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Sharing excerpts from my new release, JAMOKAN: A BADARI WARRIORS SCIFI ROMANCE NOVEL. I’ve jumped ahead in time from last week. Jamokan received permission from the Supreme Alpha to take his pack on a hunting expedition in the far northern mountains. Once there, during the night of the three full moons, he and the pack celebrate:

It was one of the best nights of his life. Even better than their first night as free men outside the lab. Able to run tonight and savor the sights and smells of the ancient forest, no cares or worries, Jamokan allowed the energy from the three moons to course through his body and push him to new levels of exhilaration. He was drunk on moonlight, he freely admitted and threw back his head to howl a challenge to the entire damn planet. He plunged into an icy lake he came across and then emerged dripping wet to run again and give voice to his wild emotions. The predator entwined in his complicated DNA was more than halfway in charge and he thought briefly of Kierce, who could transform into the alien predator in his DNA—a huge ‘tiger’. Tonight was probably the closest he’d ever come to knowing how Kierce felt when he actually was the beast.

At times Jamokan believed he saw a shadow pacing with him, the reflection of the great canine from which some of his attributes had come, courtesy of the Khagrish perverted ‘science’. He relished being across the line tonight, immersed in his predator self. He’d welcome the dawn and a return to manhood because the Badari prided themselves on not being the mere animals their creators named them, but for now the sheer power he commanded was too intoxicating to relinquish.

As the moons finally began to descend, leaving the sky one by one, he made his way to their camp, where he found most of the pack either there already, or just straggling in.

Yonn brought out his drum and beat a rhythm that got into a man’s blood as the moons’ rays had done and Jamokan danced around the camp fire with his soldiers, the whole group singing songs the ancestral memory served up, melodies their long ago ancestors must have chanted after a hunt or a battle.  The words came to mind easily tonight, as if the men were all suddenly healers with their extra gifts. He wouldn’t remember a word of the defiant glorious lyrics in the morning sun but for now he was as unified with his humanoid ancestors as he’d been linked to his alien predator previously. Eventually he fell to the ground from sheer exhaustion, the last in the pack to collapse, which was fitting since he was their Alpha.

VS Note: All well and good but Jamokan’s about to receive a sharp reminder of his responsibilities….tune in next week as they used to say…


Badari Alpha Jamokan and his pack are growing discontented in the sanctuary valley, tired of coming in second place to the pushy new South Seas pack when it comes to assignments and everything else. On top of the discord within his pack, Jamokan is distracted by the search for the right woman to be a proper Alpha’s mate to partner with him in combat and in everyday life. Even the Badari goddess is warning him in visions that he and his pack are on the wrong path for a happy future. In desperation, he receives permission to take his entire pack north to the mountains for a two week hunting expedition, where he hopes to use the time and rugged surroundings to settle the soldiers down and restore order and discipline.

And figure out his own future.

When his men unexpectedly locate a hidden Khagrish lab, he goes to investigate and see if there are humans to be rescued. Little does he suspect he’ll be called upon to break one of the highest commandments of the Badari packs and bring a new disaster to those who look to him for leadership.

Before she became a Khagrish prisoner, Rosemari Parcher was a hydroponics technician on a gritty colony world, who unexpectedly won a planetwide contest. Tapped to receive her heart’s desire and move to a totally different life in the luxurious Inner Sectors, her life had become a happy dream. Kidnapped in space by enemy aliens and given to the Khagrish, she and other humans are the unwilling subjects of a bizarre medical experiment where a quick death seems to be her only hope. Rescued by Jamokan and his pack, she finds herself deeply attracted to the Alpha but the devious Khagrish aren’t through with Rosemari or the experiment.

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  1. Wow–what an amazing job you did writing this passage! Made me feel like I was young again, and I wanted to howl at the moon, too. The closest I come to that these days is singing with our dogs. lol

  2. You made me feel Jamokan’s exhilaration as he ran free. The wildness he had to keep under control at the home base was allowed to burst free. Such a great insight into his character.

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