New Releases in #SciFi #Fantasy and Paranormal Romance for Wednesday SEPT 1

As always, I recommend sampling before you buy! I have not read most of the new releases listed (although I always end up one-clicking a bunch as I prepare these posts LOL). 



VS note: I cannot say enough about this series! One click! I never expected to care about a spider hero but Ketahn is amazing…this writing duo has done it AGAIN.  There’s a cliffhanger…

He conquered her, but he is the one enthralled. Ketahn hadn’t wanted a mate. Fate gave him Ivy Foster. Now, he wants nothing more than to enjoy his little human. But fate is not content to make things so simple. With an enraged queen searching for him, Ketahn knows the Tangle is not safe for his mate. They need to leave. Yet Ivy will not forsake her people, and he cannot condemn her compassion. When they wake the other humans from their death sleeps, Ketahn now has more mouths to feed, and the strands of his web are in danger of snapping. To keep Ivy and her people safe, he must placate the queen that hunts him. He must venture into Zurvashi’s domain and face her wrath—and her desire. The strength of his heartsthread, his bond with Ivy, will be tested. Ketahn refuses to let that thread break. Even if he must sever all the rest.       Amazon KU


Maya has had a price on her head from the day she escaped the TechCorps. Genetically engineered for genius and trained for revolution, there’s only one thing she can’t do—forget. Gray has finally broken free of the Protectorate, but he can’t escape the time bomb in his head. His body is rejecting his modifications, and his months are numbered. When Maya’s team uncovers an operation trading in genetically enhanced children, she’ll do anything to stop them. Even risk falling back into the hands of the TechCorps. And Gray has found a purpose for his final days: keeping Maya safe.

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Fear is relentless. It is powerful and unforgiving. It will tear you down to your weakest. Stalking you, hunting you, and when you are near death, it will pounce. Here, on this dismal dark planet, fear is everywhere. It skulks through the shadows, thriving when you let your guard down. We don’t expect to live past the first day here. Those who survived the crash will be casualties of the dangers that lurk in this strange world. We will end up victims to the abyss. But then, in the dark, there is a flash of light. Fire. And then they come for us. He comes for us. And though he lives amongst the fear—born to it—he is not afraid. He steals me from the abyss and claims me as his own. I am human, and this world craves my life. But he is ruthless and will not let it take me.      Amazon KU


Once Upon a Time...In a land where grandmothers live planets away instead of on the other side of the woods, Liz finds herself in trouble. Hindsight is twenty-twenty, but she’d risk it all again to help her Nana. When danger catches her scent, will her knight in… fur and fury… rescue her from the beasts? And who’s going to save Red from the Wolf?       Amazon KU


Once there were boundaries…but now that their chains are broken, these alphas refused to be contained. The remote country home was supposed to be her refuge—the one place Sarah Watson could escape the constant stress of the hectic beta world. That’s why her grandmother had left it to her. But when Sarah arrives for her first trip in years, she finds that her beloved childhood hideaway has been invaded by someone—something—else. An alpha…one far from the Boundaryland territory where he belongs. Newly escaped from a hellhole prison where he’d been subjected to brutal experimentation, Archer has found the first real peace in years in this isolated mountain haven. But he’ll be damned before he gives it up to some powerless beta woman. As far as he’s concerned, this land is his to claim as his own…and so is she.       Amazon KU

DESIRE (CENTAURI BRIDES BOOK 6) by Kallista Dane and Kate Richards

Chancellor Athene – When I took the place of the corrupt former Chancellor Ravensworth, I recognized my life would no longer be my own. Late nights and early mornings would be part of the job even if I wasn’t trying to undo all the evil of his regime. The Brides Program is the antithesis of yet another of his criminal actions—kidnapping young women and sending them as sex slaves to the Arythians, an alien warrior race whose planet, and all the women and children thereon, were murdered. Fortunately, the Arythian leaders were better than ours, and those who joined them found themselves as valued mates rather than what Ravensworth and his cronies intended. We entered into a relationship with the Arythians in which Earth women could, of their own desire, join these warriors on their new planet, Centauri. Working with Commander Zaroq, who handles the program from their home across the galaxy, we’ve sent hundreds of women who desire …(wayyyy more blurb on ebook seller page…Zaroq is her love interest)      Amazon KU


Keoke Mahoe slips through the forbidden planet’s impenetrable defenses to deliver a perilous message. But Lady Valoria fiercely protects Azura. Any intruder, especially one who kills for food, is promptly terminated. While Valoria admires Keoke’s uncanny ability to cheat death, she cannot trust a spy. What he suggests is unthinkable… and could throw the galaxy into chaos. Yet, could he be telling the truth? She appreciates his audacity, his noble heart, and his smile… to the chagrin of Eris the Amazon, her best friend, bodyguard, and would-be lover. But in the farthest confines of the galaxy, an old enemy is rising again. People are sacrificed by blood and fire on unholy altars. Malevolent armies are assembling, and this time, even Azura’s Avenging Angels may not be able to stop the onslaught of darkness upon all civilized life.

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HalimaI’m wrenched from a five thousand year sleep into a new world. It was supposed to be uninhabited. Humans were supposed to have died off. Those of us preserved in the stasis tanks were supposed to rebuild. But there were survivors. And now those survivors have formed factions. The leading tribes enslave those weaker and language keeps them apart. Funny, because in my past life I was the interpreter and I intend to bridge the gaps so that when we escape, we do it together. But I have to get past the warlord watching me first. Ero – Communication between tribes is unheard of. Forbidden. A death sentence. I should kill the little slave that dares defy this edict. But the signs suggest something unthinkable. That this little creature is mine. I need to find a way to get rid of her before she dismantles everything, escapes, liberates slaves, brings warring tribes to my doorstep…but to do that, I’ll have rid myself of this pesky little thing called want. She makes me want her.

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Reunited with his lover and fellow soldier, Xavier Fisher, Josh Rayne and the other survivors from the alien base watch from the shore as their rescue is blown up. Now on the run and on their own, they need to find a safe place to regroup and figure out how they are going to escape alien country and get back home. With no military support, they are in desperate need of supplies when they make it to a seemingly abandoned tourist town. But not all is at it seems, and Josh will have to decide who runs and who has to stay and fight to give them a chance. He wants to go home, and he wants more than the vague promises he and Xavier made to each other.       Amazon KU


VS Note: Not a romance but a cyberpunk scifi release of note…

Anima is an extrasensory human tasked with surveilling and protecting Ora’s citizens via a complex living network called the Gleaming. Although ær world is restricted to what æ can see and experience through the Gleaming, Anima takes pride and comfort in keeping Ora safe from harm.
When a mysterious outsider enters the city carrying a cabinet of curiosities from around with the world with a story attached to each item, Anima’s world expands beyond the borders of Ora to places—and possibilities—æ never before imagined to exist. But such knowledge leaves Anima with a question that throws into doubt ær entire purpose: What good is a city if it can’t protect its people?

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When a missing alien prince falls into my lap, wounded, hunted, and desperate for sanctuary, I do what any queen of contraband trades would do — I begin planning my mansion on easy street. But if this impressive alien warrior doesn’t live long enough to claim his throne, the hefty reward he’s promising in return for my help will die with him… along with any real chance I have at saving my kid brother from a living hell. Protecting His Highness, Kam of Frage, had better be a worth all the trouble he’s causing, because if I have to trade every one of my hard-earned blackmail bribes and favors just to keep him alive…I’m going to kill him!       Amazon KU

NUAR (CYGNIAN 7 BOOK 1) by Cassandra Chandler

The Cygnian people are facing extinction. Offspring are rare and almost all are male. Without hope for finding a soulmate and creating a family of his own, Nuar follows his crown prince on a strange mission to a primitive planet filled with sentients whose apparent fragility hides strengths he would never have expected. Lian Wei wants to keep working on her agricultural research without distractions. She’s one of the few Earthlings who know that aliens exist—and that they need Earth’s help to survive on worlds ravaged by overharvesting their resources. To make things worse, a new faction has risen in the galaxy determined to wage war. The Cygnians have been neutral in the battles up to now, but with their sudden and unexpected interest in Earth, there’s a chance at an alliance that could further protect the aliens Lian now calls friends. She wants to help, but when Nuar and his fellow Cygnian warriors arrive in her home town, she can’t seem to get a grip on her reaction to Nuar. Together, will they find a path to a better future for both of their people, or will their fears and preconceptions destroy their chance at a happy ever after?

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BURNING FOR LOVE: KINDRED TALES 36 by Evangeline Anderson

Ka’rissa is a Princess of the Very First Family, destined to rule all of Regalia Five. Unfortunately, her esteemed lineage comes with a genetic price–she has what is called “Fire Blood” which causes her to overheat so drastically that she is in very real danger of spontaneously combusting and burning to a pile of ashes. But that isn’t the only danger in her life–someone is trying to kill her. After a botched assassination attempt, her uncle hires a Kindred warrior to serve as her bodyguard and Constant Companion. Normally, it would be improper for a young lady to have a male so close to her, but in this case it’s all right because Sir James, as he is known, is a cyborg with no human emotions.
J-8 is a Dark Kindred who has taken the designation “James” in order to fit in at the Royal Court of Regalia Five. His mission is to guard Princess Ka’rissa until she finds a proper suitor to marry and rule her planet with. The man she marries will “Slake her Heat” and …(more blurb on ebook seller page…)               Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


Scarred from a painful past, Rita is an artist embracing a new life on a vibrant planet where she’s captivated by a mysterious lore that links her to love. When an attractive star-being—who she’s been secretly sketching from memory—appears in front of her, she struggles between walking toward love and running away from it. Jarzell, an impatient soldier who thrives on urgency is fascinated by Rita’s unique ability to slow him down, urging him into the unfamiliar. As he tangles with his emotions, danger surfaces, creating disorder in himself and those around him. Is their love a masterpiece in its beginning stages? Or is this romance creating an inconceivable mess that they can’t disentangle from?

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Dawn – There is no such thing as meeting a guy and falling in love. Yet when I’m rescued from pirates by Draconian warriors, I’m crushing on one particularly roguish warrior in the group. He seems all kinds of shifty and I don’t know why, but it turns me on. When he almost dies, I rush to his bedside fast enough, ready to make my move. Except his smoking hot bestie wants me too. They’re both sexier than the sinful thoughts filling my head and one thing is clear. I’m in trouble. Malvoc – 
I believe in fated mates. The moment I see the frail human queen, my dragon goes feral. This queen with dark hair and eyes must be mine. When I’m lured into a trap and wounded, she comes to my side. I think all my problems are solved only to find there is even more danger. Someone is trying to abduct our queens while my body is morphing into a primitive form I barely recognize. As if this isn’t enough, my best friend is casting a lusty eye over my fated mate. If I can’t keep my dragon from slipping my grasp, the mayhem he would wreak will put all of our war to shame. Hian – I don’t believe in fated mates, no matter what Malvoc says. I have enough hatchlings and my attention is on caring for them, commanding my ship and winning the war. But when I see Dawn, my greedy dragon doesn’t care what I believe or that she’s his. I must have her. I want her to notice me, to make the human kess with me and so much more. Somehow I will have her. No matter what it takes.

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My boss is out of this world…literally. Sure, Droz is almost seven feet of twisted steel and muscle. Sure, he’s richer than god. But I’ve got a strict ‘no dating the boss’ rule. And then I discover he’s an alien. But now it turns out that Droz needs my help. INS thinks he’s an alien too—but they think he’s an illegal kind and not the outer space kind. So Droz is about to be deported to Canada unless…Unless I agree to marry him. Just for show, of course. Right? The thing is, our sham engagement is starting to feel all too real. I think I’m falling for the giant, scaly alien masquerading as a human CEO. Add to that he’s telling me I’m his fated mate. It’s enough to make this single human girl’s head spin. All I know is every part of me wants to be his woman. So maybe instead of talking about our fake wedding, we should be talking about…What color to decorate the nursery.       Amazon KU


Nals is the third son in a wealthy family, but that does not mean he is content with his lot. He has goals. Nals has spent countless hours honing his gunsmithing skills, for one. Then there is the one about to come true thanks to the help of a young woman…a human woman. Nals is wholly in the thrall of Kayla, a girl who was abducted from Earth three years early and eventually taken into work for Nals’ family. Kayla has spent three years away from her home planet. After she and her sister Eleanor woke up on a spaceship carrier, terrified and far from home, they were separated. With Kayla on Neanides, unsure if her sister is even alive after the raid that tore them apart, Kayla must find a way to move on. She’s a lucky one, with a job she likes, a wonderful friend who’s taken her in, and an attractive boss that is kind to her. But how can she forget her sister and their life together before the abduction?…(more blurb on ebook seller page…)     Amazon KU


Rath K’zar is an alien bounty hunter. The best in the universe. I’m his admin assistant. I send him his bounties, and I process his payments. I know him better than anybody. He doesn’t know I exist.
I have dreamed about him every night for months. You could call it a crush, or a fixation, or maybe an obsession. Whatever. I never thought it would amount to anything. Then there was a…misunderstanding at work. I became the galaxy’s most wanted overnight. Now he’s hunting me. Nobody escapes Rath K’zar. He’s merciless. He doesn’t care about innocence. He cares about the bounty. And my name is on his list.       Amazon KU


Kaelin knows an alien when she sees one. The trick, given her eyesight, is actually getting close enough to see them. She might as well wish upon a falling star! Against all odds, one just walked right up to her and introduced himself as Roger. He’s on a mission from Molly, the friend she’s traveled half-way across the country to see, with news of her alien ever after and a shopping list. Apparently, the best technology in the galaxy isn’t stocked with hair conditioner…When their hands touch, everything changes. Kaelin has a chance to become everything she ever wished she could be… but it will cost her everything she currently is. Prince Serogero has found the perfect match in an imperfect woman. When he catches her during a seizure, everything he assumed finding his mate would mean is turned upside down. His people’s technology can help her, if she lets it, but at what cost to her, and to him? When his duties and her safety conflict, can they create a happy ending?

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HAVEN (KINDLED BOOK 1) by Claire Kent

Maybe Jackson would be different if he were in love. If he were in a relationship. Or if the world outside this room hadn’t fallen into violent chaos, hadn’t become a constant war we have no choice but to fight. Maybe he would take his time. Be softer. Gentler. Maybe he would smile or even laugh.
Maybe I would be different too. Maybe I wouldn’t need his hungry eyes and demanding hands in the dark. But this is how we are together every time. He’s not my friend or my boyfriend, but sometimes I go to his room after the sun goes down. I need to. Not for sweet words or soft kisses but because his arms, like the flickering light of that one candle, are the only things that can hold back the night.
Haven is a short, steamy post-apocalyptical romance set in the near future after a global catastrophe and includes some violent content and (secondary) character death.      Amazon KU


Rheba, Kirtn, and a ship full of newly-freed slaves have escaped from the perverse civilization of Loo. Getting away from there took almost as much luck as surviving the destruction of their home planet in a fiery supernova. Determined to take these ex-slaves to their homes, scattered across the Concord, the ship makes its first stop on the planet Daemen. Lost at the edge of the galaxy, Daemen is a planet that lives and dies on the concept of luck itself. Once rich and boundless, Daemen and its people languish, forgotten. Returning the man named for the planet to his home becomes the first stop for the ship and its crew. What they find there may make it their last. Not only because of the relics of an ancient civilization sleeping beneath the planet’s surface, but those aboveground who are determined to keep it hidden and sleeping.


THE CLONE’S MATE by Susan Trombley

The Iriduans never gave up their plans for the deadly scorpion warrior, Thrax, and since they couldn’t recapture him, they did the next best thing. They cloned him. They improved upon their initial design. They made their new warrior stronger, faster, more prescient—and they cured him of the imprinting affliction. Or so they thought….Rhonda: After my husband dumped me for a younger woman, I felt certain I’d hit rock bottom. A word of advice… never jump to that conclusion, because the hole can always get deeper. Especially when you can’t seem to stop digging. When an inhumanly handsome man chatted me up at the hardware store, I sensed he was too good to be true, but I was adventurous enough to agree to a date. I felt far less adventurous after I woke up in a mysterious maze to realize that I’d been abducted by evil aliens. Then I learned that I wasn’t the lab rat in that maze. I was the cheese! Fortunately, the monster hunting me wasn’t interested in making me into a meal. Even though he walks on two legs like a man, he has a sting that can kill a woman in an instant—or leave her begging for his touch. ..(more blurb on ebook seller page…)      Amazon KU


Jaxil may be the most powerful alien warrior in the galaxy. But there’s one enemy he’ll never beat. A powerful human woman. You ever had a man just make you completely insane? Yeah, that’s me and Jaxil. He thinks he’s hot stuff, alright. With his huge arms and ripped abs. That insanely good looking Sanax face that human women swoon over. Thinks he’s god’s gift to the women of Earth. Well, guess what, buddy? You may think you’re my dream. But I’ll be your nightmare. His mining company is about to get a contract that will make him even more powerful, but one small company stands in his way. Mine. We’re going to have an epic fight to see who comes out on top.
I’m going to beat his ass. And there’s no way he’s touching mine. Nothing will stop me from winning.
Not even finding out we’re genetic mates. I am not going to give into his charms. I’m certainly not going to fall for his lines. We are not going to fall in love and be some sappy romantic couple with lots of kids. I hate him! But then…why is he the only thing I can think about?       Amazon KU

HER ALIEN COLLECTOR by Aurora Caine and Nova Edwins

Working in a tavern is not the best job for a human woman living on a space station amongst thousands of aliens, but it’s also not the worst. That is until my boss gets replaced by a bunch of debt collectors. The new owner of the tavern wants me to do a different kind of work.
Luckily for me, one of the regulars of the tavern steps in to save me. And by “saving” I mean that he takes me with him without even asking what I want.       Amazon 


Love steamy alien romance? Join these New York Times, USA Today, and international bestselling authors as they bring you the spiciest of aliens. Get ready for a scorching hot Alien Seduction!

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I didn’t ask to be abducted by alien slavers. I certainly didn’t ask to be sold, forced to fight to the death in an intergalactic battle arena like some messed up alien hunger games. But now I’m in here, stuck in a purple jungle, trying to survive…Rachel was happy living a normal life in New Orleans when she and her best friend Arya are abducted by aliens. Sold to the highest bidder, she wakes up in the Death Games, an intergalactic arena where enslaved aliens are forced to fight to the death. Tor didn’t expect to find his mate in the Death Games. He was on a mission to find his missing brother, the future King of Agner. He especially didn’t expect his mate to be a small, curvy alien from an unknown part of the galaxy. And he would do anything to protect her. The Hunger Games meets your favourite alpha alien mate romance in this action-packed adventure! Trapped inside an alien jungle arena, Rachel and Tor must work together to fight the dangerous alien Cyclopes to survive.      Amazon KU


VS Note: In case you missed him last week, here was my New Release!


Katrin Rodgerr, ex-Space Navy, was perfectly happy as Third Officer on a tramp freighter in the Outer Sectors, until the day she and everyone on board the ship were kidnapped by alien scientists to become subjects of gruesome experiments. Far away from home or help, Katrin does her best to bolster the other prisoners’ morale and look for a way to escape.     Until one day she’s chosen for an experiment of another sort – given to a pack of alien supersoldiers as a prospective breeder.     Tratus, senior enforcer of the Tzibir pack, never expected to find his mate, much less to meet her among the human prison population of the labs. But there she is and there’s no denying the instincts. Despite his Alpha’s objections, Tratus manages to convince the alien scientists to give Katrin to him and he vows to protect her. Deeply unhappy with the way his leader runs the pack as he disobeys all their goddess’s commandments and refuses to ally with other Badari packs to fight the scientists who created them, Tratus plots a revolt.     Despite herself Katrin is drawn to the giant humanoid warrior with alien predator DNA who treats her so respectfully. His scales and other differences from human males only make him more attractive in his own way. But the Alpha distrusts her and Tratus, and time is running out for them both…Can Tratus defeat the Alpha leading his pack to inevitable doom? Can he and Katrin survive the consequences and find their way to claiming each other as true mates or must he let her go?

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It’s instinct that drives Finn Malone to rescue a bunch of hard battling honey badgers. The Siberian tiger shifter just can’t bear to see his fellow shifters harmed. But no way can Finn have a houseful of honey badgers when he also has two brothers with no patience. Things just go from bad to worse when the badgers rudely ejected from his home turn out to be the only ones who can help him solve a family tragedy. He’s just not sure he can even get back into the badgers’ good graces. Since badgers lack graces of any kind . . .Mads knows her teammates aren’t about to forgive the cats that were so rude to them, but moody Finn isn’t so bad. And he’s cute! The badger part of her understands Finn’s burning need to avenge his father’s death—after all, vengeance is her favorite pastime. So Mads sets about helping Finn settle his family’s score, which has its perks, since she gets to avoid her own family drama. Besides, fighting side by side with Finn is her kind of fun—especially when she can get in a hot and heavy snuggle with her very own growling, eye-rolling, and utterly irresistible kitty-cat.

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Stella White never believed that going on a cougar run would be such a dangerous excursion, painful, punishing, and pleasurable in the end. She realized that sometimes she just needed to get through the bad stuff to get to the good stuff and that meant meeting Ted Weekum, ranch foreman, and the kind of cowboy she’d only dreamed of.     Ted Weekum was visiting with his brother at the ranch when he thought he saw a white flash of fur, but it wasn’t until hunters started shooting up the place, claiming they’d shot a white cougar did the notion sink in that the cougar could be one of their own shifter kind. But a white cougar? Unheard of. And yet when he went to save her life—that’s exactly what he found. A rare white cougar. Unclaimed. Unmated. The right age. The stars had aligned right that night. But the hunters aren’t through with hunting down the wounded white cougar, or Stella White.

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When you live in Hell, you’re bound to get burned…I just never expected this kind of torment. They’ve taken what’s mine: My mother, Latham, Aric, even my magical shifter belongs to them now. And the one man who I thought I could trust in all of this is my worst abuser. Torben rejected me the moment we stepped foot into this ashen hellhole. He does their bidding by throwing me into deadly trials that are bound to break me. Poisonous magic, sinister games, and realms of chaos are all hand delivered by him. Sometimes he protects me from the brut of it… and sometimes I think he wants me dead as much as they do. But I won’t give them the satisfaction. Because I didn’t come to Hell to die.
I came to survive.       Amazon KU


Three partners. One friend. One twin brother? The only thing worse than being immortal? Having mortal loved ones. My long-lost twin brother is determined to help me save the world, but I won’t risk losing anyone along the way. But what if I don’t get a choice? What if I was never meant to save everyone? After unearthing the Supernatural Council’s evil plans, we Horsemen can’t stay impartial anymore. Not with an entire species at risk. But can we fight a war on magic without losing ourselves along the way? Goddess damn it. Look out world, Horseman of Magic . . . doing their best?

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My name is Lottie Lemon, and I see dead people. Okay, so I rarely see dead people, mostly I see furry creatures of the dearly departed variety, who have come back from the other side to warn me of their previous owner’s impending doom. Fall is in the air and so is murder. A billionaire and his wife enroll their children in Honey Hollow High, and all of Vermont suddenly wants a seat at our coveted school. But when a killer shows up at the high school football game, it wipes the patina right off our institute of higher learning. In addition to that, a woman accuses Everett of being a brute and lands him in a hornet’s nest of trouble both in and out of the courtroom. Not to mention, it looks as if Cormack is finally going to sink her hooks into Noah, once and for all. This entire month is panning out to be a disaster, and I’ll do anything to fix it—and I do.       Amazon KU


Timber wolf shifter Rehlik has been the alpha of Cider Falls for five years, ever since he was ousted from his position as pack alpha. He created Cider Falls to be a haven for any and all purebred shifters, hybrids, supernatural creatures, and humans to live and work in peace. He’s successfully keeping the small town together with the help of his second-in-command, but he secretly longs for his truemate. Red fox-polar bear hybrid Weylyn has spent her entire life on the outside looking in. As a hybrid, she’s not welcome to participate in her red fox group’s activities because while her body is that of a red fox, her fur is snow-white like her polar bear father. She’s immediately exiled when the alpha steps down and hands the reins to his son. When she arrives in Cider Falls, hurt and alone, the last thing she wants to do is fall in love. The problem? Rehlik didn’t get the memo.

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With her new mates at her side, Daesyn heads back into The Otherworld to get her powers, unsure if Poppy has won the Royal Reaper Academy test and unable to help her. The war has begun, not only with the Unseelie and Seelie fae, but with the gods who watch every move made. Can Finn convince his mother to help his mate? Daesyn needs to find a way to get all four runes, save her world from its ruler, and free her people before the gods decide to end them all.       Amazon KU


I’m the tallest unmarried girl in my village…and also taller than all the boys. This did nothing for my prospects of finding love. So instead, I went off to seek my fortune. It led me to a circus by the sea…and rumors of the last living giant. Apparently, he doesn’t much care for people, but the ringmaster offers me riches beyond my dreams if I can entice him to come down from his home in the forest. The ringmaster seems to think “a beautiful girl who nearly comes up to a giant’s tit” (his words, not mine) might be a lure. Well, it was fortune I was seeking, and fortune I’m determined to find, so I climb the magic beanstalk to his hidden home, but…the giant is not amused by my plan. At all. And it turns out, his home is one big trap of faery vines. I’m snared by an antisocial but surprisingly handsome giant–and for the first time in my life, I’ve met a man who makes me feel delicate. He might want to punish me for trespassing, but…it feels more like passion. Only, the world isn’t safe for the last giant, and maybe it’s not safe for a woman who loves him either.

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Every lore of every clan, across time and space, dreamed of dragons. Did you ever wonder why? Erebu and Sorin fought through countless lifetimes of trials and tribulations to find one another again. They even conquered death. But Ere’s rebirth requires a price: he must answer the Celestial Summons when it comes and faithfully complete each task the Jade Emperor sets before him. On the bright side, he doesn’t have to perform miracles alone. Sorin will be right there with him. One the not so bright side, his Fate, the Fate of all dragon Kind, and by extension, the Universal Balance, depend on the successful execution of each quest. No pressure. His first task is find and retrieve the Jewel of Dreams. Location: Unknown. Time travel will be required. Clues: Too few. But there may be a dragon-slayer, a king, a wizard, and a few mythical monsters along the way. Accompaniments: His beloved Sorin (who is all he needs!) A humorless, anti-social female dragon (who he doesn’t need). Though her kickass fighting skills do come in handy in a pinch. Timing: ASAP. Determined by an arbitrary Sandglass in the Jade Emperor’s possession. The end of the world may be just around the corner. Along the way, enemies may become lovers, reluctant friendships may form, and lots of hot, desperate, this-may-be-the-last-time-we-have-sex sex will definitely be had. And who knows, you may never want to wake up from this…DREAM OF DRAGONS       Amazon KU


Vampires are the spawn of the devil. Evil to the core… or so I thought, until one of them saves my life. As a member of the House of Rose, a division of the Vampire Hunter Society, I’ve got one of the highest kill records on file. I track my mark and don’t stop until the job is done. That is, until my mark saves my life. Luka Drake isn’t like the vampires I’ve been hunting for the past five years, and despite the fact that he’s a vampire prince fresh out of Magic City Prison for committing God knows what crime, I can’t kill him. My only other option is to walk away and pretend our paths never crossed. I’m about to pull it off but Luka pulls me back, and in the worst way possible, in a way that changes everything.       Amazon KU


VS Note: This one is hard to categorize with a bit of magical realism, a hint of PNR, even a bit of scifi. I’ve enjoyed her books in the past though so I put this on the TBR List.

Plant geneticist Sam Wilde has spent his life savings engineering a unique apple variety that increases happiness. But when fortune-teller Faith Shields mixes Sam’s new apples into an Old World recipe, the result does more than make people happy—it makes them hot for love! As the small town of Candlewood Falls hungers for the forbidden fruit, Sam and Faith experiment with their arousal hypothesis and soon discover their test subjects aren’t the only ones tempted by desire. Is the impassioned pair’s attraction a byproduct of the aphrodisiac or do they have true chemistry? Add into the equation the only investor who could save Sam’s orchard from foreclosure—Faith’s jealous ex-boyfriend—and Wilde Orchards is about to live up to its name.       Amazon KU


Mistakes? I’ve made many. My ex- can attest to that, but none bigger than accidentally giving life to the dying god. Now, he’s coming, full of vengeance and wrath, determined to destroy me and everything I hold dear. But it’s how you end, not how you begin that matters. I’m determined to fix my mistakes. The only problem? Who can I trust if I can’t even trust myself? Turns out, even my body is a lie, and sometimes, it’s hard to remember whose side I’m on. All I know for sure is that a final showdown is coming, whether I’m ready or not. Time is ticking, and while I may be immortal, this world I love is not.        Amazon KU


Braden is a private investigator and insists on protecting me. Even though he’s an alpha dragon shifter—I’m not certain he or anyone else can save me from my ex. I’m terrified Chuck will hunt me down. Investigators are on Chuck’s trail. The victims’ families crave revenge. He should be locked up…but continues to flee. When Braden is shot—an apparent target of retaliation—I realize, I’m no longer safe. And I can’t live without him. Braden is the one I should have been with all along. But who can I trust? Braden’s shooter was a cop. A bad cop. Now I have no choice but to take the law into my own hands.       Amazon KU


Vampires, werewolves, witches, ghosts, and more wreak havoc on small towns and big cities, while paranormal investigators, amateur sleuths, and private detectives track down the truth and unravel the unsolvable in this fantastic collection. Join these New York TimesUSA Today, and international bestselling authors as they bring you the best in paranormal mystery, where the magical meets the mysterious for mayhem and adventure.

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I acted on impulse and did a really stupid thing to save a lot of people. And it worked. Except that I wasn’t the only one who did a stupid thing that day. After I drank the potion that would have been used to destroy the Tiger Army and possibly all of Stalana, the Tiger Lord did something that had never been done before; he made me a faerie. Yep, that idiot gave me a piece of his soul and then his Goddess used it to transform me into one of them. Now, I’m immortal. Sure, sounds great. But I’m also bound to the man who saved my life. I feel things for him that I really don’t want to feel. Things that I shouldn’t feel. I tried to walk away from him, even left the army and moved to Varalorre, and he followed me. He’s been tormenting for nearly forty years. Now, there’s a new Tiger Lord, and he’s come to Varalorre to take me back to the war. He’s gorgeous, brave, and just as relentless as the last Tiger Lord. I’m straight, always have been, but for the second time in my life, I’m finding myself attracted to another man. And this man says that he can help me. He can break the bond between Derringar and me. But I have a terrible feeling that trying to be free of one warlord will only get me bound even more tightly to two of them.       Amazon KU


Sabrina Flooks can barely remember her mother. Abandoned when she was only three, she longs to understand what happened. But when she searches a mysterious pocket of Bold Street where she was found, she’s shocked to be flung back in time. Liverpool 1982. Delving into the past can be dangerous and Sabrina’s promised, she’ll forget her quest to find her mother. But, when a young woman calls into Brides of Bold Street, where she works, she shows her a photograph that changes everything. Liverpool 1945. The victory bells are chiming out over Liverpool; World War 2 in Europe is over. By the firelight of the bonfires burning brightly and amidst the cheering crowds, Sabrina will find the answers she’s been searching for. But should she have left the past alone?    Amazon KU


Tormented by those who should have protected her, Olivia has one chance at an actual life and she just has to give herself with no reservations. Born to blossom into an omega, something in Olivia’s life went wrong. Instead of having her heats and looking for her own alphas, she is defective. Her body gives her pain and she wants nothing to do with the thought of a sexual liaison with anyone. Her sister follows her father’s footsteps and keeps her on their property and running the bed and breakfast which is a boring existence for Olivia until her heat is due and her rule against taking reservations during that time is broken by her greedy sibling. There is an emergency and they are going to be hosting a guest. No one said the guest would be an alpha. What follows is a meeting, a realization and a rescue that changes not only Olivia’s life, but that of her pride as well. Argus is just going to a family wedding rehearsal when he begins hearing the phrase defective omega. He has researched a lot of omegas and there is no such thing as a defective one. When he realizes that these words are describing the dainty little woman who helped his panthers get settled, he has a quick discussion with his pridemates and they head off to rescue the omega in question. With any luck, she will choose them. If not, they will have to charm her. Either way, Olivia is theirs.

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VS Note: Siobhan Muir has been sharing snippets from her PNR story in this anthology, which have been so good…

We heard the readers asking for something different, and we’ve delivered! Twelve brand new, romance stories all in one great anthology—and each one flips at least one beloved romance trope. From sweet contemporary romance to spicy paranormals, this anthology includes multiple USA Today bestselling authors and other names you know and love. Each story is marked with genre and heat level, so settle down to have your expectations twisted and fall in love with unusual heroes!

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A dear friend of Miss Hallie’s is murdered and Xavier is the prime suspect when he’s seen at the crime scene tossing fireballs. Miss Hallie is devastated, but she’s not so sure Xavier is to blame, which bothers Georgie to no end. Veronique attempts to contact the victim, but he can only remember bits and pieces. One item he does remember consists of opening a portal that may or may not have released an evil spirit. The Jambalaya Grapevine includes elderly witches and warlocks. Georgie and crew decide it’s time to consult with the elders on certain signs and manifestations that seem evil, especially after Veronique’s seance. The Grapevine warns the group they are messing with a force that can’t be controlled. Has Xavier aligned with this force in an attempt to take them all down?

Amazon KU


Stanley is almost fifty. He hates his job, has an overbearing mother, and is in a failed relationship. Then he meets Asher, the man of his dreams, literally in his dreams. Asher is young, captivating, and confident about his future—everything Stanley is not. So, Asher gives Stan a gift. The chance to be an extra five years younger each time they meet. Some of their adventures are whimsical. A few are challenging. Others are totally surreal. All are designed to bring Stan closer to the moment his joyful childhood turned to tears. But when they fall in love, Stan knows he can’t live in Asher’s dreamworld. Yet he is haunted by Asher’s invitation to “slip into eternal sleep.”

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Hi, I’m Marissa Hale and I’ve spelled up some trouble. You see, I live in Boca, Florida. Most of the time all the mishmash of paranormal play nice in the sandbox—except when it’s an ice rink. Of course I’d be the one to test the boundaries of the “no spelling” rule at the hockey arena when Grace begged me to go to a game. My careless spell to conceal the nacho cheese disaster, which happened when a big blob landed on her treasured jersey, caused more trouble than the wrath I avoided from my hockey obsessed friend. Due to the ridiculous rule, Grace inadvertently gets blamed and tossed into the arena’s jail for illicit magic…and I might have accidentally spelled one of the players. When I try to make things right, my sleuthing skills uncover secrets, and more trouble than I bargained for. I might need more than my chatty cat and charmed cocktails to solve this mystery.     Amazon KU


War is coming. And if I don’t act fast, everyone I love will pay the price. I spent thirty days with the aloof serial killer and mobster Vincent Davenport before being passed to the vice president of the Bloody Skulls, Mason. Mason is the exact opposite of Vincent in every way, but both men set my heart alight. While Vincent is ice, Mason is fire. While Vincent is cold passion, Mason is heat and laughter. But falling in love is immensely dangerous when there’s a war looming on the horizon. A war that threatens everyone I have ever come to care about. As my relationships with both Vincent and Mason grow, I find myself intrigued by the protective, possessive prince of the Totemic Tribe, Tai. He’s everything I shouldn’t want in a man—bossy, arrogant, and possessive—but I find that I don’t want to stay away. I find that I can’t stay away. One man wants to claim me. Another wants to protect me. And the last wants my heart and soul. All three men despise each other, yet none of them can stay away from me. Will this queen claim her kings? Or will she fall prey to a war she didn’t start?       Amazon KU

APOPHIS by L N Manning

Dylan Moore was a loner, passed around from group home to group home by the system, where the children in those types of facilities had often been given up willingly to institutions or orphanages. That was why Dylan kept to himself, not making friends with the other residents in them. If he didn’t get close to anyone, he wouldn’t mourn them when he was moved again. Except for the last home he was in, he did make a friend. One friend, Zach. The two young men became fast friends and did everything together, even after they both aged out of the program. Dylan had never felt love, loss or desire of any kind to be with anyone, until …(more blurb on ebook seller site…)

Amazon KU


A few of the local drug dealers want me dead. I’m ducking knives everywhere I go. They’re on the verge of a turf war with me caught in the middle. I left that life a long time ago, but for some reason, it won’t let me go.Then I get a phone call. Someone’s collecting witches. They’re collecting them for their own evil purposes. My digging makes me a target. Now I have a group of deadly witches after me on top of the local drug runners.I gather a few friends. We go on the offense. Only, the leader of the witches is someone I love. It’s someone I could never hurt. If I don’t fight, I die. If I hurt this person, I’ll never forgive myself.The local drug dealers aim to snatch my heart from my chest. A group of powerful witches want my head on their mantel. Is there any way for me to survive, or will this be my last dance?

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ZODIAC ACADEMY: THE AWAKENING AS TOLD BY THE BOYS by Caroline Peckham and Susanne Valenti

The Vega twins are alive. Those five words circle in my mind like an oncoming storm. They change everything about the future we thought had been set in stone. They challenge everything we were raised to be and the stability of the entire kingdom. They’re coming to our academy looking for the life that was stolen from them, but we can’t let them take it back. So much hangs in the balance and we can’t risk the arrival of two naïve princesses destroying everything we worked so hard for. I have trained in dark magic, overcome all challenges and stood in the shadow of Lionel Acrux for far too long already. I won’t let them come between me and his downfall. Which means they have to go before they discover how powerful they truly are. This is a retelling of the first book in the Zodiac Academy series from the point of view of Orion and the Heirs and should be read after you have finished the original story. It includes scenes from alternative points of view as well over 50k words of additional content and scenes which have never before been revealed. So prepare to step into the dark minds of the Zodiac boys and watch out for the heartbreak and carnage that will ensue.   Amazon KU


Three years ago, Cohen Brandwein was a teenage media-darling, a popular author and internet celebrity. But ever since he came out as trans, public opinion has been less than golden, and these days he wants nothing more than to escape the big city and find somewhere quiet to work on his next book. When he inherits an old house in the Irish countryside, Cohen sees it as a perfect opportunity to get away from it all. What he doesn’t count on is becoming embroiled in a paranormal murder mystery, and falling for the primary suspect, a handsome but mysterious self-proclaimed witch, whose reality makes Cohen’s fantasy books seem like child’s play.

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FORESTBORN by Elayne Audrey Becker

Rora is a shifter, as magical as all those born in the wilderness—and as feared. She uses her abilities to spy for the king, traveling under different guises and listening for signs of trouble. When a magical illness surfaces across the kingdom, Rora uncovers a devastating truth: Finley, the young prince and her best friend, has caught it, too. His only hope is stardust, the rarest of magical elements, found deep in the wilderness where Rora grew up—and to which she swore never to return. But for her only friend, Rora will face her past and brave the dark, magical wood, journeying with her brother and the obstinate, older prince who insists on coming. Together, they must survive sentient forests and creatures unknown, battling an ever-changing landscape while escaping human pursuers who want them dead. With illness gripping the kingdom and war on the horizon, Finley’s is not the only life that hangs in the balance.

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Winning the opportunity to meet her idol backstage — rock god Ash Canon — is Layla’s dream come true. She’s lucky, isn’t she? After all, she is his biggest fan — and she knows everything there is to know about him. At least, she thought she did! But when she steps into his dressing room, a deep, seductive scent tells Layla this rock star has one big secret he’s kept well hidden from the world. Ash Canon is an Alpha. And when that same scent tips her into heat, all her wildest dreams and most outrageous fantasies come true … until one rash deed leads to Layla’s worst nightmare. Forced together while the world’s press sniff around for gossip, can their lustful actions lead to the kind of love Ash sings about?       Amazon KU


Cora Covington, once feared assassin, is on the run with the last remaining survivors of her demon coven. But as she struggles to retaliate against her power-hungry father, she realizes the cost to defeat him is more devastating than she feared. Vince Delgado walks the line between Reapers and Timekeepers, desperate to get back to Cora. The more he uncovers about the Timekeepers, the more secrets he finds buried within the timeline… until he comes face-to-face with a deadly threat that transcends the laws of time. Cora and Vince must rely on their skills—and the strength of their love—in order to survive. But when their enemies align, the star-crossed lovers must confront their battles head-on before the world is torn apart. Even if it destroys them both.       Amazon KU


My mates’ junk keeps flying away, my magic doesn’t work, and my brother is trying to kill me… So, it’s a normal Tuesday. Romance is difficult when my men’s *ahem* roosters flee whenever they get hard. Even more difficult is chasing down their rogue junk while avoiding a vengeful witch who wants nothing more than to destroy me and my men. On top of it all, my magic no longer works. For the first time in my life, I can’t defend my loved ones. With our lives falling apart, the only thing that might save us is the one thing my men and I avoid: Our families.       Amazon KU

THE WITCH HAVEN by Sasha Peyton Smith

In 1911 New York City, seventeen-year-old Frances Hallowell spends her days as a seamstress, mourning the mysterious death of her brother months prior. Everything changes when she’s attacked and a man ends up dead at her feet—her scissors in his neck, and she can’t explain how they got there. Before she can be condemned as a murderess, two cape-wearing nurses arrive to inform her she is deathly ill and ordered to report to Haxahaven Sanitarium. But Frances finds Haxahaven isn’t a sanitarium at all: it’s a school for witches. Within Haxahaven’s glittering walls, Frances finds the sisterhood she craves, but the headmistress warns Frances that magic is dangerous. Frances has no interest in the small, safe magic of her school, and is instead enchanted by Finn, a boy with magic himself who appears in her dreams and tells her he can teach her all she’s been craving to learn…(more on ebook seller page…)

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VS Note: A re-edited re-release.

Someone’s got it in for the Adams brothers. But who? And why? Werewolf brothers Matthew and Isaac have lived in the peaceful village of Eyam, Derbyshire all their lives. The villagers know what they are, and have their reasons for keeping quiet. But this secrecy comes at a cost—the brothers can’t risk romantic entanglements. Then, at the next full moon, a sheep is slaughtered on Eyam Moor, by what could only be a large animal. Even the brothers’ staunchest supporters begin to have their doubts about who—or what—could have done it. As the brothers fight to clear their names, things are complicated by unexpected opportunities to indulge their lust. Isaac is intrigued by a handsome newcomer to the village, and a vivacious visitor is happy to offer Matthew her all. Can the men prove their innocence, or is their centuries-old secret about to be revealed to the outside world, bringing their carefully crafted existence crashing down around their ears?

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VS Note: Not exactly a fantasy, although it’s fiction, I thought the Netflix series was fun and here’s a new adventure.

Enola Holmes is the much younger sister of her more famous brothers, Sherlock and Mycroft. But she has all the wits, skills, and sleuthing inclinations of them both. At fifteen, she’s an independent young woman–after all, her name spelled backwards reads ‘alone’–and living on her own in London. When a young professional woman, Miss Letitia Glover, shows up on Sherlock’s doorstep, desperate to learn more about the fate of her twin sister, it is Enola who steps up. It seems her sister, the former Felicity Glover, married the Earl of Dunhench and per a curt note from the Earl, has died. But Letitia Glover is convinced this isn’t the truth, that she’d know–she’d feel–if her twin had died. ..(more blurb on the ebook seller’s page…)
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Life at the Guardians just got more complicated with our enemies released from maximum security. They want payback and our blood. Our only chance of getting out of this in one piece is catching the criminal vampires and earning the bounty.  The one good constant in my life is my men. But as our relationships grow, secrets come between us and things start to change. Nothing good lasts forever. Does it?      Amazon KU


Galan Faraday’s refusal to join the rogue alchemist and wizards puts him at the ire of Lucien Bonaparte. The Master Wizard goes head-to-head against the Master Alchemist in an apocalyptic battle. The wizard traps Galan’s soul in a hellish vision. To escape, Galan must choose to pass through the Tree of the Soul. The rite of passage for all alchemists is a seven-stage trial. These internal trials have external consequences. If Galan cannot pass each stage, he will lose his soul. Some within the trial think that having a soulless Master Alchemist is an asset. While others help Galan remain true to himself. What if the world needs a soulless man to save it? If Galan survives the gauntlet, who will emerge? A wise and caring man or a terrorizing beast without a soul?

Amazon KU


Nothing cuts as deep as a fated mate bond. Maia has found her mates, only for one to betray her. Once again at the mercy of her aunt, the cruel queen of the fae court, Maia will have to draw on her new, volatile magic and beg the saints for help. Because Ismene will stop at nothing to make her obey. She has wicked plans for Maia’s snaresong power, and not even Ark, the palace guard who might be Maia’s mate, can protect her. A dark war rises. Dangerous evil festers in the City of Skies, and though Azrail and his rebels have rescued the missing beastkind, the atrocities won’t stop. Dark forces are gathering across the Vassal Empire, threatening every realm in the Saintlands, and as Maia’s mates fight to save their tortured princess, it’s clear the evil is only beginning. The worst is yet to come.       Amazon KU


Knox is determined to find the drug lord hunting his twin’s fated mate and put an end to him and his men, but when he locates the humans, he gets the surprise of his life—he knows the beautiful, bewitching female guiding them. This bear shifter isn’t one for believing in second chances, but it looks as if the one he’s been hoping for just walked into his territory. Now all he needs to do is save her, find his balls and admit he’s crazy in love with her, and not mess things up again!      Skye is desperate. Her bar is badly in need of a cash injection so when four men show up offering a huge sum of money for a guide, she recklessly agrees to take them up into a dangerous, wintry valley. When she discovers the men have come armed for more than the local wildlife and finds herself their hostage, things don’t look good, and she’s not sure her luck is changing for the better when she spots someone tailing them—a man she hasn’t seen in two years—since they surrendered to their attraction and shared one magical night together… and he left her without a word.Can Knox redeem himself by saving Skye from danger and prove himself worthy of a second shot with his one true mate? And can Skye bring herself to forgive the gorgeous, wicked Knox—the only man to break her heart?

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GUARDIAN by Jen Lawrence

Every Guardian was born a warrior with powerful magic and a soulmate to complete her. All except for Luna, it seemed, who despite having mastered her craft, continued her fight in solitude. She was an enigma in their society—alone for far longer than any Guardian before her. Still, Luna remained hopeful that one day her soulmate would find her, and all the tender yearning would have been worth it. Then Gia stumbles into her life. Gia—who lives a Human life, in Human glamour, with a Human fiancé. Now Luna finds herself questioning everything that she—and the Guardians—have believed in for millennia. “Love isn’t always enough.” Luna had always understood the words, but she had never actually believed them.



It’s Halloween season in small town San Borromeo, and partners Abigail and Hyperion are determined to make their Tea & Tarot room spooktacular. But when Hyperion’s boyfriend, Detective Tony Chase, is arrested at Beanblossom’s for murder, the duo is certain someone’s playing a nasty trick. And when the official investigation turns into a witch hunt, the stakes to unearth the truth are raised…But a clever killer has plans to squash their investigation… and the two amateur detectives. If they don’t solve this puzzle—and fast—it will be out of the cauldron and into the fire for them both.

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I’m a catastrophe waiting to happen—I always have been.When a waterspout drops me on the shores of a seemingly deserted island, I soon realize that I’m not on Earth and I’m not alone. This new world is full of dangers, from sea monsters and feuding tribes to poisonous food and beasts that lurk in the shadows. None of those things are as dangerous as the Mongrel men appointed to guard and teach me. All I want to do is go home, but the island has no intentions of letting me leave. I’ll be forced to interact with total strangers to survive this perilous land surrounded by treacherous waters. My dreams of happiness sink into the dark depths below as I struggle to save myself from certain death. The Mongrels will learn that fear makes a person reckless. My name is Adelaide Storm. But they’ll call me Ada Stormbrave.   Amazon KU


My fated mate rejected me—and now I’ve been captured by someone even worse. As the half-human outcast of the Cancer pack, I’ve been beaten and bullied my whole life. Gaining my wolf form and my fated mate is my only chance to change packs and hope for a better life. Except when my fated mate is revealed, he’s the future alpha of the Leo pack—our worst enemies. He rejects me in front of everyone, just before the Leos slaughter my entire pack and murder my family. I manage to escape, but then I’m kidnapped by a far greater threat: the alpha of the mysterious lost pack. The 13th sign was banished from the Zodiac Wolves years ago, and I thought they were just a myth. They’re real. They’re holding me captive. And the dark, dangerous alpha is offering me something I can’t refuse—revenge.       Amazon KU


Geraldine’s memories are spotty at best, and many of them are pure fiction. While her family attempts to solve the puzzle with far too many pieces missing, she’s forced to confront a past life that she can’t remember, a present that’s more fantastic than her wildest made-up stories, and a future that might be better than her most heartfelt fantasies. But as more clues are uncovered, the picture starting to emerge is beyond anything she or her family could have ever imagined.

Amazon KU


What do you do when you thought it was all over, only to realize it’s all just begun? I died. I looked into Rogan Kendrick’s eyes, told him I loved him…and then I died. So how the hell am I standing naked in the middle of a morgue, doing my best not to freak the fuck out? I’m a Bone Witch, or at least I was before Rogan bound us together. Blood magic now flows through my veins too, and I think somehow the man I shouldn’t love, the one who betrayed me, who couldn’t choose me…has saved me. If the High Council finds out they’ll hunt us, and they won’t be the only ones. A certain bastard demon did promise to see me soon. I don’t know exactly what the hell is going on, but I do know this: My name is Lennox Osseous and it’s time to show them why you don’t fuck with the Bone Witch.       Amazon KU


Yet another surprise sends us sprinting further north in a desperate search for a cure. We’re running out of time, and the life of my mate—let alone the entire world—rests in the balance. Because now we know the legacy isn’t just about the Alpha Queen. An ancient evil has been growing in hidden places, aided by the Elders and their bitter determination to keep secrets. As darkness closes in, our last ray of hope is to fulfill the legacy of the Alpha Queen and end the wraiths for all time. Or fail, and doom the world to eternal night.       Amazon KU


When the orcs invaded the human dimension, no one could stop them. War raged for years, and now the monstrous beasts have agreed to peace on two conditions: one, the human scientists must rebuild the machine that brought them into this world; and two, they must be provided with fertile brides to bear them orc babies. Grace Adams is out of options. Fate hasn’t been kind to her, and she feels like she’s failing at every step. With too many responsibilities on her shoulders, it’s hard to keep a job and pay rent on time, and she’s so tired of the men she comes across taking advantage of her. The worst part is that the one she loves most has to suffer for it, too. She needs to get away. She needs to try the one thing she hasn’t tried yet – becoming an orc bride. Maybe this time, she’ll find someone to take care of her for once, protect her and nurture her like she’s always dreamed.
Kaius the Fierce knows this is a bad time to take a human mate, but the life of a captain can get lonely, especially when he’s so far from home. Since his horde landed in the humans’ dimension, not much has changed. He’s still fighting with an enemy horde over land, and it doesn’t help that in their home world, they each pledged their loyalty to enemy war chiefs. For Kaius, life is a never-ending battle. Maybe it’s selfish of him to bring sweet, curvy, gentle Grace in the middle of it, but he can’t help it. He feels like she needs him, and protecting those who need him has always been his calling.

Amazon KU


I’m Hade’s Queen, and not even a war will keep us apart . . .It turns out I’m Queen of the Underworld. Hades’ Queen. I love him with the fiercest passion. Except we may never be together when Pirithous is unleashing lost souls on Seattle and Hades has gone to war to stop him. I’m in hiding to stay safe, but I’ll be damned if I let Hades fight this war alone . . .My love for Persephone could end everything  – With every soul I destroy, the darkness inside me grows stronger. But if I stop, Pirithous will get what he’s after—Persephone. I know someone powerful is helping him. Someone we trust. To keep my Queen safe, I need to find out who, and then end it. There’s only one problem. The power I must draw on to destroy the evil is a formidable ancient magic that has the power to destroy us too.         Amazon KU

MARKED BY WAR (UNRULY GODS BOOK 1) by Milly Taiden and Kala Aster

Alyssa, one of the three Fates tasked with guarding the gates of Olympus, is spoiling for a good fight. She’s bored to tears. Nothing’s happened in forever. When three gods sneak onto Earth, she meets her match on the battlefield and wants nothing more than to kick his annoying butt. It’s hard enough fighting her hormones, but it’s impossible to keep her mind or hands off the gorgeous god.
Ares, God of War, visits Earth without permission and is caught by Alyssa, a Fate who can kick him to the curb. The God of War vanquished? Never. Seriously, not gonna happen. What he does want to happen is to get a taste of the sassy Fate. But he finds that in addition to his magic being rivaled, this Fate threatens to conquer his restless heart. When a mysterious, powerful magic attacks, she’ll need all the help she can get to keep them all alive. Ares can’t let Alyssa get hurt. He’ll give everything he has to keep his little spitfire from diving into battle to her death. Even his life.     Amazon KU

CLAIMED MATE (QUEEN OF THE PACK BOOK 2) by Roxie Ray and Skye Wilson

Claiming my mate was only the beginning . . .The wolves and the fae are enemies, and Cal and I are caught in the middle. I’m the pack’s true Alpha, but the pack won’t accept me or Cal, because I just found out I’m also half-fae.Then we meet a rogue group of supernaturals who tell us about a prophecy. They believe a hybrid is supposed to reunite the shifters and fae after years of hostility and war—and that hybrid is me. But first I’ll have to learn to harness powers I didn’t know I have.
With the pack closing in and the fae coming for me, Cal and I are in danger of losing each other a second time. If we want to be together, I only have two choices—find the strength to accept who I really am and end this war. Or die trying.       Amazon KU


VS: Continuing with my highlighting of the Badari Warriors backlist…the sequel to this one will be coming up soon in my writing schedule…Reede was fun to write because he has a very black and white view of the world and how rules should be enforced and his mate has to work around that to convince him to give in to love and give them a chance.


Lt. Fallyn Damara was sent by the Sectors to investigate a strange transmission from an isolated planet and determine whether the residents of a vanished colony had been transported there by alien enemies. Fallyn’s ship crashes and she’s taken prisoner by the Khagrish scientists, to await her fate in the slate of horrifying experiments being conducted.  

Reede, the second ranking enforcer in the Badari Warrior pack, volunteers to be recaptured by the Khagrish in an effort to locate and rescue Fallyn inside the deadly lab complex.

While a prisoner Reede discovers Fallyn is the woman destined to become his fated mate but the moment is bittersweet because Fallyn will be leaving their world at the first opportunity, to report back to the Sectors. He refuses to complete the mate bond, believing to do so will lead to nothing but lifelong misery for them both, separated by lightyears and interstellar politics.

For her part, Fallyn wants to shake up the rule-bound enforcer and persuade him to take a chance on love.

But first they have to escape the Khagrish.

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