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Warriors logo revisedNow taking excerpts from LANDON: A BADARI WARRIORS SCIFI ROMANCE NOVEL, which was released on Jan 31st.

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If you haven’t read any of my Badari Warriors series: Genetically engineered soldiers of the far future, the Badari were created by alien enemies to fight humans. But then the scientists kidnapped an entire human colony from the Sectors to use as subjects in twisted experiments…the Badari and the humans made common cause, rebelled and escaped the labs. Now they live side by side in a sanctuary valley protected by a powerful Artificial Intelligence, and wage unceasing war on the aliens. 

The excerpt, continuing on from where I stopped last week where Mandy asked another woman “What did you see?”:

“They’re all dead and it ain’t pretty,” She yanked hard, tearing the fabric from Mandy’s fingers, “Lots of people panicked and ran away. Couple of the guys are organizing the group, grabbing what we can carry and we’re heading for the hills. You have to be able to walk though. Better hurry up,” And then the woman was gone, running away as fast as she could travel, feet flying and arms pumping.

“Wait,” but Mandy’s voice was thin and clearly the other human believed she’d done her good deed and didn’t look back. She drank the water slowly, in little sips and began to feel stronger so she stood shakily; waiting for the spots in front of her eyes to clear up, and followed the corridor out of the cell block. She didn’t see any other prisoners trapped but she did pass several deceased Khagrish. Covering her nose and mouth, she moved faster, into the main building, where there were more dead bodies. She walked unimpeded to the front portal, which stood wide open and stared toward the horizon. She could make out a group of people moving fast, rushing away from the complex and knew she could never catch them.

A sound from behind had her spinning around, pulse racing.

VS: Now what?!

landonThe blurb: When unexpected circumstances give her a chance to escape from an alien scientist’s lab after she’s been tortured, Mandy Rennegar knew she should run for the hills with the other prisoners. There’s one more special captive who hasn’t been freed, however, and she decides to risk everything to help him. Mandy’s not leaving anyone behind.

Captured by the enemy on a scouting trip, Landon of the Badari has been pushed beyond his limits of sanity and strength by the Khagrish experiments and waits to die…until the human woman sets him free and takes him into the wilderness with her on a desperate trek to freedom. If he could only regain his memory, he’s sure there’s a sanctuary on the planet where his people could help them both.

As Mandy and Landon flee the pursuing Khagrish new challenges arise, including secrets from the past which could destroy the growing attraction between them. Difficult choices have to be made, putting Mandy’s life at risk and Landon discovers the Khagrish have left a lasting mark on his mind.

Will they reach the Badari sanctuary in time? Can their love survive Mandy’s revelations? Will the Alpha of the Badari give them a chance to be together or will he allow her to die when Landon risks everything to save his fated mate?

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star cruise idols curseSTAR CRUISE: IDOL’S CURSE

This is a re-release of the 42,000+ word novel I included in the Pets in Space® 4 anthology, which is no longer available. No revisions or additions have been made to the original novel for this re-release but I have also now included a 4,000 word prequel story Butterfly Hair, in which the interstellar diva Azlaya arrives on board the Nebula Zephyr cruise liner. This short story was a free reader magnet originally available only in the time before the anthology was published.

The blurbAn unusual bequest….

Juli Shaeffer, the Nebula Zephyr’s cruise director, receives a mysterious bequest from the estate of a longtime passenger – a lump of rock taken from a reef on the planet Tahumaroa. Legend states anyone who steals from the ocean gods will be cursed. The passenger’s will requests the rock be returned to the beach so his heirs won’t be affected by the bad luck he believed he’d incurred. Juli doesn’t believe in superstitions and she agrees to carry out this small favor on the ship’s next stop at the planet in question.

Until the rock disappears from her office…When the rock disappears and reappears in various locations around the ship, and seems connected to a steadily escalating series of mishaps, Juli turns to Third Officer Steve Aureli as the only one she feels she can trust. Along with Steve and his elderly Aunt Dian – a passenger aboard the Nebula Zephyr for this cruise – she investigates the strange series of malfunctions plaguing the interstellar luxury liner. Steve and Juli enlist his Aunt Dian’s dog, Charrli, a retired Sectors Z Corps canine, to help them track the missing rock as it moves about the ship.

Juli and Steve must find the rock, hang onto it and transport it to the planet’s surface, before the alien idol’s curse turns deadly. The attraction between the two of them grows as the threat to Juli becomes more and more focused. Can she carry out her task while he keeps her safe from the alien curse? Will the capricious alien idol bring them good fortune…or disaster?

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perfect umbrella canva

Veronica Scott's STAR CRUISE stories!

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  1. Now what, indeed!! Who else is still alive there? You’ve got me on the edge of my seat with this snippet!

    • Well at this point in the series we’re about a year into the situation and the Khagrish (alien scientists) have gotten more sophisticated in dealing with humans and breaking their spirits in many cases. And these particular people just endured nearly a week in a cell with no food or fresh water, etc., as the Khagrish fell ill, so…yes, not a pretty scene but these humans were under severe stress. And Mandy herself is very altruistic as she will keep demonstrating. I guess LANDON has a few more darkly grim moments than many of my books, especially here at the dystopian beginning, but there’s definitely a Happy For Now ending! Thanks for the comment!

  2. I too am wondering what has killed all the Khagarish. A virus? Some deadly gas sent from the rebels? I’m really glad the humans have gotten out. (Shades of some of the scenes in Stephen King’s The Stand!). Great snippet!

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