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The excerpt, Kyden and Elara alone in the private office. I’ve jumped ahead a little:

There was a soft knock at the door before he could answer her and the maid slipped inside.

“The gladiator master says we’re out of time, my lady, unless you want to pay—”

“Enough.” Elara cut her off. “Wait outside, Tell him we’ll be leaving immediately.”

As soon as the door closed, she walked to Kyden, not touching him, but standing close enough he could have gathered her in for the kiss he was burning to give her. “I wish we’d met under other circumstances,” she said. “I’d like to know you better. You intrigue me.”

And I desire you. He scented faint arousal from Elara and sadness swept over him because he knew their places in this world were so far apart there was no way they could spend any real time together. Even if she paid his master for time, which was a loathsome idea, it would be a few hours once or twice, until the novelty wore off for her. Kyden found himself hoping today would be enough for Elara because being so close to her was almost more than he could bear.

She gathered up her things and as she did so, a scarf drifted to the floor. It was a pretty thing of the most rare star spider silk, in greens and lavenders, and as Kyden picked it up, he savored her scent. Elara reached for it but he retreated a step, motivated by a fierce longing he didn’t have time to question.

“I’d like to keep this,” he said. “Consider it my reward for the other night if you must. It—it would mean a great deal to me.”

VS: I’ll do a few more excerpts from KYDEN but book two, RENNYR will be releasing soon and I’ll switch to that one.


Kyden is the top ranked gladiator in the Five Systems but he’s hardly there by choice. Unscrupulous guards faked his death in the lab where he was created and sold him into slavery in the galaxy’s hinterlands. He has no idea where his home is or how many years have passed since he was condemned to a life of endless combat. Kill or be killed is the rule and a Badari never gives up. He’ll fight to stay alive until the Badari goddess sees fit to decree his death.

Elara Vasclavian is the daughter of a senator, as far removed from the life of a gladiator as a noblewoman can be until through the machinations of a political enemy, she ends up in terrible jeopardy. Abducted and given to a group of drunken gladiators for their amusement the night before the games, Elara vows to put up a fight but there’s no real hope of saving herself. Until Kyden steps in, responding to the goddess’s commandment to protect those who are smaller and weaker. And discovers she’s his fated mate.

Rescued, Elara returns to her life of privilege but she can’t forget the man who saved her life. The gulf between their places in the Five Systems is unbridgeable, no matter how much Kyden longs for even a glimpse of her in the arena audience. No matter how much she feels the pull to be by his side. As matters stand, they cannot be together…Or can they?

KYDEN is the first book in a new series, spun off from my ongoing Badari Warriors series. Kyden is a Generation Five Badari whereas the main characters in the long running series are from a later time and are Generation Eight. This new series stands alone and you don’t have to have read any of the other books to enjoy this one. I couldn’t resist the temptation to tell a few other Badari stories, set in the galaxy’s Hinterlands, and who can resist gladiators?

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  1. Oh, my heart breaks for the both of them. Their longing is so undeniable! Though, I have a feeling they will find a way to spend more time together. Wonderful snippet!

  2. I’ll bet she’d pay to see more of him. She’s enamored of him. But…that would make her like the other groupies that hung around the gladiators. Not what he wants. The scarf is such a great touch. I’m excited to learn about the new book in this series. Yay.

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