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May be edited a bit from published version.

I’m taking excerpts from my new release KYDEN: BADARI GLADIATORS SERIES BOOK ONE.

The excerpt, after the ‘fight’ with the klixta worms. I’ve skipped ahead a little and Kyden and Elara are alone in the private office:

He stood at attention, nerves on edge. “You sent for me, my lady?”

“I—yes, I did. I wanted to thank you again,” she said.

“Having you in the audience today was thanks enough,” he said truthfully, lowering his gaze to savor the sight of her. The ceremonial robes she wore were modest and demure but hinted at her lush curves and her shining hair was done up in an elaborate arrangement. He longed to loosen the curls and revel in her scent but forced himself to change the direction of his thoughts before his obvious arousal gave him away.

“Since you were only fighting because of us, I decided someone from the family needed to be here,” she said, toying with the writing instruments on the desk.

Kyden knew Elara was a valuable member of the Senator’s operation, running businesses as well as several outreach and charity efforts. There was even talk she might run for a Senate seat herself one day, from the province where their summer home was located. Thinking of her bright future, he came to a hard decision. “Lady Elara, it’s not wise for us to meet again. I was grateful to see you at the bout today and appreciative for these few moments but—”

“Jealous girlfriend?” she asked with a lilt in her voice as if amused but the glint in her blue eyes was sharp. Plainly the idea of competition displeased her.

Kyden was at a total loss for words but couldn’t bring himself to lie. Not to her. “No, I’m concerned for you and your reputation. I know your society looks with disapproval on those who consort with gladiators, no matter how many members of the elite may do it behind discreetly closed doors. And especially not a young, unmarried Senator’s daughter.”

She rose and went to the window, where a pleasant garden vista awaited. “You must be much in demand.”


Kyden is the top ranked gladiator in the Five Systems but he’s hardly there by choice. Unscrupulous guards faked his death in the lab where he was created and sold him into slavery in the galaxy’s hinterlands. He has no idea where his home is or how many years have passed since he was condemned to a life of endless combat. Kill or be killed is the rule and a Badari never gives up. He’ll fight to stay alive until the Badari goddess sees fit to decree his death.

Elara Vasclavian is the daughter of a senator, as far removed from the life of a gladiator as a noblewoman can be until through the machinations of a political enemy, she ends up in terrible jeopardy. Abducted and given to a group of drunken gladiators for their amusement the night before the games, Elara vows to put up a fight but there’s no real hope of saving herself. Until Kyden steps in, responding to the goddess’s commandment to protect those who are smaller and weaker. And discovers she’s his fated mate.

Rescued, Elara returns to her life of privilege but she can’t forget the man who saved her life. The gulf between their places in the Five Systems is unbridgeable, no matter how much Kyden longs for even a glimpse of her in the arena audience. No matter how much she feels the pull to be by his side. As matters stand, they cannot be together…Or can they?

KYDEN is the first book in a new series, spun off from my ongoing Badari Warriors series. Kyden is a Generation Five Badari whereas the main characters in the long running series are from a later time and are Generation Eight. This new series stands alone and you don’t have to have read any of the other books to enjoy this one. I couldn’t resist the temptation to tell a few other Badari stories, set in the galaxy’s Hinterlands, and who can resist gladiators?

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