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Sharing excerpts from STAR CRUISE: RETURN VOYAGE, my full length novel in the Pets In Space 5 anthology for 2020!

The excerpt, which continues on from last week and is from the beginning of the story. Last week Trevor asked the captain why Gianna, who is to be his new assaignment as a security officer/bodyguard, is traveling:

“Her brother is getting married on Xcelon Four and she’s agreed to attend and be a bridesmaid.”

Obviously the lady would be a celebrity passenger. The Sectors’ fascination with the tragedy of the Nebula Dream never went away. But what was his role in this? Maybe the Cruise Director should be here, not him. Trevor abhorred being unclear on mission parameters and right now he didn’t see his role in this discussion or the woman’s travel plans.

The captain stared at him over the lip of his mug. “Ms. Nadenoft apparently has PTSD resulting from the events on board the Nebula Dream and this trip is going to be a huge challenge for her. She does have a service animal.”

Now Trevor had a sinking feeling and the captain’s next words confirmed his suspicion. “I want you to be her fulltime escort while she’s with us. The assignment begins when you go to the planet and meet her and ends with your attendance at the wedding. If she chooses to fly home with us, then I’d extend the duty but I’ve been told she may stay with her brother and his new wife.”

“Are we expecting threats to her life, sir?” Trevor knew there were conspiracy theories about the famed wreck, as well as fanatical researchers and avid fan hobbyists. If Gianna truly hadn’t been off her home world in the twenty or so years since the wreck, there must be quite a pent-up demand for her story. Of all the people who’d been with Nick Jameson on board the drifting vessel and the events taking place there, only Twilka Zabour, the interstellar celebrity and influencer, had been willing to do interviews and speak out. True, Nick and his wife Mara had granted one interview shortly after being rescued, which Trevor had seen in the class he’d mentioned earlier, but it was a pretty straight forward account, lacking any of the juicy details the popular media craved. Jameson might as well have been briefing the military review board for all the drama he didn’t inject into the proceedings.

Well, okay, Trevor admitted to himself he was like everyone else, capable of being fascinated by the tragedy.


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STAR CRUISE RETURN VOYAGE blurb: Gianna Nadenoft is a reclusive survivor of one of the worst interstellar cruise ship disasters in the history of the Sectors. Now a renowned artist, she hasn’t left her home planet in decades, not since returning there after the wreck as a traumatized three-year-old. With her service animal at her side, she’s going to attempt to travel across the star systems to attend her brother’s wedding and reunite with her fellow survivors.

Trevor Hanson is a security officer aboard the cruise liner Nebula Zephyr with his own traumatic past as a former Special Forces soldier and prisoner of war. He’s assigned to provide personal protection to Gianna during her time aboard the ship but soon finds his interest turning from professional to romantic.

Onboard the Nebula Zephyr, powerful enemies are watching Gianna and making plans to seize this rare opportunity to gain access to her and the secrets they believe she’s still keeping about the wreck. Can Trevor overcome his personal demons and rise to the occasion to save Gianna from the danger waiting on his ship, or will she slip through his fingers and suffer a terrible fate deferred from her last disastrous voyage?

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  1. Sounds like an important mission. I think she’ll be really appreciative of having him there to thwart attempts at getting her to talk. Great snippet!

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