New Releases in #SciFi #Fantasy and Paranormal Romance for Wednesday NOV 17

As always, I recommend sampling before you buy! I have not read most of the new releases listed (although I always end up one-clicking a bunch as I prepare these posts LOL). 


GUILD BOSS: A HARMONY NOVEL BOOK 15 by Jayne Castle (Jayne Ann Krentz)

VS Note: I LOVE this series. Autobuy for me!

Living in this new, alien world doesn’t stop the settlers from trying to re-create what they’ve left behind. Case in point—weddings are still the highlight of any social calendar. But it’s the after-party that turns disastrous for Lucy Bell. Kidnapped and drugged as she leaves the party, she manages to escape—only to find herself lost in the mysterious, alien underground maze of glowing green tunnels beneath Illusion Town. She’s been surviving on determination and cold pizza, scavenged for her by a special dust bunny, when help finally shows up.      Gabriel Jones is the Ghost Hunter sent to rescue her, but escaping the underground ruins isn’t the end of her troubles—it’s only the beginning. With no rational reason for her abduction, and her sole witness gone on another assignment for the Guild, whispers start circulating that Lucy made it all up. Soon her life unravels until she has nothing left but her pride. The last thing she expects is for Gabriel Jones to come back to town for her.
The Lucy that Gabriel finds is not the same woman he rescued, the one who looked at him as if he were her hero. This Lucy is sharp, angry, and more than a little cynical—instead of awe, she treats him with extreme caution. But a killer is still hunting her, and there aren’t a lot of options when it comes to heroes. Despite her wariness, Gabriel is also the one person who believes Lucy—after all, he was there. He’s determined to help clear her reputation, no matter what it takes. And as the new Guild Boss, his word is law, even in the lawlessness of Illusion Town.

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VS Note: Let me count the ways I love her sizzlin’ cyborgs! Had this pre-ordered…

B is the last remaining B Model cyborg. All of his brethren, the beings he trained with, fought with, cared deeply for, have perished. Or so he believes. When he intercepts a communication mentioning the existence of one of his kind, he has to investigate its source. The message could be a trap set by his enemies. He’ll take that risk if it secures him the companionship he requires to be fully functional. What he finds is a daring brown-eyed female who activates all his systems. She proudly proclaims she’s a researcher, brandishing that information like a weapon before her. He wants to kiss the sass off her beautiful face, protect her from the dangers around them, claim her forever. Quinn is on a quest to locate the mechanics of an early-version cyborg. She believes the information captured within that frame will give her valuable insights into the past. When her mission goes zombie-like beings levels of wrong, she comes face-to-face with a living, breathing B Model. He has big hands, a primitive countenance, and stern hard lips crafted for kissing. She doesn’t trust him. And she doesn’t have time to indulge her desires. Their shared enemies are chasing them, would kill to get their precious specimens back. One minor mistake could reduce B and Quinn to a mere line in the databases of history.

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VS Note: Yay! Always happy to see a new one from Ms. Dohner.

When her parents died in her youth, Anabel Brick—along with her sister, Jessa—was raised as an orphan of United Earth. While her sister became an Alien Research Specialist, Anabel’s skills were put to a different use. She’s a tool for U.E. and its military fleet…a spy…a killer. Her current mission also turns out to be her last. If she succeeds, if the criminals don’t take her out first, she’ll remain marooned on the deep-space planet. Any rescue effort too dangerous to attempt for a single operative. Anabel always knew her life wasn’t going to have a happy ending. Little does Anabel know, the hunter is about to become the hunted.      Raze and his hunter grouping have suffered too much loss. All they have left is each other and the anticipation of hunting prey for the rest of their lives. It does give them a sense of peace to track, capture, and sometimes kill vile beings who harm others. Now his grouping has been commissioned by other Veslors to find Anabel and return her to her family safely. Finding the female is easy; Raze and his grouping brothers are the best at what they do. Subduing a woman who’s more than human is another matter. Little does Raze know, rescuing Anabel could have dire consequences for everyone…Veslors included.

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Madeline Atwater hasn’t been given a lot of choices in her life. When her twin sister unexpectedly dies, Madeline takes the opportunity to honor her memory and change the dangerous trajectory of her own life. Assuming her sister’s identity, she sets off to a treacherous frontier moon to raise her newly-adopted son and start a fresh life for herself. There’s only one problem – her sister was a devout servant of the church, so the faithless Madeline needs to pass herself off as one of the faithful, or risk losing everything if her true identity is discovered. She’s just beginning to think she can pull it off, when a gorgeous dragon-warrior shows up, igniting feelings in her that are too strong to ignore and threatening to bring her whole charade crashing down around her.     Jett is a proud Invicta warrior, assigned to guard a baby on a remote moon for twenty standard years. It’s the easiest job in the world, until an unwelcome mate bond binds him to the child’s alluring mother within seconds of their meeting. Which wouldn’t be so bad, except that she’s already pledged herself to the church. As desire and sympathy combine to drag his heart closer and closer to Madeline’s, Jett finds himself torn between his need to claim her, and his determination to honor her commitment to her beliefs. ..(more blurb on ebook seller page…0

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BRUTAL CLAIM (PLANET OF KINGS BOOK 2) by Lee Savino and Tabitha Black

Aurus: The High King of Ulfaria needs no introduction. What I need is an Omega. And now, I’ve found one. Kim. She is small and perfect, as I knew she would be. I will demand her obedience, then I will give her the perfect nest and allow her to bear my heirs. She vows to defy me, but one way or another, she will submit. Kim: Hold. My. Beer.                  Amazon KU

ELDER RACE by Adrian Tschaikovsky

VS Note: A hard scifi release of note. On my TBR List.

In Adrian Tchaikovsky’s Elder Race, a junior anthropologist on a distant planet must help the locals he has sworn to study to save a planet from an unbeatable foe. Lynesse is the lowly Fourth Daughter of the queen, and always getting in the way. But a demon is terrorizing the land, and now she’s an adult (albeit barely) with responsibilities (she tells herself). Although she still gets in the way, she understands that the only way to save her people is to invoke the pact between her family and the Elder sorcerer who has inhabited the local tower for as long as her people have lived here (though none in living memory has approached it). But Elder Nyr isn’t a sorcerer, and he is forbidden to help, and his knowledge of science tells him the threat cannot possibly be a demon.

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Lily – If you think getting abducted by little green men is bad, try waking up with your stasis pod smashed into the side of a cliff. That’s what happened to me. To top it off, I get rescued by an alien gargoyle! He’s huge and hard as rock, with sharp teeth, horns, and a freakin’ tail. And now, we’re both on the run because of me. Xadren can’t keep me, but he promises to bring me somewhere safe. My goal now is to survive the next few days without falling for my stone-faced protector. Easy, right?
Xadren – I messed up. Now I’ve got assassins on my tail. My plan to hide on this outlaw planet gets waylaid when a slave ship crash lands on the planet and drops a stasis pod with a human female inside right next to my hiding spot. Curious, I check out the merchandise. That’s mistake number two because now I have a human female to care for and both the slavers and the assassins after me. I’m in no state to claim a mate, but the more time we spend together, the more I realize I can never let her go.                     Amazon KU


VS Note: From OCT 26

Nova Reeves was born to live a science fiction life. That life is about to become science fact. When Nova was a kid, her parents always hoped she’d grow up to work with the newly discovered Lyran race. So when the opportunity rises to head to the first human-Lyran colony of Azoth, she jumps at the chance, taking whatever job she can as long as she can explore the furthest reaches of the galaxy. The problem? Azoth is home to the Resistance, and it’s in the crosshairs of the Separatists, a group devoted to eradicating human influence in Lyran space. Lyran film aficionado Solnet Va’rez meets Nova right before everything on Azoth is thrown into chaos, and makes the snap decision to try and rescue his dream girl. They end up getting abducted together instead, taken by the Separatists to an unknown fate. Nova becomes a lifeline for Solnet through the final volleys of the war, but she isn’t sure how she feels about him. Will Nova return to safety, or will she follow the alien she’s falling for into battle?                    Amazon KU


VS Note: Not a romance but a scifi release of note that sounded really good. Gets compared to ‘Farscape’ because the ship is a living being.

TwiceFar station is at the edge of the known universe, and that’s just how Niko Larson, former Admiral in the Grand Military of the Hive Mind, likes it. Retired and finally free of the continual war of conquest, Niko and the remnants of her former unit are content to spend the rest of their days working at the restaurant they built together, The Last Chance. But, some wars can’t ever be escaped, and unlike the Hive Mind, some enemies aren’t content to let old soldiers go. Niko and her crew are forced onto a sentient ship convinced that it is being stolen and must survive the machinations of a sadistic pirate king if they even hope to keep the dream of The Last Chance alive.

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His muscles have muscles and even though he looks human he’s a purple alien! Claire just wanted to help the small island off the coast of South America with her newly obtained microbiologist degree. One second she’s boarding the plane to take her to her new life, the next second she loses consciousness. She travels far away. Out of this world. Her eyes open to the hunkiest man dressed as a purple alien telling her she crash-landed on the planet. He tells her she’s the alien and this isn’t planet Earth. She believes he abducted her, as in an alien abduction. What now? Derix’s spaceship crashed on the prison planet over a year ago. All he wants to do is fix his spaceship and escape until the human crashed near his camp. Until she needed him to save her. Now all he wants to do is make her his.                           Amazon KU

THE MOON CROSSING by Eileen Troemel and Jan Selbourne

In 2030, World Correction Center – the Earth’s most secure prison – is a miserable place to land. Since it’s on the moon, it’s inescapable. It contains the worst criminals Earth has ever seen. So why are the brilliant minds across the globe being sent to this black hole of the justice system? When world-renowned archeologist Micky Cooper is charged with embezzling, his sister Susan knows it’s a set up. It’s up to her to prove his innocence. Susan thinks she might be paranoid but she swears she’s being followed and should she trust the nice man whose cousin has disappeared as well? Was it just a chance meeting or is he against her too? Teaming up with Greg Tanner, a man equally resolved to prove the innocence of his cousin, Samantha Tanner – a world leading linguist. Susan and Greg seek clues wherever they can find them but they’re barely keeping one step ahead of those who want them to stop. They begin to unravel the web of lies, fraud and cover up. Just when they start to put the pieces together, Susan and Greg are forced to run for their lives. With a nudge from Samantha, they find someone to help. Is this woman an ally? Or simply part of a greater conspiracy to hide the truth? What exactly is on the moon and why are the Earth’s greatest minds being sent there to serve time?                 Amazon KU


VS Note: Not romance. A hard scifi release of note.

As Jaya struggles to recover from life-threatening injuries, Luka unites the dissident voices in the galaxy to create something better to take the Union’s place. But he soon finds that it’s much harder to build a civilization than it is to tear one down. Jaya seeks answers in her past about the man now terrorizing the galaxy, revealing still more mysteries about her father’s origins. In Dresha, Tynan awaits trial, where he faces charges for treason. But clearing his name means revealing sensitive details about the resistance and betraying those he loves. Tynan must find another way to make his people see what’s happening in the galaxy, or his old mentor will succeed in bending the nation’s arc to his own goals. Mara reluctantly assumes the throne of a divided Nareian Empire. As the nobility chafe under the rule of a new monarch, Mara and her allies try to shift Narei toward democratic rule. But as they struggle to bring about the reforms Narei desperately needs, a civil war threatens to throw it all back into chaos. There are invisible forces shaping the galaxy. The war is not won yet, and the stakes might be larger than they ever knew.                    Amazon KU


The alien I’ve been paired with is huge. Angry. And not nice at all. Everything I dislike, even if he is the handsomest man I’ve ever seen. Alien. Whatever. Unfortunately, we’re going to have to work together to survive this game. With every day that passes, I see a little bit more past the wall he’s built around himself. Arrogant, bossy. Sure. But now there’s something more. Strong arms and a rock-hard striped body. Gentle fingers, a well-hidden tenderness, and an overwhelming hunger for my touch. Suddenly it’s not just my life under constant attack. How can I protect my heart?           Amazon KU


I’m all about grabbing happiness where you can. But what if it’s in the embrace of a four-armed alien? 
Life has never been easy for me. But being abducted by aliens, crash landing on a strange planet, then rescued by a four-armed bounty hunter takes the cake. He’s a jerk. A hot alien jerk. Except he didn’t have to come back for me. He didn’t have to take care of me. And now my body can’t forget what his touch felt like. Maybe easy isn’t what I want. Because what I want is him.      I’ve never let a bounty slip through my fingers. Now I’m tracking two of them: Vinip the thief, and a legendary stolen jewel. I’ve got no intention of letting either get away, but when the luscious Millie is thrown at me, suddenly I’m ready to reach for a new future. The feisty human female fate has thrown into my path is making me lose my grip. With four-arms, I’ve never met a situation I couldn’t handle. But every time I touch her silken skin, all I want is her. All I need is her. My quarry is a challenge, but now? I think I’m going to have my hands full.             Amazon KU

ZAI (BLADES OF ARRIS BOOK 2) by Starla Night

I will destroy all threats to the empire with unrelenting force. Even if that threat comes in the form of a weak, fragile lesser with night-black hair and beguiling eyes. The blades. Elite forces of the empire, nightmare to all servant-world residents just trying to scrape by. Of course I have to flee when my medical ship comes under attack. But my escape pod is captured by their ruthless leader. His face is hidden in an assassin’s cowl. Metal sai weapons are fused to his wristbones. He can fly between spaceships like an owl and execute enemies through a hull. Yet according to him, I’m the dangerous one. His people’s lust metal has gotten in my blood. They’ll tear each other apart trying to get to me. And then? Because they can’t understand their feelings, they’ll tear me apart, too. So he’s taking me to the Arsenal, a massive station teeming with his blades, where I’m one papercut away from unleashing hyperviolent zombie hordes. Well, okay. I’m lucky he’s the one who captured me. He senses the lust metal inside me, he understands the desires burning us both with unrelenting need, and he’s completely unaffected. Or, well, mostly.

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He’s the captive she never wanted. She’s the trainer he never knew he needed. Muscled, pierced and worldly, Titus Orfius Brutus is a Roman soldier dragged out of ancient history into the 31st century. With a penchant for pain and infuriating everyone around him, there’s no one he infuriates more than Kesha. Working with him in the gladiator games was a constant trial. Kesha thinks she’s finally seen the last of Titus when he’s sold on to be a slave in a pleasure resort at the far edges of the settled galaxy. So when she’s forced to take him with her on a mission she never wanted, it’s like her worst nightmare. Until the game they play takes an unexpected turn into uncharted territory. Titus shows Kesha just how far he’s willing to go to prove he can be what she needs. Will she give in to her desires or has she kept her heart caged for so long she’s lost the key?             Amazon KU


VS Note: From OCT 14

Mike Zielinski has joined St. Louis’s superhero team under his new secret identity as Dr. Z. He’s partnered with Aiden Saliette, code name: Stardust. Mike is immediately attracted to his gorgeous partner, but determined to keep their relationship professional, he hides his attraction behind a no-nonsense exterior. It works, until one night, in an unguarded moment between them, he reveals his secret desire. Aiden loves being a superhero. What he doesn’t love is being stuck with an uptight new partner. However, he grudgingly accepts Dr. Z’s help in order to stop the zealous attacker terrorizing the city. Long nights on patrol lead to shared intimacy, and Aiden comes to realize that behind his partner’s stern façade, is a scarred, vulnerable man longing for love. Aiden is tempted to explore the powerful chemistry that sparks between them but his own relationship fears and emotional wounds hold him back. As partners united against evil villains, Dr. Z and Stardust are an unbeatable team. But the ghosts of their pasts might be too strong for them to defeat. The super-powered lovers will have to fight to save the day, and for a chance at a love that lasts forever.

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Rain: My life has never been my own, and that’s never been more true than in the Rinian Galaxy. I’ve always had dreams that led me to believe my life is bigger than being the servant to some snake alien queen, but as each year goes by, I’m beginning to think my subconscious is lying to me. Until he shows up… the Kaluma with one blue eye who I’ve never forgotten. But he’s not who I remember, and it seems this galaxy has broken another soul.              Kazel: I will rescue Rain, and I refuse to die trying. She’s the reason I’m alive, and I always repay my debts, even if it means pretending to be someone I’m not to infiltrate the enemy’s stronghold. But this won’t be easy. As I embark on the mission of my life, I know it will take all of my wits to rescue the beautiful, strong human and then convince her I’m her future… as her fated mate.             Amazon KU

NOOR by Nnedi Okorafor

VS Note: Not a romance but a scifi release of note.

Anwuli Okwudili prefers to be called AO. To her, these initials have always stood for Artificial Organism. AO has never really felt…natural, and that’s putting it lightly. Her parents spent most of the days before she was born praying for her peaceful passing because even in-utero she was “wrong”. But she lived. Then came the car accident years later that disabled her even further. Yet instead of viewing her strange body the way the world views it, as freakish, unnatural, even the work of the devil, AO embraces all that she is: A woman with a ton of major and necessary body augmentations. And then one day she goes to her local market and everything goes wrong. Once on the run, she meets a Fulani herdsman named DNA and the race against time across the deserts of Northern Nigeria begins. In a world where all things are streamed, everyone is watching the “reckoning of the murderess and the terrorist” and the “saga of the wicked woman and mad man” unfold. This fast-paced, relentless journey of tribe, destiny, body, and the wonderland of technology revels in the fact that the future sometimes isn’t so predictable. Expect the unaccepted.

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He rescued me. And brought me into a whole new world of danger. Talan rescued me from the mountains on one of his hunts.Right off the bat I could tell that I was attracted to this alien warrior. His muscles rippled when he lifted me in the air. Feeling his torso only inflamed my desire. His legs were powerful. His scent was strong. It didn’t take him long to take me and two children who had attached themselves to me back to his palace in Cygoth. I prayed that my attraction wasn’t one sided. It wasn’t. I could feel my body draw his gaze. Could sense the wicked desires he wanted to subject me to. Our bodies pulled together. We knew we were fated mates. But fate had a cruel sense of humor. Just as it brought us together, it sought to drive us apart. Talan’s father was a Merchant King – and our love was an affront to his political ambition. And he began to skillfully weave his web to destroy our bond – and kill my people. Our love. I had thought it was a blessing. But…could it have been a curse?                Amazon KU


VS Note: Not romance but a scifi release of note.

In her short story collection, Even Greater Mistakes, Charlie Jane Anders upends genre cliches and revitalizes classic tropes with heartfelt and pants-wettingly funny social commentary.The woman who can see all possible futures is dating the man who can see the one and only foreordained future.
A wildly popular slapstick filmmaker is drawn, against his better judgment, into working with a fascist militia, against a background of social collapse. Two friends must embark on an Epic Quest To Capture The Weapon That Threatens The Galaxy, or else they’ll never achieve their dream of opening a restaurant.

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Kurg tore me away from the sheltered life I knew. He took my comfort and ripped it away – leaving only the harsh, desolate alien planet as my home. My father was told any rescue attempt would lead to my death. That’s the day all hope of rescue died. Every word from this Vakutan warlord is for me to obey. He controls my movement. Who I can talk to. When I can eat. What I can wear. He’s my lord. But he has no idea the betrayal in my heart. That I’m biding my time, and when his back is turned…That’s when I’ll stab him in his. He believes we’re mates. That I’m to be his queen in his sick and twisted fiefdom. So he spoils me. Cares for me. All the while I try in vain not to fall in love with him. Because I know that soon I’ll have to kill him. And as happy as I am now, I should never think I’m anything more than…A Monster’s Toy.                            Amazon KU


The government is hunting us, and I’m learning things about myself that are truly terrifying. In the last few weeks, my whole world has been thrown into chaos, and I’m not sure of anything anymore. Danger stalks my every step, and I’m not sure whom I can trust. S1 has secrets of his own. Secrets that could threaten everything we’ve built together…It’s ironic, isn’t it? S1’s love saved me, but it might just destroy me in the end.                    Amazon KU

THE EVERY: A NOVEL by Dave Eggers

VS Note: Not a romance but a scifi release of note.

From the award-winning, bestselling author of The Circle comes an exciting new follow-up. When the world’s largest search engine/social media company, the Circle, merges with the planet’s dominant ecommerce site, it creates the richest and most dangerous—and, oddly enough, most beloved—monopoly ever known: the Every. Delaney Wells is an unlikely new hire at the Every. A former forest ranger and unwavering tech skeptic, she charms her way into an entry-level job with one goal in mind: to take down the company from within. With her compatriot, the not-at-all-ambitious Wes Makazian, they look for the Every’s weaknesses, hoping to free humanity from all-encompassing surveillance and the emoji-driven infantilization of the species. But does anyone want what Delaney is fighting to save? Does humanity truly want to be free? Studded with unforgettable characters, outrageous outfits, and lacerating set-pieces, this companion to The Circle blends absurdity and terror, satire and suspense, while keeping the reader in apprehensive excitement about the fate of the company—and the human animal.

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Within the king’s mind lies the key to giving the queen new life. If only he would accept it. Barakiel tamed the elemental force of Destruction in all aspects but one. He could not save his mortal queen, his beloved Zan O’Gara. Afraid that Barakiel will choose death rather than live without her, Pellus and the healers clone the queen, intending to awaken her with her memories intact. They fail. Barakiel treats the innocent new Zan like his child, even though on some level, the clone remembers the queen’s love for her mate. Pellus attempts to convince the king that if he and Nuzan were to bond in Union, Zan O’Gara would be restored. Steeped in grief, Barakiel rejects his old friend’s schemes.
Nuzan must find her own way. She must learn to cope with the queen’s memories, stirring deep within her.

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VS Note: From Oct 15, not romance but sounded good.

Travel through a multitude of exciting worlds and adventures in this collection of innovative and thought-provoking science fiction and fantasy short stories. How does a scientist and a band of corporate superheroes escape an eternal time-loop? What does a “real” mermaid do when she’s held captive by a spoiled short-sighted prince? Why does a young woman find herself compelled to portray a trope character in a LitRPG? These and a multitude of other questions are answered in this first collection of short stories from some of the most imaginative authors to-date.

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My hot Drexian best friend was tempting–but off-limits. Then we got stuck together on an Inferno Force battleship. Now resisting him is torture. When the Inferno Force battleship I’m working on jumps away to save a colony under attack, I have no choice but to become part of the crew. But the Inferno Force ship is nothing like the high-tech space station I’m used to—and the warrior crew isn’t used to females on board. For a curvy brainiac who’s not used to being noticed, I’m now being noticed—a lot. At least my best work friend—also an Inferno Force warrior—is onboard, but it doesn’t help that I’ve started to look at Vekron as, well, not a friend. The last thing I want is to lose my only friend if things didn’t work out. When we learn that the attack on the colony didn’t come from the Drexian’s usual enemy, but instead from a new alien scourge sweeping across the galaxy, my traitorous thoughts are pushed aside as the entire ship works to rebuild the colony and defend it from the deadly threat. But life among the gorgeous warriors is anything but simple, and my feelings for Vekron make it torturous. I might survive the terrifying alien swarm, but can I survive being forced to live side by side with the one guy I can’t risk falling for?          Amazon KU


Genetic engineer Dr. Hannah Chrysander is no longer considered a prisoner of the umbrose, but her upgraded status requires cooperation on her part. Assisting the human-umbrose couples in creating hybrid offspring leaves her deeply conflicted, not to mention burdened with fear that something will go wrong, and that her head will be the next one on the chopping block. Finding herself on the wrong end of Carnifex’s axe isn’t even her greatest fear. As the voice of a ghost haunts her when she’s alone in her lab, she’s worried she might be losing her mind from all the stress. Outside her lab, she feels eyes watching her from the dark shadows of Sanctuary and knows that not all the umbrose are happy about her work. Surrounded by threats in the city of her former enemies, Hannah has no idea where to turn for help. Then the watcher in the shadows reveals himself, and she discovers that she’s in the sights of the most enigmatic umbrose of all—the executioner himself.         Carnifex feels drawn to the human female who appears to be working miracles by creating impossible offspring. Though ugly whispers about Hannah’s work emanate from some corners of Sanctuary, Carnifex believes she is doing the will of the Mother of Shadows and finds her ability to create life fascinating. His primal simply believes that Hannah belongs to him, and he is determined to claim her, even if Prince Balfor himself tries to stand in the way.       Amazon KU


This anthology contains three impeccable steampunk stories. Ranging from the gritty tale of battling a creature who steals the souls of others, to dabbling in the taboo art of imbuing a human soul into an automaton, and even a man venturing back home only to discover he’s been demonized.

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A swashbuckling upper YA/NA LGBTQ+ sci-fi western you don’t want to miss! It has been three years since Elvira “Ellie” Ryder was betrayed by her ex-boyfriend Cor, which caused the destruction of her people by invaders from a different Zone. Now she will do anything to find him and make him pay. Ellie has found someone who knows where Cor is. The price—assassinate a half-human, half-Sirian who is trying to join the Society, a high-class club only for the rich. Ellie takes the job, as it wouldn’t be the first assassination job she has taken, and heads to the Human Zone. However, when she learns more about her target, the more she realizes what is going on behind the curtain, and how her people were really destroyed. Will Ellie be able to forgive Cor after learning the truth? Or will she forever hold on to that hatred?

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The apocalypse didn’t arrive with angelic trumpeting or zombie attacks. Nope, it came with massive alien ships and complete domination. The aliens sent out gigantic, terrifying beasts to capture every human they could find to use us as slaves. And very few of us remain free. Daddy’s sick and needs medicine, forcing me out of our home and into town. Where nothing is safe. When a beast discovers me and shifts into something almost human, declaring I’m his mate, and that no matter what, he will have me. I tell myself not no, but—hell no. But Krux’s touch and golden eyes set my body on fire. He swears his kind doesn’t want to hurt humans, that they’re enslaved by the Oglar who are destroying my world and his. He wants to work together to save both our people from enslavement, but he’s the enemy… rightThey took everything from us. Within the chaos, can love bloom?        Amazon KU


VS Note: Dystopian scifi, not listed as romance. THe reviews for book one in the series mention romance and reverse harem, so???

Forced to fight against the odds for so long, Rhea and her men need time to heal. Except there is so much more going on than first appears and time is something they are in short supply off. The rebels have started a war – a war that Rhea finds herself in the middle of. Hearts will be stolen, lives unraveled and new alliances will be forged. Change started with Alcide’s Circus, once a haven for the freaks of the world it has now become a beacon of hope throughout these destroyed lands. But where there is hope… there are those trying to ruin it. Starting with ending the freaks who were the sparks of the war. From the ashes of destruction, a new life can begin if only they can survive the flames first. Each decision Rhea and her men make will either lead them to a new life or be the end of the show for good.                    Amazon KU


No space adventure is complete without a cat – Abby prefers animals to people, which comes in handy since she’s a vet working long hours at a cat rescue. She can’t say no to a critter in need, so when she’s offered a quick and well-paid job to look after a pregnant leopard, she accepts it. Problem is, she didn’t read the small print…Sahra has travelled to Earth to find a healer who can help with the animals back on Kyven. But how do you persuade a human to leave their planet without revealing that you’re an alien? It’s time to twist the truth a little and abduct an unsuspecting vet. Throughout the journey, their ability to work together is tested. When a storm and a dangerous beast threatens their lives, can they make it out together?

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Year after year, Jath has watched his friends find mates and start families. Now he alone is unmated. He yearns for what they have: a mate who’ll scream and hurl his clothing down the mountainside, and children who’ll bite and clash horns. But although many females visit his cave, none stay. hen she arrives, greasy and exhausted, tottering off a grotesque, barely-functional interstellar freighter: Dr. Orana Pasol, a human researcher intent on studying his people. One touch, and he knows she’s his mate. One stolen kiss, and he knows he can’t live without her. But she knows nothing of the ways of mating, and only wants to do her research. Males are fun, she tells him, but they can’t be trusted. The last thing she wants is to settle down with one and churn out babies, with or without horns! “Pretend she’s a wild animal,” advises his friend. “Give her food, and see if she’ll let you touch her.” So he does, but the more he courts her, the faster she runs. And there’s no time to waste: when her research ends, she’ll leave his planet forever! How can he win the heart of a female from another star system before it’s too late? Perhaps it’s time for drastic measures.                    Amazon KU


I’m shoved in the ocean for a hungry alien kraken god to snack on. I expect to die. Friendless, hopeless, a billion miles away from home. I’m resigned to my fate until three silver aliens show up with a grudge to settle and serious weaponry. They save me from becoming a human smorgasbord and fight off the cultists who sent me off to die. They swear to get me off this cursed prison planet before anything else gets a taste for human meat. The problem? I might have a taste for something… foreign myself. Especially with all these loaded looks these seductive aliens keep casting my way. Besides, what’s a little fun when you’re far away from home? I definitely won’t catch any feelings. Amazon KU


THE GARGOYLE PRINCE is a steamy romance set in alternate-history steampunk France during a magical civil war. When Noémie, Third Princess of Normandy, is forced to accept a gargoyle as her bodyguard, she is determined to hate him. But a series of assassination attempts brings the pair closer together, and she begins to realize that there is much more to her bodyguard than stone and bat-wings and magic. Together, Noémie and Gideon begin to process the grief and loss that each of them has endured. Slowly they unravel the mystery of his origins and uncover secrets that could affect the outcome of the war.                       Amazon KU


Leaving the Terran Empire’s POW camp, they thought they found their way home.
Home, however, is taking a different route than these cyborgs expect. When the transport landed at Disguised Serenity, the last thing that Solkan wanted to do was be shuffled into the Intergalactic Dating Agency’s offices and tested. He had plenty of tests as a prisoner of war of the Terran Empire. Doing more, even if it was to find his mate, just pissed him off. He’d been in solitary for a reason. He didn’t want to be around anyone. Especially not a mate. Cyborgs weren’t supposed to be slaves to their Cravings. Solkan refused to be slaved to anyone, ever again. Now that the prisoners are being released, it’s time to be free. As if that’s ever possible. Terran officer Addigale Vinka spent a great deal of time around the cyborgs. So much so, she was fired. She bonded too easily with them, or so she was told. Especially Solkan. Whatever it was about Solkan, she couldn’t help the desire to be around him. The others? They were fine, but Solkan? It was beyond the fact that he was spectacular to look at. She felt something. Now, though, she might have a chance. Then maybe, she and her favorite cyborg have a chance to see if this thing between them is really important, or just a prisoner falling for his jailer.

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VS Note: LGBTQ+  YA Zombie scifi. Not a romance.

Zombie epidemics are bad for business. And I thought $5 + your brain was a reasonable cover charge. But you know… supply and demand…And functioning brains are in short supply these days. When it came to hunting vampires, I was second to none. Vampires are intelligent. It also means they have predictable patterns. Figure out their habits and I could take care of most vamps and be back in time for breakfast. They’re also image-conscious. But zombies are unpredictable. They run on pure instinct. They couldn’t care less about public relations. Their numbers are growing by the hour. Since I’m an elemental, they can’t smell me. It gives me an advantage that human hunters don’t have. But will it be enough? If I can’t stop them it will mean the end of humanity, the end of the world as we know it.                    Amazon KU


VS : Couldn’t resist a small reminder of my own newest scifi romance release KYDEN: BADARI GLADIATOR! Here’s the link to the book trailer.

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In the next installment of bestselling author J.R. Ward’s Prison Camp series, things get steamy when Lucan, a wolven forced into bartering drug deals for the infamous Prison Colony, meets Rio, the second in command for the shadowy Caldwell supplier, Mozart. After a deal goes awry, a wolf with piercing golden eyes swoops in to save her from certain death. As shocking truths unfurl, Rio is uncertain of who to trust and what to believe—but with her life on the line, true love rears its head and growls in the face of danger.

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SOULJACKER (LILY BOUND BOOK 1)  by Yasmine Galenorn

VS Note: A re-release

Lily O’Connell, a succubus, owns Lily Bound, an elite sex salon in the Blood Night District of Seattle. When a client is murdered in her house, a patch of skin missing from his chest, she knows there’s something evil afoot. Then comes the news that the Souljacker―a tattoo-artist-turned-vampire―has escaped from an institution for criminally deranged Supernaturals. And he’s hunting and killing everyone he has ever inked. With one of the Souljacker’s tattoos on her thigh and nowhere else to turn, Lily hires Archer Desmond, a chaos demon and PI, to help her track down the vampire before he finds her and her friends. But Lily didn’t plan to fall for Archer. And as the old tales say―a succubus who falls in love will destroy the heart of the one she seeks to claim.

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The lord of demons wants me as his mate. But I belong to my wolves. I’ve been taken by a demon lord hellbent on ruling the world and he believes the only way to get the power he needs to do that is by becoming my mate. But I’m never going to let that happen. With the packs being destroyed, most of the alphas dead and creatures running loose on the world, I have to stop him. With the help of my mates, we will find a way to stop the creatures before it’s too late. He might be a demon lord, but I am The Mother’s Chosen. I am an alpha female, and I will save my pack.         Amazon KU


Even a powerful Jinn can’t fix Maalik’s broken heart. Or can they? He’s got three wishes to find out.
Maalik’s always been able to glimpse the future. His gift—his curse—is why he and his brethren found themselves trapped in a network of tunnels for more than three thousand years. Now that he’s escaped, the path ahead is murky. However, he is determined to right a wrong in his past. For that, he’ll need a Jinn to grant him three wishes. What he doesn’t expect is to find himself falling for the enemy. Is he finally ready to let go of the past and stop trying to change the future so he can find happiness in the present?

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VS Note: A re-release.

Spinsterhood has never bothered or embarrassed the independent Emerence Ipsan, and the winter festival of Delyalda keeps her far too busy managing her father’s shops to worry about matters as trivial as marriage. Until the arrival of a young Quereci warrior with old eyes and an admiring gaze makes her question that notion. A MEMORY OF SUMMER is a short novella that takes place in the world of the Wraith Kings series. For those who’ve read the first three books in the series (RADIANCE, EIDOLON, THE IPPOS KING), this storyline takes place after EIDOLON and before THE IPPOS KING. It runs concurrently with events in the novella IN THE DARKEST MIDNIGHT and reintroduces the Wraith King Gaeres.



Hana Mae Jin does not believe in magic. Unfortunately, magic believes in her. When the hospital where Mae Jin works is attacked by terrifying monsters, a power the mortuary assistant never knew she possessed awakens, sending a wave of magic across New York that has unforeseen repercussions. Nikolai Stanisic has only one wish. To stop his brother Oscar and their father the Sorcerer King from carrying out the dreadful scheme that was put into motion the night they killed his mother. His only chance at success lies in rousing the soul of the being his father fears the most: the rightful Witch Queen, fated to save the world of magic and rule over it. Thrust into a fantastical realm hidden from mortal eyes, Mae soon learns of her mythical past and the incredible destiny that awaits her. Armed with the weapon and the familiar who were once promised to her, she joins forces with Nikolai and Vlad Vissarion, a seductive Russian mobster who wants to stop a demon-infested gang from taking over the city’s criminal underworld. With the New York coven and a pair of mysterious magic users from Chicago at their side, Mae, Nikolai, and Vlad find themselves facing an enemy far more vicious than they could ever have imagined and uncover a terrifying plot set in motion by the Sorcerer King and his Dark Council.                  Amazon KU


My name’s Astra, and I’m a witch who turns thirty today. I’m desperate to celebrate my party without war breaking out between my devilish kitten familiar, Satan, and his archenemy, a fluffy chick familiar. Especially, when the feast’s hosted at Silver Hall by my hot next-door-neighbour, Sheriff, and dragon shifter, Earl Sin. But I’m not holding my breath. When the Mayor of Witch Hollow, along with my unicorn familiar, are kidnapped, Sin and I must work together to save them in time. Plus, will Satan’s birthday brew for the party land him in trouble?  Will I ever get a slice of my enchanted birthday cake?                   Amazon KU


Only one drastic mission can tempt Kyi away from the peaceful woodland where the dryads raised her: killing her mother. Xuria’s beauty masks a bone-deep evil that has enslaved fey for centuries with the help of a powerful stone. A hundred years ago, Kyi almost succeeded—until one meddlesome vampire destroyed her chance. With rumors that Xuria has emerged from her secret realm, Kyi’s determined to try again—despite the vampire who is now focused on destroying her.      Locke has been waiting over a century to avenge what he believes was Xuria’s death. Discovering the sorceress’s raven-haired fey daughter was the assassin is a surprise—until her story of Xuria’s treachery begins to ring true. Working with Kyi is one solution—and the relentless heat simmering between them is a hint that they may be fated as mates. But even a destined love will have to wait as they now struggle to defeat Kyi’s twin sister, who has a chilling plan of her own.

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It’s a Victorian Christmas at Thorne Manor, and Rosalind Courtenay is staying far, far away from the door that leads to the twenty-first century. It took her four years to get back home, and she’s never going near the time stitch again. But her five-year-old son has other plans, and Rosalind finds herself plunged back into the modern world, where she decides to face her fears and give her family the holiday gift of a lifetime. Once again, Fate has other ideas, sending a blizzard to derail Rosalind’s cautious planning and toss them all into a whirlwind of savage snowstorms, spectral sleigh bells and, perhaps, a Christmas ghost or two.

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To be a Sister of the Assembly is a birthright, but to be an elite assassin is a legacy. Bria Allen is not an ordinary vampire. She is a Sister of the Assembly of Shadows, a coven of vampire assassins who hunt rogue vampires and leave the crows to feast on their dead bodies. It is Bria’s dream to become an elite assassin and walk in her parents’ shoes. Until one day, she discovers the truth. The Assembly of Shadows isn’t what it seems. Sava Herstoj, High Priest of the Assembly of Shadows, is the real rogue vampire. He has been plaguing the minds of assassins for years, trying to create a world where humans are mindless thralls and ritualistic sacrifices, instead of living in harmony. It becomes Bria’s personal mission to stop him at all costs and face the hardest decision of her life: standing up to Sava Herstoj and bringing shame to her family or keeping her secrets to herself. No matter which one she chooses, everyone has something to lose.

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At the ripe old age of eighteen, Calendula Dobkins should be able to cast simple enchantments as easy as breathing. But most days, Callie and magic aren’t exactly on speaking terms. Not that she doesn’t have it. More like…she has control issues. Her parents pack her off to Miss Primm’s Academy for Wayward Witches, where she has only three years to whip her unruly magic into shape. Or DOME (the Department of Magical Exile) will banish her to Mundania. A world without magic. Callie quickly learns which girls have her back, and who will throw her under the bus. Pop quizzes can be killer. The Beginning Spells professor seems have it in for her. And…just who is the mysterious Miss Primm, anyway? Then there’s the six feet of Scottish gorgeousness she meets at the joint school dance with Master Marco’s School for Woeful Wizards, Lochlan Abernathy. If Callie can survive finals with a ticket to year two, maybe they can do more than just dream about the future.

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The pressure is on as Callie Dobkins begins her second year at Miss Primm’s Academy for Wayward Witches. Not only does she have the same stern-faced witch for her Spells professor, her older sister is planning her wedding around Callie’s graduation date. Which means if she fails, she’ll not only be banished, she’ll break her sister’s heart. All the more reason to do her absolute best to control her magic. Except one girl — Callie’s worst enemy, Mona McGee — is winning her magical trials with such annoying regularity, Callie is forced to wonder if someone is cheating. Snooping for evidence only succeeds in getting her grounded. And even her handsome boyfriend, Lochlan, is urging her to back off and let Miss Primm handle it. Because if Callie’s caught, she’ll be expelled and exiled to Mundania, far from everyone she loves…including Lochlan.

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I did a bad, bad thing. Thanks to a blank in my memory, I’m not sure what that thing was, but it was horrible enough to get me locked up in the mental ward for seven years. Horrible enough that my little sister won’t even speak to me. But when I’m released back into a town determined to rub my unknown sins in my face, the past isn’t the only thing that’s haunting me. The four “imaginary” friends who made my childhood bearable barge into my life in a very real way. They’re crude, criminally inclined, and more than a little unstable after ages trapped in afterlife limbo. All they want is to protect me. Worship me. Avenge me. So they’ll bludgeon, maim, eviscerate—tear a strip of havoc right through this sleepy town. Even rise from the dead. Maybe I’m still not all that sane either, because part of me finds them strangely appealing. In ways very different from how I felt as a kid. And that’s not the only strangeness stirring inside me…I promised myself I’d stick to the straight and narrow from here on. But what if the only way to set things right is to get a little ghoulish?

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Kenzie can’t forgive, but she’s doing her damnedest to forget. Since the day the love of her life betrayed her, she has started a virtual assistant business, lost thirty pounds, and dated half the single men in Medford, Oregon. But not one of them can hold a candle to her rough-yet-tender ex-fiance.
Wolf shifter Noah has more than his fair share of regrets. Every single day, he should have told Kenzie that he loved her. He should have realized his get-rich-quick schemes didn’t impress her, and worse, that they could rip her away from him. He never got his chance to say goodbye, so when she shows up at the Junkyard, he needs to do whatever it takes to earn her trust. This is their second chance.
He’ll fight like hell—again—to keep her safe. Even if that means pushing her away and losing her forever.

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He’s done fighting his attraction to the sexy vampire…To say former firefighter Colin Zhang is struggling to accept his new life would be a vast understatement. He’s bound to a vampire he didn’t choose, living in a house filled with creatures better left to the imagination—there’s a lot to resent. As much as he tries, he doesn’t resent Evan—far from it. But he needs to know that what he feels is real and that requires breaking their bond. No matter the cost. Vampire private investigator Evan Fournier is more than willing to explore his connection with Colin, but the crisis at hand keeps getting in the way. Their bond makes it dangerous for them to be apart, so he’s forced to put the other man at risk while he investigates the latest in a series of murders. If he doesn’t find the killer soon, the paranormal community will seek retribution on all humans, not just the guilty ones. As the tensions escalate, Evan and Colin find solace in each other and their growing attraction. But if their bond is broken, attraction—even love—might not be enough to keep them safe.

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What happens when time gets tangled and has a glitch? Briana Dupre. A modern woman on a clear path to success as an entrepreneur. After taking a job in the Deep South offered by her distant and unknown relatives, she discovered another world. A world with a different definition of success. Bradford Becquerel. A state senator in need of a wife. When a mysterious woman appears in his house, he must defy the conventions of his time or face the consequences. But the consequences might be what he searched for. Was it a glitch or was it fate? And will Briana and Bradford overcome the barrier of time to find their happily ever after?

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Keeton Grey is an Eastern Mountain Lion Shifter with a serious people problem. As in, he hates all of them. Betrayal is a bitter pill to swallow for most, but for Keeton, it’s damn near impossible. Choosing to live in seclusion, he finds his peace of mind disrupted when an injured hiker stumbles onto his property. After she catches her fiancé cheating, Marilena Sorelli needs a break from life. Not much of an outdoor girl, hiking alone proves unwise after Lena takes a serious tumble. She meets her rescuer in a nearly seven-foot-tall giant with piercing green eyes and a beard that makes her fingers itch to run through it. Will the beautiful interloper crack this rugged Shifter’s heart of stone, or will self-imposed isolation be his future?



Their hearts are dark. Their love is eternal. Let the dark allure of these vampire romances suck you in, and lose yourself in the shadows of blood bonds, immortal love, and unbreakable bonds. Satisfy your supernatural cravings with this collection of paranormal romance stories, where vampires charm their hunters, dark passion is revealed at night, and undead seduction is impossible to resist.  Amazon KU


Surviving torture and certain death, Wren now faces a different challenge closer to home. She’s spent months in captivity with Thad, who appears to have embraced his half-breed status and joined up with the demons. Not only that, but he’s become their leader. How can she reconcile the male who saved her life with the one who tortured and collared her? Not to mention, her three mates hate him. Kali is Queen of Aldur after her father’s brutal murder and mother’s subsequent suicide. Her people are in turmoil as the war has finally threatened their way of life, convinced that the only way forward is for Kali to marry and give them a king. Too bad her sights are set on a particularly fiery, red-headed pirate queen. Xana had finally been rescued from the demon fortress, only to find out that freedom isn’t exactly what it was all cracked up to be. Her unmated status has the males on the island threatening her safety and sanity, and the other rescued females won’t hear any talk of leaving their safe, warded homes. War is here, and the only way forward is together–or not at all. It all comes to head in the 4th book of the Rise of the Draken series.                  Amazon KU


My name is Lottie Lemon, and I see dead people. Okay, so I rarely see dead people, mostly I see furry creatures of the dearly departed variety, who have come back from the other side to warn me of their previous owner’s impending doom. Noah has invited all of Honey Hollow down to the sheriff’s station for a cookie exchange fundraiser, so of course I volunteered my baked goods for the effort. But when someone at the party ends up dead as a doornail, chaos ensues. Who would kill a person in a room full of deputies? A madman, that’s who. Not only that, but Everett is up to something and I can’t seem to pinpoint what. Throw in a couple of nefarious ghosts determined ruin the most wonderful time of the year, along with a homicidal maniac, and you have the perfect recipe for a holiday disaster. It’s Christmas in Honey Hollow. Santa might be on his way but so is a killer. Lottie Lemon has a brand new bakery to tend to, a budding romance with perhaps one too many suitors, and she has the supernatural ability to see the dead—which are always harbingers for ominous things to come. Throw in a string of murders, and her insatiable thirst for justice, and you’ll have more chaos than you know what to do with. Living in Honey Hollow can be murder.           Amazon KU


Everyone has something to fear. I fear going home. Over a century ago, I left my homeland and my people. I’ve never gone back. I’ve deprived myself of the community for a variety of reasons, both good and bad. I made the decision, regardless of the consequences, and never looked back. Now, I don’t have a choice and Raphael is coming along for the ride. Politics, revelations, mating, and responsibility all point to the inevitable. I need to make the long trip home. Back to the place I spent my childhood. Back to the place where my family died. Back to the land of my nightmares. Back to India and the legends it holds. But I’m not the girl who left decades ago. I’m one of those legends.
My name is Kaliya Sahni and fear will no longer hold me back.           Amazon KU


A SPY . . .My name is Charlotte Locke, and I’m an analyst for Section 47, a secret government agency that tracks terrorists, criminals, and other paramortal bad guys who want to unleash their abilities on an unsuspecting mortal world. I have a magical form of synesthesia that senses danger and uncovers lies—making me a stealthy operative. I’m trudging through another day when one of Section’s cleaners—assassins—takes an interest in me. I don’t need my synesthesia to realize that he is extremely dangerous and that he will do anything to achieve his goals—even if it means putting me in the line of fire. . . . AND AN ASSASSIN – I’m Desmond Percy, one of Section 47’s most lethal cleaners. I’m also a man on a mission, and I need Charlotte Locke’s skills to help me keep a promise, settle a score, and kill some extremely bad people. Charlotte might not like me, but we’re stuck together until my mission is over. Still, the more time we spend together, the more I’m drawn to her. But at Section 47, you never know who you can trust—or who might want you dead.

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The Dark Prince will stop at nothing to save his people—even if it means kidnapping the one woman with the power to destroy them all… Garrin Branimir, Prince of Dark Kingdom, has been trapped in endless winter for centuries, along with his people. His only hope of saving them is to find the woman with the power to destroy the magical barriers imprisoning Dark Fae. With her by his side, he and his kinsmen will finally be free. But Lex Meinrad isn’t full Fae, and she wasn’t raised in his land, content to obey her prince’s every order. She refuses to do his bidding—no matter how intense the sparks between them fire. With time running out, Garrin must convince this impossibly stubborn woman to cooperate before his enemies bend her to their will. And, unlike him, they’ll choose force over seduction.

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Vera has a nagging feeling that she’s forgetting something. Not her keys or her homework—something bigger. Or someone. When she discovers her best friend Riven is experiencing the same strange feeling, they set out on a mission to uncover what’s going on. Everyone in Vera’s world has a special ability—a little bit of magic that helps them through the day. Perhaps someone’s ability is interfering with their memory? Or is something altering their very reality? Vera and Riven intend to fix it and get back whatever or whomever they’ve lost. But how do you find the truth when you can’t even remember what you’re looking for in the first place? The Forgotten Memories of Vera Glass is a cleverly constructed, heartbreaking, and compelling contemporary YA novel with a slight fantasy twist about memory, love, grief, and the invisible bonds that tie us to each other.

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This case is really going to the dogs…After I try a little off-the-books interrogation to locate my selkie almost-boyfriend’s nearly-ex-husband (don’t ask, it’s complicated), I’m in the doghouse again with my bosses, who bust me back to surveillance. Ugh. So when another human inexplicably storms into Quest Investigations—something our security spells ought to prevent since I’m supposed to be the only human admitted to our offices—I’m reduced to staking out local fast food restaurants to check out the guy’s alleged sighting of a giant, glowing-eyed, dumpster-diving spectral hound. Ridiculous, right? Humiliating, too, not to mention boring. But at least they didn’t fire me. Imagine my surprise when there actually is a giant, glowing-eyed, dumpster-diving spectral hound—one of the Cwn Annwn, Herne the Hunter’s traitor-tracking dog pack, to be exact. Jeez, who let this dog out? It’s my case, though, so it’s up to me—Matt Steinitz, aka Hugh Mann—to return him to Faerie. But while Herne’s normally hopping kennels are inexplicably unpopulated by pups, they’re playing host to one extremely dead body. Uh oh. Looks like someone’s bite was a lot worse than their bark. Guess my love life will have to take a back seat again while we nose out the truth. Dammit.       Amazon KU

SCENT OF THE INCUBUS by Victoria L Szulc

A quirky antiques collector, Whitney Cates, finds an exotic perfume bottle attached to an intricate wristlet. She’s soon intoxicated by the scent from the jewelry and having gothic dreams of a mysterious stranger, Julian. Whitney’s life becomes complicated when Julian shows up in her “daytime” world. As her dreams and reality collide, Whitney falls under the spell of a paranormal entity. Will she survive the Scent of the Incubus?

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Jingle Bell Hell!!! When the unthinkable happens, Kinsley has to figure out a way to save her best friend. There’s a bad witch on the loose, and Kinsley’s going to have to stop her before the bodies pile up like presents under the Christmas Tree.            Amazon KU


The year is 1927, and Shanghai teeters on the edge of revolution. After sacrificing her relationship with Roma to protect him from the blood feud, Juliette has been a girl on a mission. One wrong move, and her cousin will step in to usurp her place as the Scarlet Gang’s heir. The only way to save the boy she loves from the wrath of the Scarlets is to have him want her dead for murdering his best friend in cold blood. If Juliette were actually guilty of the crime Roma believes she committed, his rejection might sting less. Roma is still reeling from Marshall’s death, and his cousin Benedikt will barely speak to him. Roma knows it’s his fault for letting the ruthless Juliette back into his life, and he’s determined to set things right—even if that means killing the girl he hates and loves with equal measure. Then a new monstrous danger emerges in the city, and though secrets keep them apart, Juliette must secure Roma’s cooperation if they are to end this threat once and for all. Shanghai is already at a boiling point: The Nationalists are marching in, whispers of civil war brew louder every day, and gangster rule faces complete annihilation. Roma and Juliette must put aside their differences to combat monsters and politics, but they aren’t prepared for the biggest threat of all: protecting their hearts from each other.

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CASTLE OF THORNS by Elle Beaumont

To end the murders, she must live with the beast of the forest. After surviving years with a debilitating illness that leaves her weak, Princess Gisela must prove that she is more than her ailment. She discovers her father, King Werner, has been growing desperate for the herbs that have been her survival. So much so, that he’s willing to cross paths with a deadly legend of Todesfall Forest to retrieve her remedy. Knorren is the demon of the forest, one who slaughters anyone who trespasses into his land. When King Werner steps into his territory, desperately pleading for the herbs that control his beloved daughter’s illness, Knorren toys with the idea. However, not without a cost. King Werner must deliver his beloved Gisela to Knorren or suffer dire consequences. With unrest spreading through the kingdom, and its people growing tired of a king who won’t put an end to the demon of Todesfall Forest, Gisela must make a choice. To become Knorren’s prisoner forever, or risk the lives of her beloved people.

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The day has finally arrived when Malaki, the next King of Clearwater, takes his bride. A day of festivities and hope for the future turns dark when the fierce Kingdom of Fire attacks. With many armed warriors away in the chaos of Earth and Wind realms, the kingdom falls, and so does the royal family. The rule of a kingdom becomes fire and ash as the royal family finds death. Those that survive are cursed and rejected in a red haze of darkness. The future Witches must be protected at all costs, along with the potential kings they will guide. Only one witch must see to this, and she is in the enemy’s control. To protect the young ones, she must hide them all and scatters them among the realms. The new age is upon the Elemental Realms as the Elements Earth, Fire, Water, and Wind is transforming into a new form of magic, one that was blessed by the Witch Coven a long time ago. The dawn of the Elemental Witches.               Amazon KU

FOREVER KISSES VOL 2 by Angela Knight

Vampire agents, SEALs, captives, and bodyguards fight their way into their women’s hearts. Hope’s Kiss: When a police detective discovers a chamber of horrors in the basement of an old house, she’s horrified to find her ex-lover, Mark Wilder, locked in one of the cells. Naked and covered in bites and blood, he’s been changed into a vampire. And he’s insane with bloodlust. Unless Hope can reawaken Mark’s humanity, he’s doomed to remain the slave of a vicious predator. What’s worse, his vampire sire intends Hope to become Mark’s first victim. Kissing the Hunter: Navy SEAL Logan McLean is on a quest for revenge against the monsters who murdered his wife. Virginia Hart is a sexy vampire searching for her lost soulmate, only to find him in a man determined to kill her. ..(more blurb on ebook seller page…)

Amazon     Kobo

BRIAR GIRLS by Rebecca Kim Wells

The Cruel Prince meets A Curse So Dark and Lonely in this epic reimagining of “The Sleeping Beauty” that follows a teen girl on a quest to wake a sleeping princess in an enchanted forest, while searching for the truth behind her own deadly curse. Lena has a secret: the touch of her skin can kill. Cursed by a witch before she was born, Lena has always lived in fear and isolation. But after a devastating mistake, she and her father are forced to flee to a village near the Silence, a mysterious forest with a reputation for luring people into the trees, never to be seen again…​Until the night an enigmatic girl stumbles out of the Silence and into Lena’s sheltered world. Miranda comes from the Gather, a city in the forest brimming with magic. She is on a quest to wake a sleeping princess believed to hold the key to liberating the Gather from its tyrannical ruler—and she offers Lena a bargain. If Lena assists her on her journey, Miranda will help her break the curse. Mesmerized by Miranda and her promise of a new life, Lena jumps at the chance. But the deeper into the Silence she goes, the more she suspects she’s been lied to—about her family’s history, her curse, and her future. As the shadows close in, Lena must choose who to trust and decide whether it’s more important to have freedom…or power.

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EVERGREEN ELVES by Danielle Garrett

Lumi’s life is thrust into seasonal overdrive as throngs of visitors make their way to her family’s reindeer sanctuary, eager to sip hot cocoa and visit with Santa’s retired fleet. Rumors are swirling that she might be getting a shiny new diamond ring in her stocking this year, but Lumi isn’t so sure. If anything, Prince Corbin seems to be giving her the cold shoulder, leaving her to wonder if she’s headed for holiday heartbreak instead. Before she can worry too much about her absentee beau, she’s approached by the North Pole’s leading veterinarian who has a special—if not strange—request. There’s a thief on the loose in Holiday Haven and Doc Patches has reason to believe his own nephew may be behind the recent crime spree. Can Lumi get to the bottom of the mischief before it spreads to the North Pole?                 Amazon KU

TIDESONG by Wendy Xu

VS Note: A Middle Grade book but sounds charming.

Sophie is a young witch whose mother and grandmother pressure her to attend the Royal Magic Academy—the best magic school in the realm—even though her magic is shaky at best. To train for her entrance exams, Sophie is sent to relatives she’s never met. Cousin Sage and Great-Aunt Lan seem more interested in giving Sophie chores than in teaching her magic. Frustrated, Sophie attempts magic on her own, but the spell goes wrong, and she accidentally entangles her magic with the magic of a young water dragon named Lir. Lir is trapped on land and can’t remember where he came from. Even so, he’s everything Sophie isn’t—beloved by Sophie’s family and skilled at magic. With his help, Sophie might just ace her entrance exams, but that means standing in the way of Lir’s attempts to regain his memories. Sophie knows what she’s doing is wrong, but without Lir’s help, can she prove herself?

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I am Rosie Miller and at the age of twenty… I am taking back control over my life. Witches, demons, even angels cannot stop me from what I am about to do. I am looking for revenge and I refuse to be a doormat any longer. I have been beaten, lied to, forced into traps, and now… the Rosie Miller everyone once knew is dead. In her place will stand a ruthless cold blooded monster that no one will mess with. The others have a choice, stand with me or fight against me and I will not sit around to see who picks which. At least now I know who my real enemies are. And I swear if one more person tells me I need to go back to Winterfell, tthey will have bigger problems on their hands than a disgruntled demon hybrid.                    Amazon KU


Del needs all the cash she can get, so when someone who claims to be from someplace called The Uncanny Society hires her to look into local disappearances, she takes the job. It brings her to On the Water, a club by the river, where she notices a beautiful woman trying too hard to be overlooked, and who goes out of her way to keep Del from the riverbank. Saira entered the human world to retrieve the missing Guard of the Northern Gate at the behest of her Eminence, and return to her underwater home as quickly as possible. But there’s a human poking around the river, too intriguing and too stubborn for their own good, and if Saira isn’t careful, she won’t be the only monster who takes notice of her.

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VS Note: From OCT 21 

Death throws a wrench in her plans…When Shelly Blue, the owner of Screamin’ Wheelies is murdered, Reva has to solve the mysterious murder of her friend one spell at a time. Will Reva and Matt ever get along? And, why does Pistol want a pool table?             Amazon KU


Can vampires from two separate worlds figure out how to mesh their lives together? Giovanni Cardello loves life. He is more than content in his position as a craps dealer aboard the Beloved Gem, and his special bond with the coven master and close friends is all he needs. But mistaken identity leads to him being kidnapped, and he wonders if he’ll ever see his coven family again. Lucius Mancini is honored to be the second for the created vampire. His family line goes back to the original eight, and Lucius is proud of the life he’s lived. When the created ones are called to be part of the newly formed paranormal council, the last thing Lucius expected was to scent his beloved. But when he discovers his beloved is missing, he questions if they’ll find him alive. When Giovanni wakes up back on the Gem, he didn’t expect the gorgeous vampire in the room to be his fated mate. Gio agrees to move to Montana with Lucius, but the council is still forming, and Giovanni doesn’t know how he fits into this world. Now an unknown presence appears near Gio on the mountain, leaving everyone to wonder what its intent is. Is it after Gio? Or does it not want the council on the mountain?

Amazon KU


VS Note: From OCT 21

Hiro – Though I was born with the ability to see the dead, I struggled with it until my brother was killed and his ghost was left behind. Now, I’m determined to figure out who is responsible for his death… the problem is that Detective Maddox Booker, the one working the case, is a grumpy and stubborn man who wants nothing to do with me and definitely doesn’t believe in ghosts. It doesn’t help that I keep finding myself looking ridiculous in front of the detective, thanks to interfering ghosts who enjoy laughing at my expense. Still, the more I’m around Maddox, the more I realize that beneath that surly exterior is a kind and caring man who will do anything to help.      Maddox – When another man dies, I know we have a serial killer on our hands—the same murderer who has remained elusive for a year and a half. To add to my frustration, I keep running into Hiro at crime scenes only to hear him claim that he can talk to ghosts. The words of the dead could lead us to the serial killer and even tell us who is next, but ghosts? There’s no such thing as ghosts. Hiro is determined and charming, and no matter what I do, I can’t stop letting him get involved. He’s definitely snagged my attention, but when he nearly winds up dead, I know he’s getting closer to the truth—and if I don’t do something soon, he might be next.                   Amazon KU


VS Note: From OCT 31

Gloria and Walter start their stories on opposite ends of the country. But when the time comes for Gloria to escape her dusty little hometown, she sets her sights on something a little more picturesque. A beautiful waterfront property about as far from her childhood home as she can get without crossing any oceans. And though her friends beg her not to go, Gloria knows deep in her soul that she has to answer this call. The call to adventure. As for Walter? He wasn’t taking any calls.
Before his new neighbor came knocking on his door Walter thought he had life all figured out. The tenacious redhead quickly proves otherwise. But the timing couldn’t be more wrong. Caught up in his father’s legacy and friends from the past, Walter finds himself on the precipice of disaster. He’ll have to choose between the life he’s built and the woman he loves. Will the out-of-town redhead with a heart full of hope ever find a way of ENCHANTING THE MAGE? A contemporary tale of magic and romance.          Amazon KU


VS Note: From OCT 14

In this enchanting collection of young adult tales, 20 authors explore the overlap of the mundane and the fantastical, with LGBTQ protagonists juggling the pressures of school and the wonder of magic in its many forms. From entrance tests to final exams, casting spells to breaking curses, these teens seek to claim their place in the world. In these pages, you’ll find gay and lesbian, bisexual and asexual, trans and nonbinary characters, all experiencing sexy, strange, wicked, wonderful, romantic adventures. They deal with bad roommates and bullies, first loves and new friends, all while crafting and inhabiting their ideal identities. Featuring authors such as Seanan McGuire, Cheryl Rainfield, Cecilia Tan, E.C. Myers, Rajan Khanna, and many more. Step inside and experience Schoolbooks & Sorcery.

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If Pan calls me a terrible Muse one more time, I’m going to flatten him into a Pan-cake. I may need the musical son of Hermes to help me solve tasks six and seven, but if the lecherous Satyr goes for the grope on me, I’m chopping off his fingers. It’s going to be hard to play that magical flute he loves without them. Pan hurt one of my Muse sisters once. He’s lucky to still be alive. Did I tell you about the robot I have to fight? Yes, robot. I don’t know what else to call him. Hephaestus, the God of Fire made Talos long ago as an unbeatable metal warrior to guard Crete. Now the robot with laser beam eyes serves as a guardian for Gaia. There’s not enough room for both of us on the Great Mother’s secret island and I’m not leaving until I’m done. This is only a fraction of why I have bigger problems than worrying about what chaos a lecherous Satyr is causing. Or what’s got Athena’s panties so twisted up. I haven’t killed the amnesiac version of Zeus yet. Actually, I kind of like him now. I’d be fine never restoring him. So far, I’m staying as upbeat as I can about things, but I’d be better if Cale stopped releasing his inner Dragon out into the world in the middle of the hardest challenge of the prophecy.



VS Note: An “extensively re-edited” re-release.

Rotic, a human boy, was a slave when High Orc Chieftain Vizri first rescued him. Now, as Vizri’s adopted son, Rotic has become a renowned warrior and leader of the Orc Army. Rotic is confused when he’s gifted with a male consort, but he knows he has earned his place in life, and he has full confidence nothing will ever take his power and position away from him. Ogun is used and broken when he’s brought to the castle of the High Orc Chieftain as tribute — actually a sly insult — by the underhanded Dark Elves. When Ogun is named Consort and meets Rotic, his new partner, he finds himself lost in a whole new way of life before the sun has set. He has a new position and a growing relationship with Rotic. Nothing could ever ruin this for Ogun. But with treacherous humans threatening the Orc Nation, magical and cultural landmines to traverse, and a new wife added to the mix, Ogun and Rotic’s lives are changing faster than they can blink. Ogun and Rotic have to learn to adjust and overcome before the differences between them become an insurmountable mountain that will destroy them both.

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A great evil has descended upon the Fae Lands and only the true promessa can stop it.
After she was attacked in the rebel compound, Annalise was taken to Doerallia by the handsome Prince Abel. Only, nowhere is safe. With enemies around every corner, she’s going to have to take her safety into her own hands. Training with her friends at her side, she learns of something that will help her to control her growing power. An amulet, said to be buried in the ruins of the island of Mamos. However, journeying to this ravaged island isn’t going to be as easy as she thinks. Her mates will help her through, but with threats from every direction, will Annalise be the legacy they’ve all been waiting for, or will their hopes crumble to ash?         Amazon KU
A CHRISTMAS WITCH by Juniper Kerry

I thought I was the witch. So why am I spellbound? It takes dark magic to bring someone to life—the darkest, most dangerous form of magic—and I have no experience with anything like that. So how the heck did I manage to do it with a couple shattered potions and some back-handed swear words? I have no idea how it happened, but suddenly there’s a gorgeous Scottish sailor standing in the middle of my apothecary. And he seems to like me a whole lot. I know this is very, very wrong, and he’ll have to go back to the spirit realm or wherever he came from, but he keeps seducing me with those ice-blue eyes and that broad smile… and heaven help me, I’m falling for him.   Amazon KU

TIK-TOK (FAERIES OF OZ BOOK FOUR) by Candace Robinson and Amber R Duell
North has always tried to pave her own path, to break free from the shadows of the most powerful fae in Oz. Being born without magic of her own makes it difficult, but she still has the love of her life in her corner. Or, at least, until she learns that he doesn’t return her feelings, ripping a gaping hole in her heart. Tik-Tok does what he wants, says what he wants, and rules how he wants. The sea has been his home—his—except when he was begrudgingly bound to serve the now-dead Wizard. But even after decades of freedom, he is still without the one thing he needs: the prophesied female who can open portals through the sea. Without her, he can’t fulfill his destiny. When Tik-Tok finds North—the fae he’s been waiting for—he wastes no time stealing her away. He isn’t expecting to fall in love with her, perhaps a quick tumble, sure, but nothing more. However, a past he is forced to confront may do more than haunt him … it may destroy North.                         Amazon KU
The Alpha Heir finds me. Broken, bruised, and with no memory. How fortunate I am that he’s my fated mate. Then he rejects me for another, even though his wolf still wants me. So he locks me up, tries to control me, tries to force me to be his again. But I know a secret. Someone much stronger, more powerful, is coming for me. My beautiful Vampire God. And he kills anyone who stands in his way.                Amazon KU
“And if I am a monster? Will you want me then?” Ten days after the battle at Blackriver, Michael struggles with new forbidden desires, with his rampant Flame, and a deepening relationship with the taciturn werewolf, Commander Gabriel Flanagan. Feeling responsible for their loss, Michael longs to rescue the students stolen by the manipulative vampire prince, Alexei Vasiliev. But the High Council refuses to free Michael from his chains. They fear the Whisperer — the half-breed who decimated an entire company of soldiers and came back from the dead. Yet, Michael still yearns for a future among the Guardians. For a place beside his Finnish, silver-eyed giant. For a home within the crazy supernatural world he’s now bound to. But does Michael still have a future? He’s a descendent of the Warlock — from a bloodline that produces only monsters. If discovered, not even his protective lover can save him from certain execution. He may not want to.                    Amazon KU

My family doesn’t want me. They’re prioritizing my brother’s wife again. She hates my guts, and I don’t know why. On top of that, I broke up with my boyfriend. However, I met a handsome stranger in my favorite bar. Tall, muscled, with a gentle, magnetic smile. He’s more than just a man, though. I found out not too long into knowing him that he’s a bear shifter. He turns into a bear to protect me from his ex. I’m being introduced to a world I’ve never known, with a man I could easily fall in love with. And I’ve been invited to his family’s thanksgiving.               Amazon KU


As she practices her newfound skills and hopes to start a new job, Mackie Fleming has another mystery on her hands. Someone she knows has been killed in an attack and Mackie feels she must use her abilities to help solve the murder. Will she be able to use her paranormal instincts to help her detective boyfriend find the killer before danger threatens both of them?       Amazon KU


Jex thought she was an average, post-college girl—until she crippled a drunk and nearly incinerated a gas station. When her elemental powers manifest, she’s torn from her placid life and shoved into the war between good and evil. Forced to rely on new allies, including the sweetheart Captain of the Guards and her alphahole Valen, Jex must come to terms with her newfound ability before her enemies succeed in capturing her.                      Amazon KU


Once upon a time, there was a girl in love with a boy and the two of them thought they’d spend the rest of their lives together, happily ever after. And then we changed. Out of all the designations we could reveal as we both had to become this: something completely incompatible. But that hasn’t stopped us, each circling the other, him needing me, me needing him. And both of us needing something else. Something we can’t give the other. We thought we had it sorted, going to clubs, using those that think they’re stronger, better than us to fulfil our needs, but always, always staying true to the other. And then they came and ruined it, bursting our into our tense little situation and promising us something else altogether: a façade to protect us, a means to be together. Which, of course, we grabbed with both hands. But in the process, we grabbed a whole lot more than we had expected and everything is about to change. Will the girl and the boy get their happily ever after, or will they get exactly what they need?                             Amazon KU

BLOOD AND RUIN by Rumer Hale

Six years ago, my world was ripped from under me, and I was taken to Cardinal Three. A place where pain has been my endless companion. Witches, demons, shifters and humans all live under one rule. King’s. What he says goes. So, trying to get the hell out of here hasn’t been easy. No one leaves without his permission. In fact, no one leaves at all…That is, alive. But I have a plan. One chance to get out of this nightmare once and for all. One month is all I need. One month to stay off King’s radar and get the last few items needed for the spell I’ve been working on. Shouldn’t be that hard…right? But turns out King has his own plan. One that involves trading me off to the five alphas of Manhattan. With King’s ultimatum, I have no choice but to go through with it. But I’m still getting out of here, no matter what. Or so I thought. Turns out the five alphas are my mates…And also, the boys I left behind six years ago.              Amazon KU


My sister and I have never gotten along, but she’s adamant she wants me to attend her wedding. The worst part is she’s marrying Tony, who was my high school sweetheart. That’s where Sting comes in. He’s my date for the wedding. When he hears Bridget talking me down—like she always does—he stepped in and offered to be my “boyfriend.” While it’s true I don’t need rescuing, having a strong, sexy shifter on my arm is too tempting to refuse. Then when Sting stands up for me in front of my family, my heart is having a hard time believing our relationship is fake. Now Tony is behaving oddly, which has got me on edge, and Sting’s bear isn’t happy about it. I could be wrong, but it’s almost as if his bear believes I’m his mate.                   Amazon KU


Prince Suriya never expected to marry. When his beloved sister dies shortly before her wedding, he agrees to take her place and marry a man he’s never met. As consort, he has one duty: to produce an heir for his husband and seal the alliance his people so desperately need. But Suriya carries a secret that holds him back from bonding with his new alpha, even as Emperor Kenosi proves to be far more kind, patient, and handsome than Suriya dared to dream. Alone in a strange country, Suriya struggles with the demands of duty and the increasingly urgent needs of his heart as his secret threatens both his nation’s safety and his own future. After all, what use is a consort who can’t bear a child?

Amazon KU


VS Note: A re-release. Erotica.

Escaping from a tragic past, the virginal beauty arrives in New Orleans and falls victim to a series of strange, unearthly attacks. Now, for the first time in her life, Natalie aches with sexual desire. Confused, frightened, out of control, she struggles desperately to understand a world that is transforming around her. But soon, she will be powerful and magnificent in ways she could never have imagined…A ruggedly handsome Cajun policeman, Detective Rene Broussard has come to rescue Natalie in her time of greatest need. And when he inexplicably wakes in bed beside her—both burning with a lust impossible to deny—he doesn’t care that a dark and vengeful enemy has brought them to this moment. All that matters is the irresistible curve of her body, the heat of her passion…and the forbidden pleasures the night promises. With one sharp, sensuous, biting kiss, he will be hers for life…and beyond.                  Amazon KU


I dream that my mate will give me the home I never had. Will give me the life I never had. One day, my dream comes true. The finding-my-mate part. That’s it. Now I’m stuck with a mate who’s already taken. One who views me as worthless, and who never lets me forget it. Every. Single. Day. As an omega, I never had a place in my pack. It doesn’t take me long to learn that I don’t have one with my mate either. I might just find one in Winter Lake. If my mate doesn’t track me down, and if the alpha of the pack that shouldn’t exist doesn’t learn what and who I am. But staying is impossible. Not in my condition. Only, the brown-eyed shifter who saves me is making it harder and harder for me to remember all the reasons why I can’t stay. When you break your curse, where do you run? Who do you run to?                  Amazon KU


Thoughtful, quiet, and just a wee bit on the dryly sarcastic side, Ethan teaches music at the university in Second Chance. With barely enough time to breathe between hysterical students and faculty shenanigans, he’s not looking for Mr. Right — just Mr. Right Now — and only when the moment calls for it. The beautiful man who calls himself “Blue” in a quick, dirty alley encounter should have satisfied him. But now Ethan can’t get Blue out of his mind, and can’t seem to stop looking for him. Carter –”Blue” when he wants to stay anonymous — wears his scars on the inside, but they’re deep and still bleeding. He doesn’t venture far outside his antique & pawn shop unless he’s desperate for someone to touch and hold him and make him feel good for a little while. He promised himself he would never want more again. The smoldering musician who caught his eye, and what they did in the alley, should have been enough. That should have been the end of it.
It wasn’t. It isn’t. Their encounter left him pregnant, and he’s been frozen since then, not knowing how to break free of his shell or what he should do. Until Ethan finds him — and then, everything changes. Again.

Amazon     Kobo


Falling asleep for almost 300 years was never part of Pennrae’s plan. Of course, when you’re a mercenary with magical abilities and defy a spellbinding prophecy…bad stuff happens. Now, magic is long gone from the world. So Penn works as a karate instructor, trying very hard to dodge her hot, flirty, and super annoying colleague, Callan. All is well until a Jigori – a nightmarish magic-eating monster – shows up at a New York City street fair, forcing Penn to use her Shaper magic, which allows her to transform wood and metal into deadly weapons. Now, the Jigori’s master has her scent, and their eye on stealing her 300 years of life. If they succeed, Penn succumbs to centuries of sleep again, and magic will be unleashed on a completely unprepared world. And to add to her ridiculously complicated life, something isn’t quite right with Callan. Which she could figure out if it weren’t for that evil, apocalyptic plot she’s trying to stop. But Penn may not have a choice – Callan could be the secret weapon she needs to save the world.

Amazon      Apple Books     Kobo


Humiliated. Alone. After going through her first transition, Constance finds her mate—who publicly rejects her. The pack wants her to leave, but Gage, the alpha, tells her to stay. His son may have rejected her, but he wants her to stay. At a meeting, Gage declares he will be the unmated male to claim her. She will be his. All her life, she’s had a crush on the softly spoken alpha, and now he intends to be her mate. Is he doing it out of pity? He has watched her flourish into a beautiful, curvy wolf, and since his son doesn’t want her, he craves her. He’ll stop at nothing to claim her for his own. He loves her. He will mate with her. But he couldn’t have anticipated what would happen when he finally leaves his mark on her. Will he save her before it is too late?                 Amazon KU


It’s winter solstice and a coven of witches needs the perfect specimen of power to complete a ritual to save the world from an insidious disease. The unsuspecting demon they summon has no idea he’ll go from tormenting naughty kids for Santa to being tormented himself by thirteen curvy, sex-starved women.

Amazon     Kobo


I could never trust a vampire. Ever. It wasn’t enough that vampires killed my parents and left me for dead. Nope, they also left me with this searing fear of every one of their kind. But when someone I care about grows sick from poison, I have no choice but to infiltrate a Romanian castle filled with pissy, evil vampires in search of the antidote. And my only saving grace is that for some reason, I can do things other humans can’t. Unfortunately, I also seem to be the perfect bait for the Vampire King, Kai Elias. More than seven feet of dark, wicked charisma, ancient eyes, and a body that holds more power and raw, animal sexuality than I can resist. But there’s something about Elias that looks painfully, terrifyingly familiar. Now I am in over my head and my heart. And my only choice is to trust this dark, charismatic creature…or die.

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If the devil is knocking at your door, don’t open it. A simple enough rule to follow… or so you’d think. 
When a criminal has magic too dangerous to merely lock up, we send them to a blackout prison.
Hell would’ve been a better destination for this guy. As a lowly cop in the LVMPD’s Rapid Response unit, I’m used to dealing with all kinds of dumpster-fire scenarios. From drunk salamanders on a building-melting bender and angry manticore landlords threatening to eat tenants’ gallbladders in lieu of payment, to human summoners calling up monsters from the deep to impress their girlfriends—to name a few. But learning about the magic I shouldn’t have while facing off against a psychopath who’s worked me into his infernal plans for worldwide torment? That’s decidedly outside my wheelhouse. Oh, and my one and only fae friend is acting really strange. I have to stop this devil from bringing hell to earth. But I’m petrified I’m going to help him pull it off instead.           Amazon KU


VS: Next on my tour of the backlist is TRAPPED ON TALONQUE, my ‘alien sleeping beauty’ story. It’s a standalone tale set in the Sectors. In the course of writing this one I had to invent a literally life or death ball game and had all kinds of other fun…

When a Sectors Special Forces soldier and his team crash land on an alien planet, they’re taken captive and given a challenge–win at the violent ball game of sapiche and live. Lose, and they die, sending a mysterious, alien beauty to an even uglier fate. To survive, these soldiers must win the game and find a way to free the dangerous prisoner from her locked chamber.

Nate Reilly and his team are in deep trouble. Prisoners on a backward alien planet, they’re brought before an alien ‘goddess’, sleeping in her high tech seclusion. Nate is astonished when she awakes and establishes a psychic link with him. But her news is not good–he and his men must win a brutal challenge set by their captors, or they will die. She’ll give her aid, but in the end their courage and strength must win the contest.

Bithia sleeps in her chamber, as she has for thousands of years, since her own people unaccountably left her there. Viewed as a goddess by her captors, she must hide her ancient secrets to survive. But only the bravest of men may free her. Can she use her psychic powers to keep Nate and his men alive long enough to help her escape, or will her only hope of freedom die with them?

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“New” is generally plus or minus a week or two. I try to catch up on ones I missed in recent months.  And I may mention ‘special items’.

I do NOT cover every single new release in SFR/FantasyR/PNR. I never have. That would be an impossible task for any human! I assemble my list by hand every week based on various informal inputs, and I do curate the list to some extent…

Some authors aren’t in KU but still don’t list books with Apple or other platforms. This report is very time consuming to prepare so I’ve always had to limit myself and cannot go and look up every book on all the platforms. If an author gives me their other buy links, I include them here but generally I develop the post on my own, not from author-supplied information. I curate and prepare this post individually every week to help connect readers/books/authors and I have to be very careful not to give it so much time as an activity that I don’t write my own novels! Thanks for the feedback and happy reading!

I check and verify all the buy links at the time I create the post  but after that I’m not responsible.

Required Statement: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifiying purchases.

Required Statement: As an Apple Books Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

3 comments on “New Releases in #SciFi #Fantasy and Paranormal Romance for Wednesday NOV 17

  1. Woot!
    Thank you so much for mentioning B Free, Veronica!
    (tackle hugs)
    I really appreciate this and I appreciate these posts.
    I find so many new-to-me books with them.
    Happy release week, everyone!
    Wishing you many happy readers!

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