New Releases in #SciFi #Fantasy and Paranormal Romance for JAN 26

Thanks for all the good wishes! I’m on Day 13 of COVID omicron and most of the symptoms are gone but wow, the fatigue is hanging on. I really have to be careful to rest a LOT and not try to do too much. I just don’t have any energy yet!

As always, I recommend sampling before you buy! I have not read most of the new releases listed (although I always end up one-clicking a bunch as I prepare these posts LOL). 


TYR (ASTRAL MATES BOOK 2) by Luna Hunter

Harper Myers is having a seriously bad day. Her ship has crashed on an alien ice planet, and she’s stranded there with Commander Tyr — a brutish Dragan Warlord who can’t stand humans. They have to share body heat just to survive on the harsh world, and that’s only the start of their problems, because the primitive inhabitants of the ice world think Harper looks good enough to eat. Literally.
There’s only one way for Harper to stop herself from becoming a savory snack for the ice-planet locals: Pretend to be Commander Tyr’s wife. On second thought, perhaps being eaten alive isn’t such a bad idea after all.           Amazon KU


Just a little lie… a fake fiancé fib. Peaceable needs a man to get her parents off her tail and stop their matchmaking. Desperate, she blurts out a made-up, surprise engagement to the worst, most aggravating man in the galaxy: Joseph Moonquest. Instant. Regret. The problem is that Joseph is the most insufferable, arrogant and wildly attractive human male she’s ever met. Worse still, he takes news of their surprise engagement in stride. He’ll play her games. Joseph and the stunning alien woman have been circling each other for months. Peaceable is the least fun, most goody-two shoes person he knows. She’s so prim and proper, colder than the stars in deep space. He might ask why she’s so desperate for a fake fiancé but he’ll enjoy tempting and teasing the uptight alien. She’s the one woman he’s never been able to charm. He’ll melt that icy exterior and make her come undone. Her little lie? He’ll play along until she’s at his mercy and the fussy female is in his bed. He’ll be the best fake fiancé in the cosmos. Game on.

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Brutalized as a gladiator, So’Lan’s body has finally healed, but his mind is still heavy with the weight of the many abuses he suffered in his owner’s dungeon. Can a gorgeous human pirate help him salvage the wreck that is his heart? Phoenix – Tempting but broken, So’Lan has baggage I want no part of. Each time he saves my life, I find myself reconsidering the hunky lion-man’s appeal. The moment I decide he’s worth fighting for, I also discover we have a much deadlier battle on our hands. So’Lan – 
Gutsy and guarded, the little human is mine. I’ve known it since she saved me from the crash. It takes her a while to admit her attraction, but if we can survive the hostile terrain and deadly inhabitants of this primitive planet, I will do anything to keep her. So’Lan contains a feisty female pirate and a good-looking gladiator mistaken for a god. There are also merciless marauding monkeys and contemptibly cruel crocs. And don’t forget glittering gold. Gobs and gobs of gold.       Amazon KU


VS Note: I LOVE this series! I was so excited she was writing another book set on the generation ship (because I love that trope too). Had it pre-ordered.

Morale on the Endurance is at an all-time low. Grady Read is one of the youngest Chiefs of Staff to the Captain to ever serve. She is supremely ethical and hard working. Nash Hyson, on the other hand, is one of the Endurance’s richest citizens, lives life at light speed, is friends with all the wrong people, and is absolutely the last person Grady should be seen with. When Nash’s father dies from unknown causes, Nash’s hunt for answers brings him and Grady together to investigate what they believe is a deadly threat to the Endurance, one that might explain the misery that grips the ship and makes life unpleasant for everyone. They struggle to keep their relationship purely business, even though their mutual attraction is powerful. Their investigation uncovers a decades-old conspiracy, and brings them into the sights of those who will do anything to keep their secrets.

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I thought being kidnapped by heartless scientists was the worst thing that could happen to me.
I was wrong. Being rescued by a massive teal alien alpha covered in spikes was worse. The scientists only wanted to experiment on me. He wants to ruin me. **This story is knot for the faint of heart. It is a dark action-packed Omegaverse story set in a world where violence and sexual situations occur.    Amazon KU


Some days, it’s sink or swim. Fresh off a successful mission, everything looks like it’s going swimmingly for the crew of the Black Flag. Right up until Captain Magdalene Landon-Ellis vanishes on her way back from a meeting with the admiralty. With few clues about her disappearance and Union leadership proving as tightlipped as ever, Chief Engineer Katherine Ellis-Landon and the crew of the Black Flag decide to take matters into their own hands. They’re going to figure out what happened to Maggie, and they’re going to get her back. Come hell or high water.     Amazon KU


MARIAN – All I was thinking about was survival when I escaped the Towers of Eyela, a human experimentation facility on a desolate, distant planet. All I’ve thought about since then is the man I left behind. Aiden and I were taken together, but the alien scientists turned us into monsters. I was able to fly away, but Aiden’s been trapped for years. I finally have the means to rescue him, and nothing will stop me from climbing that tower and taking him away. Not even the monster he’s become. AIDEN – I don’t remember who I am. I don’t even remember my own name. But I remember a girl with grey eyes, and the way her hair smelled like roses. The memories are all I hold on to through the long, tormented nights and agonizing days, as I turn more and more into the creature these aliens have made me. My wolfish transformation could be irreversible, but I maintain my humanity for her. My body calls out for her, even though I don’t know who she is. And when she finds me, who knows if I’ll be able to keep my instincts in check.          Amazon KU


Jynna is a worthless piece of spacejunk. At least that’s what she’s always been told. To escape her dead-end life in the orbiting slum of Fortuna she turns to a life of crime. But she chooses the wrong ship to rob. She’s caught in the act. Her captor gives her a choice: perform as his caged camgirl or go out the airlock. It should be a simple choice to make, especially since the prisoner she’ll perform with is her celebrity gladiator crush. If only it wasn’t for her terrible secret. Quintus Annius Milo wakes up in a strange world with no idea how he came to be there. He’s enslaved in a floating ship full of magic. His jailors demand that he perform with a beautiful hostage who hides a core of iron under her delicate exterior. He wants to refuse. It’s clear she’s terrified. All he can do is protect her from the worst of their captors’ punishments. But Milo’s resolve not to take what he’s desperate for is tested in the cruelest ways their captors can imagine. As Jynna and Milo search for a way to free themselves from their situation, will fear and insecurities keep their hearts captive?       Amazon KU

THE SAVAGE by Jenika Snow

VS Note: A re-release. From DEC 27.

Audrey had known that the slave traders would come for her and her family eventually. There was only so much luck a human could have in the desolate world they lived in. And that luck had run out. With her family completely wiped out, Audrey was at the mercy of the traders, finding herself about to be auctioned off to the highest alien bidder. But she knew she couldn’t live the rest of her life as a pet, a vessel to be used in the most obscene ways… or worse. So when she managed to escape, it wasn’t freedom she found, but a barbaric and savage male named Styx. And because he claimed he’d saved her life, she was now his to use in any way he saw fit. She’d fight, but Audrey was finding it hard to keep her body and heart away from the very primal, clearly dangerous savage alien male.                   Amazon KU


Green Beret Carla Kellogg is used to kicking ass and taking names as one of the only females to ever join the unit, but when she’s abducted by an alien slave trader looking to pay off a debt, she finds herself in the hardest battle she’s ever fought: for her freedom and her life, along with those of the nineteen other innocent human women taken. Meanwhile, Merrix, mechanic for the renegade Space Knights, and his outlaw vigilant “brothers” learn of the kidnapping of the Earth women while hiding in an asteroid belt in the solar system. Suddenly, what was a stopover for repairs turns into a rescue mission–and a date with destiny for team mechanic Merrix. Carla has escaped into the bowels of the ship and is determined to do everything she can to free her people from their alien captors. When the rescue mission goes awry and everyone but Merrix is captured, Carla comes to his aid and discovers the Knights’ intent. But can they trust each other and work together to save the day, or will the time they spend together, crawling around the ship ductwork in close quarters teach them that some itches are too dangerous to scratch?                           Amazon KU


Destiny is a strange thing. Changing our life paths dramatically with every twist and turn. Nothing held more true for Captain Kari Hanley. With a mission to complete and people to save, she won’t let destiny stop her. One way or another she will finish what she started. Returning home poses all new problems, putting lives in danger, and causing secrets to be revealed. When an odd ship appears, seemingly out of nowhere, research reveals Captain Kari may have just found the solution to a burning problem her team is facing. Will it be enough to handle this newest foe? Will the relationships so recently forged hold against the strain and pressure, or will they break with the tension? *Saving the Sautiitions is the second book in the Among the Cosmos series and which must be read in order.       Amazon KU

SEVEN MERCIES (SEVEN DEVILS BOOK 2) by Laura Lam and Elizabeth May

VS Note: Described as a ‘feminist space opera.’ Not a romance. SciFi release of note.

After an ambush leaves the Novantae resistance in tatters, the survivors scatter across the galaxy. Wanted by two great empires, the bounty on any rebel’s head is enough to make a captor filthy rich. And the seven devils? Biggest score of them all. To avoid attacks, the crew of Zelus scavenge for supplies on long-abandoned Tholosian outposts. Not long after the remnants of the rebellion settle briefly on Fortuna, Ariadne gets a message with unimaginable consequences: the Oracle has gone rogue. In a planned coup against the Empire’s new ruler, the AI has developed a way of mass programming citizens into mindless drones. The Oracle’s demand is simple: the AI wants One’s daughter back at any cost. Time for an Impossible to Infiltrate mission: high chance of death, low chance of success. The devils will have to use their unique skills, no matter the sacrifice, and pair up with old enemies. Their plan? Get to the heart of the Empire. Destroy the Oracle. Burn it all to the ground.

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I won’t touch her. But I will torment her soul. While the other warlords mate with the daughters of our enemy, I want nothing to do with these political marriages. Fate calls me north, searching for what the shamans say will complete my soul. An impossible task without more warriors at my command. Then an opportunity arises which I cannot refuse: hundreds of additional Jal’zar to strengthen my warband, allowing me to safely push into freeraider territory. The catch? I must marry a woman. A kiss and a deal later, I take my unruly wife with me into the plains. Anne has a sharp tongue and refuses to submit herself to my rule, rubbing me the right way in all the wrong places. I will never touch her. I will never love her. Anne can never be more to me than the annoying fineprint at the end of a contract – because she is a daughter of the men who killed my family.    Amazon KU


VS Note: Not a romance but a scifi release of note with an interesting premise.

Evie Shao and her sister, Kass, aren’t on speaking terms. Fifteen years ago on a family camping trip, their father and brother vanished. Their dad turned up days later, dehydrated and confused—and convinced he’d been abducted by aliens. Their brother, Jakob, remained missing. The women dealt with it very differently. Kass, suspecting her college-dropout twin simply ran off, became the rock of the family. Evie traded academics to pursue alien conspiracy theories, always looking for Jakob. When Evie’s UFO network uncovers a new event, she goes to investigate. And discovers Jakob is back. He’s different—older, stranger, and talking of an intergalactic war—but the tensions between the siblings haven’t changed at all. If the family is going to come together to help Jakob, then Kass and Evie are going to have to fix their issues, and fast. Because the FBI is after Jakob, and if their brother is telling the truth, possibly an entire space armada, too.

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Taken from her home, Amy finds herself trapped on a desert planet with no hope of escape. Lost in the dry, barren wasteland, she barely survives. Making a new home on this cruel, unforgiving planet isn’t easy, but Amy begins to see the beauty of this strange world through the eyes of her new friends. When two large, identical twin warriors, half man and half machine, stumble upon her, Amy’s life once again changes. Unable to chose between the two huge warriors, she falls for both. But this new planet and her new family come with its own deadly challenges. Cane and Cole left everything they knew behind for a life on a desert planet. But madness is creeping in, and for twins like them, there is no hope. At least, that is what their entire race told them. Finding Amy changes their lives in ways they never thought could be possible. New friends, impossible challenges, a deadly attack on their home, and even an enemy from their past won’t stop the Twins from doing whatever it takes to keep the woman they both love safe.                      Amazon KU

ARKED (TRIBES BOOK 6) by Milana Jacks

Lena – Everyone on Nomra Prime thinks I’m Mae, a fire goddess come to life. A goddess the males of this planet will kill their own kin to possess. Truth is, I’m just a tough product of the California foster system. I’ve stayed alive on my youth and my looks, and keeping my brain under wraps. That requires a lot of lies. The biggest? The queen believes I’m head over heels for her son. She’s not wrong. She’s just wrong about which one. Ark – From the moment I met her, this human female has simmered in my mind, taunting me with promises of hot nights spent making pups. She is Mae, goddess of fire and lies. And my brother thinks he will win the games, and win her hand. He is wrong. Like the ripest fruit plucked from the marketplace of Ra, she will be mine. Three spans, two nights, one winner. The games start at dawn.                    Amazon KU


Fresh out of college, with a degree in Biochemistry and wild dreams for the future, I can’t believe my luck when I get a job as a lab assistant with the mysterious organization IMRA. But then I find out IMRA stands for… umm… International Monster Research Association, and that… umm… alien monsters exist, and now I’m not even allowed to talk about my job at home! Deep breath. I can handle this. I’m a professional, and this is a great opportunity. Oh, what’s the job description? So glad you asked! It’s… let me check. Ah, right! Collecting test samples from a recently captured green-skinned beast that’s as tall as a mountain, a bit too growly for my taste, and could certainly break out of his cage if he wanted to. An orc. I’m to collect various bodily fluids from an alien orc. Deep breath. Don’t panic, Lou. Come on! You’re a professional. *sweat drop*          Amazon KU

DAUNTLESS (CENTAURI BRIDES BOOK 8) by Kallista Dane and Kate Richards

I’m tearing across the galaxy at a hundred times the speed of light. Tomorrow I’ll become the bride of a fierce alien warrior—and I’ve never even kissed a boy. My mother always told me I was too delicate to play sports, to join clubs, to go away to college, so I studied from home. A childhood illness left me with a weak heart. Even after the doctors said it was strengthened, Mom was too worried to ease her grip on me. She never allowed me to go to a dance or a party or a football game. When mother died after a long illness that took every dime she had, I was left with nowhere to go and a degree in ancient history that offered zero employment opportunities. My only friend, Inia, who had lived next door since I was a little girl, signed up for the Centauri Brides program and suggested I join her. I’d never even lived in my own apartment, but with few options—no options—I found myself signing up to marry a huge hulking alien, sight unseen. and spend the rest of my life on a newly discovered primeval world. Kyros – I want at least a dozen children. My entire family was wiped out when a vicious enemy destroyed Arythios. My father, mother and eight siblings gone as if they’d never existed while I was commanding a team of warriors in charge of security aboard the solport. Unlike some of the others, I was eager to sign up for a human mate. I requested a strong woman, like my mother was. While waiting for a Bride, I built a home with enough bedrooms for the many children we will bring to this world. Tomorrow I will claim my chosen Bride. Together we will found a dynasty on Centauri and our descendants will celebrate our union for millennia.       Amazon KU


Crash-landed, stranded, and at the mercy of a barbaric alien. What could possibly go wrong? Crashing my shuttle wasn’t exactly on my to-do list. But here I am, stranded in the desert of an alien planet. Alone and slightly annoyed, to be honest. There’s no way for my ship to find me unless I find high ground, and with sand in every direction, your guess is as good as mine as to where that might be. Except I might not be as alone as I thought. When Da’leel appears out of the sand it might be my first lucky break for days. His glowing green eyes, broad chest, and large… hands could make him just the help I need. Except he wants to claim me as his prize. Now just how could I persuade him not to? Because I definitely don’t want to bond with a tall, dark, well-built alien. Do I?      Amazon KU


Journalist Brooklyn Tate came to this Caribbean island to blow the lid off a money laundering scheme at a destination wedding—instead, she discovers a bodysnatcher invasion straight from her nightmares and a hot alien warrior sent to stop them. The interstellar hottie claims he wants a mate for life—but he also acts like humans are barely evolved gerbils. How can she possibly be this grumpy goliath’s match? Khaz is one of only five surviving Apex’ir warriors. Locked inside his helmet, he’s determined to hunt down the parasitic aliens responsible for destroying his planet. He thought he’d cut down any humans necessary to kill his enemies, the Fever. Then he meets Brooklyn. The interfering female has his protective instincts firing, and his body aching for more. But can a human truly be his mate? To claim an impossible future, Khaz must discover whether Brooklyn’s touch can free him from his helm. But their enemies are closing in. Will their passion set the stars alight, or will the Fever burn them up before they can unmask the heart of the infestation.

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WILD BEAST by Loki Renard

I tried to claim his world. He claimed me instead. I was only supposed to be stuck on this planet long enough for my partners to get the necessary paperwork done to make it officially ours. I didn’t know it already belonged to something else…Now that wild beast plans to…(more blurb on ebook seller page…)            Amazon KU


In the far reaches of space, you have to keep your guard up to survive. But this gorgeous alien warrior is breaking down my defenses. Three years ago, alien raiders abducted me from Earth. I escaped to a remote trading planet, where I’ve scraped by and kept my identity as a human hidden… until one day, I get caught stealing from a mysterious warrior named Rok. Aliens are dangerous and untrustworthy. Or at least, that’s what I’ve always thought. But Rok is different. Despite being furious that I took something from him, he doesn’t hurt me. Instead, he offers to help me. I’m not sure I should trust him—or if I can trust myself around him. Because every time I look into his gold-rimmed eyes, the ice around my heart melts a little. His touch sends licks of fire over my skin, and he gazes at me with such possessive heat that I feel like I’ll combust. But I know better than to put my faith in an alien. And I certainly know better than to fall in love with one. Right?                            Amazon KU


Lord Kruth was a monster. Terrible, angry, ruthless… and I belonged to him. A simple hike in the woods on a clearly marked trail. Easy enough. Except my curiosity got the better of me and I fell off a cliff, landing straight in the center of a military training exercise that ended when a strange mist overtook the clearing. Next thing I know, me and the entire group of soldiers are captives of High Warlord Kruth on a distant planet. Stolen away to be forced into his military and help him take over the galaxy. Spoiler alert: I’m not a soldier. That was quickly discovered when I was forced into a trial to prove my worth and passed by sheer luck under the watchful eye of the admittedly hunky High Warlord Kruth. Lord Kruth rules with an iron fist, doling out cruel punishments to those that disobey him and commanding an unimaginably vast army. He’s terrifying, mean, ruthless… with his chiseled torso and thick thighs, barely contained under that fur covered loincloth he wears. That smoldering scowl that softens when his eye falls on me… Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately?) he had taken a liking to me and kept me by his side. All I could do was wait and follow Lord Kruth’s orders obediently, or as obediently as my mouth would let me. Hopefully, the soldiers abducted with me would work out an escape plan. There was a slight problem, though. The more time I spent with Lord Kruth, the less I was sure I even wanted to escape.                            Amazon KU


Zephyr – I’ve made it my mission to stop the aliens that have been terrorizing the galaxy. Their next target is Earth. My objective is to save as many lives as I can. But when I meet Addison, I see my soul mate. The last thing I need is a distraction. It seems fate has other things in mind. Addison – Stranded in a remote location during an alien invasion was the last thing I expected when I ventured on a field trip with a bus full of second graders. Everyone is turning to me for answers. It’s a role I didn’t ask for and don’t want, but I must protect everyone I can. The aliens are closing in and we have nowhere to run when a fiery phoenix swoops in to save the day — literally. There’s not just one alien species on the planet, but two. I need to convince the hot phoenix shifter to help us save the planet. If I fail, our planet will be blown up.                 Amazon KU


VS Note: Not a romance but a hard SF, cyberpunk release of note.

Along the exotic ruins of the Silk Road, cyborgs seek to slay an AI dragon. Or is that, ally with the dragon? Cyborg Betta honeymoons with her AI boyfriend Valentin in Chernobyl. But China is collapsing. Factions jockey for control, while Russia and Japan invade. Tai Loong, the Great Dragon AI, mounts a formidable defense. Russia demands Betta’s team earn their keep. What kind of AI is Tai Loong? What are his weaknesses? How can Russia destroy him? The drone riders infiltrate the Silk Road to discover his secrets. But do Betta’s AI allies wish to conquer the charming dragon? As allies prove enemies, and enemies become friends, her desert trek brings disaster, sorrow, and of course, new critters.                       Amazon KU


He’s relentless. He’s aggressive. His armor is scarred to hell. Toth Krag is infamous among bounty hunters. Nobody has ever seen his face and lived to tell the tale. He doesn’t fail. He doesn’t quit. And he doesn’t take prisoners. But maybe he’s getting soft. For once, he showed mercy, and no good deed goes unpunished, so now he’s tracking the deadbeats who run Volant’s Fabulous Spectacle.
She’s casual. She’s spontaneous. She never liked Earth that much anyway. Yara Duncan is always at the wrong place at the wrong time. That’s how she wound up as the human attraction in a space circus. Frankly, it’s the best gig she’s ever had. Aliens pay to watch her eat and do puzzles, and she gets to see the galaxy free of charge. She’s enjoying the adventure, until the scariest hunter in the universe shows up. For some reason, he thinks she’s in charge, and he’s determined to drag her back to face his employers. Yara doesn’t run from her problems, and Krag doesn’t know what to do with a human who seems more interested in what he looks like under his armor. This time, the hunter becomes the hunted in the wildly unpredictable game of love.

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WOLF WARRIORS DUET by Marteeka Karland

VS Note: Re-releases. Publisher states both have been “extensively edited.”

Future Earth. The privileged few build their wealth on the backs of slaves who are neither man nor beast, but both. Those with gold to spare spend it at the Arena… betting on the Warrior Shifters is the pastime of the elite. Claimed by the Guardian Wolf: Miranda is the daughter of one of the cruelest Gladiator owners. Still her heart remains pure. The last thing she bargained for was catching the eye of the fiercest warrior of all — Brandwulfr. To Brandwulfr, Miranda is a way out of this godforsaken realm, a way to get home. He doesn’t need to be attracted to the silly little human. Yet something in her touch awakens the wolf within him…Taken by the Wolf King: Caught between deadly politics and a man bent on claiming her, all Elsa can afford to focus on is saving her children — at any cost. Tortured and maddened by pain, Leif vows revenge on the woman he would have made his queen. Will his hatred of what she was forced to do build a wall between them that can never be torn down?

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KIRA – As the fleet’s best engineer, I work endlessly to keep everyone alive with little more than spit and a prayer. Then an even more crucial job beckons. Survival demands we crack the enemy’s jamming tech, and I’m just the person to do it. But the new job is on-planet, and the only way to get there is to marry a Varool. The biggest, grumpiest alien of the big-and-grumpy bunch claims me. I swear Grol’s made of living stone, but his touch is pure fire, freeing my truest desires. I’m falling fast, but Grol’s emotions are impenetrable. With so much heat between us, his indifference could burn my heart to ash.      GROL – Duke, Head of War, Warlord—I go by many titles, none of them soft. I am the sharp tip of the sword aimed straight at the heart of my enemy. Then she says my name. Grol, simply Grol. This small human is my fated mate. I claim her to assuage the mating frenzy, almost losing myself in pleasure. Duty demands that I protect her so she can discover a way to defeat our foe. Yet the longer we are together, the more her intelligence and lightness of spirit affect me. Enemies attack from all sides, requiring complete focus for the fight. For the first time in my life, my purpose is divided. How can such tiny hands have such a strong grip on my two hearts?              Amazon KU

MUNRO by Kresley Cole

TORMENTED IN UNIMAGINABLE WAYS – Coming off torture at the hands of his warlock captors, Munro MacRieve never expected to find his mate, or to lose her just as abruptly. Driven to desperation, the ruthless warrior uses his enemies’ own powers to reunite with her—in the distant past. STOLEN FROM HER TIME – When a crazed werewolf crashes her wedding, Kereny “Ren” Codrina does what any cunning huntress would do: she captures him. Yet she finds herself softening toward the wounded beast—until he turns the tables and forces her into an incomprehensible future. CAN A HUMAN AND AN IMMORTAL UNITE IN ORDER TO SURVIVE? As danger mounts, Munro will do anything to make her undying, even sell his soul to an evil sorceress. But first he must convince his fiery mate that she belongs with him. If seduction means her survival, Munro will use every weapon in his arsenal to possess her—forever.

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Where there’s a wolf, there’s a way…Sierra Redding is on her way to her new job as an art teacher for a red wolf pack in Portland, when she thwarts a break-in. She’s just in time to see the would-be thief and sketch him for detective Adam Holmes, earning her a job with the police department as a sketch artist, and bringing her closer to the handsome investigator.

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Can a broken hero get a second chance at life and love? Once known as the Iron Eagle of the skies, Eli, a former military hero, now spends his time drowning his regrets in alcohol—until a woman challenges what’s left of his pride. Yvette, a human with a mission, drags Eli from his pit of misery with a plea he can’t ignore: The world needs you. And Eli needs something to help him move past grief and guilt. What this shifter doesn’t expect as he regains his feathery courage, is to fall in love.
But will he have a chance at a happily ever after given the threat facing the world? Time to be a hero one last time.

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Morgen Keller’s life has been chaotic since she inherited her grandmother’s old house—and her legacy as a witch. Werewolves regularly attack her, familiars spy on her, and enemies she didn’t ask for keep lighting her property on fire. Through everything, she’s been fortunate to have one steadfast ally: Amar. The lone werewolf is a fearsome fighter, a loyal protector, and he’s sexy in nothing but a magical talisman. Just as Morgen and Amar overcome most of her problems and officially start dating, trouble from his past arrives in town. The powerful enemy who long ago slew his parents has come to finish off the family. As strong as Amar is, he may not be able to handle his old nemesis alone. But will he let Morgen help? And is it within her fledgling power as a witch to do so?

Amazon KU


Welcome to my Hell… and not the good one where I’m in charge. Word on the street is that my brother’s son was potty trained at eight months old. Unacceptable. I shall not be bested by God. I have pilfered plastic potties, Cheerios and bagels. I am prepared to teach my boy to put the pee in the hole. All I need now is a potty song. Or so I thought. Apparently, sending Lizard to clog all the commodes in Heaven has put me in hot water with Mother Nature. The certifiable woman has threatened a pole dancing punishment if I don’t play nice with my brother. So I shall do what any sane leader of Hell would do—die my hair, shave my eyebrows and go into hiding for a century. Desperate Devils do stupid things. But no one hides from Mother Nature for long, not even God and the Devil. Now we’re in a cornfield in Nowhere, Indiana. No magic. No cell phones. No IDs and three days to make nice and figure out how in the Hell to get to Kentucky. Good luck to us…Sometimes you need a little Heaven to raise a lot of Hell.             Amazon KU


When the Archangels slammed the pearly gates shut on the great war between the Demons and the Fae, the angel Shemasiel missed the memo. Trapped alone on Earth, she’s spent the past few millennia sticking her nose in where it’s not wanted, and generally being a nuisance to the people in charge. Posing as human investigative reporter Neveah Lane, she’s first on the scene of a mysterious death with hallmarks of the supernatural. But when one of Hell’s most notorious demons is also sent to investigate, it quickly becomes apparent that more is at stake than the death of a single woman.
Now, with the truce between two powerful, warring races hanging in the balance, a stranded angel and Hell’s most devious spymaster must choose whether to oppose each other on principle, or work together for peace. As the two orbit each other in pursuit of their competing goals, Neveah finds herself experiencing the appeal of the forbidden for the first time in her ageless existence. Angels are supposed to be immune from temptation. Too bad Neveah was never a very good angel.    Amazon KU


Trinity is prepared to become fated mates with a Viking dragon if it means saving humanity. What she isn’t ready for is a Viking like Vicar. A man who suffers from multiple personalities. One is civil, the other ruthless. Yet when her dragon connects with his across time, and Loki’s Dagger mysteriously ends up in her possession, she knows their paths are on a collision course. Intrigued by Trinity’s influence over him and determined to retrieve Loki’s Dagger, Vicar heads to the future only to find Trinity on the run. In quick pursuit, he follows her back in time and learns the unexpected. Now that she’s in his era, she suffers from dual personalities as well. One is sweet, the other cutthroat. To make matters worse, they’re up against an enemy god determined to pit them against each other and make Trinity his own. Thrust on a turbulent journey together, they discover not only a forgotten past but learn they once shared a deep love. They also realize just how involved their savage nemesis was in their ultimate fate. Will they rediscover the sizzling passion they once shared despite all they’re up against? Or have they already lost the battle to something that’s been stalking them since childhood? Amazon KU


She’s part Fae with sunlight in her veins. He’s a vampire…with heart and soul. It’s a match made in magical hell, but Avery can’t seem to stay away. With her crew of misfit friends–Fae, vampires, witches, and shifters–Avery Quinn uncovers a secret society of werewolves selling Fae blood to vampires on the black market. Set against the artsy backdrop of downtown Halifax, A Kingdom of Iron & Wine is a fantastical tale of magic, danger, and love as Avery stumbles upon a hidden mythical world woven into her own buried past. With each secret she uncovers, Avery grows closer to darkness. Because, while her mortal heart may belong to Cillian, she has no idea her immortal soul was long promised to a dark Fae Lord…and he’s coming to collect.                Amazon KU


Within a matter of days, Samael will turn to ash. And there’s a high chance I’ll die with him. To save both our lives, I’m calling in every favor and debt owed to me. I’ll travel through realms. I’ll tussle with mythical creatures.  And I’ll hand over the things I value most– even if it means playing right into Lucifer’s hands. I never could have imagined I’d risk everything for a demon. But what Samael and I have will always be worth fighting for. Even if it means ending treaties, severing friendships, and alienating our allies.  Because Samael is mine now.  And I protect what’s mine.       Amazon KU


They say warlocks are lesser beings. I’m about to prove them wrong. The streets have been my home for as long as I can remember. To get by, I use my magic tricks, bringing smiles to the faces of adults and children alike. As a warlock, my powers are limited. Nothing like a witch’s magical skills. Basically, I’m a glorified magician as well as a second-class citizen. Fine. It doesn’t get me down. I have my cat Fizz and Kylie Minogue’s music to keep me going as I dream big. I know there’s a better life out there for me. When I accidentally summon the lost magic of arcana, something not even a powerful witch can do, my world is turned upside down. Enter Tae Frost. Mysterious billionaire vampire. Deliciously handsome and brooding. Able to set my pulse racing with just one look. A man who offers to change my life for the better. I just have to move into his penthouse and help him hunt demons first. Hmmm. I have a big decision to make. Do I take this Cinderella-like opportunity? Especially with the dangerous secret I’m hiding from the world. And if the witches discover I’ve summoned arcana… Well, it won’t be fun to be me if they do. There’s a demon making a big impression—a creepy, button-eyed man spilling blood across London. Seemingly uncatchable, as well as unhinged. The city is trembling in the wake of his shadow. With my new powers, I’m the only one to stop him. Damn.   Amazon KU


Fall has come to Enchanted Enclave, and with it, drama! The election to decide on a new mayor is fast approaching, and things are heating up between Aunt Lucy and Ariadne. Meanwhile, Ross is trying to come to terms with his discovery of magic’s existence, but he’s going to have to do it quickly, because someone has been stealing things in Enchanted Enclave, and he’s the detective assigned to the case. But when Cackling Witch Coffee becomes one of the places hit by the thief, Eliza, Leanne and Kaillie aren’t just going to stand around and wait idly by waiting for the case to be solved.   Amazon KU

ARRAN (WOLFY BOOK 2) by Tia Fielding

Trauma and heartache have followed Arran his whole life. Raised by wolf hunters, he was lucky to escape Washington State and that life at his first chance. Becoming a liaison between wolf packs and hunters across the United States was Arran’s way of healing his soul from what he’d seen his family do. A decade ago, he met Marek, the alpha son of a small pack in Montana. The pair quickly realized they were mates, fell in love, and had plans for a future where Arran being a liaison would make a real difference. But then, everything changed when Marek had to step up as the Alpha. Since that day, Arran has been running from his past, solving problems for other people while his mating bite throbs in time with his broken heart. He’s had lovers, but everyone who sees the scar on his wrist knows that he belongs to another. Fresh off one job, Arran receives a late-night call from Marek’s wife — his replacement — begging for help, and there’s nothing he can do but head back to the Alpha he never wanted to face again. Not after he learns that the events from New Mexico are connected to what’s happening to Marek’s pack. Someone is threatening two packs he’s been involved with, and that can’t be ignored. Showing up on Marek’s doorstep is its own complication with plenty of surprises in store for both men. Not only does Arran have secrets from his hunter past, but Marek has been bearing his own all these years. Old hurts and new revelations mix in a cocktail of hurt and comfort as the pack figures out how to move forward and be happy again.

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5th Circle, I’m coming for you…I’m coming for vengeance. I’ve changed. I’m not the same terrified girl on the run I’d been for all those years. Soon, my enemies are going to meet the new me. And I’m going to make them bleed. The dark witches have taken their cause to a whole new level. Countless innocent lives could be lost if we don’t stop 5th Circle. Now, more than ever, we need to be free of the enchantress’s curse—and time is running out.              Amazon KU


Before the end of hatred, there was the dawn of peace…Two immortals from warring species save each other’s lives as the conflict rages on. Alrec, the hulking Vampyre warrior, spares her first. Years later, Kilani, the fierce, uncompromising Slayer, returns the favor. Stuck in her remote cabin, their bond grows as Kilani warily nurses her injured Vampyre, determined to deny her growing desire for the man with deep, knowing eyes and mesmerizing fangs. And, of course, there’s only one bed… The sizzling prequel to the Etherya’s Earth paranormal romance saga.

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Accompanied by Render, her long-time raven companion, Kress joins Brohn as they set out to track down the five members of the Fallen that Kress had to leave behind on her last adventure. Along the way, the heroic team finds themselves drawn into the plight of the Unsettled, now an oppressed underclass being targeted for extermination by the Cult of the Devoted. Plagued by internal divisions, some of the Unsettled want to negotiate with the Devoted, while others are planning something much more dramatic. Caught in the middle, Kress and Brohn have a decision to make. The side they pick and the path they choose could save—or else end—the lives of millions.   Amazon KU


When a skulk of Kitsunes comes to town, things are going to start heating up! My life is pretty much perfect. Not only do I have the family I never dared to wish for, but I’m finally the World Champion! Of course, there’s no rest for the wicked so my coach has already started training me for next year’s figure skating championship. But even Garrick’s constant nagging isn’t enough to ruin my buzz. I’m literally living my dream. Until a skulk of Kitsunes move to Silver Springs, including a Fire Kitsune who insists that she’s my long lost sister. Not to mention, the Celestial Kitsune that makes my heart race. But I’m not looking for another mate. The three Sterling brothers are more than enough for this Kitsune.              Amazon KU


Since learning that my killer biological father had set loose his army of dark fae into my city, Las Vegas, I made the painful decision to not take my rightful crown in the Faery Realm and to be with my 4 handsome and hot fae princes. So from the Fallen Fae Academy to FBI training, I went…to become a Fae B.I. But what I’m seeing in Vegas is far more deadlier than Dark Fae let loose.   Amazon KU


Nathalie has almost given up on finding her fated mate, until she finds him in the last place she ever expected. Everyone knows that lion and unicorn shifters don’t get along, but when a gorgeous unicorn enters Derek’s life, he knows things are going to be different. Can Nathalie and Derek overcome the rivalry drummed into them since birth and accept one another as fated mates?

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LONE WOLF (EXILED BY THE PACK BOOK 3) by Charlene Hartnady

Tiffany – I know what I want and how I want it. My life is neat, orderly and all mapped out. I love the high octane, mile-a-minute hustle. My career as a stockbroker consumes me. I don’t mind because I’m great at what I do. Some days it’s like printing money. If I want something, I buy it. I work hard and party even harder. Then my grandmother dies, and I’m left reeling. ..(SNIP…)      Grayson – I was exiled by my pack over ten years ago. Why? Because I’m different and different is apparently bad. They are dead to me. I’m better off without them. I know the feeling is mutual. I built a cabin in the woods, away from humans…away from everyone and everything. Some might say I’m a hermit, but I like it just fine. The whole world can go to hell for all I care. I’ve carved out a place where I can just be. I’m at peace. That’s when she blunders onto my land…(full blurb on ebook seller page…)   Amazon KU


I chose to save a man I thought was past salvation. That doesn’t mean I can stand him.  Heaven help us all on this forsaken road trip through Hell. I thought I knew what I was doing when I dragged Arcturus Nightfeld’s darkest secrets out into the light. I was wrong. Now we’re on the run—me, my best friend, and my worst enemy. Our one hope of survival lies in my father’s secret research lab, deep within the Hells. The problem is getting there. Enemies hunt us. Demons surround us. But our biggest danger on this insane quest just might be each other. Love isn’t the same thing as forgiveness. Hate isn’t the same thing as lack of understanding. The only way out of the Hells is overcoming our past.   AmazonKU


Darin – A pirate looking for his own found family. Finn – A cursed merman who yearns for what he can’t have. Conall – An infamous pirate captain who’s sworn off love. When they meet, sparks fly. But having grown up in an orphanage, Darin is insecure. Conall was betrayed by the woman he loved, and he has locked his heart away. Finn has no means to break the curse and be with the men he loves. And there’s a dark secret lurking in the shadows.              Amazon KU

BITE MARKS (THE LYCANS 5) by Jenika Snow

I was ruthless, brutal. A sociopath by all accounts. The leader of the American Vampire Clan, a male who all feared because I was merciless. And then I found my mate. Kayla. So fragile. Breakable. So human. I’d make her mine, and she’d hate me for it. I wanted to give her pain with pleasure, wanted to break her skin and lick up the blood I spilled… take Kayla into me like she’d take me into her. I’d have her surrendering to my needs. I’d give her my body but wouldn’t be able to give her my heart. How could I when it wasn’t something I had to offer, when I was nothing but a coldhearted killer? So when the threats come to my front door, it’s time to show my female she’s mated to the most dangerous vampire in the world.                    Amazon KU


Malcolm McKittack’s life consists of the three Ps: pleasure, partying, and paranoia. Okay, maybe not usually the last one, but somebody’s been following him. He’s being hunted, doomed to be sacrificed on the altar of some old guy’s downstairs dysfunction, only no one believes him. Kostas has never met anyone annoying as Malcolm Freaking McKittack. He comes into his club, acts like he owns the place, and worst of all, he looks good doing it. He’s trouble, and Kostas doesn’t need any. It doesn’t matter how the incubus makes eyes at him, he’s not interested. When Kostas witnesses Malcolm being kidnapped, he knows he shouldn’t get involved—it’s probably some creepy demonic game. But playing the hero fits him like Malcolm’s bespoke suit, and it’ll take them both to stop a plot that threatens the whole supernatural world.                     Amazon KU


VS note: From DEC 31

Life for Sterling the vampire is sweet in sleepy Silveropolis. Blood is in easy supply with college kids and cryptid hunters swarming the town for mountain madness, an annual search for an elusive creature known as Smallfoot. But another corpse is discovered in the woods. Are the Everetts back? Is it a ritual killing, or a random murder? With the help of a brooding journalist and a jealous storm god, Sterling must investigate before it’s too late. The victim was staked through the heart, after all. A vampire hunter has come to Silveropolis.             Amazon KU


In the middle of shearing talking sheep, Jackson Pryde and Xander Wright are visited by Hecate and Freyja, queens of magical might within their pantheons. The goddesses have summoned Jackson for a meeting among immortals, a convocation of entities who wish to study the strange nature of his prismatic powers. Jackson’s busy enough already. Work is underway for the rebuilding of the artificers’ guild. Rumors abound that his childhood hero is searching for a suitable assistant. And a chance assignment sees the boys visiting the heart of where their bitter rivalry truly began: the elite academy of Grayhaven. Good thing a visit to Xander’s alma mater won’t unearth old grudges and ancient insecurities. Right?                       Amazon KU


Sometimes the truth comes at a cost…Teenage Witch Angela Tanner is learning to control her powers, but it’s not as easy as it looks. Especially when everything points to her being a Fire Witch. Is her awesome power a gift or a curse? That’s something she must find out. At least she’s not alone. She has the help of her own personal Guardian, Jody Nieves. Together, they set out on a journey to discover the truth behind her powers. Can she learn control in time to save herself?

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Welcome to Barvale, New Jersey! These short, fast-paced, steamy, holiday stories are set in the bear shifter town we grew know and love in The Bear Claw Tales and The Barvale Clan SeriesInside: A Bear For Christmas – At 47 years old, Jillian Osborn was too old to believe in fairy tales and finding love twice in one lifetime wasn’t in the cards for her, or was it? Hers To Bear – When Maisy returns to town, Arthur can’t believe his luck. Maybe this time around, he can reveal his secret, and win the girl. Thank You Beary Much – One week away celebrating his graduation, AJ left his friends high and dry to spend his days and nights in her company. A year later and he still dreamt about the beautiful Estella Baron.

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Alpha Kurt left his flourishing business and cheating husband in the city for a new life at the shore. He adores the small town he now calls home. The people are welcoming, his job at the bakery incorporates everything he loves without the stress of ownership, and he’s even learning how to swim. If only he had someone to share his life with. Maybe the app his boss talked about isn’t such a bad idea after all. Omega fox shifter Reynard thought it was cute when his parents told him he’d one day be traded to a neighboring pack, or skulk as foxes called them, if he didn’t snag a mate… it wasn’t until he turned twenty that he discovered they were serious. The skulk in question? They stuck with the ways of old, including omegas being nothing more than a possession. Reynard did what any fox would do in his situation; he left. Five years and six places later, Reynard has landed by the sea, and for the first time he feels at home. If only he had someone to share this home with. Maybe the app that keeps sending him emails isn’t such a bad idea after all.               Amazon KU


Mia Thorne’s midlife makeover is going better than she ever expected. She has a new job, a new relationship, a new garden—well, never mind the garden. She doesn’t even mind that she’s back to pounding the pavement to generate ad revenue for the local newspaper. Unfortunately an important meeting with the marketing director of the Newberry Playhouse generates the wrong kind of buzz when a beloved actress is found dead the day of her big performance. The murder triggers a ghostly rumor that had been put to rest long ago. With suspects crawling out of the seemingly haunted scenery, Chief Tuck and Detective Fairfax have their hands full and Mia is only too happy to pitch in.
Can Mia solve the case and help the show go on or will the final curtain fall on the historic playhouse?                   Amazon KU


Can love last when one won’t leave, and the other can’t stay? Fear of moving farther away from his family had cost Eer the love of his life, but now, after twenty-five turns, Kat has returned…with a son, and Eer’s feelings resurface as if it had been only yesterday since they’d first kissed. But any hope Eer has of rekindling their love seems doomed to fail when a murderer’s taste for revenge forces Kat to choose between endangering their family or running… and leaving Eer behind, again.

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When Poppy accidentally breaks her bedroom mirror, she has no idea the bad luck she’s in for! With just about everything going wrong, Poppy’s first order of business is to reverse the curse of the broken mirror ASAP! Unfortunately for her, though, that’s not quite how the cosmos work. Saddled with a serious case of misfortune, imagine Poppy’s surprise when one of her clients walks into her store with yet another mirror! This one isn’t cursed, though. It’s haunted. The ghost of the woman stuck inside the mirror appears to be from pioneer times, and as she yells in silent horror and pounds against the glass, it’s pretty clear she wants out. But just how does one free a ghost from a mirror? Poppy’s about to find out… the hard way.                 Amazon KU


A price had been paid. One none of us were prepared for. For just a moment, I allowed myself to believe things would be okay—that I could find a way to recover from my past and move on. Except life quickly proved happily-ever-after’s were nothing more than fantasy for me. I didn’t know who was responsible for turning our home into a bleeding inferno, but I would soon. And when I did? I’d stop at nothing to make sure they felt every whip of anguish I’d been struck with. With time running out, it was up to Maciah and me to seek vengeance. Our hearts might be shattered, but our determination is unbreakable. With Viktor in our sights, we’re ready to end what he started all those years ago. Even if it means putting our own lives on the line.             Amazon KU


They can’t escape the supernatural even on holiday. Alex and Micah’s trip to a nearby anime convention is meant to be cosplay fun and time away from their busy lives in New Orleans. But the ghosts seem to be drawn to them, as a fellow con attendee asks them about a doll he suspects is haunted. Alex was hoping to leave his curse at home, but when confronting shadows in a hotel room filled with dolls, he wonders if maybe he shouldn’t have left home at all. Will the spirits from the convention find their rest, or will they follow Micah and Alex home?

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His vampire lover went to ground, leaving him a single dad of twins, and the most coveted witch in the world. The fae want Seiran as their advocate. The government and the Dominion want to use him as a pawn. Seiran decides a vacation away from it all sounds like a good idea, until he arrives to find a resort threatened by corporate tampering. But the fae aren’t willing to let him go, and when his toddlers vanish in the middle of the night, Seiran has no choice but to accept a bond, or lose what little he has left, while he waits for the return of lover.

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After a yearlong battle with declining health, Brand is offered the opportunity to live and work building a small home community in Upstate New York, and reconnecting with his best friend. But Brand is a long way from recovered and doesn’t know if he’ll actually be able to do the job. Law thought he escaped small town life, and was on the verge of adding to his list of rehab skills when everything shut down. Now he’s in limbo, unable to work with suspended certificates, and back home with a family curse he’d like to keep secret. Brand needs more than just a physical therapist. And Law is looking for a place to belong. When the truth is revealed, can the two of them find love, despite the mysteries and curses that plague their past?            Amazon KU


Lisa Chen has finally made a decision. She’s going to give up her life of magic and settle for a non-magic life with her human ex. Well, mostly non-magic. She’d never abandon Angus , her little red dragon familiar. But no sooner does Lisa reconcile with Jason Cross when a strange symbol appears on her arm. What does it mean? She’ll have to re-enter the magic world to find out, which means leaving Jason yet again. She promises it will be the last time, but promises are shattered when she uncovers the meaning of the symbol: She’s been chosen to join the world’s twelve most powerful mages on The Nightshade Guild. She’s shocked. Especially when the other Nightshade Guild members tell her that she needs to return with them and take the oath. Why did the symbol chose her? She’s never been good at playing by rules, and now she’d be expected to be one of the rule keepers. An impartial protector and enforce of rules regarding the all of the world’s magical creatures. She’s sure she can’t do it, because Lisa was Mage to Disobey.           Amazon KU


Judah the Foundling chose freedom over betrayal when she leaped from the top of the castle tower. Now she finds herself wandering an unknown forest, far from everything and everyone she loves. For the first time in her life, she’s beyond the great Wall that surrounds Highfall castle; for the first time, she’s alone. Away from the Seneschal, the power behind the throne; away from Nate Clare, the House Magus who was her teacher, friend, betrayer. Away from her foster brother, Gavin, with whom she has a mysterious bond that has kept them together—and kept her alive. But Judah isn’t free. Fiercely sought by those who believe she holds the key to unlocking the power trapped in the world, she must learn to navigate the dangers of an unfamiliar place. She knows that somewhere, Gavin is in peril. To save him, she not only must learn to use the new power she discovers inside herself, she must survive.

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HOLD MY PLACE by Cassondra Windwalker

VS Note: Classified as ghost fiction, erotica and gothic.

Obsession never dies. When librarian Sigrun falls head-over-heels for the sophisticated and very married Edgar Leyward, she never expects to find herself in his bed—or his heart. Nevertheless, when his enigmatic wife Octavia dies from a sudden illness, Sigrun finds herself caught up in a whirlwind romance worthy of the most lurid novels on her bookshelves. Sigrun soon discovers Octavia wasn’t Edgar’s first lost love, or even his second. Three women Edgar has loved met early deaths. As she delves into her beloved’s past through a trove of discovered letters, the edges of Sigrun identity begin to disappear, fading into the women of the past. Sigrun tells herself it’s impossible for any dark magic to be at play—that the dead can’t possibly inhabit the bodies of the living—but something shadowy stalks the halls of the Leyward house and the lines between the love of the present and the obsessions of the past become increasingly blurred—and bloody.              Amazon KU


Emanuela has finally gotten what she’s always wanted. Since escaping her catacomb prison, she’s become the supreme ruler of everything under the veils. Finally, she has the power to throw aside senseless, old traditions and run things exactly the way they should be.  But when cracks in her magic start to show, Emanuela begrudgingly allies herself with her enemies, including her frustratingly alluring archnemesis, Verene. Together, they discover deeper truths about the mysterious blood magic Emanuela and Verene both wield. There is a higher, otherworldly authority outside the veils, and in order to save Occhia and the other realms, Emanuela may just have to rip another crown off someone’s head.

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OBSIDIAN by Sarah Daley

Shade Nox is the only witch in a land of wizards – a fiend, a rogue, a wanted criminal. Defying those who think her an abomination, Shade wears her tattoos openly and carries obsidian blades at her hips. For years, she has protected the outcast clans who wander the blighted Wastes, but the land is growing more unstable and her blades are no longer enough. To save her people, Shade vows to raise a Veil of protection – a feat not accomplished in over a hundred years. But the magical Veils are said to belong to the Brotherhood church; if she succeeds in raising one, it will expose their lies. They swear to see her obliterated first. Treading a dangerous path where allies can be as deceitful as enemies, and where demons lurk in the shadows, Shade chases a vision which could lead to her people’s salvation… or her own destruction.

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When Fiona MacHugh inherits her aunt’s B&B in a magical sanctuary village, she knows to expect some surprises. Bats in the attic, a rotting front porch, even the giant black dog that only appears when she’s alone… all of these things she can handle; especially since every day, she gets closer to solving the mystery of her aunt’s death. One thing Fiona didn’t expect was to find herself at odds with her neighbor, a grumpy casino owner aptly named Devil. Devil is handsome and brooding and dangerous… and hell-bent on getting rid of her. Devil Walker doesn’t have anything against Fiona MacHugh. He really doesn’t. In fact, those curves and dark eyes call to him in a way that makes it hard to keep his hands to himself. But the B&B is part of the family legacy he’s been trying to reclaim ever since his father destroyed their empire. He promised his grandfather; he made a vow. And no matter how sexy or sweet or alluring his neighbor is, he has to find a way to make the B&B his.   Amazon KU


A fae with impossible magic – Adara has been an outsider for as long as she can remember. Born and raised in the earth fae realm, she’s a water fae who can’t control her magic, making her not just useless, but downright dangerous at times. When a training mishap accidentally unleashes a hidden magic inside her, Adara suddenly finds herself on the run. The king wants to use her powers for nefarious reasons, and he’ll stop at nothing to obtain her—including kidnapping and torturing Adara’s own mother. A dragon awoken from slumber – As the last of his kind, Einar wants nothing to do with the kingdom of Ediria or its problems. The fae hunted his kind to extinction, and he harbors only hatred for them in his heart.  But when a beautiful fae female awakens him from an enchanted slumber, Einar is reluctantly ensnared. And while he would rather die than submit to any fae, every fiber of his body screams to claim her as his own. A kingdom corrupted by darkness – The last thing Adara and Einar want to do is join forces, no matter how scorching the passion between them is. But a dark magic is sweeping through the land, rotting the kingdom from the inside out. And if the two cannot put aside the centuries-old feud between their races, they will lose everything they hold dear.

Amazon KU


With their kingdom fighting for survival, a wedding isn’t on the cards for Thorne. A good brother and fighter, he’s willing to do anything to protect his home. He’d be a good husband too, but he’s not the kind of alpha a typical omega falls for. His future looks lonely until he finds an omega prince washed up on the shore. Cleo always wished he’d been born a normal omega, the kind that went on the marriage circuit and found themselves a husband. That Cleo would never have fallen overboard during a storm and wound up stranded on a deserted island with an alpha prince. Maybe he can’t have the life he’s always wanted, but he can pretend, just for a little while.          Amazon KU


By the King’s Edict, men have been banned from performing on stage. Everyone else is still out for blood. Sabajan Hollant, director and co-founder of the celebrated Lord Chancellor’s Players, has one resolution: This time they’re going to do it right. If they want to keep their noble patron—hell, if they want to stay in the theater business at all—they’re going to have to keep their hands clean. No accidents, no rising to other troupes’ provocations and taunts, and certainly no more duelling in the streets. But their arch-rivals have different plans, and soon enough, Saba and her troupe are caught up once again in an escalating drama of revenge, betrayal, and outright sabotage. The men may have started this war—but Saba and her remaining players are going to end it.

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Life should come with an instruction manual. Because nothing in mine to date has equipped me to deal with it. My mom is lost in her own world of drugs, gambling, alcohol, tobacco and the worst possible choices in men. If she’s even still alive. My dad, well, I don’t know who he is or where he is which is why this group home has been my home off and on since I was three. A girl with anger issues and only one leg isn’t really first in line to get adopted by the shiny, goodhearted people who stroll in here looking for a dream kid. In fact, sometimes they don’t even bother bringing me out for show. There’s no point, even though Mom signed off her rights to me. Like selling a used car, or giving one away. So, now that I’ve turn eighteen, they treat me as all children are who have grown out of the foster system. They put me out on my own with fifty bucks in my pocket and disappointment written on my forehead. Oh and a few months of rent in an apartment building that looks like a crime scene documentary location shoot. Survival is my only plan for life. Get a job. Rent a place to lay my head where no one can hit me and no creepy foster dad can try to sneak into my bedroom in the middle of the night. Eat. Sleep. Rinse. Repeat. I’m not a dreamer. Never have been. A shifter female with only one leg has no choice: survive and stay under the radar.              Amazon KU


This client is all wet…After receiving a hot tip on the whereabouts of my almost-boyfriend’s nearly-ex-husband (hey, I told you—it’s complicated!), I thought my love life was finally coming up for air. But when we stake out the remote lake, it’s not the ex who surfaces. It’s the Faerie King’s long-missing mother (and I mean really long, as in double-digit centuries), and she wants to hire Quest Investigations. Since one of my bosses is the king’s brother, he has a tsunami of…feelings about her as a potential client, and refuses to take the case. Instead, he passes it to me. Yes! However…Should I be thrilled at the vote of confidence or suspicious that he’s tossing me in the deep end without a life preserver, the better to punish the woman who abandoned her kid all those years ago? You know what? It doesn’t matter. I may be Quest’s token human, but I’ve proven I can get the job done, so I dive right in. Then the lady explains what she wants me to do: find her missing child. Seriously? I expected more of a challenge. All I have to do is introduce her to the king and bingo, case closed. But when she says, “Not that one,” this little family drama threatens to send ripples throughout the supernatural community—especially with my boss in over his head as the prime suspect in a fae kidnapping. As if things weren’t complicated enough… Remember that nearly-ex? When he shows up and muddies the waters, I’m faced with a choice: I can solve this case or I can finally hook my almost-boyfriend. Dammit.                     Amazon KU


I had never shared my darkest secret with anyone until she came along…m a successful cowboy dragon shifter. Running my hotel and ranch with my best friends fulfilled me and I didn’t even know I needed her. But Veronica blew my breath away and how…I felt for her. She was running from her abusive ex. Always worried that he might hurt her. I made one thing clear, Letting her know that I wouldn’t let him lay a finger on her. I had to keep my promise when she was taken. My heart was in danger. Veronica knew of my secret and she loved me anyway. If something happened to her… and our unborn baby, I would never forgive myself.                Amazon KU

SHADOW WARRIORS by Natalie La Roux

Ever since Sarah Weller was five years old, she has been haunted by a cloud of thick black smoke. It lived. It moved. And from its center, two glowing red eyes watch her. Daily nightmares of the tragedy that took her parents kept her awake. Uncertainty of how she survived plagued her thoughts. But a battle is brewing in the Shadow world. A place behind the thinnest of veils and Sarah is about to be pulled into it by a man she never imagined possible. Witches, Dragons, and shapeshifters are meant to be a thing of myths. Legends we tell children in bedtime stories. But, as Sarah is about to find out, everything has an origin story. A fight that seems impossible to win, for the sake off all living things, hangs in the balance. Will Sarah and her new guardian be able to stop the death of millions? Or will the truth tear apart everything she believed was real?                      Amazon KU


Imogen Taylor: Artist. College dropout. Gamer. Screwup. I had big plans for art school in California, but when the best mom in the world—mine—needed help, I came home to Arbolito, Arizona instead. I even got my old high school job back, making smoothies at the Desert Freeze…in winter. So, yeah, by day, my life is a cold, tropical-hued hell. But at night, I escape reality by plugging into my favorite video game, Legendelirium, to become a powerful, sexy witch, going on epic quests while vanquishing baddies. Until a cute guy from my gaming world shows up at work, gives me the worst kiss ever, and my reality and fantasy lives get blended by purple goo laced with lethal, nanorobotic technology. Now, I’ve got powers—strange, witchy ones. Scary people are after me, and I don’t know who to trust. And, get this. Somehow, it’s up to me to defeat them, or it’s game over.

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The apocalypse begins at two o’clock on a sunny Wednesday afternoon. Strange music emanates from the sky, mesmerizing everyone and luring us outside. Then the sky splits open, and terror rains down on the earth. Monsters rampage, ripping apart any living thing they see while powers beyond comprehension destroy my city. I’m a librarian, not a warrior. But now I must find a way to survive and stop these monsters. How? By allying myself with one of the beasts. He calls himself Dax, and he claims I’m to blame for the end of the world. The only way he will protect me is if I give him my body. The scariest part is that I want to do it. He terrifies me. He hates me. But something about the gruff, angry beast of a man brings out a dangerous desire I never knew I had inside me. But the Echo wants its due. Only the one who created it can save us now—or drag us deeper into the depths of hell.

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Nobody can hear your screams from the depths of hell…Those who survived Halálház, never imagined going back. But this isn’t Halálház, this is Věrhăza, and nothing can prepare any of them for this. With General Markos in control of the new prison, torture and cruelty is taken to a whole new level. But what Brexley is forced to do, will not only change her, but the course of the future. With her abilities starting to show themselves, Brexley risks everything to save those she loves from dying; but in doing so, she exposes her abilities to Istvan. When she and Warwick are tortured and used as experiments, she finds that Istvan’s deceit and betrayal go far deeper than she could imagine. Istvan will do anything to stay in control. As Brexley’s powers grow, so does the hate and darkness inside. Her hands are marked red, her soul heavy in guilt. There has been so much death, pain, and agony.
When does someone break? How much can one person take before the hero turns into the villain?

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“Being dead sucks.”When the Devil snatched Kleora Tanagra’s soul from eternal peace in heaven and imprisoned her in Hell, the land nymph ruler vowed vengeance, despite how his exquisite touch awakened her flesh and set her heart on fire. “I am Satan. No force on earth can destroy me. However, my enraged captive is giving it her best shot.” Jagorach Darath, the original fallen angel, refuses to regret his decision to steal Kleora’s soul. But time is running out to discover a way to restore her life before the land nymphs declare war on the immortal world, and while Jag enjoyed teaching his little peach the consequences of defying the very Devil, if he loses her for good, the world will suffer his eternal wrath.

Amazon KU


I’ve been on the run from the mob for years. But no one can hide from the City Pack forever. When they find me, they give me two options—pay back my father’s debt or die. If I want to live, my only shot is to rob the most powerful man in the city—the gorgeous Garreth Locke. He has a smile to melt your heart and a body to scramble your mind. But Garreth isn’t just a hot, rich guy. Turns out, he’s a freaking werewolf. And he wants me as much as I want him. Problem is, he’s also dangerous. I can’t let him know I’m trying to steal from him to pay back my enemies. I have no idea how I’m going to get out of this alive, or with my heart intact.     Amazon KU


VS note: A re-release.

1777: In the throes of the Revolutionary War, Landon Mansion is commandeered by British Lord “Butcher” Bedford. He stabs Lucy Tarleton — who spurned his king and his love — leaving her to die in her father’s arms. Now: After the day’s final tour, docent Allison Leigh makes her rounds while locking up…and finds a colleague slumped over Bedford’s desk, impaled on his own replica bayonet.
Resident ghosts may be the stock-in-trade of stately Philadelphia homes, but Allison — a noted historian — is indignant at the prospect of “ghost hunters” investigating this apparent murder. Agent Tyler Montague knows his hauntings and his history. But while Allison is skeptical of the newcomer, a second mysterious murder occurs. Has “Butcher” Bedford resurfaced? Or is there another malevolent force at work in Landon Mansion? Wary, yet deeply attracted, Allison has to trust in Tyler and work with him to discover just what uninvited guest — dead or alive — has taken over the house. Or their lives could become history!

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I first saw the Folk when I was a little boy. When they started appearing in my garden, with their unnatural, cruel beauty and honeyed words and veiled taunts. I grew up with big green eyes watching me from the forest. Whispers from the trees. Shimmering skin darting between the bushes. Black creatures always lurking in the shadows. While they were here, I thought nothing of them. It wasn’t until they were gone that I realise it wasn’t… normal. But it isn’t until I’m twenty-one, when my life is in ruins, that they come back to take me away. They say I’m not fully mortal. They say I should be among them. The Unseelie Ruler wants me on her land for reasons no one will explain to me, but it’s her aloof, painfully beautiful son who captures my attention and refuses to let go. The cold, black-eyed assassin prince who strikes fear into the hearts of all Folk. Who I’ve been warned about, repeatedly. Who watches me always. I don’t trust the Folk, so I ignore their fearful advice to stay away from him. I ignore all of them except him, despite everything telling me that he can’t be trusted—that he’s just as bad as the rest of them, that he’s playing games with me, the clueless mortal held here against his will. But I want him. Mortal Skin is the first in a mm fae romance trilogy about a dark fae assassin prince and a mortal who is thrown into the cruel world of the Folk.      Amazon KU


Famous Hollywood actress, Paige Kirby, is sick of the limelight. Can’t a woman eat a donut without the tabloids snapping her picture? No matter how hard she tries, Paige can’t outrun the paparazzi. They always find her. After a narrow escape, Paige meets Gerri Wilder, who recommends Bear Paw Protection. A vacation with a well-paid bodyguard might be just the ticket to happiness. And she won’t focus on the gorgeous hunk guarding her no matter how hard it is. Bear shifter Dev Weaver’s latest assignment didn’t go so well. All he wants to do is lick his wounds and play his guitar. He doesn’t want to babysit another high-strung starlet – even if it would mean a free trip to Hawaii. He has no choice. Gerri Wilder, an old friend of his sleuth, specifically recommended him to Paige Kirby. The bodyguard has no option but to guard a body he’d rather not notice. A beautiful, curvy body he really doesn’t want to notice. Because Paige isn’t just some spoiled actress – she’s his fated mate, and someone is tracking her every move. Dev is on the case. But could an old enemy of his be the real threat? Time will tell. He just needs to keep Paige alive to see where their romance goes. Hopefully not before their luck runs out.                Amazon KU


Brielle Hudson is having a bad day. The airline lost all four of her suitcases. All of her creations for an important fashion show are now lost to the red tape of conveyer-belt hell. Her luck just might change with the help of her meddling best friend and a substantial business loan. And let’s not forget her best friend’s billionaire brother, who is as sexy as he is arrogant. Dragon shifter Jasper Fortune likes the world of finance. He likes spotting patterns and making decisions on instincts. When he comes face to face with his mate – his little sister’s gold-digging best friend – all those patterns he likes? They vanish. The instincts? Well, those stay. He can’t seem to keep his hands – nor mouth – off Brielle. Even though he doesn’t trust her. The dragon and his lingerie designer argue until they kiss and kiss until they argue. Fighting their attraction is useless, especially when an unknown enemy attacks. Again. Turns out, those bags weren’t lost. They were stolen. Now he has to save Brielle and figure out how he’s going to keep her. Forever.                        Amazon KU


Breaking out of a supermax prison is nothing. Breaking away from Ryver Fernando, that’s another story. The government has me locked me up like a wild beast. They’ve suppressed the dragon inside me. Well, this beast is about to receive a get-out-of-jail free card and all hell is gonna break loose. The deal is simple. Rescue a female human in exchange for my freedom. Sounds easy, right? It’s not, because she’s my mate. She’s the woman that makes my dragon roar. The one who gets his scales hard and boils his blood with desire. I don’t want to want her. But I can’t help fate. I don’t want her smile to affect me, but it freakin’ does. Perhaps we could live happily ever after, except there’s one big problem. Her mother’s the one who imprisoned me. Talk about an awkward meeting with the in-laws. This one’s gonna be a war.                   Amazon KU


The Tribe of the White Dragon has lived in the frozen wastes of the north for thousands of years, but they are slowly dying without their dragon to protect them from the inhospitable cold. In desperation, they kidnap Kam, hoping to use him to breed witch power back into the Tribe. But Kam is not a witch, and there is nothing he can do to save them—until he sees the white dragon encased in ice and all alone and a chain reaction is set off that may save them after all.

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VS Note: A re-release.

Do you believe in monsters? You should, they walk among humans every single day. Reporter Eve Bradley has known the truth about paranormals for a while, and her latest story has taken her inside the mysterious Genesis facility. It’s at Genesis that Eve first meets Subject Thirteen, Cain O’Connor. Big, gorgeous, and truly, truly HOT. Cain is a phoenix shifter. Every time that he dies, he rises from the ashes…stronger, deadlier, and another step closer to losing his control. And what happens when a phoenix loses control? Welcome to hell on Earth. Cain feels an instant connection with Eve, a woman who swears she wants to help him. The attraction between them burns hotter than his flames, and soon, Eve is the only link to sanity that Cain has as the world turns to fire around him. Eve isn’t human, despite the cover she’s used for years, and she is more than capable of withstanding a little heat. But as their enemies plot to trap them, Eve and Cain will be forced to trust each other completely. Be forced to surrender to a desire that cannot be controlled, and soon, if they are not careful, it’s a desire that might just have the power to destroy them both. If you want something too badly, if you want someone too much…you will never even see the fire coming, not until it’s too late. Be careful. You don’t want to get burned.

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TIGER DADDY’S NANNY by Leela Ash and Pamela Avery

Chloe Gardner wants nothing to do with a rough and tumble shifter like Darryl Jensen. But as the new nanny who loves and cares for his children, seeing him is a necessary evil. Being that close to the alpha Tiger shifter is like being in a torrid hurricane of emotions, tension, and white-hot lust. He makes her feels things she has never felt, in places she didn’t know could come alive. As a Deer shifter with hardly any notion of what being a shifter really means it is more than a little intimidated and at times downright terrifying to be thrust into his shifter world.     Darryl Jensen’s Tiger instantly takes an intense attraction to Chloe, but Darryl knows that with threats to the pack ever-present and as he is still extricating himself from his ex, the last thing he needs is a new Mate for his Tiger to fixate on. Besides she is here to be the motherly figure his kids need. He doesn’t need to mess that up. It doesn’t help that every time he is near her his Tiger just wants to claim her right then and there. And far from dissuading him, her riveting air of innocence, and her love for his kids only draws him in like a moth to a flame. As the shifter world and the pack’s vampire enemies start to close in, it isn’t long until their budding romance is tested to the limit. Can Darryl protect her and his kids from the growing threat? Can she embrace her own shifter nature as well as overcome her fears in time to save them all before it’s too late?



To the unknowing, the circus is majestic. Marvelous. Mysterious. For me, the caravan is a prison. A sadist’s trophy case full of pretty, broken things. If being caged isn’t enough, three men haunt me like shadows. The Aerialist might kill me. The Freak might die. And The Seer might watch it all happen with a wicked grin on his beautiful face. If we can come together to defeat The Ringmaster, a terrifying, dark magician, we can find our freedom. Escaping the Caravan of Freaks is harder than it seems because before freedom comes desperation.            Amazon KU


A legendary Valkyrie. A ruthless assassin. A god with revenge on his mind. In the shadows of Boston’s streets, Korvain, one of the last full-blooded dark elves in existence, stalks the night. Feared like no other, he is single-minded in his determination to fulfil one last task for his guild master: to kill one of the most fabled goddesses of all time. Betrayed by Odin, Bryn’s days as a shield maiden in the All Father’s army are over. Now living among the mortals, she owns and runs one of the most popular nightclubs in Boston. She just has no idea that one of her new employees has been contracted to kill her.                     Amazon KU


One Man. One Woman. One Curse. The clock is ticking for Greyson Devereaux and life as he knows it will soon come to an end. A man by day and owned by the moon at night. There is only one option — find his one true mate or be bound to the beast for eternity. For years he searched, hoped to find her but his efforts have come up short…until now. With only three months remaining, how can he convince Bella that she’s the one and how can she tame the beast within?         Amazon KU


This big bad wolf can’t resist a sweet, small-town librarian . . .The second I lay eyes on Morgan, I know instantly she’s my mate. It must be a joke. Not only is Morgan human, she’s an innocent librarian who has never been on a motorcycle in her life. My wolf can’t resist her. To make her mine, I need to get close. And for her to trust me, I’ll have to reveal who and what I am. Except it turns out I’m not the only supernatural who thinks Morgan is special . . .But pack alphas like me don’t appreciate competition, especially if they think their mate could be in danger. I just hope Morgan’s got enough imagination to believe that the things you read about in books might be true.   AmazonKU

UNTIL HIS LAST GOODBYE (SYTHE 1) by Kiki Clark and E M Lindsey

When Death is your soulmate, finding love has never been so heart-stopping. Having been a powerful medium for as long as he can remember, Elias knows his fair share about the afterlife. Spirits are pushy. Spirits are needy. And they don’t respect personal boundaries. Being a conduit between the living and the dead is exhausting but ignoring his gift isn’t an option. Even though embracing his calling has ruined nearly every relationship he’s ever had, Elias has learned to offer what comfort he can to those left behind, knowing his own time is limited. So the day Death comes knocking, Elias is resigned. Then intrigued. And then enchanted. He has no business falling for an immortal collector of souls. No matter how kind and surprisingly innocent he is. Or how the Reaper’s gentle nature soothes the hollow ache inside his chest. There can be no way forward when you fall for Death…unless you join him.    Amazon KU


Beth – I knew that life in York Town was going to be different, especially when the second morning I was there, my hot but rude neighbor banged on the wall because I didn’t catch the alarm in time. It went downhill from there. I was constantly throwing barbs his way, but a few stung when they were thrown back. Things changed when he saved my son. I saw him differently, and the rough façade fell away. What was left was a man that I quickly grew to love. But, the man wasn’t a man. Cole was something else, something dangerous, and I didn’t know what to do. I’d fallen for a monster, but it didn’t matter. I still wanted him. How messed up was that? Cole – I knew Beth was trouble from the start. She looked innocent and vulnerable, but it was all a guise. Deep down, I knew that Beth had the power to break me. Not only was she human, but she was one who needed a savior. I was never that way, never had been before. I stayed away from those kinds of situations. I knew better.
With Beth though, it was different. I couldn’t say no to her when she looked at me with desire in her eyes. All I could do was act on it. When I knew that she was hurt and needed my help, I had to save her. Then, I had to fall in love, even though everything about it was wrong. A human and a fire dragon, how could that work?                  Amazon KU

JIMMY (SUMMON A BAD BOY 1) by Megan Slayer

I call on the fates to bring my love to me. As I will it, so mote it be…What if those simple words plus a name on a scroll could guarantee true love? Karey’s determined to find out if the spell, Summon a Bad Boy, works, and she knows just who she’s going to ask for. Jimmy McCreadie. The tattooed man makes her weak in the knees — he’s every naughty desire she’s had come to life. She’s nothing like the women he dates, and far too shy for her own good, but she’s not giving up. Mix a bad boy with some magic and have faith. Anything’s possible. Karey’s desire just might come true.

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A coven isn’t a home without witches. Finnely is still dealing with the aftermath of losing all that he’s known. The guilt that eats at him every day is only pushed down by his men who give him purpose: A stalker vampire, an a-hole prince vampire, and a broken wolf. The humans are done turning a blind eye to the supernatural. They are causing too many casualties, bodies litter the streets and innocents are leaving the world too soon. Stress levels are high as the weight of the world rests on their shoulders. The search for the false king is not only seeming impossible but deadly. They have to stick together in order to keep from being killed. What lies in the dark must come to the light. Supernaturals will be forced into the eye of the public. How in the world will Finnely, Rome, Jacob, and Cambridge stay together?                     Amazon KU


When his mother dies unexpectedly, single father Shadow Takenaka retires early from his military career to assume responsibility for his teenage daughter, Indigo. The task of settling his mother’s estate hits a snag when her attorney presents him with his unusual inheritance–a beautiful engraved copper cauldron. Suddenly, Shadow and Indigo are on the run, fleeing stranger who are willing to do anything to acquire the cauldron. During their wild chase up a mountainous road, their pursuers bump Shadow’s truck over a cliff, sending it into the river below. After spending a cold, wet, foggy night on a deserted shore, Shadow and his daughter wake to a new reality. Their flight has ended on a strange world with three moons. When Indigo finds herself alone and abducted by giants, she learns the true meaning of independence and facing the responsibilities of adulthood. Undertaking a heroic journey in search of his daughter, Shadow encounters dangerous magical creatures, enigmatic gods who charge him with obscure quests, and Ani, a courageous female warrior who steals his heart with the promise of a bright future.


HIS SASSY OMEGA by Raiven Matthews

Quinn – I didn’t believe in fated mates, or any of that insta-love nonsense. Truthfully, I barely believed in love. It wasn’t something I’d ever needed, and I didn’t have time for it. Besides, love just led to being hurt, and I could do without that. When a huge alpha barged his way to the front of the line in my bakery, it was anything but a meet cute. My sassy mouth promptly told him exactly where he could take his perfectly formed behind. Right back out the door he’d just come in, and don’t come back, thank you very much. Then our hands touched, and sparks of electricity shot between us, and my soul screamed Mate. I wasn’t looking for love, or a mate, but he was looking at me and I couldn’t look anywhere else. He was big and sexy and growly, and smelled like every wishful dream I’d ever had, and forgotten. Making me want things I’d never wanted before. Making me want to run from him as fast as my legs could carry me. Secretly, hoping he would chase me. Lachlan – I was having a bad morning. Clashing with a smart mouthed, sarcastic omega was the cherry on top of my already bad day. Getting tossed out of my favorite place for sweet treats was not how I’d planned to start my day. I’d always played by the rules, and done what was expected of me. My whole life, I’d known what I’d wanted in my mate. Until he was standing in front of me, nothing like I’d expected him to be, sassing me and ordering me about. Now he was all I wanted. I just had to convince him of that. We were opposites in every way. Fate must have gotten Her wires crossed, and messed up big time. Or did She?                        Amazon KU

BEDLAM MOON by Kathy Haan

This is a fated mate, reverse harem paranormal romance, where romance comes first. Expect instalove between one member of the harem. She thought she had seen the world. She had no idea the fae have a world of their own…Thirty-four-year-old Lana Chapman-Sawyer has an MBA, zero student loan debt, a successful travel blog, and curves for days. What she doesn’t have is a family…Lana’s mother vanished when she was only eight, her father was never in the picture, and her adoptive parents died in a car accident when she was thirty, leaving her orphaned once again. When Lana receives a strange package with a magical key in the mail, she decides to take it to her cabin deep in the Northern woods of Minnesota, the very place where her mother abandoned her. Little does she know, the neighborhood is not exactly as she remembers it…Osgood “Oz” Finlandian is your average next-door multi-billionaire humanitarian and businessman. He just so happens to be a 5,500-year-old vampire. And not just any vampire. He’s the first vampire ever created. The King of Vampires who rules over the royal court. He’s also the one to tell Lana about Bedlam, the fae realm, and the locked witch powers she never knew she had. But unbinding her powers is only the beginning…Oz, who has a dark past of his own, promises to help Lana uncover the mystery behind her mother’s disappearance, and the two of them take on several quests, all the while facing ancient prophecies, recurring dreams, an obsessed witch, and an evil cult hot on Lana’s tail. Too bad Lana also has to navigate her way through irresistible desire in the process…                Amazon KU


VS Note: Time travel

Ada Revel is in love. She’s engaged to an amazing man, planning a summer wedding and organizing a surprise visit to Yellowstone National Park for the holidays. With just one more Book Club meeting before Christmas, Ada is sure that all of her dreams are about to come true. What can possibly go wrong in her perfect life? Even another run-in with the purple-haired match-maker can’t dampen her spirits. Dr. Lachele, though well-meaning well, doesn’t seem to think that Ada has already won her happily-ever-after and though Ada knows the woman has made her book club friends’ dreams come true, she doesn’t need a wish to bring her face to face with true love. Will a drop into the country’s oldest national park and a snowmobile accident change everything?

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VS: I realized I’ve been published for ten years now, as of this month! Woot! Here was my first ever published book, from Carina Press at the time, now re-released by me. The story features Sobek the Crocodile God of ancient Egypt falling in love with a priestess…

Cover by Fiona Jayde


RT Book Reviews 4 1/2 Stars – Night Owl Reviews Top Pick

The Story: Drawn to his abandoned temple on the banks of the Nile by an enchanting song, Sobek the Crocodile god is even more captivated by the sight of the singer herself. Appearing to her as a man, he learns she is Merys, a descendant of his last priestess. Though filled with lust, Sobek believes Merys deserves to be more than just his mistress. But the rules that govern the Egyptian pantheon forbid anything beyond a physical joining of a Great One and a human.

Merys is attracted to the handsome stranger, who arouses passions in her that no man ever has. But with no dowry and no hope of ever leaving her village, she dares not dream of the future—or love.

Sobek takes every opportunity to visit Merys, taxing his resolve to leave her pure. And when he saves her life, their mutual desire must be sated. But can a love between a human and an immortal survive the ultimate test of the gods?

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I do NOT cover every single new release in SFR/FantasyR/PNR. I never have. That would be an impossible task for any human! I assemble my list by hand every week based on various informal inputs, and I do curate the list to some extent…

Some authors aren’t in KU but still don’t list books with Apple or other platforms. This report is very time consuming to prepare so I’ve always had to limit myself and cannot go and look up every book on all the platforms. If an author gives me their other buy links, I include them here but generally I develop the post on my own, not from author-supplied information. I curate and prepare this post individually every week to help connect readers/books/authors and I have to be very careful not to give it so much time as an activity that I don’t write my own novels! Thanks for the feedback and happy reading!

I check and verify all the buy links at the time I create the post  but after that I’m not responsible.

Required Statement: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifiying purchases.

Required Statement: As an Apple Books Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.




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