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May be edited a bit from published version.

The snippet – the POV of Senebkai, the heroine’s 9 year old brother. He’s just taken his oath to Pharaoh and now General Marnamaret re-enters the situation.

…the man who stepped forward was young like Pharaoh. With a cheerful face, the skin around his eyes crinkled as he smiled. He was tall and walked with the carriage of a warrior. He rested his fist on the golden falcon badge over his heart. “What is your command, Great One?”

“I assign this new soldier to you. Go with him now to his home and see the mother and sister are properly cared for.” Pharaoh leaned closer to Marnamaret and murmured, his voice carrying only as far as Senebkai’s keen ears. “There must be more to this story. Find out if this was a miscarriage of ma’at and justice under the Usurper. He mentioned her role in his father’s death and their family’s problems. I expect a report.”

Marnamaret saluted. “With pleasure, sir.”

Pharaoh turned to Senebkai. “I’ll see you again, no doubt. Go with my general. He will oversee your education and training, and will set your future assignments once your family issues have been resolved.”

Senebkai stepped aside, General Marnamaret drawing him out of Pharaoh’s path with a gentle tug on the sleeve.

Nat-re-Akhte rose. As the assemblage bowed, he walked away, exiting through the private door at the rear of the dais

Marnamaret and Senebkai regarded each other silently for a moment. The general held out his hand. “Allow me to be the first to congratulate you on your enlistment.”

VS Note: I’ll do another one or two snippets from this book but I’ll be releasing my next scifi romance TRATUS soon so then we’ll change books.

The book blurb: 1550 BCE – Forced by a vengeful Pharaoh to flee for her life and hide in the poorest section of Thebes, Lady Pebatma has scraped and struggled to support her ailing mother and young brother for the past two years. Now, out of funds with the rent to pay and no possessions left to sell, she begs the goddess Hathor for help. With a new pharaoh taking the throne, surely something can be done…

A powerful general in command of the army and best friend to Pharaoh, Marnamaret has everything a nobleman in Egypt could desire…except for true love. He refuses to settle for less. On a whim, he prays to Hathor to send him the woman of his dreams.Will the goddess answer these heartfelt petitions? And if she does, will Shai the god of Fate allow the course of two lives to be changed by love? For none can deny Fate….

Author’s Note: This is a connected series. Heiress of the Nile can be read as a standalone. Although it’s my newest novel, the story falls between Priestess and Warrior timewise and is set in the early days of this Pharaoh’s reign.

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  1. I’m sure Senebkai is pleased he is able to go home and take care of his family before his training begins. But I’m curious as to what information will be reported back to the Pharoah. Great snippet!

  2. I like how they’ve granted Senebkai’s request without making him feel ashamed to be all but begging for a chance to save his family.

    And boy oh boy, when the Pharaoh discovers who the family really is…

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