New Releases in #SciFi #Fantasy and Paranormal Romance for Wednesday MAY 20

savage tana stoneAs always, I recommend sampling before you buy! I have not read most of the new releases listed (although I always end up one-clicking a bunch as I prepare these posts LOL).



Waking up with a gorgeous alien barbarian and discovering he’d kidnapped her was bad enough. But she’s also trapped in the middle of a desert where no one can find her. The cherry on top? No matter how much Caro protests, he’s convinced she’s his fated mate. And he won’t let her go until he’s claimed her. Caro thought the Dothveks who helped them when they crash-landed on the planet were big and brawny and intimidating. But the barbarian who kidnaps her is even scarier. He’s a disgraced Dothvek who’s been exiled from the clan for murder, and he’s been living by himself in the desert. Apparently, he thinks she’s his to take. Not if she has anything to say about it.

Rukken has been by himself on the sands for years when he hears of the human females living with his former clan. The moment he sees Caro, he knows she’s meant to be his mate. Too bad she isn’t convinced. He’ll just have to keep her hidden until she realizes she belongs to him. Even if it means tying her up. If only he could restrain his own desires as easily as he can restrain the small female.


varnogVARNOG (XIAN WARRIORS BOOK 6) by Regine Abel

Created to be a mindless, bloodthirsty monster, Varnog chose to live an honorable life instead. From the day he joined the Vanguard, he’s only had eyes for one female. Petite and delicate in appearance, she awakens his protective instincts and a deep longing for something he can never have. However, his Linette has no need for protection. The elite pilot and Senior Officer of the Vanguard kicks ass and takes names with the best of them. With the final war against the Kryptid General looming on the horizon, he and Linette are called upon to help prepare the Vanguard and their allies for that ultimate confrontation.

But how can he when his every instinct demands he slaughters those he has pledged loyalty to? How can he persevere when many among the Coalition perceive him and his brothers as no more than the parasites they were born to be? What hope is there when claiming the one female to have ever touched his heart could turn her into an even greater abomination than he believes himself to be?



Rose Mendez just ended her military career in the Terran army. Now, instead of working on her home planet, where desperate citizens are tormented daily by Cerulean forces, she’s landed her dream job of running the beautiful hydroponic farm on a luxury spacecraft. When the captain pulls her off the farm and puts her on guard duty protecting a Cerulean prisoner, she’s beyond resentful of the big blue warrior she has to babysit.

Rex Tylarr happily left behind his brutal days in the Cerulean army, and has spent years loyally protecting the staff and guests as Head of Security on the Stargazer II. When he has to turn on his own people to protect a VIP guest from a Cerulean uprising onboard, he winds up jailed with the rest of the Ceruleans. For his own safety, the captain of the ship decides to put him under house arrest instead, with a curvy little hydroponic farmer who seems to hate him with a white-hot passion. Rex can’t help wondering if he’d have been better off taking his lumps in the cell. But when dangerous chemicals go missing and strange creatures are spotted prowling in the ship’s forest, Rex and Rose have to put their differences aside to save the ship and its passengers. The trouble is that each new twist of the unfolding mystery binds them closer together and makes it harder to ignore the sizzling attraction that irresistibly tempts these enemies to become lovers.

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seduced by the alien warriorSEDUCED BY THE ALIEN WARRIOR (WARRIORS OF AGRON BOOK 4) by Hope Hart

I made a deal with the devil. Okay, so he’s not really the devil, but he may as well be. The Tribe King is gorgeous, arrogant, and devious. He refused to hand over crucial information to help us find our friends until I agreed to stay with him. For a year. As far as I’m concerned, deals made under duress don’t count. Anyone who would demand such a thing in exchange for our friends’ freedom simply can’t be trusted. The problem? He may be calculating and autocratic, but he’s slowly slipping under my defenses and making me doubt everything I thought I knew.  Can I sneak away from the Tribe King before he notices I’m gone?  And if I can… do I even want to?


catalystCATALYST (DOGS OF WAR BOOK 4) by J M Madden

Raine Walters loves her nursing position at the Elton building. Though she hasn’t been on the job long, she’s seen and done some amazing things.
Because the men at the Elton building are not your average military men. They’re elite soldiers that have been tortured and experimented upon with an incredibly dangerous drug. The men are struggling to find balance as they work out their new abilities and recover their vitality. Unfortunately, Haven, one of their most dangerous residents, leaves the facility behind to rescue a woman Raine isn’t even sure is real.
Noah Cross is settling into his new position at the Silverstone Collaborative as a patient liaison at the Elton building. No more bodyguard work for him. At least he thinks. When one of the patients escapes the recovery building Noah volunteers to go after him. Unfortunately, that means working with the beguiling young nurse he might have kissed recently. Now they have to work together to find Haven and put out any imaginary fires he creates. But maybe they aren’t so imaginary, and maybe the woman they’re looking for is the catalyst of the entire Spartan program.



When the hot-headed Hjott warrior Oszul Xard is sent on a mission to find the mission Rigel spaceship, he and Qetesh agent Treasure Humphrey butt heads. Oszul soon realizes he has more than professional feelings for the beautiful Terran and finds the mission at risk because of his urges to claim her as his fated mate. Qetesh Agent Treasure works with Premier Vorta on Jatra when he sends her off on the mission with the sexy Hjott warrior. She happily accepts the mission glad for an adventure while being paired with the hot Hjott. Treasure and Oszul butt heads as he tries to put her in her place as inferior. She doesn’t take it very well when she realizes Oszul is patronizing her. She plans to go her own way once they land on Prorr. Oszul handles the situation as a brute and causes strife with Treasure. He’s bound to his commission as a Hjott warrior and his growing feelings for her. They find themselves in grave danger when Treasure disappears. He must come to terms with his duty to Jatra and his increasing feelings for Treasure. Can Oszul finish the mission and help protect Jatra while he fights for his blossoming feelings towards Treasure and fight the urge to claim her as his mate?


tales of the apocalypseTALES OF THE APOCALYPSE: A DYSTOPIAN ANTHOLOGY by Various

VS Note: Of course I had to pre-order this.

Are you prepared? It may be the aftermath of the apocalypse, but the stories don’t end just because the world has. Come read these tales of those left trying to survive everything from zombies to plagues to fire and brimstone. The Apocalypse is coming. Are you ready?



Lucie – Lucie Jackson thought she was living the life, but all is not what it seems.
They say she is the saviour of the Erion Triad’s Homeland, but so far she’s only made things worse. If that wasn’t bad enough, she has a secret that could kill not only the Erion Triad, but everyone on their Homeplanet. And she can’t tell anyone what it is.
The Erion TriadTheir Lucie is haunted. Terrified. Something is stopping their mate-bond and they will do anything to save her. Lucie unwittingly unleashes an unknown enemy into their world seeking to destroy everything in its path. It’s unstoppable, all-powerful and intent on complete annihilation not only of their one true fated-mate, but of their entire Homeplanet. The threat is at critical stage. Can three separate homelands, who have fought for centuries, finally come together to save their Homeplanet? Are three human females and their alien princes strong enough to endure, or will it mean the destruction of their entire universe?


caged with the alienCAGED WITH THE ALIEN by Luna Kingsley

Galak, once the proud leader of his tribe, has become one with death and pain. They call him beast, and he’s earned the title. Living in a cage, being forced to fight to survive has made him the worst version of himself. Most nights, he wonders if he’ll ever find his way back again. Then she appears, dropped into the middle of the combat pits. He’s given an order to impregnate her or face the consequences. But he’s Roh’ilian and they don’t hurt women or take what isn’t given freely. Even the beast within won’t allow it.
Emerie, desperate for money, arrived at a research organization to participate in a medical study. With zero family to lean on, her back is against the wall. Instead of the pills she expected, she wakes up in a strange place surrounded by creatures from science fiction novels. She’s given a choice: submit to the beast or be passed from cage to cage until she gives her captors what they want – a successful mating between a human and alien species that results in a child. But Emerie just wants to go home. Even if there’s nothing for her to go home to. She’s seen the beast’s incredible power firsthand. She also sees how he looks at her. If he wanted to, he could take her without question. Instead, he surprises her. Is it possible the beast has a soft side? And how far is he willing to go to make sure she remains unharmed?



VS Note: Listed in superhero, ghost and YA fiction.

The explosive final installment of The Fear Chronicles… how far will Rena and Travis go to save two worlds?


freedom mineFREEDOM MINE (MINE TO PROTECT BOOK 1) by Julie K Cohen

Kayo never expected to buy a female slave when he went to town. Now, he needs to get through to her, All while keeping her safe from the men working on his property. Blue is the only light in his miserable life. He feels alive again, for the first time since the war.
But he won’t touch her. . . not while he owns her. If he could buy Blue’s freedom for her, he would, but he’s broke. The mine is dry and his creditors will soon take everything he owns. . .  Including Blue.  Kayo can’t allow that. No matter what it takes, he will protect her.



In 2130, at Bijoux de L’Etoile, a high-end casino orbiting Earth, you can get anything you desire. Newly-hired as an investigator, Janey McCallister wants to solve her first big case—the theft of a priceless gem. When her case of theft escalates to murder and points to the seedy underbelly of world affairs, Janey has to rely on her new team and trust the mysterious insurance investigator, Orlando Valdez—before a killer escapes into the black.

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alien gladiators choiceALIEN GLADIATOR’S CHOICE (STAR GLADIATORS BOOK 3) by Zara Starr

She’s just become part of the biggest scoop of her career – a million miles from Earth! 
As a local reporter, Dani’s always at the forefront of any investigation. When women start disappearing in her town, she searches for answers. She just didn’t expect to go missing too! She finds herself on a strange planet – as a prize in an intergalactic gladiator tournament. A huge, red-skinned gladiator catches her eye, and Dani immediately knows that she wants to be chosen by him. But Alothrax is just as much of a prisoner as she is.
Is there any hope for freedom? Or is she doomed to a life of slavery, far from Earth?
She makes him want to risk everything…Alothrax must repay his family’s debt. Ever since his parents made a deal with the Saithin, he’s been stuck fighting as a gladiator. He hates what he does and he hates the Saithin, but the threat to his family’s safety keeps him in the arena. It isn’t until he wins a strange human female that he starts to wonder whether there could be more. Dani is different from anyone he’s ever known. She’s beautiful, intelligent, and determined to gain her freedom. She sparks a new fire inside him. One that desires the freedom she speaks of – and her. But can he risk his life and his family for one female?



I’m the last Onyx brother. A dragon shifter on an intergalactic mission. The Dragon Empire will be destroyed if I don’t take matters into my own hands. I’ve made a fortune on Earth. And I never let my low-born past get in my way. But the Empire is crumbling, and I need her help to save it. The beautiful new empress. She’s gorgeous, ambitious, and I’ll have to defeat a thousand aristocrats to win her favor. But I’m determined. This is the fight I’ve spent years training for. And after I win, I’ll bring peace to the universe. We cannot underestimate our enemies. And they better not underestimate me. I’m saving the Empire for my mate. If anything happens? If she gets hurt? The whole universe will burn.


ballad of songbirds and snakesTHE BALLAD OF SONGBIRDS AND SNAKES (A HUNGER GAMES NOVEL) by Suzanne Collins

VS Note: Not a romance but a release of note this week.

Ambition will fuel him. Competition will drive him. But power has its price.It is the morning of the reaping that will kick off the tenth annual Hunger Games. In the Capitol, eighteen-year-old Coriolanus Snow is preparing for his one shot at glory as a mentor in the Games. The once-mighty house of Snow has fallen on hard times, its fate hanging on the slender chance that Coriolanus will be able to outcharm, outwit, and outmaneuver his fellow students to mentor the winning tribute. The odds are against him. He’s been given the humiliating assignment of mentoring the female tribute from District 12, the lowest of the low. Their fates are now completely intertwined – every choice Coriolanus makes could lead to favor or failure, triumph or ruin. Inside the arena, it will be a fight to the death. Outside the arena, Coriolanus starts to feel for his doomed tribute . . . and must weigh his need to follow the rules against his desire to survive no matter what it takes.

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Too small, too female, too human. As one of the only bounty hunters in the galaxy, Lena has heard it all before. When a bounty large enough to change her life comes along, she can’t help but leap at the opportunity. There’s only one problem… the wolf. The Lupari wolves are the boogeymen of the universe, and tangling with one the alien monsters is certain death. But with that kind of money, who needs common sense anyway? Lena’s not one of the best in the business for nothing—but trapping the handsome bastard might just be more than she bargained for. Shaw didn’t escape from an intergalactic prison to be put in chains by a trigger-happy female with bad taste in body armor, much less to find himself attracted to her. It’s hard to focus on making a break for freedom when all he can think about is the determined bounty hunter’s leather-clad curves. So much for his carefully laid plans. When the unlikely pair find themselves stranded and hunted by half the universe, they will have no choice but to trust each other or die trying… if they can survive the attraction burning between them first.


retributionRETRIBUTION (DRYDEN UNIVERSE) by Greta van der Rol

VS Note: Nice to see Greta out with a new book!

Tensions simmer on a world where Humans blame Yrmaks for their defeat in a recent war. For Celia Whitley, former head of Imperial Security and director of Humans First, it’s a great place to incite an interspecies war. All it takes is money and weapons – and she can organize both. Revenge over the Yrmaks who murdered her husband will be hers.
Imperial agent Tian Axmar wants Whitley dead – but her boss insists the woman be brought back to face justice. Whitley’s trail had gone cold until Tian, partner Brent Walker, and auralfang, Puss, learn of a stolen cargo of heavy weapons. Tian and Brent scramble to prevent a war on one world from spilling over to engulf the Empire. But interspecies war is not the only vengeance Whitley wants. Tian, Brent and Puss will need all of their cyborg abilities to prevent the cruelest blow of all.

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sea changeSEA CHANGE by Nancy Kress

VS Note: Not a romance but a release of note.

Operative Renata Black has a serious problem: an ordinary self-driving house. But this house, causing a traffic snarl, also has the Org’s teal paint on the windowsill. In 2022, GMOs were banned. A biopharmaceutical caused the Catastrophe: worldwide economic and agricultural collapse, and personal tragedy for lawyer Caroline Denton and her son. Ten years later, as Renata Black, she is a member of the Org, an underground group of scientists hunted by the feds. But the Org’s illegal food-research might just hold the key to rebuilding the worlds’ food supply. Now there’s a mole in the Org, and Renata is the only one who can find out who it is. At risk is the possibility of an even more devastating climate collapse. For answers, she will go to her legal clients from the Quinault Nation. Will there be time to reveal the solutions that the world has not been willing to face?

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As the youngest member of her High House, Catarina von Hasenberg is used to being underestimated, but her youth and flighty, bubbly personality mask a clever mind and stubborn determination. Her enemies, blind to her true strength, do not suspect that Cat is a spy—which makes her the perfect candidate to go undercover at a rival House’s summer retreat to gather intelligence on their recent treachery.

Cat’s overprotective older sister reluctantly agrees, but on one condition: Cat cannot go alone. Alexander Sterling, a quiet, gorgeous bodyguard, will accompany her, posing as her lover. After Cat tries, and fails, to ditch Alex, she grudgingly agrees, confident in her ability to manage him. After all, she’s never found a person she can’t manipulate. But Alex proves more difficult—and more desirable—than Cat anticipated. When she’s attacked and nearly killed, she and Alex are forced to work together to figure out how deep the treason goes. With rumors of widespread assaults on Serenity raging, communications down, and the rest of her family trapped off-planet, Catarina must persuade Alex to return to Earth to expose the truth and finish this deadly battle once and for all.   But Cat can’t explain why she’s the perfect person to infiltrate hostile territory without revealing secrets she’d rather keep buried.

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claimed presley hallCLAIMED (FATED MATES OF THE KALIXIAN WARRIORS BOOK 1) by Presley Hall

Recently jobless and homeless, now I’ve been kidnapped by aliens. I thought my day couldn’t get any worse… until the disgusting Orkun warlords who abducted me tell me I’m meant to be a “bride” for their commander. No! No freaking way. But before I can figure out a way off this spaceship, I find myself caught in the middle of an uprising by their other captives: a breathtakingly masculine gladiator race called Kalixians. With their bronze skin, horns, and rippling muscles, the Kalixians look like gods. Their leader, Tordax, is the most stunning of all. His touch sets off fireworks in my body, and I’m drawn to him in a way I can’t understand—especially considering we don’t even speak the same language. But am I really safer now, or have I just traded one captor for another? What does this powerful alien want with me? And why does he keep looking at me like I’m his?



“Where do you go sometimes, Winnie, huh? To ghost worlds? A child’s innocent question, but in Winnie’s world, nothing is as it seems. Her love is flowing, and with her new boyfriend bringing his adorable four-year-old child into the relationship? Her family life is full. Her heart is full. But what would they think if they knew she lived a dual life? Sam knows the beautiful Xeno Sapien is more than she seems. Winnie is a Wisp and tunes out every now and then—as if she freezes in time. And Sam can’t seem to turn off his ex-police officer tendencies when he wonders where she disappears to during that phase. ut when he finds out—he may wish he’d remained in the dark. * The story behind the series: When futuristic Earth finds alien DNA and creates a new species of hybrids in hidden labs, Dr. Robyn Saraven helps the “creatures” escape. She uses her connections to establish their own city on Earth-Ground where they can learn, grow, and avoid the corruption and greed that created them. *


dragon opsDRAGON OPS by Mari Mancusi

VS Note: Not a romance, in fact listed for 8 yr olds and up, but it sounded like fun. In fact, I one-clicked!

Welcome to DRAGON OPS, the world’s first augmented-reality video-game theme park. Set on a once-deserted island, our three beta players-classic gamer geek Ian; his adventure-seeking sister, Lily; and their too-cool-for-gaming cousin, Derek-have been lucky enough to score an invite to play before the fully immersive experience opens to the public.
But once inside, they find themselves trapped in a game taken over by a rogue AI dragon called Atreus, and suddenly the stakes go beyond the virtual world. With no cheat codes, guidebooks, save points, or do-overs, they’ll need all their cunning and video-game hacks to beat the game? and survive in real life. Action-packed and unputdownable, Dragon Ops will thrill gamers and reluctant readers alike with high-tech adventure and electrifying twists and turns.

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aces and eightsACES AND EIGHTS (ACES HIGH, JOKERS WILD BOOK 4) by O E Tearmann

The year: 2157 The mission: change everything The UnitDemocratic State Force Base 1407 Call handle: The Wildcards
Seven Corporations control what was the United States of America. The food supply and its production is controlled by American AgCo. All agricultural seeds in the United States have been genetically designed to fail outside Corporate control.
At least, that’s what the Corporations say. There’s a rumor that a seed bank has survived the destabilization that brought down old America, and the seventy-five years of Corporate ownership that followed. If it still exists, it would provide free, accessible food for the Democratic State Force and everyone in their care. It’s a risky hunt for a treasure that may or may not exist. Something to put the most resourceful team in the Force to work on. The Wildcards just got the call. A hunt for hidden treasure. Free food.
What could go wrong? Never ask that question. Life’s a bitch. She’ll answer.

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alien barbarians queenALIEN BARBARIAN’S QUEEN (DRACONIAN WARRIORS BOOK 9) by Juno Wells

Eve After the fall, homeless folks like I became were shut out of the system. Not even my medical degree saved me from the fate so many experienced. Living rough with a group of women and children, we end up attached to a roving military unit when hostile aliens attack Earth. They’re taking women by force to use in medical experiments. I’m left with two goals. Stay alive and see that the eight year old girl I’ve adopted survives long enough for help to arrive. When women start falling ill to some unknown contagion which makes them irrationally aggressive, we have to move twice as fast to avoid contracting it. I don’t even know where to turn for help. When a Draconian ship lands, and hundreds of warriors pour out, I can’t help being suspicious. Are they friend or foe? One or the other, I’m not taking any chances with my little girl counting on me to keep her safe.
Rruk – I left our home world looking for action and adventure. What I found was the Queen of my heart with a tiny queen of her own. Though I wished for battle scars to mark me as a warrior of worth, I got wounds to my heart as these two cleave their way into my affections. I am a foolish male to make myself their protector during times of war. Their world is under siege by vicious parasites and their Moltan handlers. Every day is filled with endless fighting, danger looms near the Queens of my heart as my comrades fall around me. I am the only thing that stands between my Queens and a fate worse than death. I don’t want to die but I will do whatever it takes to protect my Queens. If death is my destiny then so be it.



Warlord Wulf thought nothing could be worse than being tortured and contaminated by the Hive. That was before he’s ordered to transport to Earth and represent The Colony in an unfamiliar horror… a human reality show. The Bachelor Beast is the hottest new program on Earth, but being set up with two dozen clingy females is not his idea of a good time. When his Beast refuses to show the slightest interest in any of the show’s potential mates, he knows he must choose one or die due to his raging mating fever.

His Beast prefers execution to claiming anyone but his true mate. Wulf is resigned to his fate, a one-way trip to Atlan, a prison cell and execution. It is the only honorable thing left to do. Until one glance, one sweet, feminine scent lingering in the air and his beast rages for a female who is not supposed to be his. But try telling that to his Beast when his entire body transforms on live television and one simple word thunders from his lips…MINE.

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A mysterious earthquake erupts on the night of my most painful break up.
A moment later, I’m trapped inside my favourite movie, cast as the interchangeable black friend. I’m a terrible background character and, pretty soon, my outspoken nature catches the eye of Hawk—the impossibly hot and arrogant leading man. Lovely. Except the main lead isn’t supposed to fall for an extra. The harder Hawk pursues me, the more the movie changes, bringing dire consequences and painful revelations. ​Time is running out but, when I find a way to escape that world, I make a startling discovery.I’ve fallen for Hawk. Now, I’m faced with a heartbreaking choice. Do I stay or do I go?



Jessa Robson applied to the alien match program for the money. After a string of disappointing relationships and a childhood spent shuffling between foster homes, she doesn’t envision love in her future. When she’s chosen to be a mistress for a Virilian male, she sees that five-million-dollar fee as her ticket to an independent life, free from scraping by and dead-end jobs. All she has to do is provide one of those gorgeous Virilian males with an heir. But she doesn’t expect such a powerful connection to her match—the enigmatic and devastatingly handsome Virak Braal, ruler of Tagja City.
Virak has had one failed pairing and has no expectation that this one will turn out better. The life of a Virilian king is solitary and Virak, who was raised by brutal combat trainers and cold attendants, has learned to keep everyone at arm’s length—emotionally and physically. Virak is immediately drawn to Jessa, but he long ago accepted his discomfort with closeness and touch. When his city is invaded, putting him and Jessa in danger, primal forces within him snap the chains on his tight control. A familiar enemy threatens Virilia, forcing Virak to trust allies, both old and new. Finding out who is behind the deadly Sifter group’s growing power will put Virak’s leadership to the test and expose Jessa to the darkest part of him.


offered to the drakeOFFERED TO THE DRAKE (STAND ALONE TALES BOOK 3) by Viola Grace

Duped with a spa day, Billa finds out that she is the chosen offering to an ancient being from the stars. The massage wasn’t that good. Billa has made her way with menial tasks to get her from world to world. She has learned to defend herself against other crewmen and switches ships when she needs to. Her latest ship is unremarkable, but they have a two-day layover, and Billa wants to spend some of her transport money. She has made arrangements at the only hotel in town that would take reservations and had a spa. Spa days are what she lived for.
Billa runs into an ancient rite and finds herself with a starring role in the festivities. When a drake emerges from a hole in space and tries to take her as his tribute, the offering makes a run for it, with temporary success.


engaged to the alien warriorENGAGED TO THE ALIEN WARRIOR (ARRANGED ALIEN MARRIAGES BOOK 1) by Lily Vesper

Married off to an alien warrior prince, I had no choice but to learn to love him. He’s muscular, handsome, and rugged in a way that no human man could be. He knows what he wants and he takes it. I know he wants me. He’s made that clear. I’m a strong, independent woman. I resent being forced into this marriage. My mind tells me to resist.
…but my heart and my body want him. Just looking at his fierce, piercing gaze makes me quiver. If I give him, what could come between us? Well, a hoard of alien rebels are attacking, and Arjax must fight them off…If he fails, they’ll be no more planet to rule over, not to mention it’ll ruin my wedding plans.


eidolonEIDOLON (GASLIGHT PIMPERNEL BOOK 1) by Tiffany Dominguez

Raised by a merciless father who believes that all children should be contributing members of society, Lady Veronica Richmond never measured up. Tortured and beaten down in her cruel etiquette and academic lessons, she refused to cave. She instead became a pimpernel; a defunct debutant by day, but at night, her secret alter-ego known only as the Eidolon does what she can never do as Lady Veronica-rescue those very children her father believes to be worthless from lives of savage slavery.

Tired of her societal failures, her father gives her a choice-either marry a rich, foreign prince to prove she can do something for the Richmond name, or he’ll withdraw funding from the children’s shelter Veronica founded. She must agree or lose the orphans who’ve filled her heart and life with a purpose.

Wooed by the prince she’s betrothed to marry, threatened by her father, on the verge of discovery by the steamtech barons, and finding herself falling for the prince’s bodyguard, the dangers of her secret identity may be too great. But when her beloved orphans are exposed, Veronica must decide if she is willing to risk her love and her life to play the role of the Eidolon one last time.


cyborg and the single momCYBORG AND THE SINGLE MOM (OTHERWORLDLY MEN BOOK 3) by Susan Grant

VS Note: See author’s note at the end of the blurb, based on an older story.

Can a single mom who’s afraid to lose her heart find love with a fugitive cyborg who’s forgotten he has one? Evie hasn’t forgiven Reef for invading her home and terrorizing her chihuahua, but agrees to a temporary stay to help Earth avoid an alien invasion. But does the suburban mom really want to shelter the alien hit man who almost offed her sister and future brother-in-law?
Reef can’t understand why these humans care about him, and has no memory of his life before he was conscripted and turned into a bio-engineered super solder. But as his computers fail, the man he once was emerges, and soon he’s determined to figure out how to navigate this thing called love. Read the hot and heartwarming conclusion to the OtherWorldly Men series today!
(Based on the title How to Lose an Extraterrestrial in 10 Days)


earths karmaEARTH’S KARMA (THE KARMANATOR BOOK 1) by Peggy Biedermann

VS Note: From March…

Katarina Daskalos is a survivor. She lived through being shunned from her family, escaped a life of homelessness, survived an IED in Afghanistan, overcame addiction, and the death of her beloved wife and child. Kat was succeeding at creating a new life teaching troubled, adolescent kids when she suddenly finds herself holding the fate of the human race in her hands after the Earth tries to rid itself of the human sickness plaguing it. Following a cataclysmic disaster which causes mass casualties all over the planet, Kat and her group of misfit teenagers must fight their way out of the wreckage and past subhuman creatures who were not fully killed. With the help of an unknown ally, Kat is startled to discover she now has powers she never thought possible and can use them to set things right as humanity begins again. Dubbed “The Karmanator” by her students, Kat is able to unleash a person’s karma with the touch of a button. Using her new ability, Kat makes plans to gather survivors and find a safe place to start anew. Things do not always go as planned.


my battle lords passionMY BATTLE LORD’S PASSION (THE BATTLE LORD SAGA BOOK 9) by Linda Mooney

The battle lord and lady of Alta Novis are still recovering from disease and loss, but things are slowly getting back to normal. Of course, things can’t be that easy. There’s a new enemy in town, of the eight-legged variety—an infestation of them. The species is a new one, and it’s unknown how dangerous they are, but Yulen isn’t going to take any risks to find out.

With a plan in motion, Yulen and a small army of men set out to track down the giant creatures, finding their nest in a cave. He and his crew waste no time going in to burn out the egg sacs, but when Yulen emerges from the flaming caverns, he finds himself…in the past? At least, he believes so when he sees the figure of a long-dead adversary.

Somehow, a twist of fate has switched Yulen with a different version of himself. With the monsterous Yulen. The way he was before Atty. Before love. Before his acceptance of the Mutah. Realizing the other D’Jacques could be with his Atty, the reformed Yulen is seeing what his life would be like if she’d never come along. Now he must figure out how to get back to his own present. But before he does, he knows he has to bring this alternate timeline back up to speed with his own thriving world.
Parallel lives, parallel realities, but totally different people and circumstances. Sometimes you learn a lot about yourself from experiences that you never knew possible, and it alters the course of your future for the better.

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roommates and space treesROOMMATES AND SPACE TREES (ISKA UNIVERSE BOOK 2) by Geneva Vand

Several years ago, Will’s best friend ran away with an alien to live happily ever after. They’ve kept in touch, but Will misses the man that might as well be his brother. So, he decides he’s going to go visit. Who cares if visiting requires a trip to outer space? No big deal, right?
Ticheck met Will for the first time while trying to find a friend who had gotten lost. Since then, they’ve seen him a couple times a year at most. Ticheck wasn’t expecting him to be coming for a surprise visit, and they definitely weren’t expecting to end up with him as a temporary roommate when cramped quarters on the ship force them to share. From strangers, to surprise roommates, to friends…and maybe something else? But do they dare to dream of a life together when they literally come from two different worlds?


loved by lightLOVED BY LIGHT (WINGS, WANDS AND SOUL BONDS BOOK 4) by Terry Bolryder

A down on her luck human gets the break of a lifetime when a light fae comes to the rescue…In spite of his hopes for making the world a better place, things haven’t been the same for Ian since his fateful trip to the light kingdom. As a fae prince with unimaginable power, the knowledge that everything he thought was true is a lie is wearing him down. But when a mission to protect a new beacon puts him face to face with perhaps the unluckiest woman alive, it gives him something else to think about other than his impending doom.

Liz Miller is just trying to make it past her most recent string of unfortunate events that have landed her with nothing but her rundown car and eight dollars to her name. And when things look like they can’t get any worse, a tall, brooding, angelic man shows up to save her in the nick of time. But Ian is mysterious as he is beautiful, and even as he offers to help her, Liz knows he’s keeping secrets.

Being with Liz is making Ian rethink all his plans. And between fun days and unforgettable nights, he starts to think that maybe his future could hold something other than darkness. Meanwhile, the closer they get, the more Liz can sense something is wrong with the man she is coming to love. If she and the others don’t do something quick, the most powerful fae in the world just might be the end of them all.



Never knew that life after death was far more dangerous than real life. Never in my forty years did I think my new normal would be gluing body parts back onto ghosts and hosting a houseful of dead squatters. Thank God for superglue and a strong stomach.
Never thought I’d date the Grim Reaper and that I would be the one to blow it. I mean, how idiotic does one have to be to get dumped by a dude who lives in Hell? Going about business as usual is not usual in any way. No one is who they seem to be… and to be honest, neither am I. What I’d known to be true has turned out to be myth. The Angels are frightening and the Demons are hot. Wait. I mean not. Who am I kidding? The Grim Reaper is very hot—like a freaking pre-menopausal hot flash hot. Now I’m in a race against time and all sorts of unsavory supernatural horrors to save my deceased gay husband’s afterlife. And that was a sentence I never thought would leave my lips.
Whatever. I’ll yank up my big girl panties, stock up on wine and lean on my girlfriends as needed. As they say, when the going gets tough, the tough get inebriated… or something like that.
With everything to lose, I have no choice but to grow some lady balls. That I can do. I just hope balls will be enough. I had planned to live midlife in peace, not in pieces. Good luck to me.



To live in the light, they hunt in the dark…Traumatized by the most devastating event imaginable, Synne has one thing on her mind: ridding the world of the Coven. The witches and their evil allies took away everything she held dear, and not even her beloved trees can quell the rising grief and darkness seeping into her soul. However, when she crosses paths with a sexy-as-sin Scotsman, her way of thinking changes, and she discovers things about herself even she wouldn’t have guessed.
Lachlan MacCullum, next in line to rule his clan, never expected to have his world turned upside down. But the moment he lays eyes on the gorgeous Hunter, he knows he will never be the same. In addition to making him feel things he never thought possible, she opens him to a world he’d nearly forgotten about. Now, he’s consumed by the need to help her. And win her heart. With Sybbyl on the loose and out for domination, and another bone of the First Witch close at hand, reaching the Varroki and joining forces is paramount. Unfortunately, that’s easier said than done. Evil has a way of thwarting even the best-laid plans. At least they have each other. But for how long?



When the gods play in mortals’ lives, the only certain outcome is uncertainty. Especially when that god is Loki. In the course of a night, I found out my entire life was a lie. Now, Yrsa, Eydis, and I will set off to recover Tyrfing. I must leave Dalr—and the dream I’d shared with Hofund—behind. Eydis is sure the gods have plans for me. I hope she’s right. For on the distant island of Bolmsö, the last of my father’s line is besieged by enemies, and only the blood of a berserker can make things right again.



Being immortal doesn’t mean you can’t die. It just means you’re damn hard to kill.
When Alexei Medvedev joined the Forgotten Brotherhood—paranormals hired to assassinate other paranormals—he knew it wouldn’t be a cake walk. But his next target is one of Death’s own Reapers gone rogue. For the first time since he started this gig, “damn hard to kill” feels more like “damn near impossible.”

Tracking Cassie Dobbs brings him to a remote bar in small-town Alaska, where this hot-as-hell Reaper is casually serving drinks, as if she doesn’t have a bounty on her head from Death himself. Alexei is dangerously intrigued. Everyone in the Brotherhood knows the first rule: don’t fall for your target. But Alexei soon has bigger problems to face than an unexpected attraction. They only send assassins after those who deserve to die…or so he’s been made to believe. Now that he’s met Cassie, though, he’s not so sure. What if everything he’s been told is a lie, and the person he’s been sent to kill is the only one who knows the truth?

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academy of elemental magic threeSHADOW PROMISE: ACADEMY OF ELEMENTAL MAGIC BOOK 3 by Fiona Starr

My enemies’ strength comes from working in the shadows. I am about to drag them into the light. The hits just keep coming. I’ve managed to survive yet another attack while at Stormwood Academy, but this time, they went after me and my men, and we know there’s more to come. Trouble is, we have no idea who “they” really are, which means we’re hiding in plain sight, and everyone suddenly looks like the enemy. Once upon a time, all I wanted to do was survive. That’s taken on a whole new meaning now that I am a party of five. My men and I have chosen each other above everything else. We’re determined to root out the evil that poisons the magical community once and for all.
But, like everything in life, it comes at a price.


hostage to fortuneHOSTAGE TO FORTUNE: A TEA AND TAROT COZY MYSTERY by Kirsten Weiss

Abigail and Hyperion uncork a murder…Tea and Tarot room owner Abigail Beanblossom is used to running interference for her socially-awkward former boss, tech billionaire Razzzor. So when he invites her on a stakeout to investigate the sale of counterfeit wine from his latest venture – an upscale winery – she barrels on in. But the two stumble across the corpse of a wine merchant, and new wine in old bottles is now the least of their problems. Good thing amateur detectives Abigail and her partner, tarot reader Hyperion Night, have a nose for murder. Their investigation takes them from elegant wine cellars to chic tea parties on the California coast. But just as the investigation starts to get its legs, Abigail discovers there’s more than wine at the bottom of this crime.

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angel inkANGEL INK (CONCRETE ANGELS MC BOOK 3) by Siobhan Muir

VS Note: I enjoy her books and the snippets she’s been sharing weekly from this one have been great. I pre-ordered it.

Angels, Art, and Abduction: The magic of an angel’s heart…is written on his skin.
Haley Michaels, Reporter – I was minding my own business, trying to escape a party, and walked straight into a murder. Which would’ve been the scoop of a lifetime if my phone hadn’t died. And the door hadn’t locked. Now I’m stuck in a cabin in the mountains with a hot guy who appeared on the street like my knight on shining motorcycle, and I should be more worried than attracted. I mean, he’s covered in tattoos and is VP from the notorious Concrete Angels MC, the same group I’m investigating. Because I know they’re involved with the deaths of a U.S. Marshal and two FBI agents. My love life luck sucks.
Michael, Concrete Angels’ VP – Love isn’t something that archangels ever expect to feel. At least not the all-consuming, no-holds-barred kind of love spoken about in films and songs. But that’s what I felt the moment I laid eyes on Haley. She doesn’t know I’m not human, or just how inhuman the rest of my MC is, but I can’t stay away from her if I tried. Now I have to protect her – not only from the men hunting her, but also from the truth. The question is: will she stay when she finds out what I really am? Because if she can’t be trusted with the truth, Loki will make sure she can’t pass on the information. Permanently.

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makers curseMAKER’S CURSE (MILLENIUM’S RULE BOOK 4) by Trudi Canavan

Together, Rielle and Tyen face a dazzling world of political intrigue, treacherous villains, and unforgettable magic in this powerful and thrilling final novel of the Millennium’s Rule series. Rielle is now the Maker, restorer of worlds. She has lost count of the number of worlds she has been sent to save. Tyen has cast off his old identity. No longer a spy, he now attempts to teach new sorcerers and find ways to counteract the war-machines that are spreading throughout the worlds.
But when an old enemy brings news of something worse than magically dead worlds and dangerous sorcerers — a threat unlike anything the worlds have faced before — Rielle and Tyen must reunite if they are to have any chance of saving humanity.

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red seasRED SEAS by Melissa Marr

VS Note: Re-releases

RED SEAS collects four tales of folklore at sea–three salty and one sweet. All four stories (plus one poem) can be found in other collections or in magazines. “Awakened”: A selchie is trapped in an abusive relationship. How far is too far to go for freedom? “Knee Deep in the Sea”: A murderess, a selchie, and men who meet their doom as a result of bad choices. “The Devil’s Due”: Never cross a devoted sister, especially one fond of sword fights and sea-faring. “Love Struck”: A sweeter tale of destiny, a selchie boy, and the possibility of love. “Lessons for Seal-Sisters” (a poem): A selchie mother pondering what she risks by being a mother.

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starcrossedSTARCROSSED (MAGIC IN MANHATTAN BOOK 2) by Allie Therin

When everything they’ve built is threatened, only their bond remains
1925 New York – Psychometric Rory Brodigan’s life hasn’t been the same since the day he met Arthur Kenzie. Arthur’s continued quest to contain supernatural relics that pose a threat to the world has captured Rory’s imagination—and his heart. But Arthur’s upper-class upbringing still leaves Rory worried that he’ll never measure up, especially when Arthur’s aristocratic ex arrives in New York.
For Arthur, there’s only Rory. But keeping the man he’s fallen for safe is another matter altogether. When a group of ruthless paranormals throw the city into chaos, the two men’s strained relationship leaves Rory vulnerable to a monster from Arthur’s past.
With dark forces determined to tear them apart, Rory and Arthur will have to draw on every last bit of magic up their sleeves. And in the end, it’s the connection they’ve formed without magic that will be tested like never before.

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VS Note: Not a fan of the cover.

Hey, you! Yeah, you. Are you listening? I have a story to share, but it’s not your average fairy tale. My story? It’s wrought with violence. Strewn with blood. Dominated by desire.
My stepmother, the evil queen, hates me. She wants me dead but hasn’t killed me yet. At her insistence, a never-ending line of repugnant suitors vie for my hand, but when I decline each and every one, the evil queen punishes me…severely. She will stop at nothing until I’m sold or dead. As she grows insane with power and my death appears imminent, something unexpected happens. I see lurkers. They come to me in my dreams, touch me, taste me. Even though I’ve never met them outside of my mind, I begin to crave them. Stories have been passed down in the town of Riverwood about creatures of legend, kings given the power to wield the seven deadly sins. They tell me they want me, they claim I belong to them. As I fall deeper into sin, they become mine just as much as I am theirs. What will happen if I submit to their desires? Will I morph into the very weapon I seek, harnessing their power for my own? Or will I find myself lost in their seduction? The evil queen might kill me first. But I’ve made a vow to my people to take back my stolen throne while bathing in her blood. Read my story and find out what happens…if you dare.


seeing darknessSEEING DARKNESS (KREWE OF HUNTERS BOOK 30) by Heather Graham

It was supposed to be a fun girls’ weekend in Salem, but when a past-life regression session instead sends a terrifying vision of murder to Kylie Connelly, she’s shaken and doesn’t know what to think. Worse, later she identifies the attacker from her vision: he’s a prominent local politician.
Special Agent Jon Dickson of the FBI’s Krewe of Hunters is on the trail of a suspected serial killer based on the scantest of clues and unreliable witness testimony. When he realizes Kylie’s vision might be his best lead, he must gain her trust and get close enough to guide her new talent. Though she doubts herself, the danger Kylie sees is all too real—and the pair will have to navigate a murderer’s twisted passions and deceptions to stop the killer from claiming another victim.

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pawsitively inpurrfectPAWSITIVELY INPURRFECT (FUC ACADEMY) by Lucy Farago

When a Siberian loner and a Lynx perfectionist are ordered to track down an arsonist in the Rocky Mountains, trees aren’t the only things that catch fire. These two will discover, that despite their best efforts, a slow burn will eventually ignite. Can they extinguish the flames, or be consumed by a raging inferno? There is a fundamental truth few understand. Felines and canines can co-exist. But where would the fun be in that?

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bear tripletsBEAR TRIPLETS (TRIPLET HAREMS BOOK 2) by J L Wilder

Triplet Bears: If that damn wolf woman thinks her son can get away with killing our cattle,
we will make her pay. We have the most productive ranch in the county, But it’s been barren without one thing—a woman we can share. So for now, we’ll let them stay. We’ll give them protection from other shifters. And we’ll be a father to her unruly wolf boy, Under one, STRICT, condition…… 

Single Mom Wolf: I just wanted to raise my son in peace, escape our violent past. But then he wanted to hunt, he wanted to be a man, without a father to guide him. And now we are indebted to three sexy bears. To work of my son’s debt I have to go on a date with each one,
And I don’t know if I can control myself when I’m with them. They may be dangerous, but they’ve been more of a father to my boy, than any man ever has.



Trudy Justice was good at her job, but that didn’t mean she wasn’t vulnerable. Caught unaware by a fellow FBI agent, the gunshot wound to Tru’s gut nearly did her in. To the world, Tru was dead. Rogan was hiding her out until they could figure out who had marked her to be a target. Houston Robinson, a tiger shifter, was preparing to shift and take a much-needed run when a strange woman’s voice interrupted him before he could remove his pants to shift. At first, he was irritated, but when he saw the blood, he wanted to help. Hurting bad and suspicious of everyone, Tru was in no mood to listen to anyone, especially a shapeshifter claiming to be her mate. She didn’t care how nice he pretended to be.

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wild wolf ranch 2WILD (WOLF RANCH BOOK 2) by Renee Rose and Vanessa Vale

I protected my country. Protected my platoon. Now all I wanted to protect was her. Too bad that wasn’t an option. I couldn’t fall for the beautiful slip of a female. The baby sister of my brother’s new mate. She was way too young. Way too human. Still in college. And too bright a force of nature. She had her whole life ahead of her. And I had the Green Berets begging me to reenlist. My wolf… he wanted her. But if I let her go without claiming her, I might not survive the moon madness.

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dark moon falls 2DARK MOON FALLS VOLUME 2 by Various

A sleepy town, a wolf pack, a witch’s coven and 13 brand new standalone stories of romance that will thrill, dazzle and delight you. High in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest lies the sleepy town of Dark Moon Falls … and it’s not what it seems. It has secrets, shifters, romance, villains, and so much more. Danger, intrigue, and romance abound as hot wolf shifters hunt for their one true mate, while the witches pursue their own agenda and humans are caught in the middle. Dark Moon Falls 2 is packed with brand new steamy stories you’ll be begging to get your paws on … a plethora of sizzling hot paranormal romance tales just waiting for you in this town that’s filled with enough action, passion, and suspense to keep you turning the pages into the wee hours of the night.



By night, Gabriel prowls the streets of Prospect Falls alongside his fellow dragon-shifter guardians. When day breaks, he swaps his steel weapons for a white coat and a stethoscope. Beloved by the townspeople, Dr. Gabriel’s waiting room is always full—which is why he’s so surprised to one day find it empty. It doesn’t take long to discover where his patients have gone. One of Gabriel’s naïve, elderly neighbors is playing host to an out-of-towner with a suitcase full of potions. But there’s more to Chloe than first meets the eye. Past her sensual curves and fierce green eyes is a vulnerability that dampens his anger. Is she worthy of his empathy, or bewitching him with her magic? The more time he spends with the young woman, the more his defenses slip away. But evil is lurking in the sweet town of Prospect Falls, and Gabriel needs to be on his guard more than ever.


library of legendsTHE LIBRARY OF LEGENDS: A NOVEL by Janie Chang

VS Note: Not listed as a romance so I can’t say if there’s an HEA. A release of note.

China, 1937: When Japanese bombs begin falling on the city of Nanking, nineteen-year-old Hu Lian and her classmates at Minghua University are ordered to flee. Lian and a convoy of more than a hundred students, faculty, and staff must walk a thousand miles to the safety of China’s western provinces, a journey marred by hunger, cold, and the constant threat of aerial attack. And it is not just the student refugees who are at risk: Lian and her classmates have been entrusted with a priceless treasure, a 500-year-old collection of myths and folklore known as the Library of Legends.

Her family’s past has made Lian wary of forming attachments, but the students’ common duty to safeguard the Library of Legends forms unexpected bonds. Lian finds friendship and a cautious romance with the handsome and wealthy Liu Shaoming. But after one classmate is murdered and another arrested, Lian realizes she must escape from the convoy before a family secret puts her in danger. Accompanied by Shao and the enigmatic maidservant Sparrow, Lian makes her way to Shanghai, hoping to reunite with her mother.

On the journey, Lian learns of the connection between her two companions and a tale from the Library of Legends, The Willow Star and the Prince. Learning Shao and Sparrow’s true identities compels Lian to confront her feelings for Shao. But there are broader consequences too, for as the ancient books travel across China, they awaken immortals and guardian spirits to embark on an exodus of their own, one that changes the country’s fate forever. Based on true events, rich in Chinese history and lore, The Library of Legends is both an illuminating exploration of China’s recent past and an evocative tale of love, sacrifice, and the extraordinary power of storytelling.

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queen of the unwantedQUEEN OF THE UNWANTED (THE WOMEN’S WAR BOOK 2) by Jenna Glass

Alys may be the acknowledged queen of Women’s Well—the fledgling colony where women hold equal status with men—but she cares little for politics in the wake of an appalling personal tragedy. It is grief that drives her now. But the world continues to turn.
In a distant realm unused to female rulers, Ellin struggles to maintain control. Meanwhile, the king of the island nation of Khalpar recruits an abbess who he thinks holds the key to reversing the spell that Alys’s mother gave her life to create. And back in Women’s Well, Alys’s own half brother is determined to bring her to heel. Unless these women can come together and embrace the true nature of female power, everything they have struggled to achieve may be at risk.

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house of dragonsHOUSE OF DRAGONS by Jessica Cluess

When the Emperor dies, the five royal houses of Etrusia attend the Call, where one of their own will be selected to compete for the throne. It is always the oldest child, the one who has been preparing for years to compete in the Trial. But this year is different. This year these five outcasts will answer the call. . . .THE LIAREmilia must hide her dark magic or be put to death. THE SOLDIERLucian is a warrior who has sworn to never lift a sword again. THE SERVANTVespir is a dragon trainer whose skills alone will keep her in the game. THE THIEFAjax knows that nothing is free–he must take what he wants.
THE MURDERER: Hyperia was born to rule and will stop at nothing to take her throne.

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Helga owns an antique shop in the bustling French Quarter in New Orleans. She’s a witch with fiery silver eyes when her witchiness takes control. But right now she’s burdened with three ghosts who like to keep her company while working. But that’s not the worst of it. When a dead body with an arrow to the heart lies in her path, will she be the one who is blamed? The ornery critter had a jealous wife. Or maybe the arrow has significant meaning. Could Cupid be on the warpath? Is the deadly deed black magic or evil lurking in the mundane world? Helga’s coven consists of Gwen her sister, and friends from the Shear Magic hair salon. Can they help her or is one of them to blame.
Jacob, the detective in town, is an old school chum of Helga’s. While he may not possess the skills Helga has, he does have a few of his own, not counting his dreamy eyes.


demons in the bedroomDEMONS IN THE BEDROOM (PARANORMAL HOUSE FLIPPERS BOOK 1) by Lidaya Foxglove

Have you inherited a creepy old house that needs updated bathroom tiles, a new kitchen, and an exorcism? Call me: Helena Nicolescu, the best house flipper witch on the east coast. But I have to admit, I might be in over my head this time. I bought “Lockwood House” at an auction, and the magical community definitely knew something was up, because my rivals were all in on it, including Jake and Jasper, the infuriating wolf shifter twins who think they’re so much better at renovations than me. I overpaid and now I’m stuck with a mess. Floors caving in, 70s carpeting, and…the ghost of an incubus who won’t stop flirting with me while I’m trying to demo.
That’s not the only problem. The former owner’s son seems to be drawn to the place against his own will. My witch radar is going off big time, telling me he has demon blood coursing through his own veins. And the wolves must smell trouble in the air, because they keep sniffing around too. I’ll definitely never tell them that I keep uncovering disconcerting artifacts throughout the house. And more than anything, I won’t admit that they both look pretty good in a tool belt. Why does this house seem like it’s calling trouble to the doorstep? I have eight weeks to get this done and then I’m putting this mansion on the market and moving on.


annistons fateANNISTON’S FATE (TIMBERWOOD COVE BOOK 11) by Liam Kingsley

When fate lands a punch, she hits hard. I wasn’t looking for my fated mate, but when I saw Danny on a date with one of my pack mates, I knew he had to be mine. The omega is perfect for me, from his enchanting looks to our shared passion for starting a nutrition business. But something is holding him back, and it’s not just the awkward way we met.
Danny is brilliant and caring, but I can tell he’s been hurt before. Taking it slow with him isn’t easy, but it’s all worth it to see him smile. Everything is perfect … until my own petty jealousy triggers Danny’s insecurities. I need to find a way to fix the relationship I’ve broken, or the budding dreams I have of making a life with my mate in Timberwood Cove will disappear. For good.



Jael Azazel’s friends describe him as a stupid faun with a big heart, but Jael respectfully disagrees. Truth is, he’s simply not been able to catch a break. What he needs is a bit of luck to get back on his hooves. Then along comes the deal of a lifetime. With the wealth acquired, Jael sees that he will be set for life, be able to hold his head high, and hopefully win Tila’s heart. But it’s what he doesn’t see that could land him in a world of trouble and shatter all his hopes and dreams.

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alliance zoe rayALLIANCE (ALPHA BOSS BOOK 2) by Zoe Ray

Preston and Sam embark on their life together, but alliances they’ve built are falling apart. Preston faces new challenges when The Alliance Council questions his loyalty as a Head Alpha and his ability as a leader. Now with his seat on the council and his pack on the line Preston fights to maintain order in his life and among his people. When his world begins to crumble, he has to figure out who’s an enemy and who’s an alliance.
Michael has always been loyal to Blackwood Pack, but when he finds his mate and his world is turned upside down, he’s faced with impossible choices. With every alliance he has in question will Michael come out on top or will he get knocked down and lose everything he loves?
Sam is busy planning a wedding and adjusting to pack life. As she strives to ensure the happiness of the people she loves, alliances begin to shatter all around her, and she’s not willing to stand back and watch. All of her efforts seem to be in vain as everyone struggles to determine who they can trust. Can Sam hold everyone together, or will she learn that everything that’s broken can’t be fixed?


unintended consequencesUNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES (A HILLANDALE NOVEL BOOK 2) by Karla Brandenburg

Brynn Taylor works side by side with her Aunt Nora mixing targeted therapeutic herbal remedies from their garden for their customers at the gift shop, but the recipes are only chemistry to Brynn. Beware of strangers. Something evil lurks in Hillendale. A shadowy man watches their shop door, setting Brynn’s nerves on edge. A beautiful tourist uses Brynn’s signature scent to seduce Brynn’s boyfriend, sending the town gossips into a frenzy. An indigenous silversmith friend tells Nora “her time has come.” A prophecy of doom? Unintended consequences. When Brynn weaves a wish to circumvent the evil, things spiral out of control. Alone and miserable, Brynn refuses to do the magic’s bidding. The Spirit Walker is the only one who can help her understand there’s more to her gift than science.

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Darren and Kavon have finally hit their stride, both personally and professionally. The team is expanding, the FBI finally understands the importance of Talent-based law enforcement, and Kavon and Darren have settled into a strong partnership. They are prepared for the long wait until the evil ifrit reappear on Earth, and they plan to be ready. However, when the first of these ancient powers returns, their preparation might not be as complete as they had assumed and the dangers they face are much more than either of them had expected. Worse, old faces from Kavon’s past force him to look at the choices he has made in his life–the choices that have defined him as a man, a lover, and an agent. How can he believe in anything when he loses faith in himself? His relationship with Darren is the one touchstone that allows him to hold on through the storm that follows the reappearance of the exiled ifrit. But if Kavon and Darren are not strong enough–if their love or their guides falter for even a moment–the lives of every magic user, every shaman, and every human on Earth may be forfeit.

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projectionistPROJECTIONIST by Jerry Hatchett

Heartbroken after his wife’s death, Porter Hamlin doesn’t know what to do. A projectionist in a small-town Tennessee theater called The Magic, he fears that, after bringing joy and magic to so many others, he has none left for himself, not after his soulmate died after 30 years of a blissfully happy marriage.

Or was it as happy as he thought? Apparently, his wife kept a huge secret from him, and now he’s receiving cryptic letters from her, letters that predict the future and give him detailed, bizarre instructions. And just as he thinks that things couldn’t possibly get any stranger, a mysterious woman appears, claiming that she’s his wife’s sister, and coaching him on a quest he knows nothing about.

His wife didn’t have a sister, or so he thought. But as he learns more about his wife, as well as himself, Porter begins to realize that reality itself is not what he thought it was. His world is not what he thought it was. Even he is not who he thought he was – and none of it has to be a bad thing. The new knowledge brings him a new hope, and with it, the determination to complete his wife’s quest…if he manages to figure out what it is. And he will. Because there’s love, and there’s hope, and there’s magic, after all.


mark of the beastMARK OF THE BEAST (LILY HARPER SERIES BOOK 8) by H P Mallory

In the eighth book in the Lily Harper series, Lily will find herself taking on much bigger enemies than just Alaire. There’s talk of the return of the biggest bad in the Underground City, The Forsaken, who happens to be frozen in the 9th level. As she puts the puzzle pieces together, Lily begins to realize Alaire is scared of something… and whatever that something is, it’s got to be bad because it has Alaire in a panic. As such, he’s after Lily’s help. And so is Afterlife Enterprises…Throw in the strange and sexual connection Lily has with the Minotaur, a connection that’s rumored to go way back, and she’s in for a bumpy ride.

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witch dark roastA WITCH, DARK ROAST (AN ENCHANTED ENCLAVE MYSTERY BOOK 3) by Samantha Silver

When another body pops up at a new construction site in Enchanted Enclave, Eliza doesn’t want to have anything to do with the investigation. After all, she’s had a few close calls, and Detective Andrews warned her not to get involved in police matters in the future.

However, as more information comes out, there seems to be something strange afoot. When it becomes obvious that there’s a paranormal hiding in their midst, Eliza and her cousins decide they need to get involved, not only for justice sake, but to keep the residents of Enchanted Enclave safe. But being so isolated from the paranormal world, they find themselves at a disadvantage.Between finding the killer, trying to figure out why Aunt Lucy has been acting so secretive and dealing with some chaos at the coffee shop, Eliza has a lot of balls in the air. Will she be able to solve all of her problems before everything comes crashing down around her?


touch me m jayneTOUCH ME (THE NOVUS PACK SERIES BOOK 3)  by M Jayne

Revenge is Sweet, but Love is Everything – As the Mating Ceremony draws near, the Leader of the Novus Pack, Raider Black, will claim his love, Theodora Morrissey, before all of Novus. As the painstaking preparations are made, Theodora fears herself unable to be the strong Queen that the Novus Pack requires. Adding to her self-doubt, the Lycan who attacked Theo and haunts her thoughts, is turned over to Novus. By Black’s decree, Theo will decide for herself if she’s ready to confront her rapist. What is meant as a kind gesture, adds fuel to the blaze of Theo’s uncertainty. Can a pound of flesh heal a tortured soul? A Lycan would kill without thought. Can she? Will she? No matter her choice, will ghosts of the past forever prevent Theo from being the Queen that Black and Novus deserve?


storyboundSTORYBOUND by Emily McKay

I’ve lived in nine towns in the past six years. I know my mom feels bad about it, but I don’t mind. Who wants friends anyway? All I’ve ever needed are my books. I’ve lived a thousand lives, had adventures I couldn’t even begin to imagine. To me, the places I discovered between the pages of a book are as real as the world I live in. When I walk into my favorite bookstore, the last thing I expect is to walk out onto the pages of the kingdom of Mithres…or that the book boyfriend I’ve loved more than life, Kane the Traveler, really exists. And he has no clue the fate that awaits him in book five…Now that I know the truth, I have a chance to save Kane. But if I change the story, will I ever find my way home?

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house on the hillTHE HOUSE ON THE HILL: A GHOST STORY by Irina Shapiro

Still grieving the death of her husband, Lauren leaves the hubbub of Boston for the peaceful shores of Cape Cod, where she hopes to come to terms with her loss and devote herself to her writing. Historic Holland House, isolated on a hill overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, seems like the perfect refuge, until Lauren discovers that she’s not alone, and her ghostly roommate might be none other than Sophie Holland, the mysterious first mistress of the house.
With the help of a handsome doctor with an interest in local history, Lauren is soon drawn out of her self-imposed exile as she sets out to learn what happened to Sophie and stumbles onto a story worth writing about.


her wolfHER WOLF by Fiona Davenport

Allegra Hale had no idea shifters existed when she headed off to college with her two best friends. Let alone that her campus was near a shifter town. But that all changed when she got into a crash and was rescued by Zeke Blakesley—the wolf shifter who insisted they belonged together. Zeke knew Allegra was his fated mate the moment he caught her scent. Now that he has found the woman who was born to be his, he’ll never let her go.


out of tuneOUT OF TUNE (SPELLSINGER BOOK 12) by Amy Sumida

VS Note: From April

One wrong note can ruin the music. In the wake of the Zone Battle, Elaria and her lovers are trying to put their lives back together. But there’s something not quite right in the subterranean refuge. Something a little out of tune. The residents start acting strangely and the Zone Lord is forced to take extreme measures to protect his domain. As the Gargoyles and the Spellsinger scramble for a solution, the situation grows dire and the only one who can help them may be the last man Elaria wants to turn to.


green woth envyGREEN WITH ENVY (SPECTRA BOOK 7) by Amy Sumida

It ain’t easy being green. Amara would like to look forward to her wedding day but her last wedding is haunting her. Thoughts of war and a madman on the loose are hindering her happiness. Then, Cyprian’s ex-girlfriend, Rhea, comes to town; a beautiful Naga diva who’s intent on getting Amara’s fiance back in her coils. Coinciding with her arrival are a string of Naga attacks that leave Amara wondering if Rhea could be behind them. Is this a simple case of envy or is there more sinister forces at work in the city Spectra calls home?


mate to embraceA MATE TO EMBRACE (DRAGONS OF MOUNT ATERNA BOOK 4) by Riley Storm

Grace Atkinson is back in her hometown, Five Peaks. A place she swore she’d never set foot in again. The only reason she’s back is to attend her ex-husband’s funeral. Not because of any leftover feelings, not for that jerk, but simply out of respect. The last thing she wanted while there, was to run into Braz. He’s still just as tall, just as handsome, and looking just as good in a suit. And he’s still the reason she left in the first place.

He had to see her. Dragon shifter Braz Aterna has gone five long years, waiting for this opportunity, and now he has it. He’s not going to screw it up. Again. Things are going to go differently this time. While Five Peaks has changed some, time hasn’t altered the dragon shifter’s feelings for her. Now if he can just get her to stick around for a bit longer.

Braz knows it will take something big to show Grace he’s the one. Like his deepest secret. What he truly is. It won’t be that easy though, because while Grace’s ex may be dead, his sins are most certainly not buried. They have come back to haunt Grace with a vengeance – but she has an angry dragon shifter on her side. Braz is going to do whatever it takes to keep her safe, and show Grace that they are meant to be together. Will that be enough for the woman he would call his mate?


remingtons mateREMINGTON’S MATE (WILD BLOOD SHIFTERS BOOK 3) by Anastasia Wilde

Remington McCall has always had his identical twin brother Colt at his back: teammate, partner in crime, drinking buddy, and wingman. Until Colt met his true mate. And Remy didn’t. He’s happy for his brother. Really. In fact, everything is just effing fine. His two shifter animals at war inside him? It’s cool. His illegal, addictive trips to the spirit world? He can quit any time he wants. So when his alpha asks him to go undercover for their private investigation firm’s first major case, Remy jumps at the chance to be a hero. He’s got everything handled. What could go wrong?
Two words: Jaeda Monroe. Jaeda was raised by wolves—but she’s not one. The non-shifting daughter of a famous alpha wolf, her goal list includes: 1) a high-powered executive job in the human world, and 2) a boyfriend who never turns into anything with fur. But when one of the wild, irrepressible McCall twins walks into her brand-new job, looking for evidence to convict her boss of fraud and attempted murder, Jaeda’s carefully-planned human life starts crashing down around her.
Remy is hot and sexy and shifter to the bone—and he’s making Jaeda question all her plans for the future. But their partnership is explosive in more ways than one, and it could take them down a path that will change them both forever—if they survive.


lucasLUCAS (IMMORTAL HAVEN BOOK 1) by Siren Allen

Lucas Bayne has kept Dreya Odili as his prisoner for a hundred years. She committed a crime he’s unable to forgive. If she’d been anyone else, her punishment would’ve been death. But she’s his mate. And though she betrayed him, he still loves her more than life itself. Loving her has brought him nothing but pain. He has to resist her. And for a hundred years, he does. Until the unthinkable happens. She escapes from her cell.
He has no choice but to hunt her down. Where she goes, he will follow. When he finds her, he also finds the truth. Now he regrets everything he’s done over the last hundred years. Neither a simple apology nor all the money in the world can make up for his sins against her. However, he’s willing to do whatever it takes to make her love him again. He’s willing to grant all of her wishes if she’ll just trust him again. But his mate has never been the forgiving type and she only has one wish. She wishes for his death. And she wants to be the one who kills him.


heart of the wolfHEART OF THE WOLF (TRUE MATES GENERATIONS BOOK 9) by Alicia Montgomery

Spoiled, rich, and vain Isabelle Anderson has grown up. After being left pregnant and alone by her True Mate, she’s finally standing on her own two feet and built a life for herself and her son. But, when Ransom turns up unexpectedly, the foundations of her life are threatened and she knows she must do everything she can to prevent him from finding out that he is her son’s father. But more than that, she must also protect her own heart, which yearns for him despite his betrayal.

The moment he saw her, Lone Wolf Ransom knew he had to have Isabelle. The vapid and selfish princess was hiding a heart of gold, and one smile from her melted his resistance. But, circumstances forced him to push her away, for her own good. There was a plan that was set in motion long ago, and she was a complication he couldn’t afford, not when he was so close to what he wanted: revenge on those who wronged him in the past. He managed to stay away from her, but when her life is threatened, it was seemingly impossible for him to ignore it and he seeks her out to protect her. When they cross paths, that old attraction sparks again—but was it really ever extinguished? Will Isabelle be able to keep the existence of their son from him? Can Ransom put revenge aside for good in order to win her back and prove to her they were meant to be together? (,,,more blurb on ebook seller page…)


dragons thiefDRAGON’S THIEF by Zoe Chant

All she knows is running away. Tara has been alone and on the run for years. Getting jumped by mysterious attackers behind the diner where she works isn’t new … but this time she’s saved by a copper-eyed, blazingly handsome man who tells her to run with him instead. He was looking for a thief, but he found his destiny instead. Dragon shifter Reese has been seeking his stolen sunstone for decades. Without it, he can’t shift. His quest leads him to Tara, the one person who might have a clue where the sunstone can be found, except she doesn’t even know she knows it. But everything gets infinitely more complicated when he takes one look in her eyes and realizes she’s his fated mate. If he can only get her to trust him, after a lifetime of trusting no one …Now they’re on a cross-country road trip, bickering and falling in love, with dragon-hunting, sunstone-stealing cultists on their heels. While Tara’s coping with the fact that dragons are real, she finds the possibility of a sweet, gorgeous guy who’s completely fallen for her even more unlikely. And some of her secrets run so deep that even she doesn’t know about them.


THE POWER OF HADES (THE HADES TRIALS BOOK 1) by Eliza Rain and Rose Wilson

I’ve been kidnapped by Zeus. Plucked from the streets of Manhattan and frightened half to death by a freaking Olympian god. And now I’m trapped in the Underworld, being forced to compete in a series of deadly trials for the position of Queen of the Underworld. Which would mean marrying Hades, the utterly terrifying Lord of the Dead. Who the hell wants a husband at all, let alone one made of smoke and riddled with death? I  have to get back home, to New York and my brother. But I can’t leave without completing the trials and they’ve been designed for a godly Queen, not Persephone – barista and botanical garden enthusiast.
I’m surrounded by lethal, all-powerful maniacs. Sexy-as-hell maniacs, sure, but as dangerous as they come. And I’m going to have to prove to all of them that there’s a goddess of hell inside me. It’s the only way I’ll survive the Hades Trials. But then what? And why, why, why am I so desperate to see under Hades smoky exterior and find out what he’s hiding from me? If I win the trials, I have to marry the devil himself. But losing might mean losing my life.



The whole purpose of starting afresh in a ranch town was to put my past behind me.
My broken heart and my abusive wolf shifter ex-boyfriend. It was not to fall into bed with a bear shifter. Branden is nothing if not trouble. He’s a playboy, a billionaire cowboy who thinks he owns every woman he lays his eyes on. So, I did what I thought was right.
I snuck out of his house before he woke up. Done. Never had to see him again, right? Wrong. My pregnancy test laughed in my face. And my little boy reminds me of Branden every single day. Erasing his memories is hard. Especially now that I’ve been offered a job at a ranch. My new boss? The same bear shifter that I’ve been trying to forget.
And if my memory serves me right, then his temper will decide the fate of my future.  Will I lose my baby? Will I lose my job? Maybe even my life?



honeymoon for the alphaVS: I had two readers send me lovely feedback on this novella last week and I re-read it today and it just makes me happy. I had so much fun figuring out how to give Aydarr and Jill a honeymoon in the middle of the ongoing war…I also BTW had to quick put the box set of books 1-3 of the series back on sale for $.99 because of a prescheduled interview with a buy link (I forgot), so the box set in $.99 again until May 25th.

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badari warriors box set



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