New Releases in #SciFi #Fantasy and Paranormal Romance for Wednesday NOV 25

As always, I recommend sampling before you buy! I have not read most of the new releases listed (although I always end up one-clicking a bunch as I prepare these posts LOL).



VS Note: She’s one of my favorite authors and I was so happy to have a new one from her this week…

When his Veslor grouping answers a distress call on planet Biter, Roth discovers a sole survivor. The little female isn’t rational and latches onto him like a lifeline. That surprises Roth, since most humans fear him. This one won’t let him go, but he must resist his desire for her. It’s the only honorable thing to do.
Stuck on an alien planet, her facility sabotaged and all her coworkers dead or dying, Vera Wade isn’t sure she’ll make it out alive. They’ve all been exposed to a drug that is making them crazy. She’s slowly losing all hope, until an alien shows up. He feels real, but he’s probably just another hallucination. A sexy one who seems too good to be true. Now she just needs to convince Roth that their attraction is definitely real, once the drugs leave her system…before the unknown person trying to kill her finishes the job.

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Wanda has never hankered after excitement – or romance. A quiet life as a small town librarian suits her just fine. But while she doesn’t need a man, she does want a child. Just as her hard-earned dreams come true, she is abducted by aliens. Now she’s been abandoned by her captors and assumed responsibility for two orphaned children, a pregnant alien, and a misplaced socialite. When their lifeboat is intercepted by a very large, very green, and disturbingly attractive alien, she isn’t sure if her situation has gotten better or worse. Knowing that his race is doomed, Mganak has built a peaceful, solitary life for himself. When the lifeboat he salvages turns out not to be deserted after all, he is determined to pass on the responsibility for its inhabitants – no matter how much the curvy little female and her brood arouse his protective instincts. But Wanda’s alien captors are hot on their trail, his ship is damaged, and the more time he spends with Wanda, the less he wants to let her leave. Could it be that his quiet life is not so perfect after all?

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After she’s kidnapped by blue-skinned aliens, Taylor escapes and bails from an alien space station in a shuttle she has no clue how to drive. She crash lands on a nearby planet made up mostly of jungle. Once she finds her way off the planet, she’s determined to return to Earth. Until Wulf, her Crakairian “mate” comes to her rescue. He says he won’t fight her if she wants to return home, but that doesn’t stop him from trying to change her mind. He’s gruff and scaly and much too appealing. And his kisses? If she could keep her hands off him, she might be able to think straight. But with jungle creatures trying to eat them, going home might not be an option.
As head of his Vikir clan’s warrior regiment, Wulf is scarred and unrefined, the exact opposite of his sweet female mate who speaks in a sophisticated manner and loves books. When she tells him she’s thinking of returning to Earth, he decides to show her what she’ll be missing, even if he can only do this in a rough and bumbling way. But with jungle creatures hunting them, their biggest challenge will be escaping the planet.

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ALIEN ICE KING’S GIFT (HOLIDAY STAR) by Eden Ember and Starr Huntress

The alien ice king covets me as his mate. Impossible! Chasing a dream of alien civilizations sounded so chic and trendy. I just wanted to travel the world and see the old Aztec and Inca ruins. Then the truth comes out. The next thing I know, I’m on a royal spaceship. The captain is a seven foot brawn. Did I mention he’s blue and an alien ice king? As in the king of an ice planet. If I agree to be his mate, he’ll give me a gift. An adventure of a lifetime. As crazy as it seems, I find his charm magnetic. Until the unthinkable happens. In true royal strength, he sacrifices himself to save a planet and to save me too. Now I know I’ll follow him to the ends of the universe, if we survive terrible stakes.

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They think I’m the galaxy’s best hope. They’re wrong. After barely getting off Sanctum Station with our lives, we have two objectives: join the Rebellion and save the rest of our crew. Fortunately for us, the Rebellion reaches out to us first. They want me to help them unite everyone against the corporations that rule the galaxy. Unfortunately for the Rebellion, I bring bad luck wherever I go. Because the Infinity Virus will do whatever it takes to gain freedom. This time, I have no way of stopping the devastation it’s going to cause.

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VS Note: Not a romance. A scifi release of note...

Days after winning OASIS founder James Halliday’s contest, Wade Watts makes a discovery that changes everything.
Hidden within Halliday’s vaults, waiting for his heir to find, lies a technological advancement that will once again change the world and make the OASIS a thousand times more wondrous—and addictive—than even Wade dreamed possible. With it comes a new riddle, and a new quest—a last Easter egg from Halliday, hinting at a mysterious prize.
And an unexpected, impossibly powerful, and dangerous new rival awaits, one who’ll kill millions to get what he wants. Wade’s life and the future of the OASIS are again at stake, but this time the fate of humanity also hangs in the balance.

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In a bleak future, where government systems are breaking down, and poverty and violence reign, Rose wakes from a horrific ordeal, only to find that aliens have taken over Earth while she was unconscious. One of them claimed her as his breeder, and now she has to resist her attraction to the alien who buys her frilly dresses and calls her his breeder. She also needs to find a way to rescue her colleagues and country from the Zyrgin invaders.



VS Note: A re-release of 5 novellas…

One wrong jump… into a new galaxy of adventure! Captain Taryn Nephalia was, honestly, a little bored with her current mapping mission. But a freak accident sent her and her crew crashing towards an unknown planet. Captured by alien snake men, Taryn knows she’s on her own to escape, rescue her crew, and get off that rock. But she’s not expecting help from a fellow prisoner – a hunky alpha alien warrior on mission of his own. And now his mission includes her. Soon, her crew will have to partner with these alien warriors in a race across the galaxy!

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Lies among friends…Liza Lazarus’s devotion to the law is only eclipsed by her loyalty to her vigilante family. The tough, no-holds-barred, city detective crushes it on the outside, but on the inside, she’s losing a battle for her sanity and heart. Sensing lust makes her physically sick. It’s great for catching rapists and murderers, but for finding love? Impossible. Then a childhood friend comes crashing back into her life, and she finds the impossible isn’t so out of reach… if they can get past decades worth of lies between them. Love among enemies…FBI Special Agent Joe Luciano has been in love with Liza since they were kids. The kind of soul-wrenching, heart-clobbering love that can send a man insane… except she only ever saw him as a friend. When a secret investigation brings him right into the Lazarus family war-zone, he learns they’re not as virtuous as he once believed. They’re the very criminals he’s been hunting. The more embroiled he becomes with Liza and her vigilante family, the more his black and white world crumbles until he’s forced to make an impossible choice… arrest her, or love her. Betrayal among family… As a child, Despair Lazarus was forsaken by her family, and left to the mercy of the evil Syndicate. She became a brutal, heartless warrior, and the Lazarus family never forgave themselves. So when she finally comes knocking at their door, they welcome her with open arms, blind to the danger they’ve invited into their midst. With the Syndicate, old enemies, and the FBI closing in on her family’s secrets, Liza must learn to control her new deadly powers and piece together where the real danger lies… with her lover, her long-lost sister, or herself.

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Queen Alexandra is done with marriage, but as always, the Duke of Malloryn has a plan. With Malloryn insisting upon an heir for the realm, Alexandra reluctantly agrees to accept a husband. But who? With Europe’s most eligible bachelors in London to attend her exhibition, she finds herself pining for the only man who has never betrayed her. The only man she wants. And the one man she cannot have. A queen’s duty is never done. Alexandra’s feelings for her dearest friend Sir Gideon have always been warm, but a stolen kiss pushed a friendship into dangerous waters. How can she explain that she has never known desire before? How can she stand to be in the same room as Gideon, without betraying her feelings? And how can she marry someone else? But there’s an assassin on the loose, and while she may currently be at odds with Sir Gideon, he’s the only man who can save both her wounded heart—and the future of the realm. Foreign princes and meddling dukes, bedamned.



As Captain of the Norakian warriors, Kazstrom anticipates the upcoming competition that can promote him to be the next General of his legion. But a poisonous wound threatens to eliminate his dream. The hunt for a cure leads him to Earth, where he encounters an alluring human female who not only possesses the moonstone he desperately needs, but she also ignites something deep within him. Intrigued, he is compelled to protect her from enemies who are after the same moonstone.
Teegan, a second-grade teacher, is drowning in debt and doubt after a failed engagement when a stunning star-being asks her to go to his planet and heal him. With nothing to lose, she decides a mini out-of-this-world adventure with Kazstrom is the exact escape required to alleviate her life’s issues. But her heart has its own plans and tosses her into an escalating romance filled with danger that will leave them both shattered if they are not careful. As Kazstrom battles his worst enemy to protect his starmate, Teegan must find her warrior spirit to defend the star-being she has come to love.

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For the colonists on a terraformed Mars in 2454, that was the promise. For you though—Jess Flint, engineering prodigy and big-time dreamer—it is a promise unfulfilled. Excitement? Adventure? Somebody might be having ’em, but not in the one-horse-town you call home. And then it happens. In the depths of an abandoned alien junkyard, you stumble across the preserved hulk of legendary steam locomotive the Cannonball Express. Your jaw hits the Martian floor. This is it! Your ticket out! You rebuild the ancient loco, augmenting it with a hodgepodge of powerful alien super-tech. Almost before you know it, you’ve found yourself a crew: There’s Sally, the town’s glamorpuss,  Handy-with-her-fists saloon singer. There’s Vera, über-brainiac accountant-turned-adrenalin junkie. Oh, and there’s Dave. He’s from Staines. You drop an ad in the local paper—

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Only the worst of the worst end up in my interstellar prison. This inmate is different from my usual guests. She’s human. Soft. Delicate. Hard to punish because she could break so very easily. It’s my job to teach her a lesson she will never forget. I will turn her from a wild criminal, to a tame pet. ..(more blurb on e book seller page…)

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It’s hard to find the right alien concubine…Finding three of them? Impossible! Watching the future saikhs practice their penetration angles at the saikhmenti alone doesn’t cut it to make a decision. What about other things like… I don’t know. Personality? What I need is insider information. That saikh-in-training who keeps failing his assessments? He’s offering it up freely. Kinda. All he wants is practice those fancy skills on me, or otherwise he might flunk his finals. Meh, why not? Don’t accuse me of caring. All I do is let him improve his skills in exchange for dirt on his classmates. I’m technically a martyr, taking one for team Earth here. You’re welcome. Besides, how bad can he be?
Turns out, not bad at all. In fact, he’s so good I can’t help but wonder: why do I need three saikhs if this one pleases me so perfectly? (Wait, I just remembered why! Because I signed a contract stating I would do exactly that. Well… eff me.)

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VS Note: Not romance but a scifi release of note. 

Celebrate the fifteenth anniversary of cutting-edge science fiction from the hit podcast, Escape Pod. Escape Pod has been bringing the finest short fiction to millions of ears all over the world, at the forefront of a new fiction revolution.
This anthology gathers together fifteen stories, including new and exclusive work from writers such as from Cory Doctorow, Ken Liu, Mary Robinette Kowal, T. Kingfisher and more. From editors Mur Laffterty and S.B. Divya comes the science fiction collection of the year, bringing together bestselling authors in celebration of the publishing phenomenon that is, Escape Pod.

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You have to be really unlucky to be captured by aliens twice…Well, here I am. The Queen of Unlucky. When I’m taken from Earth, my life takes a sharp turn. The alien ship crashes on a strange planet and before I know it, I’m taken again. These new “owners” are just as bad as the last ones and it doesn’t take me long to realize my chances of survival are dim. I only have one chance to escape—so I take it. I’m doing a good job of surviving too. That is…until the aliens send a hunter to track me down. As soon as I lay eyes on him, I know he’s there to find me. I can’t run; I can only hide—but I can’t hide forever. It’s a fight for my freedom……but it’s my heart that’s in trouble of falling into the hunter’s trap.

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VS Note: Not listed as a romance. I pre-ordered it because I’ve enjoyed her books in the past…

For better, for worse. In sickness and in health. It’s a legal vow of care for families in 2050, a world beset by waves of climate-driven plagues. Power engineer Lucía Ramirez long ago lost her family to one—she’d give anything to take that vow. The Power Islands give humanity a fighting chance, but tending kelp farms and solar lilies is a lonely job. The housing AI found her a family match, saying she should fit right in with the Senegalese retraining expert who’s a force of nature, the ex-Pandemic Corps cook with his own cozy channel, and even the writer who insists everything is stories, all the way down. This family of literal and metaphorical refugees could be the shelter she’s seeking from her own personal storm. She needs this one to work. Then an unscheduled power outage and a missing turtle-bot crack open a mystery. Something isn’t right on Power Island One, but every step she takes to solve it, someone else gets there first—and they’re determined to make her unsee what she’s seen. Lucía is an engineer, not a detective, but fixing this problem might cost her the one thing she truly needs: a home.

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Melanie Jameson is afraid it’s going to be a lonely Christmas. After a bitter divorce with an abusive husband, she moves to the Kindred Mother Ship to take a job in their PR department. Though she makes friends easily, especially with Sees Clearly, a handsome Kindred warrior who is much too young for her, she doesn’t have anyone to spend Christmas with but her crusty old Aunt Marge.
Clear is smitten with Melanie the moment he sees her. It doesn’t matter to him that she’s older than him—he wants her at once. After a mishap with her Kindred wave oven leaves her with a burned hand, he brings her to meet his other half, Feels Strongly, who is a doctor in the Med Center. Strong agrees at once that the lovely older female is the one for them—but how to convince Melanie of that? It seems hopeless since Clear and Strong don’t think Melanie is interested. But the Goddess works in mysterious ways. When a mix-up with the Secret Santa presents means Melanie gets a naughty negligee from Clear instead of the oven mitt he intended to give her, she begins to wonder if Christmas might be exciting after all…Will she end up with a Secret Santa Surprise?

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Brave new world or the same old crap? Warlock Milo Velazquez has always dreamed of a day when “monsters” like him don’t have to hide in the shadows. Now, on a planet far from Earth, he’s hoping the old prejudices have been left behind. Though from what he’s seen so far—not a chance. Their new leader could make life a living hell for Milo and the other immortals illegally transported across the galaxy. Under cover, he scopes out the threat, but he never expected to find a beautiful woman locked in a cell underground. He should ignore her and focus on his mission, but instead he sets her free. Milo has met all kinds, paranormal creatures and humans, in his centuries of life, but Destiny is like nothing he’s ever encountered before. She’s flawless, and strangely naïve, though she can spout off facts like a walking encyclopedia. He isn’t sure who—or what—she is, or why someone so innocent would be a prisoner. All he knows is Destiny is different…and finding out why could be their only hope for survival.

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Year 2522. Oh. My. Stars. Junior Officer Ara Lawrence here, reporting for duty. Again. It’s situation critical for the security team and everyone in the base – including my parents – with a new attack from the looters imminent, a possible galaxy-wide crime conspiracy and an unstoppable alien threat. But this all pales in the face of my mind-blowing discovery about the Q-net. Of course, no one believes me. I’m not sure I believe me. It could just be a stress-induced delusion. That’s what my parents seem to believe…Their concern for me is hampering my ability to do my job. I know they love me, but with the Q-net in my corner, I’m the only one who can help the security team beat the shadowy aliens from the pits we discovered. We’re holding them at bay, for now, but the entire Milky Way Galaxy is in danger of being overrun. With battles on too many fronts, it’s looking dire. But one thing I’ve learned is when people I love are in jeopardy, I’ll never give up trying to save them. Not until my dying breath. Which could very well be today.

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He Says He Hates Me, Yet He Can’t Keep His Eyes Off Me… All Four Of Them. Lost in an alien world, I was immediately greeted by the horrifying dangers that inhabited this planet. Thankfully, I met him. His name is Ja’kol Fah Lagee. They call him the Butcher of the Bloodless, feared throughout the land for his intense savagery and his brutal ways. Indeed, his mere presence incited a lot of strong sensations from me, but fear wasn’t one of them. Like, hello? How can I be afraid of a 6’8” stud of pure muscles possessing a ruggedly handsome face that would make my own mother jealous? Never mind the fact that he has an extra pair of eyes and that greenish tiger stripes adorned his marvelous physique. He’s the closest thing to a human who I’ve encountered here and that was enough reason for me to trust him. I sought his help and bargained for his protection, but he just kept pushing me away. He was hellbent on his quest for revenge …(more blurb on ebook seller page…)

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She would do anything to survive, including getting herself damaged and off the companion list. A Hmrain finds her in an unlikely place for an unlikely partnership. Athena made it to a pickup point, past the physical, and up to the education station. Her training was difficult, but when she found out she was a likely candidate for companionship to a Hmrain, she took drastic action. Being disfigured was the one situation that the station would accept to lower her classification and position her in the bulk-purchase category. Her bond would be purchased as part of a group acquisition, and she would be able to earn out her price on some alien world before she swept out to travel the stars, working as she went. With her goal in mind, she put herself in the path of the most toxic creature on the station, and she ticked it off. The resulting scar across her face did the job. She was out. It was just her luck that when she was on her new planet, she was very good at her job. Her team comes to the attention of the Hmrain overseer, and her planning has come to naught.



After Irene Beckham accidentally discovers rock star Ace Hendrix’s big secret, she wakes up in his bedroom without any memory of how she got there. As flashes of her memory of the night before return, Ace makes her an offer. Let him suck her blood, and he’ll make her a wealthy woman if she can stay quiet about it. Ace even proves to her he didn’t take advantage of her the night before. When the press gets wind of Ace’s new fling, Irene decides she’s not the right woman for him, but Ace knows they’re meant to be together. He doesn’t care what the paparazzi says, he has to have her in his life no matter the cost.

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Sophie Cotton doesn’t want to take the Match test that will find her perfect partner among the billions of members of the Intergalactic Community. She’s got a great life and a successful business as a lifestyle vlogger with her long term Human boyfriend, Anthony. So they might not be mathematically proven to be ‘perfect’ for each other – does it really matter when you’re in love? But when Anthony, puts her in an impossible position, Sophie is left with no choice. Now she has just six weeks before her alien Match, Aubin, arrives. It’s barely long enough to get over a broken heart, never mind feel ready to open it up again to someone else.
Aubin knows the situation with Sophie isn’t ideal. It sucks that the Match he’s been waiting for all his life probably doesn’t want anything to do with him. Worse, from watching her videos, she seems like exactly the sort of person who shouldn’t have been Matched with him. She’s wealthy and likes her home comforts. He’s a delivery pilot who spends his time travelling the far reaches of space. How could their auras ever be compatible? But when Sophie sends him a slightly tipsy message, he sees a side of her he hasn’t seen in any of her videos. As the two of them correspond back and forth, Aubin realises that the real Sophie is someone he could fall hard for. But can he convince her to give up her perfect dream life with Anthony for a perfect reality with him?

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VEILS 3 by Linda Mooney

VS Note: I’ve enjoyed this series…

Now married, Griffin and Nat couldn’t be happier to have shared the moment with their friends, but the honeymoon period won’t last long. Still plagued with the veils and acid rains, they’re just trying to do what they do best—survive.  However, things seem to be changing, improving. Cars are working again, guns are firing, there’s even electricity, but still they find themselves traveling through time. With each event, it seems they’re getting closer to their original eras. The world looks to be healing itself, and as long as they stick together, they believe they’ll make it through. The only problem is, if their theories are correct, at some point they will have to let each other go to return to their own year where it all began. Hope prevails, but uncertainty continues to rear its ugly head. Will it ever be over? And if it does end, will they be able to reunite with their future selves?

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ALIEN CAPTIVE MATE by Penelope Woods

Deep space is a nightmare. I’m the only cadet aboard this starship. My superiors trusted me and a few higher ranked leaders to transport an alien prisoner, one of the most powerful warriors in the universe. We won’t let them down. Unless I fall in love with him…That’s not going to happen. Right? When I see him in the interrogation room, muscles rolling like hills of granite, I fear the worst. His eyes are darker than wine, and his smile is captivating. They want me to take this guy to the worst prison in the outer cosmos, but I’m starting to think that’s a bad idea. He’s not a criminal. He was born a warrior. And there is nothing like his touch.

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FEAST (UKKAR MATES) by Lizzy Bequin

VS Note: Cover a little too steamy for my PG13+ blog…

All my life, I’ve known there was something wrong with me. I don’t fit into this world. I don’t belong. Then the ukkur come for me, and everything changes. Four brutal warriors, their massive bodies bulging with muscles and striped with battle scars. I fear them. Their savage growls make my blood run hot and cold. But they stir other feelings too. A painful yearning deep inside. A feeling my primitive language cannot begin to explain…(more blurb on ebook seller page…)

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Space needs nurses. That’s what they told me, and that’s why I agreed to go. They say Raider is the last place I want to end up, but I’m up to the challenge. I’ll care for the warlord’s child. One problem. He wants me to make said child.
With him. No. Not happening. Never. I’m not selling my body to some brute! But Kain isn’t the brute I imagined. And the longer I’m on Raider, the longer I wonder if belonging to him would be so bad. –I don’t need tricks to find a woman. Compassionate. Smart. Beautiful. Abby is all these things. But she’s not willing, and I won’t force her. If I send her back, IEP will just pass her off to another planet. I can’t put her in that situation. As I get to know her, I want her more and more. My body knows she’s my fated mated. I don’t want her to merely be a surrogate. I want a family with her. Once she’s given me a child, she’ll be allowed to leave Raider and never return. What will it take to get her to stay?

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Five years ago, the moon was destroyed in an asteroid strike, upending life on Earth as the planet became more and more uninhabitable. Two years ago, the viraxians arrived with a ship large enough to replace the lost moon. In exchange for saving Earth, they asked for one thing: human women. Rayna is tired of struggling. She’s tired of being hungry, scared, and alone. So she does what few women have been willing to do–she signs up for the viraxian breeding program. Assigned to three big viraxian males, Rayna expects nothing but a safe bed and regular meals in exchange for the use of her body. But when their straight-forward arrangement of convenience evolves into something more emotionally complex, Rayna and her males must fight to keep their newfound love.

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He owns an entire city. Now he owns me. I was going to be the one who got the footage to expose these monsters to the world. Instead, all I got was caught. Chained to a wall, my new owner has decided that I’m not going anywhere – that I’m going to atone for my crime against him by…Falling in love? I don’t know how he thinks that is going to happen. I came here to expose the monsters, and instead I was turned into one. He can only keep me caged for so long.

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Fleet is Eternal. Survival is not. Truthful fiction for trying times. Every 30 days, Fleet Eternal winks into existence, surrounding the planet to lay siege upon a complacent and distracted populace. The enemy is undying—its armaments unbeatable, its numbers uncountable—but the assault has one slight flaw: a mere .01% casualty rate  triggers full retreat. A society on the verge …For decades, the Unified Fiduciary Dominion has relied on the Board and its military contractors to protect the planet and maintain the knife’s edge of survival. Now, preening corporate lords are secretly abandoning that duty in pursuit of political power. The tactics of Alpha Vector Defense Corps have served against Fleet for generations, so why are they suddenly faltering? And why do Board members seem so unconcerned by it all? Armed with the exclusive authority to investigate, one fussy ex-military reporter must partner with a generous Madame, and a civilian astronomy club, to hunt the story behind a string of failed battles—and pray they find answers before the districts turn to ash. As casualties mount, The Interviewer confronts deadly resistance, grave insults to dignity, and a conspiracy at the highest ranks. With the world’s security on the brink, this whistleblower is running out of time. But when every answer brings more questions, one reminder guides the way:
Don’t come here looking for truth. This is just a pack of lies and the end of the world. —a genre-busting dramedy & political satire thriller in military sci-fi clothing—

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Isabel can’t wait to return to Earth for Christmas. Her dream job as the lead botanist on Niri was worth traveling across the galaxy, but she’s not going to miss out on the trappings of her favorite holiday. Not to mention she misses everyone back home. Everyone except her ex, of course. She’ll do everything she can to avoid seeing him again but running into him around town is inevitable.
Verrik is tired of the monotony of his day-to-day life on Niri. He works long days as an electrician to try to get ahead and save what money he can. One day he hopes to be able to support a family of his own but as an orphan, his opportunities are limited. The one good thing that comes from his current job is meeting the unique, curvy little botanist from Earth. She’s headed back to Earth for the holidays. He’s ready for his own adventure. Her suggestion to be her fake alien boyfriend is unconventional, but the payment is too good to pass up. When the lines between fantasy and reality begin to blur, they find themselves navigating unexplored territory. Can a Niri Alien and Earth female find a way to make a relationship work for real?

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Samantha thought life could not possibly get any stranger. Six months ago, she had been abducted during a girl’s weekend in Vegas and whisked away to the stars where the feline-like alien Sa Tskir brothers battled for her interest before escaping back to Earth with both men at her heels. Things seemed to settle down as Samantha’s best friend Carly snags the eye of the younger alien Krissik and Samantha is able to enjoy the full attention of the sexy and ex-soldier turned weapons-smuggler Rikist while running her late father’s ranch. Yet while playing house and acting as the resident alien wrangler, a pregnant Samantha must deal with surfacing secrets and conspiring government agencies wishing to turn her lover to their side of the war, bringing both danger and mistrust into their lives. When Rikist makes a terrible mistake that threatens the slice of heaven their makeshift family has struggled to create, Samantha must step up to keep those she loves alive as dark forces invade Earth’s soil for a nefarious purpose no one could see coming.

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THE DAUNTLESS CHRONICLES by Willow Wren and Anthony Olmo

VS Note: Not a romance…sounds like some romantic elements perhaps…

3 humanoid alien teens live in the Cayser System 100 years in the future. During a diplomatic event there is a coup d’état – their planet is attacked by the Grebles, evil, angry inhabitants of the fire planet, Oburna. Zephyr, a commander and young warrior, escapes on her ship but before she can hyperspace jump, her ship gets rammed, which knocks her off course. She crash lands on Earth where she’s captured and taken to Area 51, and experimented on by cruel White Coats. Her friends, Destin and Tessia Kincaid, follow her, are attacked in Earth’s orbit and crash land, too. The siblings are taken to Area 51 where they reunite with Zephyr. There they meet another member of the Cayser System who has been there a lot longer than they have, a young doctor about their age. They are all experimented on, sticking together to stay alive. Unfortunately, it’s revealed to the Area 51 scientists that Destin has a secret power, but it drains his life force. Regardless, the White Coats use him anyway.  There are races on sea and battles in space, aircraft and locomotives, young romance, dragons and missions and the teens must sacrifice so much for their friends and family while time is running out between being saved and Destin’s draining life force.



VS note: So I was intrigued by the series concept and I one clicked the first book in the series after reading its Look Inside feature. We’ll see…

Abel had no business resurrecting my corpse. Now I’m tormented by ghosts of monsters, including the one I’ve become, as I trudge through the hellscape that is Population. Only this time, I’m part of Abel’s band of misfits trying to rebuild civilization. Among the cheery idiots are alien allies and humans too stupid to live. None are so grating as Pia. Pretty and kind and gentle, she might be the worst among them. But it doesn’t change the fact that she’s the reason I’m still here and that when my old gang catches up to me, they’ll torture her to make me bleed. Luckily, I’m a monster who won’t let that happen. Even if I’m too torn up to touch her, I’m going to keep her alive. Generation One is book 3 in the action-packed Population series! A full-length (85k word) interracial, post-apocalyptic, slow burn SciFi romance with an HEA, this book can be read as a standalone, but will be better appreciated after reading Population and Saltlands.

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Forced to stand in the window of a sex shop to attract customers, Tempest is beginning to believe the worst thing that can happen to her is dying of sheer boredom. Then she catches the attention of a type of alien she’s never seen before. He’s like a shadow, darker than the night sky, a silver sword at his side. But no matter how frightening he is, there’s something so mysterious and intriguing about him that she can’t get him out of her mind. When she’s sold once again, this time to a cruel, terrifying master, she doesn’t believe she’ll ever see the dark stranger again. Kelos doesn’t believe a delicate human female can ever look at him with anything other than fear and revulsion. Surely she won’t want him to touch her. Surely she won’t want him to love her. But from the moment he catches and holds her stare, he wants her. He plans to get her to safety, no strings attached.  But plans can go awry. First, he’ll have to take her from the cruel four-armed Khork who just bought her…And Khorks aren’t known to give up anything without a fight.

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Alien Space Marines, a celebrity photographer, and a pair of vampires find their perfect mates on the dark side of the night. Chain of Three by Willa Okati: Mix two alien Marines, a human BDSM Master, and a shapeshifting Empress with a mind of her own, and what do you get? A whole lot of trouble. It’s a three-way battle for dominance, and the Empress knows something she’s not telling…Naked Exposure by Lacey Savage: When savvy celebrity photographer Deidre Laxon trespasses on private property in pursuit of hot Hollywood bachelor Greg Radigan, she has no idea she’s about to capture him in all his naked glory participating in some very explicit BDSM play. When Greg and Deidre finally come face-to-face, he’s ready to exact revenge. And nothing short of Deidre’s complete submission will satisfy him…Torqued by Emma Ray Garrett: Being a dominatrix gives Reliant Agent Pru Gordon perfect access to the Nightside she polices. And it lets her fulfill her fantasies at the same time. It’s the perfect life. Until the night she meets Gage Mills and Ro Thomas. When two of the darkest predators around meet up with the best Controller alive, things are bound to get messy… Just what the Domme ordered.

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ON HIS WORLD by Poppy Flynn

After a terrible illness decimates the male population of her planet, Trielle is left with no choice but to visit the distant world of Zyntari to beg for their help in rebuilding her civilization. Upon her arrival the warrior chief Zorran agrees to aid Trielle, but he demands something in return. Her. Though Trielle is innocent in the ways of men, she is transfixed by the handsome, incredibly possessive brute, and she cannot help wondering what it would mean to belong to Zorran completely. ..(more blurb on ebook seller page…)

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GHOST (COLONY: HOLIDAY BOOK 2) by Demelza Carlton

All her life, nurse Maia has scoffed at stories of alien abductions and breeding experiments. Until she wakes up on a strange space ship, with a baby on the way. Now Maia’s determined to teach her alien captor that Earth girls are NOT easy, and he may have made the biggest mistake of his life. Unless he hasn’t.

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VS Note: Had this pre-ordered of course. I love this series…

The Archangel of Death and the Archangel of Disease may be gone but their legacy of evil lives on—especially in Africa, where the shambling, rotting creatures called the reborn have gained a glimmer of vicious intelligence. It is up to Titus, archangel of this vast continent, to stop the reborn from spreading across the world. Titus can’t do it alone, but of the surviving powerful angels and archangels, large numbers are wounded, while the rest are fighting a surge of murderous vampires. There is no one left . . . but the Hummingbird. Old, powerful, her mind long a broken kaleidoscope. Now, she must stand at Titus’s side against a tide of death upon a discovery more chilling than any other. For the Archangel of Disease has left them one last terrible gift.

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In the realm of Talamh, a teenage warrior named Keegan emerges from a lake holding a sword—representing both power and the terrifying responsibility to protect the Fey. In another realm known as Philadelphia, a young woman has just discovered she possesses a treasure of her own…When Breen Kelly was a girl, her father would tell her stories of magical places. Now she’s an anxious twentysomething mired in student debt and working a job she hates. But one day she stumbles upon a shocking discovery: her mother has been hiding an investment account in her name. It has been funded by her long-lost father—and it’s worth nearly four million dollars.
This newfound fortune would be life-changing for anyone. But little does Breen know that when she uses some of the money to journey to Ireland, it will unlock mysteries she couldn’t have imagined. Here, she will begin to understand why she kept seeing that silver-haired, elusive man, why she imagined his voice in her head saying Come home, Breen Siobhan. It’s time you came home. Why she dreamed of dragons. And where her true destiny lies—through a portal in Galway that takes her to a land of faeries and mermaids, to a man named Keegan, and to the courage in her own heart that will guide her through a powerful, dangerous destiny.

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PASSAGES by Mercedes Lackey and Various

This fourteenth anthology of short stories set in the beloved Valdemar universe features tales by debut and established authors and a brand-new story from Lackey herself. The Heralds of Valdemar are the kingdom’s ancient order of protectors. They are drawn from all across the land, from all walks of life, and at all ages–and all are Gifted with abilities beyond those of normal men and women. They are Mindspeakers, FarSeers, Empaths, ForeSeers, Firestarters, FarSpeakers, and more. These inborn talents–combined with training as emissaries, spies, judges, diplomats, scouts, counselors, warriors, and more–make them indispensable to their monarch and realm. Sought and Chosen by mysterious horse-like Companions, they are bonded for life to these telepathic, enigmatic creatures. The Heralds of Valdemar and their Companions ride circuit throughout the kingdom, protecting the peace and, when necessary, defending their land and monarch.

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Bailey and Quinn are back for one last action-filled adventure! A corrupt police chief is on the loose, and it falls to Bailey and Quinn to put an end to him before he finds some way to weaponize the spreading rabies virus, create yet another batch of potent gorgon dust, and otherwise wreck Bailey’s happily ever after. With a pair of orphaned gorgon whelps to care for, more animals she can shake a stick at, and her husband’s determination to make the world a perfect place for her, Bailey has her hands full. To protect everyone she loves, she must embrace her dubious role as the Calamity Queen and rain hell down on those who stand in her way. The Flame Game is on.

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Salem: The female is dangerous. She’s a threat to my kind. I’ve been given one simple task – I must kill her . . .Except, I don’t seem to be able to control my actions whenever she’s around. Something carnal and wild is rising inside and I don’t think I can control it for much longer. I will possess her flesh, then . . . her soul. No one will stop me, even if it starts a war. Piper: Fear is nothing new. I’ve been terrified of the shadows for as long as I can remember. Danger is part of my world . . .Until the dark stranger from my dreams shows up in real life. He’s commanding, rude, and arrogant, but something in my soul burns when he’s near. I have to find out why he calls to me . . . and why I crave his touch. Before my nightmares become reality.

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Grave witch Alex Craft has forged an uneasy truce with the world of Faerie, but she’s still been trying to maintain at least some semblance of a normal life in the human world. So it’s safe to say that stepping up as the lead investigator for the Fae Investigation Bureau was not a career path she ever anticipated taking. When an explosion at the Eternal Bloom threatens to upend the fae who make their home in our world, Alex finds herself in charge of the most far-reaching investigation she’s ever tackled. And it’s only her first week on the job. With the threats mounting and cut off from half her allies, Alex can’t wait on the sidelines and hope the fae’s conflicts stay contained within their borders.

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I’ve been naughty and I don’t care. They called it heinous. I called it a fun Friday night. That artifact was just begging to be stolen. Come on, an amulet that brings back the dead and they just leave it on display in a museum? That had my name all over it. But now they know I’m the Silver Fox and can tie me to other thefts. They intend to put me away for a long time. But I’ve made friends in Silverhold Detention Center for Magical Delinquents.  Two men who are just like me. I think even the psycho prison guard might help me. I regret nothing and neither do they. Breaking out of Silverhold is going to be my best heist ever.

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Keras is darkness. It sustains him. It strengthens him. It offers relief from the pain born of his feelings for a goddess of Olympus, a bewitching and beautiful female placed beyond his reach—one who stole his heart and broke it. Centuries of enduring that pain have left him tired, and the temptation to surrender control to that side of himself grows each day. Even when he knows that darkness will destroy him. Enyo has regrets. Hundreds of them. But the one that has plagued her for centuries, is the moment that shattered her friendship with the firstborn of Hades and her own heart with it—a moment that changed her and set her on a new path. With the battle between the sons of Hades and the daemons turning more dangerous for the man she loves, she can no longer stand on the side lines.
It’s time for this goddess of war to risk everything to fight for what she wants. As the battle to save the Underworld and the mortal realm rages to dangerous new heights, will Keras be consumed by the darkness or will Enyo be the light that saves him?

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Cole Vega never expected to find his mate. He didn’t figure he deserved one anyway. But during a ranch call to assist a mare with a difficult delivery, he meets the newest employee at the farm. She also happens to be the sister of one of his packmates, and she’s off-limits.
Madison Williams moved to Sedona to be closer to her brother. Taking a marketing position at a large cattle ranch in Sedona, she expects she’ll have plenty of time to spend with her brother and his fiance, but nothing is as it seems, and everyone in town has secrets including her new employer, Deidra Harlow. When she bumps into the sexy veterinarian, sparks fly, but there’s something he’s not telling her. One touch makes keeping his distance from her impossible, but one mate for life means putting Madison’s needs above his own. He can’t tell her he’s a werewolf, or that her brother was bitten and now shifts into a jaguar, and if she discovers she’s working at a ranch owned by a top secret defense contractor her life will be in danger. Surrendering to his feelings is not an option.

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When Professor David Levinson accepts a friend’s invitation to an old Scottish castle, what he finds there is more fantastical than his most outlandish theories. The castle is home to a clan of immortals, their leader is a stunning demigoddess, and even more shockingly, it could be precisely where he belongs. Except, the clan founder is hiding a secret that might cast a dark shadow on David’s relationship with her daughter. Nevertheless, when offered a chance at immortality, he agrees to undergo the dangerous induction process. Will David survive his transition into immortality? And if he does, will his relationship with Sari survive the unveiling of her mother’s secret?

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The mediums of Beach Drive don’t take rumors of a witches’ coven seriously—not until it threatens one of their own.
Meanwhile, Officer Brian Henderson can no longer ignore the secrets of Marlow House. Can he handle the truth?

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VS Note: A re-release: “…re-edited and a bit more content has been added, but nothing that would change the story dramatically.” per the Author.

Liam was devastated when he learned that the little cat Sebastian he had known for months was his mate and had been hiding the truth from him since they met. He has to overcome the pain of his past before he can accept a future with his mate. But will his mate forgive him for ignoring him when the truth came out?
Sebastian has lost hope that Liam will ever forgive him. He knows what he did was wrong, but the fear he had for getting hurt again overrode his good sense and he wounded his mate deeply. Will he be able to find a way to get Liam to see that he really does need him and earn his forgiveness?
Kent has been walking through life as a spectator. He is able to objectively review and work out problems that come his way with a level head and unshakeable nerve. He finds himself becoming the calm in the storm as his two mates try to come together. But will their history together leave him in the cold feeling like a third wheel or will the heat between his two men burn him alive? Can he forgive them their issues as he patiently helps mold them into a happy mating? Will they be able to come together as a united front before the attempts from an old enemy destroys them?



My days as Faery’s reluctant regent have crashed and burned. Either I left the land to rot in a squalid soup of broken promises, or I destroyed her enemies one by one. No choice there. Not really. I’d known some of those “enemies” since childhood, which was centuries ago. They say familiarity breeds contempt. In my case it bred sorrow as I consigned Fae who’d been friends to eternal destruction and fed them to the land.
Dariyah, the Witch-who-wasn’t-one, crossed my path for reasons I’m still figuring out. Her long-lost mother presided over one of Faery’s many dirty secrets, the Midnight Court. Some like to believe Fae blood is pure. It’s not. The Sidhe and us are joined at the hip, and the Midnight Court was once a living symbol of our bond. I’ll fight to maintain a magical world that’s open to all. If I’m quick, ruthless, I might beat Oberon at his own game. Sly bastard that he is, he still holds the link to Faery. If I can’t wrest it from him, the land—my land—will wither and fade.

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CLAIMING HOPE by Elizabeth Knight

VS Note: Book 2 of 4

So you guys remember the naked man in the alley? Now he’s my mate along with one of his friends. I might also have my eyes on the other two as well because why not? Oh yeah forgot to mention, turns out I’m a werewolf, hence the mating thing. Not only that but I’m the only Alpha Female in existence, which makes sense why that asshole of a fake fiance wanted to keep me for himself. *Girl you suck at explaining what’s going on.* Shut up I’ve got this handled. Managed to do it last time without you. Anyway…Thanks to the four men who came crashing into my life, I was rescued and kept safe. Now I’m on a plane to who the hell knows where while the guys keep alluding to the fact that I have an important role to play in their world. Am I ready to step into whatever they have waiting for me? I’ve only been a werewolf for two weeks and still have so much to learn. *I keep telling her to put her big girl pants on and enjoy the ride. Live a little and enjoy life’s surprises.* What if I’m not ready for more surprises? *Yeah, I don’t think you have a choice in that buttercup, so buckle up. We are about to land!*

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Once upon a time, there was a boy with a wicked tongue. Before he was a cruel prince or a wicked king, he was a faerie child with a heart of stone. #1 New York Times bestselling author, Holly Black reveals a deeper look into the dramatic life of Elfhame’s enigmatic high king, Cardan. This tale includes delicious details of life before The Cruel Prince, an adventure beyond The Queen of Nothing, and familiar moments from The Folk of the Air trilogy, told wholly from Cardan’s perspective. This new installment in the Folk of the Air series is a return to the heart-racing romance, danger, humor, and drama that enchanted readers everywhere. Each chapter is paired with lavish and luminous full-color art, making this the perfect collector’s item to be enjoyed by both new audiences and old.

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SASHA (DRAGON ISLE BOOK 4) by Shelley Munro

Sasha, The Lionhearted, is the youngest child and only daughter of one of the main Perfume Isle clans. After Sasha rejects every marriage candidate presented to her, her frustrated parents organize a betrothal to Bruceous, The Businessman. He’s much older, and yuck! Worst contender ever. The notion of living with this bum-pinching, leering dragonman appalls Sasha. Furious, she leaves to visit her best friend and never arrives. Her routine flight becomes an adventure when she breaks through the protective barrier surrounding the Dragon Isles. Now, she’s trapped on the mainland where humans supposedly persecute dragons.
Maxwell Lombardy is drowning under commitment. After his parents’ sudden death, he’s responsible for his much younger brother. Max’s grandparents have started legal proceedings to gain custody of his brother, and his busy job leaves him with limited time. The nanny option isn’t working either until he meets the gorgeous and mysterious Sasha. Sasha needs a job and accommodation, and Max requires a fake fiancée to present to his grandparents and the court. Problems sorted, except for one slight difficulty. Sparks fly between the pair. Maxwell becomes as enamored as his brother, but his sexy fiancée harbors secrets, and when he discovers what they are—let’s say they have the potential to blast his house of cards apart with the force of dragon fire.

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Dark Obsession is the final book in the Vampire Royals of New York series, a dark paranormal romance featuring a commanding, dirty-talking, British vampire king and the seductive con artist who might just bring him to ruin… or become his eternal salvation.

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After a quiet six months, Gwen, Arthur, and Merlin are in the middle of preparing for their first Yule and Christmas together when an old friend appears to announce she needs their help. Morgana’s Sisters and their new allies are summoning the Saxon god Woden to gather up all the lost souls in his Wild Hunt on the night of the winter solstice, and the ghost who knows the truth about the Paladin’s Prophecy is destined to be one of them. Can Gwen and the others rescue him and stop the summoning in time for Christmas?

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Perfect for fans of The Last Magician and Descendant of the Crane, this heart-stopping debut is an imaginative Romeo and Juliet retelling set in 1920s Shanghai, with rival gangs and a monster in the depths of the Huangpu River. The year is 1926, and Shanghai hums to the tune of debauchery. A blood feud between two gangs runs the streets red, leaving the city helpless in the grip of chaos. At the heart of it all is eighteen-year-old Juliette Cai, a former flapper who has returned to assume her role as the proud heir of the Scarlet Gang—a network of criminals far above the law. Their only rivals in power are the White Flowers, who have fought the Scarlets for generations. And behind every move is their heir, Roma Montagov, Juliette’s first love…and first betrayal. But when gangsters on both sides show signs of instability culminating in clawing their own throats out, the people start to whisper. Of a contagion, a madness. Of a monster in the shadows. As the deaths stack up, Juliette and Roma must set their guns—and grudges—aside and work together, for if they can’t stop this mayhem, then there will be no city left for either to rule.

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Welcome to Christmas Grove, the town full of love, magic, and holiday miracles. Ilsa McKenzie has only ever loved one man. But eleven months ago, he walked out of her life, leaving her heartbroken and her life changed forever. After leaving the magical town of Christmas Grove to regroup and get her life in order, Ilsa’s back, ready to face her past and start her future with or without him. There’s only one question. Will Zach want to be a part of her life or will he run again?
Zach Frost doesn’t love easily. He’s loved and lost before. All he’s ever wanted was to run his Christmas tree farm and start a family. And once Ilsa arrives in town, it seems he’s on the verge of making his dreams come true. But his past is complicated and it’s about to catch up with him. Can he make peace with his mistakes or will he let history repeat itself and lose his chance with the one woman who can make him feel whole?

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SOULSWIFT by Megan Bannen

Gelya is a Vessel, a girl who channels the word of the One True God through song. Cloistered with the other Vessels of her faith, she believes—as all Ovinists do—that a saint imprisoned Elath the Great Demon centuries ago, saving humanity from earthly temptation. When Gelya stumbles into a deadly cover-up by the Ovinists’ military, she reluctantly teams up with Tavik, an enemy soldier, to survive. Tavik believes that Elath is actually a mother goddess who must be set free, but while he succeeds in opening Her prison, he inadvertently turns Gelya into Elath’s unwilling human vessel. Now the church that raised Gelya considers her a threat. In a race against the clock, she and Tavik must find a way to exorcise Elath’s presence from her body. But will this release stop the countdown to the end of the world, or will it be the cause of the earth’s destruction? And as Tavik and Gelya grow closer, another question lingers between them: What will become of Gelya?

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Shock. It was an emotion Peter had grown disturbingly familiar with over the past year. So familiar that he thought he had mastered the feeling by now. Case in point: 1. Werewolves exist? Sure. 2. He was one now? Whatever. 
3. Brom, Chad, Knave (insert name here) wanted to assault, kidnap, and/or kill him? Not ideal, but Peter had dealt with it all like a champ. 4. Damon was convinced they were soul mates and wanted to pin him to the floor (bed, wall, any surface would suffice really) and have filthy, mind-blowing sex with him until his brain leaked out of his ears? Who was Peter to complain? But this…? No. Peter drew the line at mystical, self-generating wombs. Last time he had checked, he was a man with man parts – and he’d frickin’ show you if you didn’t believe him, thank you very much. It wasn’t physically possible for him to be… he wasn’t… Jesus Christ, he couldn’t even think the word in his own head. Pregnant, his inner voice whispered traitorously.

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Pamela has turned her life around for the sake of her son and the Pride, but is this Tigress ready for more than one night of naughtiness? Pamela Brown is a Tigress with one singular focus, to provide her cub with the best life possible. She’s worked hard to mend her past mistakes and to forge relationships with the members of the small, but strong Maverick Pride. Imagine her surprise when the Nari chooses her to represent them at Gerri Wilder’s annual holiday gala. Javier Auberon is an Andean Bear Shifter who’s recently moved to the states from his South American home. Spending the holidays with his favorite honorary aunt, the owner of the renowned Paranormal Dating Agency, Gerri Wilder, is a no-brainer. Javi’s Aunt Gerri has been trying to get him to use her services forever, but he had no idea she’d arranged for his fated mate to be at her famous holiday party. Can this Bear Shifter make all of Pamela’s Christmas wishes come true?

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To protect his friends, Mage Alex Verus has had to change–and embrace his dark side. But the life mage Anne has changed too, and made a bond with a dangerous power. She’s going after everyone she’s got a grudge against–and it’s a long list. In the meantime, Alex has to deal with his arch-enemy, Levistus. The Council’s death squads are hunting Alex as well as Anne, and the only way for Alex to stop them is to end his long war with Levistus and the Council, by whatever means necessary. It will take everything Alex has to stay a step ahead of the Council and stop Anne from letting the world burn.

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READY OR KNOT (KNOTTED PATHS BOOK 1) by Susi Hawke and Crista Crown

The Haven Center was supposed to be my new beginning. It was supposed to be where I figured out who Wyatt Stanislav is after kidnapping and abuse had torn apart who I was. I wasn’t supposed to meet him. Jordan Peterson. The tall, buff bear of a man who saves me from my nightmares and calls me his own. His true mate. Jordan wants nothing more than to protect me. It would be all too easy to disappear into his embrace, but his presence makes it imperative that I discover who I am, if only to become the mate he deserves.

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There is no more running……this time, I’m willing to fight to the death. Mine and theirs. Because of me, my three mates have been captured by our enemy, and once again I am all alone. But I can’t let the enemy’s treachery be their fate. Not for me, not for the future we thought we had. My only option is to take this fight to him. Let embrace the monster inside me I have feared my whole life. The enemy thinks I’m the key to his biggest problem…The undead.
I can’t be that key. I must return. I must save my men. No matter the cost. I’m running out of time. My life for the alphas. I have one choice. That’s an easy decision. And my monster agrees. We’re out for blood, and this time I’m not leaving until the enemy pays.

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VS Note: A re-release…

Yelena Zaltana’s life has always been fraught with peril, but the recent loss of her Soulfinding abilities has endangered her more than ever before. As she desperately searches for a way to reclaim her magic, her enemies are closing in, and neither Ixia nor Sitia is safe for her anymore. The growing discord between the two countries, and the possibility of imminent war, threaten everything Yelena holds dear.
Valek is determined to protect Yelena, but he’s quickly running out of options. The Commander suspects that his loyalties are divided and has been keeping secrets…secrets that put Valek, Yelena, and their allies in terrible danger. And as the assassin and the Soulfinder are pulled deeper into the conflict, they realize the Commander’s plans are far more sinister than they could have ever imagined.

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Though the elven people are heavily outnumbered, new allies might be able to even the odds. The mages are mysterious creatures, capable of wielding extraordinary power, but can they be trusted? While Lana, Clay, Ellie and Nym find themselves scattered across Eva, separated by duty, they must come together one last time to end the threat from the human army once and for all.

Amazon KU


As a struggling single mom with a babysitter emergency, I’m relieved when Finn Cauley—Irish heartthrob, my boss, and my work-friend-who-I-keep-at-a-distance—takes me by the shoulders and says the four most beautiful words a stressed-out woman can ever hear: I will fix this. Finn proceeds to literally drag a free babysitter into our house, for which I’m super grateful, really. I just have just one teeny, tiny concern. Our new nanny is a *werewolf.*

Amazon KU


An angel. A devil. Their crooked love story. The entire world in the balance. I vowed to love you through this life and the next. You made sure that happened in the most nefarious way. But death can’t hold me back. Not from the love I feel. Not from the fury. Hell has never seen the likes of me before. And neither have you. I’m coming back to take my vengeance. I’m coming back to Paragon.

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My name is Bizzy Baker, and I can read minds—not every mind, not every time but most of the time and believe me when I say it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. The holidays have arrived in Cider Cove and so has the owner of the Country Cottage Inn. He’s instructed me to throw a holiday gala to remember in hopes to wow his fancy friends but the festivities come to an abrupt end when a killer joins the party. Christmas is afoot and so is murder. Bizzy Baker runs the Country Cottage Inn, has the ability to pry into the darkest recesses of both the human and animal mind, and has just stumbled upon a body. With the help of her kitten, Fish, a mutt named Sherlock Bones and an ornery yet dangerously good looking homicide detective, Bizzy is determined to find the killer. The Country Cottage Inn is known for its hospitality. Leaving can be murder.



VS Note: From OCT…I one clicked this, found myself intrigued by the ‘Look Inside’ snippet…

Devon Harper isn’t just an agent with an elite private security firm, he’s also a cambion, the half-breed offspring of an incubus and a human. While on the trail of Porter Grey, a dangerous summoner, Devon’s own demonic birthright betrays him and he’s captured by those who want to use his heritage for evil, leaving his sometimes-partner Rio to step in and save the day. Unfortunately, their quarry has escaped by the time Devon is freed. If they don’t catch him fast, Porter Grey could once again vanish overseas and out of their reach. As the two men begin their search, the urgency of their mission can’t quite distract Devon from the growing affection he feels for Rio—the one person whose calm nature seems to quiet his restless spirit. Their hunt leads them to Seattle, but Devon is captured and Porter Grey almost killed as the demon who has been pulling his strings springs his ultimate trap. He’s got plans for Devon, and unless Rio is willing to risk everything by revealing his own hidden nature to stop him, he may have found a way to become the most powerful incubus to ever walk the Earth.



Years have passed, and Habel continues her journey to nudge the elves into social interaction with other races. Her own interaction is her business. Habel has enjoyed learning all she could, gaining new skills and new friends. Her heart still aches to find a companion, but she doesn’t see one when she looks at the elves around her.
When the dragon engineer asks to meet her for dinner, her heart beats a little faster. When she puts her hand in his, her pulse trips like a hammer. Her heart had chosen him years ago; she just hadn’t let him know. He had never asked.

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Bound to a malevolent curse…Solitary warrior Nikkos ices his emotions to survive the rampaging evil trapped within him—his only gratification is hunting and destroying demons. When guardian duty leads him to infiltrate a trafficking ring, he collides with a feisty human who stirs his long-dead heart. There is no place in his violent life for this beautiful crusader, yet she becomes the lone spark that ignites his indestructible armor. A past lost, a future uncertain…With no memories of her former life and surrounded by enemies, Shadow takes refuge in the hazardous maze beneath the city and spends her time trying to save the other lost souls who congregate there. Until a maddening, hardcore immortal storms into her life, throwing her world off-balance. Despite her unexpected attraction to the sexy, tattooed Guardian, Shadow cannot let him close, not when her very nature makes her one of the creatures he’s sworn to destroy. A destiny that won’t be denied…No matter their mile-high barriers, a dark hunger burns, drawing them closer. But their very happiness is threatened when danger finds Shadow and their enemies strike, propelling Nik and Shadow into battles unlike any ever faced, with an end neither could have foreseen.

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HAUNTED by Nico Ross   

VS Note: Seems to be Gohic rather than PNR…

Is it passion, or madness? After being wounded at Waterloo, Captain Arthur Anwick returns to his ancestral home Blacbourne to find a life after war. Neither his brother Henry, the baron, nor Henry’s wife, Catarina, have responded to his letters for years and he has no idea what awaits him. Alone and isolated within the abandoned manor, Catarina is the only one to welcome him. Slowly, Arthur uncovers the mysterious reasons why the baron has exiled her. But as Arthur and Catarina haunt Blacbourne together, he is torn between brutal reality and a rising passion between him and his brother’s wife. Can these two lost souls find peace before the truth drowns them both?

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It’s the day after Halloween, and Christmastime is upon Coventry. Kinsley is not in the mood…It might be the pregnancy or the fact that her fiancé left her at the altar. Still, this year more than the years before, Kinsley is annoyed at how the Christmas season starts right after Halloween is over. A dead body then shows up in the hastily erected Santa house, and Remy is a potential suspect. Kinsley feels the need to solve the crime, not just to clear her father’s name but also because she catches a glimpse of the dead woman’s mournful spirit. A ghost without a voice is not something Kinsley can just ignore. But will getting involved in the investigation be the coffin nail in her relationship with Thorn? Or will they work it out only to have her fall into the killer’s deadly snare?

Amazon KU


VS Note: From September…love the concept!

Fairy tales. Prince Charming fights evil, wins the princess, lives happily ever after. Three sons, three wishes, witches, dragons, a quest, and happily ever after. These stories are part of our cultural fabric. The stories change in retellings to reflect contemporary culture, such as Princess Charming, or heroes and heroines as people of color. In this collection, queer characters take center stage in stories that grew out of questions: What if the prince falls in love with Cinderella’s gay stepbrother? What if Rumpelstiltskin doesn’t really want the Queen’s child but rather the King himself? What if Beauty and the Beast are two men? These stories explore metaphors of magic and the magical, this time, with a gay perspective. What price must be paid for happily ever after? Duty or love? Is love worth great sacrifice? Once upon a time

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DAMNED WHEN I DIDN’T by Cherie Colyer

Death isn’t the end for eighteen-year-old Avery Williams, and her final resting place isn’t beyond the Golden Gates. No, the Queen of the Damned has plans for her and, unbeknownst to Avery, fought hard to gain possession of her soul. As Hell’s newest succubus, Avery is expected to siphon life from the living. It only takes a long, meaningful kiss, but for a virgin like Avery, kissing guys she barely knows isn’t something she’s comfortable doing. Avery focuses on the upside of her fate—she’ll be returning home, or so she thinks. When the Queen of the Damned cuts her off from her old life, Avery is determined to find a way back to her family and friends, even if it means facing Hell’s fury if she’s caught.

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The Faerie Realm is experiencing a growth spurt. Fertility is always welcome among the Fey but this fertile magic has outgrown the realm and is seeping into Earth. Vervain and the God Squad head to the Human Realm to hunt down the wild magic and attempt to send it back to Faerie. But the harder they try to control it, the wilder the magic becomes until it manifests in the most shocking way. Will the Godhunter and her friends be able to tame the magic or is the Earth doomed to become a fey new world?

Amazon KU

CYNDA’S DRAGON by Theresa Hodge

~Cynda~I fell in love with a golden-eyed Prince. He’s rich, handsome, makes me wish I was free and far away from my evil Uncle. Before Ren, I existed from one day to the next. Now I dream— of great things… unattainable things, that may forever be far from my reach. Can I ever be happy? ~Ren~  The moment I saw her, I desired her, unlike any other. I never imagined I could feel this way about a human woman. We’re brought together by unusual circumstances —but bonded together through a kindred spirit that ignites into love. Her Uncle seeks to keep us apart, but Cynda is the mate of my soul— my forever happiness. I will destroy anyone who dares to keep us apart. But I have secrets— will my true identity keep us separate or bring us closer together?

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Scarlett visits Oxford Street to soak up the festive atmosphere, buy gifts, drink coffees and eat pastries.  There, she meets Maisie – an elderly homeless woman who regales the tragic tale of how she was imprisoned for a murder she didn’t commit. Soon, Scarlett and her hunky husband are in December 1958 to avert a tragedy, armed only with mince pies and Christmas cake.  If they fail, Maisie will spend thirty years in prison, miss out on marriage, and an innocent victim will die. If you enjoy romantic comedies brushed with mystery and suspense, you’ll love this heartwarming Christmas story.

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Something about the Dhar family has always been strange. Summoned out to Dhar manor, Silke is about to find out these socialites are sinister as well.  Privilege and powers are not a good mix. It appears the Dhars have massive amounts of both. Silke’s own powers have grown stronger and she’s going to need them. When Sin Squad members Lust and Pride show up uninvited, Silke finds herself caught in a tug-of-war for control. Donning the guise of her alter-ego Karma, it’s up to her to put an end to their plot. One devastating night inside Dhar manor unravels hidden histories that may cost Silke everything.

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A taboo romance. A destiny revealed. Secrets uncovered. I’ve finally accepted my place at the Dragonborn Academy, but my search into my mother’s shadowed past is still on. As I begin to piece together her life and the circumstances of her suspicious death, I can’t help but wonder if history is repeating itself… the similarities between us make me wonder if I’ll be the next victim? At least my friends, Olivia and Logan, have my back. They have stepped in to help me dig into my mom’s past. But tensions fly as rumors of my friendship with Logan find their way back to Ashe, my partially bonded mate, who’s serving in the Dragonborn Militia. As if my non-existent love life weren’t enough to handle, I now have a mysterious Prime who’s popped up claiming to be my father. When he tells me things about my mother that contradict my grandmother, I find myself torn between them. One is lying and only the man who raised me can set the story straight. Will George step up and make things right or will I be forced to face this all on my own? I’m solving this Dragonborn puzzle one piece at a time. I just hope that the truth won’t tear me apart when I do.

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BY THE WATERFALL by Freddy Mackay

VS Note: From OCT...

An innocent hiker crosses paths with a creature long forgotten in human memory, except in folklore. Humans, so brave and reckless. All ego with short-term memories. Sten has not seen one for ages. His home by the waterfall has been forgotten and worn down as he felt his spirit, thin and fragile, a fraction away from splintering. With his violin in hand, Sten intends to play one last song farewell then it is time to move on. But a young man interrupts his solo, insisting Sten teach him the song instead.

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After losing her business, her husband, and her old life, Lilly Vickers is forced to move back in with her parents. She’s not looking for love, but instead is hoping to find a new passion that will provide her with the means to finally move out. A chance encounter with one of the dragon shifters of Five Peaks gives her an idea for a business. What she doesn’t expect, is just what will happen when he shows up again. This time, she can’t ignore the intense chemistry that exists between them.
Trent Atrox is putting on a front. He’s told Lilly he’s at her new shop to help her because he wants to, but the truth isn’t quite that bright and cheery. The real reason he’s there, is because the most recent damage was his fault and he’s been ordered to help fix it. What he didn’t plan for, was that he would fall for her. Now he’s stuck in a lie, and he doesn’t know how to get out of it. Not without Lilly seeing him for who he really is…Even with the pair of them working to fix the damage, they’re facing an uphill battle. Not everyone who has come to Five Peaks in the wake of the dragons going public with their existence are fans. A small but growing group is becoming more outspoken, denouncing anything to do with dragons, including shops like Lilly’s. Though she sells nothing but dragon trinkets and memorabilia, they want to bring her down. Can this pair of self-professed screw-ups manage to repair her shop and themselves, while not destroying their budding relationship? Or will the dragons’ enemies succeed in stopping them both?

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Artist Garrett Davis can’t wait to experience the wild west. With his cousin’s help, he travels back in time. It’s the right era, but definitely not the right location. Not only has he landed in the middle of a train robbery, but he’s the only one able to rescue a pretty young woman. He soon finds he is to be her protector until the bandits are arrested. He can’t deny his attraction to Laura, but no matter what, there is no way he will stay in the past. It’s a nice place to visit but he would hate living there.
Laura Brown wasn’t going to let them take the cameo necklace left to her by her mother. Thankfully, Jesse James agrees and when a fight breaks out between him and the bandit, a strange but handsome man takes Laura to the back carriage where they hide. After being rescued from the train, Laura discovers the bandit still wants her necklace and now needs to hide from him again. Garrett agrees to stay with her and as their relationship deepens, Laura wonders if she can trust him with her secret.

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Gemma Smythe dedicated her life to the glory of battle. With her fellow War Monks, she worshipped the war gods, rained destruction on her enemies, and raised the dead when the fancy took her. Until her sister Keeley became the prophesied Blacksmith Queen, and Gemma broke faith with her order to journey to the Amichai Mountain and fight by Keeley’s side.
The Amichai warriors are an unruly, never-to-be-tamed lot, especially their leader-in-waiting, Quinn. But when the War Monks declare support for Gemma’s ruthless younger sister Beatrix, the immaturity of her key ally is the least of Gemma’s problems. She has to get to the grand masters, dispel their grudge against her, and persuade them to fight for Keeley and justice. If her conviction can’t sway them, perhaps Quinn’s irritating, irreverent, clearly unhinged, ferocity will win the day.

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WOLF UNTAMED (SWAT BOOK 11) by Paige Tyler

SWAT werewolf Diego Martinez was on a mission to save lives when he walked into the hostage situation—he didn’t expect to find a newly turned teenage werewolf and the kid’s fiercely protective mother. For Bree Harlow and her son, Brandon, Diego is a godsend, and not just because he saved the day. Bree has spent the years since her divorce trying to do her best by Brandon. But lately the boy who used to tell her everything has been keeping secrets. In the face of all the bizarre things happening at home, there’s something about Diego that Bree can’t resist—especially when he’s able to explain Brandon’s new abilities. But the hostage incident was just the start in a wave of violence that no one can explain, and when Bree and Brandon are caught in the middle, Diego will do everything in his power to protect the family he wants as his own.

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Sarah has grown up in a loving Victorian family with her two sisters, mother Martha and father James Attenborough. As her sister Savannah gets ready to marry her fiancé Gordon, her father James starts to become more and more distant and is starting to get into regular fights with her mother Martha. At the same time, strange unfortunate events start to plague the family like minor fires, accidents and other misfortunes that puts the family under additional stress. Unbeknownst to her, her father James has fallen for the charms of his new intern at work, Scarlett. Scarlett is working under the orders of her evil sister Ursula who is the leader of an ancient magical coven. Ursula also seems to have an axe to grind with James from their younger school days. Sarah finds solace at her new school – Aldrich Academy that is secretly a school for students that are descended from ancient mythical creatures from the Arthurian times. She develops her powers under the tutelage of Professor Moses in the midst of a love triangle with her classmates Jason (a werewolf) and Jack (a vampire). Together they come together to fight Ursula, Scarlett and the ancient order of witches to save the Attenborough family. But will Sarah’s magical powers develop in time to save her family? Or will the love triangle and internal family strife destroy everything? If you love Victorian Gaslamp and Steampunk Fantasy full of Paranormal Romance, Vampires, Werewolves and Witches, this is the book for you!

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Imagine a London where magic is real… real, but feared. This is Eliza Braxton’s London, and she has always accepted her place in it gladly. As one of the Riftborn, her magic has relegated her to the servant class, where she dutifully serves as the lady’s maid in one of the most powerful households in the country. There, she uses her remarkable powers of persuasion to keep Elder Hallewell’s rebellious daughter in the path to an arranged match of power and prosperity. Eliza has never questioned her loyalty… until now. Currents of discontent are roiling beneath the city’s surface, and Eliza’s comfortable existence is about to be caught up in the tide. A resistance is building, a resistance that covets Eliza’s talents above all else. But can Eliza betray everything she’s ever known for things she never dared to dream?

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BLIND WARRIOR (THE WEAVER’S CIRCLE BOOK 3) by Jocelynn Drake and Rinda Elliott

Grey Ackles – The Soul Weaver feels useless. A burden endangering his brothers. The last battle with the pestilents cost Grey his sight and powers. Now he’s dependent on his vision rehabilitation therapist Cort to learn how to function on a daily basis. But as he grows closer to Cort, Grey is left wanting his powers back for a new reason—how will he ever know if the man he’s falling for is actually his soul mate? Cort Newton – There is some really weird stuff going on at that house. Spell books, guns, and a giraffe in the backyard? But no matter how strange it gets, Cort is not going to leave the grumpy writer. Adjusting to sudden blindness is hard for everyone, but Grey clearly has deeper reason for needing his vision back at any cost. Cort just wished Grey would confide in him. Even with Grey’s secrets, Cort has never been drawn to a man like he is with Grey and he will do anything to keep this man safe.

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Nine – The only memories I have are of being studied and tortured. My captors were slowly killing me.
When I got the chance to escape, I took it—even though doing so left my brothers alone in that prison.
Yet, I’m not truly free myself, because the guilt and pain eat away at me daily. I stumbled into a place called the Badlands by accident. It’s a sanctuary for people like me—but then, I’m not like them. Not at all. I stay, simply because I have nowhere else to go. I have nothing, definitely not a purpose to continue existing…Until her.
LITA – You do things in life you have no choice in. I know that lesson better than anyone. I have a job to do and that’s it. For me, it’s all about survival. I never planned on Jay. I never planned on my reaction to him. I definitely never planned on falling in love with a man I would be forced to betray. Welcome to the world of the Eternals. Supernatural beings finding their way in a world they don’t belong to, yet have no choice but to live in.

Amazon KU


Her kiss will shatter realms…Dragon shifter and artisan blacksmith Hadrian is determined to strengthen his fellow Pyr warriors in the battle against the Fae by forging them talons of steel. He won’t be seduced by the sensual promise of a firestorm that has to be a spell—even to help a beautiful warrior escape the clutches of the Fae Queen. Rania is a swan-maiden and Fae assassin, who has made a deal with the Dark Queen’s will to break the curse over her brothers. All she needs to do is kill Hadrian, but this dragon shifter won’t die easily. It’s more than dragon vitality that helps him survive her lethal kiss, but Rania refuses surrender to his potent touch for any price when so much hangs in the balance. But the Dark Queen’s betrayal compels Rania to ally with the vital dragon shifter in a last-chance effort to save her brothers and herself. Can Hadrian unfurl the painful secrets of Rania’s past to give them a future? Can Rania help Hadrian to realize the power of his own legacy to defeat the Fae? When barriers between realms are destroyed, can love conquer the obstacles between these destined mates—and create a new world for their unborn son?

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Just when Mina’s life seems to be settling down a bit – she’s got a new job that she loves, and no one’s been murdered in two whole weeks! – she gets thrown yet another curve ball when an arsonist strikes in town and the Chief Enforcer is nowhere to be found. Between trying to stop more fires from being set, and looking for the Chief Enforcer, Mina has her hands full. Add to it her overly dramatic cat familiar, and Scarlett discovering a new opportunity – even more exciting than catching a cool new Pokemon – and Mina’s wondering if she’s bitten off more than she can chew. Will she be able to solve the case and find the Chief Enforcer before her whole life goes up in smoke?

Amazon KU

KILTED WOLVES (DUET) by Kenna McKay and Jessica Coulter Smith

A werewolf can only deny his destined mate for so long before the beast takes over. Ranald’s Mate: Ranald has resigned himself to an arranged mating with a lass he can barely tolerate. He never counted on her turning into a feisty beauty! But if there’s one thing Ranald knows how to do, it’s woo a lass. His mate doesn’t stand a chance.
Highland Shifter’s Baby: One sniff and Camdan knows Lily’s his destined mate. Too bad she’s off-limits — or is she? When the temptation becomes too great, Cam knows that he’ll do whatever it takes to claim Lily and make her his.

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EYE OF THE BEHOLDER by Thomas Grant Bruso

In the middle of a psychic session with Madame Petri, David hears a ghostly voice calling his name. But he is not sure if it’s the elderly fortuneteller exaggerating the reading or bizarre grumblings coming from a mysterious old man in a painting hanging in the psychic’s foyer. When Madame Petri disappears in a ball of flames, David rushes home, terrified. From that moment on, David and his policeman boyfriend, Zane, find themselves trying to solve the series of murders and mayhem that begin to haunt David.

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He has three days to convince her to love Christmas…Annie’s never had a family she could celebrate Christmas with. She’d be just as happy to work right through the holiday season at her busy bakery, but her well-meaning boss demands that she take some time off. Her plan: too much Netflix, and way too much pie. Not in her plan: the dashing hippogriff shifter who will awaken her to the magic of the season. Hippogriff shifter Beau can’t wait to take a break from the Shifter Patrol Corps to celebrate Christmas with his family. But when he runs into a beautiful baker in trouble, his first instinct is to rescue her. His second is to bet her that in three days, he can convince her to love Christmas. But those three days won’t just be ornaments and apple pie. If Annie and Beau want to rescue the bakery from some sinister shifters, they’ll have to do a bit of undercover work as well. And if they fail, it could ruin more than just Christmas. Will Annie and Beau be able to rise to the occasion? Or is their plan half-baked at best?

Amazon KU


The Omega – I knew it was time to find my mates. I could feel their imprint calling. I never realized my mates would be my kidnappers. The sworn enemies of my pack. They all desire me completely, and it is tearing their alliance apart. How can I unite the southern and northern packs, When I can’t even unite my alphas? The Southern Wolves – We have heard the omegas up north are dangerous. They put a spell on their alphas. But now that we have imprinted We can’t deny her power.  We want to protect her. We want to claim her. But we each want her four ourselves. And we can’t ignore that she’s a feral.

Amazon KU


The first time I meet Damon, he rescues me from a nightmare. Literally. I’m stuck in a coma, and my mind is forcing me to relive the horrific accident that put me in this state over and over again. The gorgeous fae king is the only one who can give me peace. As if the dream can’t get any weirder, he tells me we’re soul mates. He says he can fix my banged-up brain. He wants to be my hero. Little does he know, I just might end up saving him. Because once I wake up, the real challenge begins. A bunch of vengeful witches want him dead, and they’ll stop at nothing to seal his fate. But I’ve got plans of my own. The coven has caused too much tragedy, and I’ll defend my newfound love, even if it’s the last thing I do. And it just might be, because if Damon doesn’t survive, neither will I.

Amazon KU


Only my mate can tame the savage beast ravaging my body and soul. And if I don’t find her soon, my wolf will take over for good. Living on the streets, I was up sh*t’s creek without a paddle. ‘Til my buddy in the Special Ops Shifter Force gave me just the break I needed. I’m joining their crew—as long as I can rein in my bastard wolf. My first mission? Diffusing a hostage situation. Pfft. Nothing a Delta Force vet can’t handle. Until I realize the captive is the one. My mate. My very human mate. I’ll destroy this mafia wolf pack to keep her safe. But as my eyes rove over her curves, my wolf demands to mark her. Now who will protect her from me?

Amazon KU


Cole was the last of the unmated dragons. He was pretty sure one of the injured twins Rylie and Ryan, was his mate, but which one it was, was a mystery. Identical, they were both beautiful beyond compare, but their injuries ran deep. He would make sure they were both healed and protected, but some things could only be healed by love. Trust had to be earned, and trust was the one thing his new mate was having the most trouble with.

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SMOKE AND ASHES by Alexis Hall

A couple of years ago I screwed up so badly that everybody I remotely cared about wound up dead, nearly dead, or just plain betraying me. Some days, I’m sober enough to care. My list of “things I really don’t need right now” starts with a condescending octogenarian werewolf having a go at me for banging a Marchioness. As for where it ends, try the disembodied spirit of my ex-girlfriend stalking me in my dreams, a vindictive wizard-vampire from the first century on a vengeance crusade, being hired by the magical twin of my disanimated best friend and, oh yes, having to find the actual Holy Grail. If I was a better person, I’d take this opportunity to put my life together. I’d find a way to fix everything I broke, save everybody I let down, and maybe pay a certain vampire back for leaving me to die. But I’m not a better person. I’m a hard-drinking half-faery train wreck on legs and if I hated myself less I might even say I liked it that way.

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Jessie is well on her way to learning her new life and settling in. The tough alpha, Austin, has joined her team, and she has painstakingly learned to fly. At the moment, life couldn’t get any better. But it can get a whole lot…more irritating. Her parents have decided to visit. They don’t know anything about magic, about Jessie’s new digs, or about the crazy crew living in and around Jessie’s house. She must do everything in her power to keep the truth away from them. Which would be much easier without the unfelt presence lurking within Ivy House’s borders. It seems an enemy has figured out a way to magically bypass Ivy House’s defenses. Jessie is completely exposed. The real battle, however, won’t be with the incoming force. It will be between Mr. Tom and Jessie’s mom, each intent on being the most helpful. Mr. Tom might have met his match, and he is not pleased. Just when things were finally settling down, Jessie is in the thick of it again, and this time, the turmoil is all around her.

Amazon KU 


VS Note: A re-release…cover a little too undressed for my PG-13+ blog…one inch lower and uh oh!

Kaitya Erutan is finally at ease with her two sides—Amazonian Warrior and Firebird—and she doesn’t need complications. Yet a little quirk of fate makes her realize what she wants. She’s overcome by desire burning through her when she sees him—a man who sets her pulse racing. Sometimes life throws the most pleasurable of curves, and Kaitya isn’t about to let this sexy man go. Be it destiny or something else, she doesn’t care—all she knows is he will be hers—and she his—in every sense of the word.
Fyodor, the Shadow King, has responsibilities to his people who have been displaced by a madman’s plan. Breaking out of the shadow of his father’s deception is a tough undertaking—his focus is on the task and he doesn’t need any distractions. From the moment he arrives at the Phoenix Intelligence Agency, he realizes he might not want anything to shift his attention. But he is about to get it. Kaitya resonates in his shadow and she will not be denied. Not that he could resist her—Kaitya’s deceptively laid-back attitude hides the core of a woman who is as determined and stubborn as he is. Her beauty is surpassed only by the depths of her soul. Kaitya is out to have everything he can give and demand that he go even further.
Each action and choice will change the course of their lives. They will need each other to face whatever comes. When will meets passion it will blaze under firestorm encounters.

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The fae of the Night Court are desperately searching for a new monarch to crown before the Court collapses. I couldn’t care less. I’ve done everything I can to bury my fae blood and embrace my human half. That changes when some fae nobles show up on my doorstep and announce that I’m the next Queen of the Night Court. Becoming an unwilling fae queen? Check. Inheriting a terrible mess? Double check. The Court is almost bankrupt, my citizens’ favorite hobby is backstabbing one another, and I don’t know who I can trust since someone keeps trying to assassinate me. Speaking of assassins, I get introduced to the best in the business—a fae lord nicknamed the Wraith. His deadly profession means he fears no one. The only reason he doesn’t kill me on the spot is he’s also a member of the Night Court and the Court’s magic protects me. But that doesn’t prevent him from trading verbal barbs with me whenever we meet.  And if cat herding all these uncooperative fae and chatting with assassins wasn’t enough, I’m required to get married as part of some archaic Court law. This “queen” gig is the worst! Supposedly I can choose anyone to marry, but with all the infighting I need someone who is neutral and won’t provoke more political power struggles. So, why do I keep thinking of a certain assassin?

Amazon KU


I never thought in a million years that the bones would choose me. The power, the magic, was supposed to go to someone else in the family. I was counting on it. But now my Grammy Ruby is gone, and here the bones sit on my kitchen table. I thought bitter relatives would be my biggest problem. But I’ve barely had time to find a familiar before trouble comes a-knocking. The kind that possesses smoldering green eyes and a smile that can turn any woman dumb. His name is Rogan Kendrick, and he’s certain that someone is hunting down and taking my kind.
According to him, I’m next. This is a world that I never wanted to be a part of, but magic gives no fucks and takes no prisoners… At least we have that much in common. I don’t know what my ancestors were thinking when they chose me, but I’m going to give them a run for their money. My name is Lennox Osseous, but you can call me the Bone Witch.

Amazon KU

INK: A NOVEL by Jonathan Maberry

Tattoo-artist Patty Cakes has her dead daughter’s face tattooed on the back of her hand. Day by day it begins to fade, taking with it all of Patty’s memories of her daughter. All she’s left with is the certain knowledge she has forgotten her lost child. The awareness of that loss is tearing her apart.
Monk Addison is a private investigator whose skin is covered with the tattooed faces of murder victims. He is a predator who hunts for killers, and the ghosts of all of those dead people haunt his life. Some of those faces have begun to fade, too, destroying the very souls of the dead. All through the town of Pine Deep people are having their most precious memories stolen. The monster seems to target the lonely, the disenfranchised, the people who need memories to anchor them to this world. Something is out there. Something cruel and evil is feeding on the memories, erasing them from the hearts and minds of people like Patty and Monk and others. Ink is the story of a few lonely, damaged people hunting for a memory thief. When all you have are memories, there is no greater horror than forgetting.

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COME BACK TO ME by Cynthia Eden

VS Note: A re-release…

Sadie Townsend’s lover is dead. She buried him. She mourned him. So…how in the sweet hell is Liam “Sully” Sullivan standing across the bar from her? He isn’t dead. He’s undead. When Sully was turned into a vampire, he had no choice but to leave his beautiful Sadie. He didn’t think that she’d ever want a monster in her bed. But now Sadie is in front of him, reminding him of everything that he lost…and he’s never wanted another woman more. There’s a whole lot more to Sadie than meets the eye. Sadie isn’t afraid because her ex-lover is a vamp. Surprise time…she’s a leopard shifter, and she’s more than able to handle any threat that comes her way. An FBI agent, she’s hunting a supernatural killer, and she’s not going to let anyone or anything get in her way. Certainly not an extremely sexy, extremely unforgettable, and extremely frustrating vamp. One taste, and he can’t let go. Sully didn’t think he had a chance with Sadie, but now that he knows the truth about her, all bets are off. He’ll join her on this hunt, he’ll prove his worth to her, and he’ll convince the only woman he’s ever loved that he’s one vamp who intends to stay by her side…forever.

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Vampires, Shifters, and Destined Mates search for their Happy Ever After on the paranormal side of destiny…Blood Service by Angela Knight: Adiva Mayhew is a spy — and a damn good one. But now she’s running for her life from a deadly bounty hunter. There’s a high reward for her capture, and the Vigilante means to collect, one way or another.
Slave School Dropout by Dakota Cassidy: Nyla is a cat. So is Lucas. Nyla is an Egyptian descendant of Bast. Lucas… isn’t. They’ve been friends since they met at a shifters’ meet and greet. Until one day, Nyla smells what Lucas has smelled all along. Her lifemate. Who knew the bump and grind meant floggers and spankings and a host of kinky stuff Nyla had no clue Lucas liked? It’s High Society meets the ASPCA — with a decided twist…Tainted Kisses by Kate Hill: A primeval vampire, a woman intent on saving her village at all costs, and a bargain. Pure evil meets pure good. Niabi uses her powers in defense of the weak. When Etlu’s army of Viking warriors devastates a village she’s sworn to protect, Niabi’s only choice is to strike a bargain with Etlu — the humans’ lives in exchange for her complete surrender to his desires. Can she find anything in him worth saving?

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An arrowhead forged in dragon fire should have killed the beast Caitlyn came to slay, but she missed. Perhaps her aim was poor… or perhaps her body knew its master and betrayed her. Either way, it doesn’t matter now. She is at her enemy’s mercy, and he is not going to be gentle…(more blurb ion ebook seller page…)

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Nursing our grief and licking our wounds, my men and I need each other now more than ever. All I want to do is lose myself in the warmth and comfort of the mate bond, in the one part of my life that feels perfect. But I can’t. Cleo is prowling at the edges of my mind, testing for weaknesses in the barriers that hold her out. As long as the connection exists between us, no one is safe. Not me. Not my mates. Not our packs. I have no idea how to defeat someone as vicious and powerful as she is. But when the coven leader threatens everything I love, something cracks open inside me. The she-wolf in me howls with rage. Some way…Somehow…The witch must die.

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The crown princess has been assassinated, reigniting tensions between her native Khir and the great Zhaon empire. Now her lady-in-waiting, Komor Yala, is alone in a foreign court, a pawn for imperial schemes. To survive and avenge her princess, Yala will have to rely on unlikely allies — the sly Third Prince and the war-hardened general who sacked her homeland. But as the Emperor lies upon his deathbed, the palace is more dangerous than ever before — for there are six princes, and only one throne.

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VS Note: a somewhat expanded re-release per the author…

Needing employment to help his ailing mother, Alaric Keening gets a job as a billionaire dragon’s clairvoyant. He never imagined his almost useless talent would ever become a marketable skill, and even worse–the sight of his new boss leaves him breathless. That was the worst, until the first day on the job, he finds himself nearly dying in the arms of his new boss.
Tarquin is a storm dragon, and he’s been alone for centuries. Fleeing the Great Wars, he sacrificed his old territory and made a new home in Montreal, collecting companies to fill the void left by the loss of his hoard. Running an international company in the magical world means hiring a clairvoyant to protect his assets, and yet there is nothing to protect his heart when Alaric Keening walks into his office. Between trying to keep Alaric alive and trying to find who’s out to kill Tarquin, they can’t deny the connection that goes far beyond that of a boss and his new employee–but that of a dragon and his treasure.

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The Hunt is over but the War has just begun. Against all odds, Janneke has survived the Hunt for the Stag–but all good things come with a cost. Lydian might be dead, but he took the Stag with him. Janneke now holds the mantle, while Soren, now her equal in every way, has become the new Erlking. Janneke’s powers as the new Stag has brought along haunting visions of a world thrown into chaos and the ghost of Lydian taunts her with the riddles he spoke of when he was alive. When Janneke discovers the truth of Lydian and his madness, she’s forced to see her tormentor in a different light for the first time. The world they know is dying and Lydian may have been the only person with the key to saving it.

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Sometimes the mantles we shun are the only ones that can keep us safe. A hidden threat has risen and it’s up to me to stop it. But time isn’t on my side. While war hovers on the horizon in the Underealm, I’m pulled into a pack issue I didn’t see coming. Blood will be shed. Lives will be lost. I just hope my loved ones aren’t amongst the casualties.

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My step-father has a job for me and he’s not a man you wanna cross. Go to the Bowen Ranch and get information on the grizzly bear shifters living there. I do as I’m told, but when I get there my priorities change. Because the gorgeous shifter in the black cowboy hat has more than just a dark alluring stare. He has a grip on me. A visceral attraction that I just can’t shake. My step-father forbids me from going back. But I can’t seem to stop myself. I can’t keep my body away. Even if it means bringing down a whole lot of heat on these grizzly bear shifters. And a whole lot of danger to myself. Logan is just too irresistible. And I’m not that strong. Nothing is going to keep me away from my forbidden alpha.

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Sophie needs an ether dragon’s help, but I want to give her more. She’s my destined mate. I know it at first glance.
Her feelings are just as strong. But she’s still getting over her husband’s death, and her daughter isn’t too happy to have a new guy around. Not to mention the poltergeist that keep attacking them. They need me to keep them safe, and I’m happy to take on the job. SOPHIE: It’s too soon to fall in love again. One glance at Cameron and my heart pounds with affection and desire. One word and I want him to be mine. He’s here to help with the spirit wreaking havoc on my home. I want him to stay for good. Healing from the grief of my husband’s death almost killed me.
Even though I’m ready to move on, my daughter doesn’t want a new father. And I never thought I’d be a dragon’s destined mate. I want Cameron more than almost anything else. How can I have my dragon and still be the mother my daughter needs?

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Darien is free of his dead invaders, and his eyes have opened to a new reality. In a world of sorcerers and necromancers, he’s full of power and potential, but completely ignorant. Necromancer Silas, and Silas’s cat familiar, Grim, are teaching him basic skills, but danger won’t hold off, just because he’s not ready.
Silas never planned to share his life with anyone, but after a week of shared battles and shared nights, Darien has become a fixture in his home. Silas has never met anyone with more raw magical ability, or less idea what to do with it. When Silas is offered a job hunting ghosts, he’s tempted to refill his depleted bank account, but reluctant to bring untrained Darien along. Darien’s eager to help, though, and eventually Silas gives in. It’s just a few ghosts. Nothing he hasn’t handled before. What could go wrong?



Welcome back to Hemlock Hollow where nothing is as it seems…In this third installment, Daphne Hart is lucky to be alive. After her former lover tried to kill her, she was spirited away to the Fae kingdom where she has been slowly recuperating. Unfortunately, there were complications which have left her weak, and her memories fragmented.
Spending time alone with the handsome Finnlagh O’Brien during her recovery isn’t too much of a hardship…It’s more like the stuff romantic fantasies are made of. However, her interlude with Finnlagh can’t last forever. Dreamy and ethereal though the Fae realm may be, it begins to prove every bit as dangerous and filled with intrigue and conflict as the mortal world. When Fae court politics and the demands of Finnlagh’s rank press down on them both, Finnlagh calls in the debt that she owes him. It is an impossible situation and one that causes Daphne’s memories to return with a vengeance. Before she can decide her next move, a serious conflict breaks out within the Fae territories, allowing Daphne to escape during the chaos. Romance will have to wait, because in the mortal world Daphne has a responsibility to her kinfolk and an obligation to help her own community. Once she is reunited with her family, the race is on to gather more allies. Together, mortal and Supe alike must find a way to rid the hollow of evil once and for all before the next full moon rises.



VS: For my backlist feature over the next few weeks I’m going to hilite my Badari Warriors series, one book at a time, because I’m still working away on JAMOKAN, the next book in the series…

Genetically engineered soldiers of the far future, the Badari were created by alien enemies to fight humans. But then the scientists kidnapped an entire human colony from the Sectors to use as subjects in twisted experiments…the Badari and the humans made common cause, rebelled and escaped the labs. Now they live side by side in a sanctuary valley protected by a powerful Artificial Intelligence, and wage unceasing war on the aliens. Some overarching issues do remain unresolved in each book since this is an ongoing series but romance always wins the day in my novels!

I had actually proceeded several stories further on in the series when I realized I’d never really told the story of how Timtur the pack’s healer and Lily Garrison, the teacher, came to be a mated pair. I was invited to join the In The Stars Romance group of authors and decided to write TIMTUR under their banner. So this is technically book 2.5 in the series.

Each Badari book typically features one couple but as the series goes on, previous characters are involved. The books can be read as standalones.

TIMTUR’s story: Far from her home in the human Sectors after the mass kidnapping, teacher Lily Garrison is making a niche for herself in the valley by running a school for the Badari young. Although she yearns for Timtur, the pack’s healer, another Badari male has his eye on her and won’t take no for an answer.

Timtur feels the weight and responsibility of being the pack’s only healer, constantly on call as the soldiers fight ferocious battles against the alien scientists and their troops. With scarcely a moment to himself, he’s drawn to the gentle Lily but worries he won’t be able to juggle his duties, his loyalty to the pack and a relationship with a human woman.

When Lily’s stalker takes direct action to kidnap her and steal her from the safety of the valley, she’s forced to reach deep inside to find the strength to battle for her life. Timtur realizes too late how foolish he’s been to resist the bond with his fated mate and leads the rescue effort.

Before this situation can be resolved both will have to put their lives on the line and decide what really matters in a dangerous world ruled by the enemy.

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