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May be edited a bit from published version.

I’m doing a few excerpts from HEIRESS OF THE NILE, my most recent ancient Egyptian paranormal romance.

The snippet – the POV of Senebkai, the heroine’s 9 year old brother. Jumped ahead a bit. I’ve skipped the details of how he sneaks into Pharaoh’s public audience as well as the cases the ruler hears and decides. General Marnamaret is there and has been watching Senebkai (who he doesn’t know yet) because the boy obviously doesn’t belong. Now the day is done and Senebkai must act:

At the end of the afternoon, as the long shadows fell across the courtyard, the last case was decided. the Chief Scribe uttered the closing words one final time. “As Pharaoh has declared, so let it be done.”

Now or never. Now or never. Now or never. No matter how intense the chant in his head became, Senebkai’s limbs were paralyzed, though, as if his feet had become encased in the stone courtyard. Taking a deep breath, he shoved away from the wall and stepped fully out from the sheltering columns. “Wait!” To his chagrin the word came out strangled. He cleared his throat and shouted, “Wait, there is one more petition to be heard.”

He dodged through the crowd, eluding grasping hands trying to catch him. He stopped at the steps to the throne, throwing himself prone. “Please, Great One, please stay a moment and hear my request.” Senebkai scooted to his knees, arms thrown wide in appeal but kept his gaze pinned on Pharaoh, begging.

King Tut’s Crook & Flail; photo is from Author’s personal collection

Guards were coming at him from both sides. Edekh loomed menacingly as he glared down, staff of office raised to strike should Senebkai attempt to reach the throne. Although wary of the scribe, watching him from the corner of his eye, Senebkai kept his focus locked onto Pharaoh.

“Hold.” Nat-re-Akhte raised the golden flail. Everyone froze. Pharaoh settled into the throne, eyes crinkled in amusement. “Apparently, we have one more matter to decide today. Edekh, how careless of you to leave an item off the docket.” He smiled ever so slightly and cocked one eyebrow at the Chief Scribe.

VS: Pharaoh is pleased to be amused…next week Senebkai makes his request. 

The book blurb: 1550 BCE – Forced by a vengeful Pharaoh to flee for her life and hide in the poorest section of Thebes, Lady Pebatma has scraped and struggled to support her ailing mother and young brother for the past two years. Now, out of funds with the rent to pay and no possessions left to sell, she begs the goddess Hathor for help. With a new pharaoh taking the throne, surely something can be done…

A powerful general in command of the army and best friend to Pharaoh, Marnamaret has everything a nobleman in Egypt could desire…except for true love. He refuses to settle for less. On a whim, he prays to Hathor to send him the woman of his dreams.Will the goddess answer these heartfelt petitions? And if she does, will Shai the god of Fate allow the course of two lives to be changed by love? For none can deny Fate….

Author’s Note: This is a connected series. Heiress of the Nile can be read as a standalone. Although it’s my newest novel, the story falls between Priestess and Warrior timewise and is set in the early days of this Pharaoh’s reign.

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Did a cool trailer for GHOST OF THE NILE last week….I love the soundtrack…

All books in the series are Available at all major ebook sellers…

12 comments on “One More Matter to Decide Weekend Writing Warriors

  1. He’s definitely very brave! I hope this request turns out well for him! Intriguing snippet!

  2. What a smart, determined boy! And an unusually tolerant Pharaoh to be amused and indulgent. He just may get his wish.

  3. If you get this comment twice – apologies – it didn’t seem to post when I tried the first time.

    Glad the Pharaoh is so tolerant and didn’t lash out at the interruption. Hard to be brave, I hope all works out for him.

  4. I felt his fear, and I think my voice would have been squeaky too. Nice job adding a touch of likability to the Pharaoh. This scene was so visual! Excellent snippet. I really wasn’t ready for it to end. 🙂

  5. I could really feel his urgency and fear. I’m sure nobody expected Pharaoh to hear the boy’s petition.

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