahead is fraught with peril, and the fae king has an impossible request: she must team up with a royal confidant who’s more suited to tending livestock than leading her men. Sparks fly, tension flares, and it soon becomes clear that even in the face of great evil, working together might just be Rainie and Keaton’s greatest challenge of all.


tomes apprenticeTOMES APPRENTICE (THE TOMES OF KALERIA BOOK 1) by Honor Raconteur

It’s like the start of a bad joke: a Master of Tomes, his apprentice, and ninety world-saving records get lost at sea.
Mei Li really wishes the joke wasn’t her life. For two years she’s been stranded in a remote village with no knowledge of where her master is or what’s going on in the world. What she does know is one: she refuses to be sacrificed to the “god” the villagers think live on the mountain, two: she fully plans on negotiating with said “god” (who, luckily for her, turns out to be a dragon more than happy to rescue her).

Her relief over being rescued is short lived when she learns that her master is still lost, along with the tomes detailing how to reseal and fix all the upcoming problems for the next decade. And at least four world disasters are due to be prevented in the next two months. To make matters worse, the Tomes Masters are the only people in the world who carry the knowledge of how to reseal the pesky problems like five-thousand-year-old sleeping demons and disintegrating harbor walls.

With her master gone, everyone is looking to Mei Li for answers she doesn’t have, but still has to procure. Her options are to solve the disasters—with high potential for the world ending—or somehow find Master and the missing tomes.
Right now, Mei Li wants to go back in time and punch her six-year-old self for being an idiot. Being able to read books all day is not worth the stress of dealing with ancient, evil things on a regular basis.

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wolf unleashed heather longWOLF UNLEASHED (WOLVES OF WILLOW BEND BOOK 14) by Heather Long

Change swept through the packs of North America, leaving in its wake seven packs where once only five stood. Old enemies still lurk, past hatreds fester, and the shadow of invaders linger. The challenge of diplomacy, evaluating the old laws, and instituting the new ones falls squarely on the shoulders of the pack Seconds. It’s a whole new world, and what took so long to construct…remains vulnerable.

Luc Danes is Second, and best friend, to Brett Dalton the Alpha of Hudson River. He has his hands full training healer and alpha’s mate Colby in how to defend herself as well as hone her wolf senses. It’s not a bad life for a bachelor wolf, not really—except lately, all the eligible females have turned him down. No dates. No playing. Nothing. He’s untouchable. Turns out no one wants to lay a finger on what rumors have labeled the Alpha’s property as the third to the alpha’s pairing leaving Luc one shocked and frustrated wolf.

Just the position he wants to be in when paired with the stunning Charlie who doesn’t know him at all and is unlike any other wolf he’s known. So why can’t he even earn a second look?

Charlotte “Charlie” Miller works in the city, an urban wolf, she rarely sheds her skin for fur. As an executive handling day-to-day meetings for her alpha in New York and around the world, she knows how to handle even the most difficult of individuals. But changes in pack structures across the country require a different kind of handling, and Brett calls in his chief negotiator to back up his Second, and to give him a crash course in diplomacy. Unfortunately, Charlie has dealt with wolves and humans just like Luc before and it doesn’t matter how sexy he is, she refuses to be impressed.

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warrior christmasA WARRIOR CHRISTMAS (THE PROTECTORS SERIES) BOOK #14 by Teresa Gabelman

Jingle bells! Jingle bells! Warriors are on their way. Oh, what fun it is to slay a rogue vampire today. Hey! To have more Christmas fun dive into A Warrior Christmas to see which mate gets the perfect gift and which Warrior Grinch finds his holiday cheer.


nightborne academyNIGHTBORNE ACADEMY by Jessica Morris and Jesse Wells

My twin sister was murdered and now I’ll have to take on her identity her to find the killer. Trapped in an Academy full of supernatural delinquents with my sister’s less than stellar reputation, I’ll have to face more than just murder and mayhem. My twin was dangerous and deadly with her magic, and the only thing I can do is communicate with ghosts. Did I mention that my sister is haunting me until I find her killer?

She and I will have to work together to unravel the last few months of her life and track down her enemies. There’s only one problem. You don’t become the number one magic user at Nightborne Academy without making the entire school your enemy. And in case you were wondering, my sister was unstoppable. I have only a few allies who know the truth….(more blurb on ebook seller page…)



VS Note: Re-releases

The Darkest Embrace – A remote cabin in the wilderness seems like the perfect place for Max and Jessie to finally give in to the volcanic desire that’s been building between them for months. Sex, laughter…and could it be love?
An amazing first night together turns eerie when a strange guest disrupts their private time. Soon, a mysterious dark figure stalks them from the woods – but is it a face from Max’s past or something far more terrifying?
Dream A Little Dream – Mariella Finch has been able to shape the Ephemeros, the land of dreams, since a childhood accident gave her the ability – but although she’s used the dream world as her personal playground for years, she’s never before tried to meet anyone from there in the real world…(more blurb on ebook seller page…)

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angel fireANGEL FIRE (IMMORTAL LEGACY BOOK 1) by Ella Summers

Cadence Lightbringer, daughter of an archangel, has trained from birth to one day drink the Nectar of the gods and ascend to the angels’ ranks. She’s always been the perfect soldier. She’s always known exactly where her life is headed. Until she is assigned to a mission with Damiel Dragonsire, Master Interrogator of the Legion of Angels.
Powerful, paranoid, and brutally intelligent, Damiel has built up a reputation for hunting down each and every traitor hiding within the Legion’s ranks. And his latest suspect is Cadence. Convinced she is not the perfect soldier everyone believes her to be, he will stop at nothing to expose her.


hate awakenedHATE AWAKENED (THE FERAL BOOK 3) by Charlene Hartnady

Imagine her shock when Claire wins the shifter lottery! It’s the first one ever to be held and she’s never won anything before in her entire life. She can’t believe it. She’s going to meet a shifter in real life. For years, Claire has saved newspaper clippings, anything she can find on shifters. It’s a dream come true. A whole day on shifter territory.

The big day arrives. She’s confused when they separate her and two other women from the group. They are told that there’s a new kind of shifter. One nobody has ever heard of. Not only that, they’re looking for mates…and she’s eligible. She’s afraid. Yet she’s excited. It sounds like the adventure of a lifetime. Claire doubts she’ll find love. Yeah, right! Not her. Little does she know, she’s about to fall for not one, but two sexy griffin shifters.

Things get more complicated when a third is added to the equation. All three of them want her just as much as they hate each other. What has she done? Claire is stuck in the middle of something beyond her control. It’s too much for her to handle. All she wants now is to go home. Claire wishes she’d never won the lottery, because she’s ended up losing her heart.


arbitrate or dieARBITRATE OR DIE (THE EXCEPTIONAL S BEAUFONT BOOK 2) by Sarah Noffke and Michael Anderle

Dragons are almost extinct. Eggs are rare. The dragons alive are in danger. All because of one man. Thad Reinhart doesn’t just want dragonriders gone because their role as adjudicators threatens his businesses. His grudge is personal. But there’s one thing he didn’t anticipate. Beaufont isn’t like any dragonrider before. She is modern. She thinks differently.  And she definitely doesn’t look like a dragonrider. And when it comes to tackling challenges, Sophia uses new world thinking for old world problems. Will it be enough to beat an evil bent on destroying the planet?

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I’ve won one victory against my enemies, but it seems the barons are just getting started with their new, vicious schemes. They’ll stop at nothing to expand their power. Any move I make to oppose them could have horrible consequences for both me and the guys I love. My only hope is playing along until the right opportunity comes my way. There’s a chance I could sway my mother if I can earn her trust. She may be brutal when she feels she needs to be, but I’ve seen glimpses of a softer side underneath. Can I walk the line between obedience and resistance without losing so much more than I already have?



I’m officially a member of Mateo’s pack now, which means the panthers can’t touch me.
I thought joining his pack would mean that I would finally belong somewhere, but not everybody is welcoming. I’m still the odd one out—the runt who stole their future alpha.
But those things don’t matter. I have my mates, and I’m content. For the first time in my life, I am happy.
When the truth comes out about my past, about who I really am, even my friends start to doubt me. Maybe they’re right. Maybe I’m not a good person.
Layla Rosewood—the unwanted panther.
Still, I refuse to give up, no matter how bleak things may seem. If being the runt has taught me anything, it’s how to survive. I’ll show them all that I’m stronger than they think.


beware the fallenBEWARE THE FALLEN (VANISHED DIVINITY BOOK 1) by Logan Delayne

He’d wanted a star. Instead, he’d gotten a scorpion…When she trespassed on her enemy’s territory, rest assured he’ll seek atonement for what’s been stolen. Alec, God-King of the Seven Islands doesn’t intend to claim just any souvenir as repayment for the offense. The prize he’s after has a name…. Freya.

No ordinary girl, Freya’s a titan blood, and enemy of the gods on Olympus. In his eyes, she’s merely leverage, but she’s more powerful than he could have anticipated. The Kings of Olympus want her dead. When a dark secret keeps Alec at arm’s length from his young and intriguing prisoner, and with enemies on either side, Freya’s beginning to realize what’s most at stake. Her heart.


prince of neverPRINCE OF NEVER (BLACK BLOOD FAE BOOK 1) by Juno Heart

City waitress Lara has the voice of an angel and no idea she’s marked as the fated mate of a silver-eyed royal from another realm. When she falls into Faery and meets an obnoxious huntsman who mistakes her for a troll, she’s amazed to discover he’s the cursed Prince of Air in disguise. Ever’s mother, the queen, is less than impressed. The opposing court of techno-loving Unseelie wants her as their very own pet. And an evil air mage wishes her dead.

Held captive by Elemental fae in the Land of Five, she’s certainly hit rock bottom. But songs wield power, and Lara happens to be a true diva. Now if only she can use her newfound magical skill to make the Prince of Never a little less attractive. The first thing she wants is to find a way back home, and the last is to fall in love.
Ever and Lara think they know what they want, but destiny and an age-old curse have other ideas.


his elder dragonHIS ELDER DRAGON (DIVINE DRAGONS BOOK 1) by Jill Haven

Dragons are on the verge of extinction and if we don’t find the divine omegas we’re doomed. In three hundred years I’ve never come across one. Until I meet … him.
Haiden is sweet and a little broken, and his fragile smiles make me yearn to claim him as my own. I never thought I’d find a divine omega in a tiny West Virginia town, but not only is Haiden an omega, he’s my destined mate.




Returning to her small town for the holidays was always going to be stressful for junior lawyer, Holly Liston. But when her Christmas-addict parents decide to throw an engagement party for her, things get ten times worse—not least because she doesn’t have the heart to tell them that she just got dumped by her fiancé. When Max, her high-school sweetheart offers to be her fake fiancé for the holidays, she jumps at the chance. The only problem is he’s sexier than ever, and soon regret and yearning make for a potent combination in Holly’s heart.

Bear shifter Max Wagner had to let Holly go a long time ago. Her destiny was as a high-powered Chicago lawyer, while his was with his clan. Although it broke both their hearts, he thought he was doing the right thing at the time. But his bear never quit telling him she was his mate, and now she’s back in Snow Springs, even more beautiful and mischievous than before. He’ll do anything for a chance to get close to her again—even stand in as her fiancé.
Holly’s only supposed to staying until Christmas, but Max vows that there’s no way he’s going to let her get away from him this time around!


glass and glamourOF GLASS AND GLAMOUR (DAUGHTERS OF EVILLE BOOK 2) by Chanda Hahn

Born under a hunter’s moon, abandoned as a child, I was raised to be a powerful sorceress—okay, a mediocre sorceress. All right, I’m good at glamour and can make things sparkle, if my spells don’t backfire. It was foretold long ago that I was a child of prophecy that would unite the fae and humans of Candor. The only problem, no one told me, and now the king wants me dead.
For I am Eden, one of the adoptive daughters of Lady Eville, and I have to attend the royal masquerade ball—not to win a prince, but to avenge my parents. Even if it means pretending to be a fairy godmother and wreaking a little havoc.

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whisper of spiritsWHISPER OF SPIRITS (FSID AGENTS BOOK 1) by A J Macey

Ritual murders? Reliving death memories? Avoiding the advances of my overly-attentive coworker who doesn’t realize he’s been firmly friendzoned? That’s just a casual Friday when you’re the Olympia Police Department’s favorite consulting psychometric medium. Yeah, that’s me, Casper Colt, the supe who can talk to dead people and see things when I touch stuff.

Well, that all changes when four sexy agents from the Federal Supernatural Investigation Division are called in to assist with finding the killer. As much as I’m used to staying unattached, save for my ghostly best friend, there’s something about them that calls to me. Mason- the hotheaded and heavily-tatted alpha, Ryan- the sweet doctor whose orders can’t be ignored, Flynn- the quiet warlock with a shiver-inducing voice, and Knox- the flirty angel who smiles like the devil.
Can I get close to them and still keep my secrets?
Most importantly, can we solve this case before I become just a whisper of the past?



box set canva ad revised

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