Guest Post: COSMIC BOOM Author Pauline B Jones

Veronica: Always a pleasure to have my friend Pauline as a guest on the blog and especially to celebrate her newest release in the Project Enterprise Series, COSMIC BOOM!

Pauline: Astronomy, Lego Adventures, and a New Project Enterprise

Hi, Jean and many thanks for having me on your blog today to talk about my new release, COSMIC BOOM: PROJECT ENTERPRISE 9!

You know I usually write about why I wrote something, but today I thought I’d talk a little about how I wrote COSMIC BOOM after getting kind of hosed by the pandemic.

You said I should mention Legos, so here we go!

(VS: I did, because I love her Lego scenes she’s been sharing on Facebook!)

This is my first book “fueled (or inspired) by Legos.” Lol

I am a late life “Lego-er” (not sure if that is an official term or not!). When my son used to do Lego sets, I would look at all those pieces and shudder. I couldn’t imagine how those pieces could turn into something fun.

Thankfully he didn’t need my help (I know he is really glad I wasn’t into it then. He didn’t need my help. Haha)

Fast forward a lot of years. So many years it makes me dizzy to the present day. Okay, just before the pandemic. A friend posted a photo of a Lego Diner on my Facebook wall. It was love at first sight.

(And it might have turned out like a sad first love story if not for the help and support of a nephew/Lego Consultant and his wife who are expert Lego-ers.)

Apparently, I didn’t learn anything from trying to be an expert before my time because I kept getting “expert” sets when I was still in the beginner stage.

But it was fun—eventually. And then the pandemic hit and doing Legos helped me stay focused and start writing again.

I know, weird.

So now I’ve added “do Legos” to my list of things that help me get words on the page (Doritos Lime Chips, Junior Mints, and water—used to be Diet Dr. Pepper, but I had to give it up – insert sad face here).

I even took a “Lego Road Trip” this spring with the hubs. You can take the trip, too by signing up for a special newsletter that ONLY delivers the road trip and nothing more. (

The other thing that helped me write COSMIC BOOM, wasn’t a thing at all. It was a very cool person who gave our family an astronomy presentation on Christmas Eve. It’s his hobby and he is very good at igniting excitement into listeners.

The images were dazzling and I also left with an IDEA for a new Project Enterprise story. I couldn’t wait to get started and now it’s done! Here’s the blurb:

COSMIC BOOM: A critical mission, a cosmic event, and a secret…

USAF Captain Hedy Quinton joined Project Enterprise to travel to distant galaxy. Excited to receive her first command, she’s less excited about the lonely AI in her ship’s systems, the “ally” who thinks he should be in command, and the passel of dubious scientists. At least her deck officer, a former robot, is a really cute guy. And none of her scientists is named Dr. Smith.

BoomerJ—known as Boom—is still getting used to his new human body and all the feelings and needs his robot body never had—especially around Hedy.

While Hedy navigates the challenges of command, such as sending Boom into danger, and her feelings for the former robot, she also has to deal with betrayal and the unexpected.

Can their love survive a cosmic event, betrayal, and the secret of Boom’s past or will they be destined to remain lost in space?

If you love your chemistry interstellar, your action fast-paced, and your space opera sprawling, then grab COSMIC BOOM, the ninth entry in the award-winning Project Enterprise series, and take an exciting adventure into the unknown.

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USA Today Bestselling author Pauline Baird Jones never liked reality, so she writes books. She likes to wander among the genres, rampaging like Godzilla, because she does love peril mixed in her romance. She also loves chocolate, bacon, flamingoes, and mid-century modern anything.

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