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Details below at end of the post. This is relevant because today is the last excerpt from HEIRESS OF THE NILE. I’ll be switching to TRATUS next week.

The excerpt: OK, SO much has happened in this story since the last scene I shared, and so much more WILL happen in this book, but here’s tense moment right before Pebatma meets the General. She’s been kidnapped by her avaricious landlord (who is also a criminal)..

Pebatma had gotten her hands free and was holding the rail, trying to work up the courage to allow herself to plunge over the side into the Nile. The ship was moving so fast she couldn’t imagine how the pursuers hoped to catch up and she was afraid to remain within reach of Tepsek. Death was preferable. Only as she summoned her courage and checked the river, she saw dozens of crocodiles keeping pace with them. Being torn to pieces by the huge predators was another thing entirely than what she imagined would be a peaceful death by drowning in Mother Nile’s embrace.

As she argued with herself, she saw a flash of white in the water and realized there was a truly gigantic white crocodile in the middle of the more mundane gray and green beasts. And were they pushing the ship? She nearly lost her grip as the deck shifted beneath her feet, the ship shuddering before racing onward. Still watching the river, Pebatma did a double take as the strange crocodile regarded her with golden eyes as it swam easily, right next to the hull.

Sobek, this is Sobek himself.

Shocked, she retreated a step and then crept cautiously back to the rail.

A low pitched, almost growling voice whispered in her ear.

Don’t be afraid, little sister. It’s not often the Great One Hathor asks me for a favor so how can I deny her appeal? Hang on while I do as she requested and prevent this boat from escaping Pharaoh’s men.

The white crocodile disappeared beneath the waves. Next moment the ship heaved and rose from the water, before crashing down again in a huge spray and heading directly toward the shore…

VS: And that’s all of HEIRESS OF THE NILE for this snippet hop…available at all major ebook sellers though.  Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo     Nook     GooglePlay



Katrin Rodgerr, ex-Space Navy, was perfectly happy as Third Officer on a tramp freighter in the Outer Sectors, until the day she and everyone on board the ship were kidnapped by alien scientists to become subjects of gruesome experiments. Far away from home or help, Katrin does her best to bolster the other prisoners’ morale and look for a way to escape.

Until one day she’s chosen for an experiment of another sort – given to a pack of alien supersoldiers as a prospective breeder.     Tratus, senior enforcer of the Tzibir pack, never expected to find his mate, much less to meet her among the human prison population of the labs. But there she is and there’s no denying the instincts. Despite his Alpha’s objections, Tratus manages to convince the alien scientists to give Katrin to him and he vows to protect her. Deeply unhappy with the way his leader runs the pack as he disobeys all their goddess’s commandments and refuses to ally with other Badari packs to fight the scientists who created them, Tratus plots a revolt.

Despite herself Katrin is drawn to the giant humanoid warrior with alien predator DNA who treats her so respectfully. His scales and other differences from human males only make him more attractive in his own way. But the Alpha distrusts her and Tratus, and time is running out for them both…Can Tratus defeat the Alpha leading his pack to inevitable doom? Can he and Katrin survive the consequences and find their way to claiming each other as true mates or must he let her go?

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  1. Thank goodness Sobek came to her rescue! Even if in another form, and with only a promise of rescue. Great snippet!

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