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May be edited a bit from published version.

I’m doing a few excerpts from HEIRESS OF THE NILE, my most recent ancient Egyptian paranormal romance.

The snippet – the POV of Senebkai, the heroine’s 9 year old brother. Jumped ahead a bit. A priestess has come into the room of the temple where he was sitting.

“Rest yourself for a few moments and keep me company.” The priestess sat beside him on the bench. Senebkai took in a deep breath of her lotus perfume and the horrible tension of the morning leached away. She offered him a freshly baked roll with strips of meat laid inside.

Where did she get this? He hadn’t seen her carrying anything, and her fine robes didn’t seem a likely hiding place for breakfast. “Thank you, my lady.” He bit into it, savoring the spices coating the meat, in contrast to the sweet bread.

“Were you going to petition the Great One for help with these weighty matters?” she asked.

Senebkai swallowed and gave a small shrug. “Oh, I don’t think a Great One would concern herself over my problems.”

She tilted her head and smiled at him. “Well, if a Great One can’t solve your problems, who can?”

“I’m the man of the house. My father expected me to take care of things. I know he did. I just can’t see how,” he said in sheer frustration. “Now I’ve been apprenticed to a baker—a baker! How is such an assignment going to help anything?”

She surveyed him head to toe. Seriously, as if measuring him and his resolve. “Yes, you have the appearance of a warrior, untrained perhaps, but built for the role.”

Senebkai nodded, chasing a crumb across his chest. “The men of my house have always been soldiers, served Pharaoh—”

“The new pharaoh has need of more soldiers,” she observed mildly, toying with an ornate bracelet in the shape of interlocking cow’s horns, a small gold disk caught between the tips.

VS: A little more of this thread next week, because one doesn’t just walk into the palace and ask Pharaoh to make a person a soldier. Or does he? Maybe with the help of a goddess….

The book blurb: 1550 BCE – Forced by a vengeful Pharaoh to flee for her life and hide in the poorest section of Thebes, Lady Pebatma has scraped and struggled to support her ailing mother and young brother for the past two years. Now, out of funds with the rent to pay and no possessions left to sell, she begs the goddess Hathor for help. With a new pharaoh taking the throne, surely something can be done…

A powerful general in command of the army and best friend to Pharaoh, Marnamaret has everything a nobleman in Egypt could desire…except for true love. He refuses to settle for less. On a whim, he prays to Hathor to send him the woman of his dreams.Will the goddess answer these heartfelt petitions? And if she does, will Shai the god of Fate allow the course of two lives to be changed by love? For none can deny Fate….

Author’s Note: This is a connected series. Heiress of the Nile can be read as a standalone. Although it’s my newest novel, the story falls between Priestess and Warrior timewise and is set in the early days of this Pharaoh’s reign.

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  1. What a wonderful snippet, Jean. He’s certainly come to the right place for help. I have a feeling this priestess knows how to get things done/

  2. This series looks fascinating! He seems to have found someone to look out for him and help him–which he and his family sorely needs right now. Loved this snippet!

  3. Bet it’s the goddess herself. If so, I don’t think he’ll end up as a baker’s apprentice.

  4. I hope this comment doesn’t show up twice. It looks as if the first one didn’t publish. Anyway, I bet he’s speaking to the goddess, and if so i don’t think he’ll ever be a baker’s apprentice.

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