And You Are Who? Weekend Writing Warriors

Here’s the link to the Weekend Writing Warriors central page, so you can visit all the participants sharing excerpts today…a fun way to sample new books and find new authors! (Also welcome to the Sunday Snippet visitors!)

May be edited a bit from published version.

Sharing excerpts from my new release, JAMOKAN: A BADARI WARRIORS SCIFI ROMANCE NOVEL. 

The excerpt skips ahead from last week. Rosemari has dreamed once again and now she’s waking up:

She was lying on a pallet of some kind, apparently in a tent and the man seated beside her was clearly not human, but oh so handsome. His face was set in lines of concern, eyes narrowed as he watched her.

“Your eyes are glowing.” Which was a nonsensical thing to remark upon but the warmth of his gaze was reassuring, comforting in some undefinable fashion. Without thinking she raised her hand to touch his cheek briefly, drawn in by the golden aura.  Overcome by anxiety about what had happened to her and who this person was, Rosemari struggled to sit up. Vertigo rolled through her and she dreaded being ill in front of this man. Throwing up on the person who rescued you isn’t a great way to express gratitude.

“Thank the goddess you’re awake,” he said in Basic. “Don’t be afraid, you’re safe. We rescued you from the Khagrish lab.” He supported her with a strong arm behind her back and a gentle hand on her shoulder. “Don’t overdo things yet,” he said. “Would you like some tea? Maybe a slice of bread or a cup of broth? We’re not set up to do intravenous life support but I’ve been able to get you to sip water and nutrition drinks over the last few hours.”

“And you are who?” Head tilted, she eyed him, unnerved to find he was the person behind the face she’d sketched in her dream. Reality and fantasy were mixing entirely too much for her liking right now. She needed all her wits about her to navigate whatever was going on.


The story: Badari Alpha Jamokan and his pack are growing discontented in the sanctuary valley, tired of coming in second place to the pushy new South Seas pack when it comes to assignments and everything else. On top of the discord within his pack, Jamokan is distracted by the search for the right woman to be a proper Alpha’s mate to partner with him in combat and in everyday life. Even the Badari goddess is warning him in visions that he and his pack are on the wrong path for a happy future. In desperation, he receives permission to take his entire pack north to the mountains for a two week hunting expedition, where he hopes to use the time and rugged surroundings to settle the soldiers down and restore order and discipline.

And figure out his own future.

When his men unexpectedly locate a hidden Khagrish lab, he goes to investigate and see if there are humans to be rescued. Little does he suspect he’ll be called upon to break one of the highest commandments of the Badari packs and bring a new disaster to those who look to him for leadership.

Before she became a Khagrish prisoner, Rosemari Parcher was a hydroponics technician on a gritty colony world, who unexpectedly won a planetwide contest. Tapped to receive her heart’s desire and move to a totally different life in the luxurious Inner Sectors, her life had become a happy dream. Kidnapped in space by enemy aliens and given to the Khagrish, she and other humans are the unwilling subjects of a bizarre medical experiment where a quick death seems to be her only hope. Rescued by Jamokan and his pack, she finds herself deeply attracted to the Alpha but the devious Khagrish aren’t through with Rosemari or the experiment.

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16 comments on “And You Are Who? Weekend Writing Warriors

  1. It’s fabulous that they’re finally together! But, I’m sure they have a long ways to go before they’re more than just rescuer/rescuee.

  2. He sounds so caring and gentle. What thoughts must be racing through her mind–recognizing the man from her dream. I had to smile at her thoughts about upchucking on her rescuer. Cute bit of humor.

  3. So glad they’ve finally met! Even though circumstances are not optimal (being sick on your rescuer has got to be the most embarrassing thing! Hope she settles down). I’d think his being the man she drew before she’d seen him would be terribly confusing! Can’t wait for more of their encounter! Great snippet!

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