New Releases in #SciFi #Fantasy and Paranormal Romance for JULY 27

I have a new release this week – WHEE! TALINN, my 3rd scifi gladiator romance is included in the CLAIMED IN THE STARS ANTHOLOGY!

I have not read most of the new releases listed (although I always end up one-clicking a bunch as I prepare these posts LOL). 

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My ‘cover’ for my novel in the anthology!

CLAIMED AMONG THE STARS by Various, including me!

Make contact with the hottest alien anthology in the universe! Claimed Among the Stars will rocket you to reading bliss with more action, adventure, and pleasure than one planet can contain. Curl up with this collection of wild and wonderful heavenly bodies and venture to the unknown worlds that only your favorite sci-fi romance authors could create. Hearts in zero gravity are free to fall, and destiny awaits unsuspecting heroines far across the galaxy. Whether you love a trip that’s nice and easy or dark and intense, this collaboration of more than fifty bestselling authors is guaranteed to please. Embrace the heat, the sweet, the dark, and the depraved, and grab your copy of Claimed Among the Stars today! A word of warning: this anthology is only available for a limited time, so grab your copies now before they blast off forever. The proceeds of Claimed Among the Stars will benefit The National Women’s Coalition Against Violence and Exploitation, which serves women and children in the United States and abroad.

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VS Note: Author states this is not Erotica and is trying to get the book removed from those categories.

A woman scarred by loss…must choose to trust. Will she release the past to embrace love or lose everything? Aubrey watched her mother die in agony, abandoned by those sworn to protect her. Despite being adored by worthy males; Aubrey holds herself back. Is it keeping her from true love? Strong, steady Commander Ferrand, silently bold Léandre and tech-genius Jovian claim their places in her heart while waiting for her to choose the last member of their Coalition. Who will she select to join them? When Daniel arrives, he triggers her irresistible Call to Mate, plunging them all into untamed lust. Aubrey must trust herself to her mates’ care and surrender her heart, body, and soul or die, leaving her mates abandoned and forever bereft. Can she conquer her fear to embrace true love?      Amazon KU


Napoleon’s invasion of England is hidden in the clouds…It is 1819, and Cornwall is agog at the daring of the two young lady aeronauts who, earlier in the summer, flew nearly to France and back in their homemade air ship. Much more is riding on Loveday Penhale and Celeste Blanchard’s new and improved vessel—they plan to win the Tinkering Prince’s prize, offered to anyone who can help England win the war against Napoleon. To their dismay, they must take two local gentlemen aloft to report on the ship’s capabilities. While Captain Trevelyan and Emory Thorndyke are welcome in drawing room and ballroom, their presence on the air ship proves disastrous. Wildly off course, Loveday barely manages to bring the vessel down safely—in France! Now it is up to the gentlemen to keep the newly designed ship hidden while Loveday and Celeste secure supplies for its repair from Celeste’s former home, l’Ecole des Aéronautes in far-off Paris. But much has changed since Celeste left the capital, and enemies lurk in its very walls. With her famous aeronaut mother dead in suspicious circumstances, and the flight school closed, there is only one thing to do—make up a story about her absence and approach Napoleon himself. He promptly makes Celeste his Chief Air Minister, and commands her to plan the invasion of England by air. Can she and Loveday stay alive in this nest of vipers long enough to help their stranded friends? Before they are unmasked as spies—and before their beautiful air ship is captured and used to attack England?       Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


Angie – All I wanted was to travel the world. My world. Not some alien planet that’s trying to kill me at every step. One minute, I’m admiring the pyramids, the next, I’m being abducted by aliens. Then something goes horribly wrong, and my pod crashes on the most hostile island. And right on top of another alien’s ship! Thev is a massive wall of green-skinned muscle, all covered in tribal tattoos. Oh, and he has long, sharp tusks! Basically, he looks like an orc from fantasy movies, but when I tell him that, he disagrees. He says he’s a Zokunian, not an orc. And he also says I’m in his way, and he’s on a mission. I hate it that I have to beg him to help me. What I don’t hate is the Zokunian custom of going around shirtless. Thev’rar – My mission is to find my sister, bring her home, make her queen, and then follow my calling to become a priest. That means I will never take a mate, a fate I’m resigned to because I haven’t found the other half of my soul, and I’m too old and it’s too late. When tiny, curvy, rosy-cheeked Angie literally crashes on top of me, I’m determined to ignore her and mind my own business. But she’s sweet, enticing, and oh-so-human! The more time I spend with her, the more I start questioning what I thought was my destiny.      Amazon KU


I’m the captain of Earth’s moonbase. I can handle any mission. I do not need a partner, even if he is a sexy-as-sin alien commander, who looks at me like he’s trying to decide between throttling me or…something else.His grumpy demeanor and dominant streak make me want to shake him, but I can’t deny the heat between us. Do I dare put my hand to the flame? I’ve been burned before. And I’ve guarded my heart ever since. As we travel to a distant planet to find the rare substance that will save both our kinds, we soon discover the inhabitants have some odd customs. And if we don’t follow their sensual mandates, they’ll withhold the bounty. The survival of the Earth-Rhonar treaty depends on our success. We can’t afford to fail. But when victory depends on a death-do-us-part bond, can I put my heart on the line and trust again? And will this alien warrior lower his defenses to let me? Only the stars know.      Amazon KU


It’s Monday. Oh, and I’ve been left for dead on an alien planet by some a-hole who wants my job. Fantastic. Befriending the local aliens looks like my only chance of surviving long enough for someone to realize that I’m missing. Good job that I’ve got plenty to offer with all my military training. Then Klan’al wanders into my sights. He’s big, sulky, a definite loner, and he’s a giant with glowing orange eyes. The ideal co-worker. But all I need is to make it through the next few months and get back to my ship, my career, and making the lives of my underlings misery. Unfortunately, it looks like the aliens I’ve found aren’t as friendly as they first appeared. I want off this planet. Except leaving means leaving Klan’al. And suddenly I’m not sure my career is that important anymore.   AmazonKU


Minerva Harris somehow stumbled across the man of her dreams and she’s just beginning to trust that the future looks brighter than she dared to hope. Marcus is cocky, charming, and their chemistry has always been sizzling. He’s the sort of man who never takes no for an answer. But when he pushes for an answer to the question she’s been avoiding, her heart is flooded with fears. She’s not perfect. She’s nowhere near the goddess he treats her. What will happen when reality sets in? And what the hell is she supposed to do about the fact that he’s determined to found a colony on a dinosaur-infested jungle planet at the back end of a remote system? Can she give up her career, her comfortable 31st century life, and try to be someone she’s not? Or is their relationship doomed to fail? Marcus Aquilius Felix is learning to live in the 31st century after being ripped from his own time in ancient Rome. He’s gorgeous, charming and now he’s even a celebrity. In fact, he’s about to become governor of an entire planet! So why is it so hard to grasp the one thing he wants beyond anything? Minnie is smart, strong and sexy. She’s the thing that makes everything else worth doing. But a bungled proposal leaves him feeling like he may never be enough for his goddess. Will his good luck return, or will she slip through his fingers?     Amazon KU


Carter – After the captain leaves me in charge of the ship so he can get a little R&R, what do you think is the first thing that happens? Yup, we get hit by an asteroid! The damage is gonna cost us -possibly my position. So I have no choice but to turn to what I do best: treasure hunting. I’m lucky enough to bag a client immediately -and no, I don’t find that suspect. The job is simple enough. Problem is, I’m not the only one after the treasure. Tall, brutally handsome, and irritatingly sexy, the Draconi male on my tail makes it impossible for me to stay on track. Before I know it, it’s not just the treasure I’m in danger of losing…I’m in danger of losing my heart. Wyett – I only needed to accomplish one thing to make my life a success. Recover my people’s treasure and our race. The only problem is, she stands in my way. The tall blonde, female pirate is after my family’s heirloom. It’s obvious that we both need it to solve our problems. But the treasure is mine by right and I can’t let it go. Yet the more time I spend with Carter, the harder it is to ignore what she means to me. I’m suddenly torn between the obligation to my people and the duty to my heart. Dare I risk my people’s future for a love that only happens once in a lifetime?      Amazon KU


I’m a survivor. I’ve never let myself be helpless. Except when it comes to the prince of snakes. On Protheka, your freedom can be snatched at a moment’s notice. When I’m ripped from the alleys of Liiandor, I think my miserable life is going to turn into pure hell once I’m sold to the snakes of Nagaland. I never expected it would be my salvation. Who knew a naga prince could be so gentle?
Nashaer has given me a life I could only imagine. Food. Freedom. Safety. Even love. I have no way to repay him. But there’s only one thing he wants. Something so bruised and battered I don’t know why he’d even accept it if I gave it. My heart.     Amazon KU


Like every goal-oriented twenty-something, Jessica Singleton, an aspiring filmmaker, is obsessed with finding her future as quickly as possible. What she doesn’t know is that the future is obsessed with finding her. Renn Porter, an agent with Time Traveling Matchmaker’s Inc, blasts back in time—and into her life—in order to transport Jessica to the soul mate who has paid for this service…in the future. But things turn dangerous when it’s revealed that Renn has been sent after his own soul mate. Caught between two times, Jessica and Renn struggle to stay alive. Falling in love is the biggest risk either of them have ever taken—because, as they are destined to learn, the very existence of Time Traveling Matchmakers, Inc. rests in Jessica’s hands.

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Sibyl – I am an environmental researcher, alone and stranded on an alien world after my vessel crashed. I’m running out of food and water until he arrives in the abandoned village I’ve taken refuge in. I keep hidden, stealing the scraps he leaves behind. By day he is a nightmare of muscle and steel. By night, he sets fire to my dreams. What will he do to me, when he finds me? Damiron – I am a Destran warrior. A thing of war and destruction. My ax has cut down more enemies than I can count. Nothing matters more to me than protecting my people and my Sola—my living ship and symbiont—from the enemies that hunt us. Until I meet her. Only then do I know what it means to want. What will she think of me, when I end this charade and claim her? But as we move closer to each other, those responsible for attacking my Sola emerge from the shadows. When the true faces of those enemies are unveiled, they are not what anyone expects. Every odd is stacked against us as we race against time to find our allies and undermine the enemy. If we fail, more than just our lives are at stake. The fate of many worlds sits in the balance.     Amazon KU


VS Note: Re-release of a serial previously on Vella. Author states there are “three extra beginning episodes” included. Two shapeshifting heirs, one interstellar kingdom. When royals can be anyone else including each other, who will rule? Arianna can impersonate anyone in her star kingdom, keeping nobles in check as the Truthspoken Heir. But Arianna’s shapeshifting powers fail her when she’s attacked at her betrothal to a rival prince, her title torn away. Dressa never wanted to be the Heir, but she has a crush on the beautiful prince, and someone needs to hold the kingdom against plotting nobles. One sibling cast out, one sister in the fray, and enemies all around. Can they steer their kingdom from the coming storm?     Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


GABBY – A good girl gone awol – I knew when I Ex-Laxed our leader’s food that they’d send me to the arena if they caught me. It was worth it to get some of my friends out of this dump. What I didn’t expect was the seven-foot-tall Xarc’n hunter who has come to my rescue. My horned and fanged savior isn’t like any other alien warrior I’ve heard about. He dresses in furs, lives in a cave, and there isn’t a shuttle in sight. Every word sounds like a growl, but my body reacts to him like we belong together. But I can’t just hide in his den forever. I have to get back to my friends!  TAL’N – A hunter on the run – When I found out about Earth and the compatible females living here, I abandoned my mission to come to this blue-green planet. Hunted by my own kind, I did all I could to stay hidden. Now I’ve found the female whose scent called to me all through the cold season. Gabby is mine, and I’ll stop at nothing to claim her. Her people are searching for her, and mine now know I exist, but I will level this entire mountain if they try to separate us.      Amazon KU

A HALF-BUILT GARDEN by Ruthanna Emrys

VS Note: Not a romance but a hard scifi release of note.

On a warm March night in 2083, Judy Wallach-Stevens wakes to a warning of unknown pollutants in the Chesapeake Bay. She heads out to check what she expects to be a false alarm—and stumbles upon the first alien visitors to Earth. These aliens have crossed the galaxy to save humanity, convinced that the people of Earth must leave their ecologically-ravaged planet behind and join them among the stars. And if humanity doesn’t agree, they may need to be saved by force. But the watershed networks that rose up to save the planet from corporate devastation aren’t ready to give up on Earth. Decades ago, they reorganized humanity around the hope of keeping the world liveable. By sharing the burden of decision-making, they’ve started to heal our wounded planet. Now corporations, nation-states, and networks all vie to represent humanity to these powerful new beings, and if anyone accepts the aliens’ offer, Earth may be lost. With everyone’s eyes turned skyward, the future hinges on Judy’s effort to create understanding, both within and beyond her own species.     Amazon      AB     Apple Books     Kobo

MONSTROUS HEAT by Joerly Sue Burkhart

VS Note: Listed in Erotica.

I’m lost in the jungle, and something is stalking me. Discovering a Mayan ruin in the Guatemalan jungle should have catapulted my archeology career, but I’m lost hours from camp. Worse, something is stalking me. It’s not a jaguar. It’s bigger than anything I’ve ever seen before and wicked fast. I can’t outrun it. I don’t have any weapons. When it catches me… I can’t help but think I’ve fallen back through time to the Jurassic Period, because the creature looks like a T-rex and raptor had a very vicious baby. It’s hungry, too. Very hungry. Though it doesn’t hurt me. Yet. Then a naked man comes to my rescue. Not sus at all. Kroktl says his squad is on a top-secret mission to Earth, and his outrageous physique certainly fits the part of a lab-created super-soldier alien. Who coincidentally smells exactly like the dino-predator that chased me. He claims that I can help him through the heat. By the burning way he looks at me, he doesn’t mean air temperature. In fact, I suspect that I’m next on the menu. After he plays with his food. He’s even calling his squad to come see what he caught. I don’t think I’m getting out of the jungle alive.      AmazonKU


AUDRA: I knew pissing my boss off was a bad idea. But I didn’t know how bad until I am sent to The Tribulations to become fodder for the contestants. Resigned to my fate, I can hardly believe it when this golden god appears from out of nowhere to save me. Our attraction is mutual and when he offers to make me his queen, I am very tempted. I only hope he doesn’t expect me to fall in love with him, because that is the one emotion, I am incapable of. BRONDYK: I knew owing Aggamont was a bad idea and when he sends me to steal a contestant from The Tribulations right under the pirates’ noses, I realize just how bad of a mistake I made. Until I lay eyes on HER. The most beautiful female I have ever seen. And I won’t stop at anything to make her MINE. I only hope she doesn’t expect love in return, because my ice-cold heart is incapable of that emotion.     Amazon KU


He’s the stuff of nightmares. And the only one I can ever love. Demon. Monster. Reaper. These are words the galaxy uses to describe the Ishana. Descriptions that come to mind when I crash onto their brutal world and am taken by a hunting party and held prisoner in their animal city. Where I’m threatened to give up my body to their basest desires. But then…I see Ishtar. He may look like a demon and a monster but he doesn’t bring out the terror in my heart. He brings out something else that tells me everything will end up for the best. Is his soul as sick as mine? Is that why we have such a pull? What is this he makes me feel? It’s something I’ve never felt before, but I think I’d call it…Love.   AmazonKU


I live a quiet life in a quiet town where nothing ever happens to me. It kind of sucks. All that goes out the window when I wake up in a spaceship and am immediately sold at auction to an alien that terrifies me. I’m missing my old quiet life until out of nowhere I’m rescued by the most beautiful man I’ve ever laid eyes on. But I don’t think I’m safe yet, because the man that rescues me won’t stop calling me his mate.     Amazon KU


Danger abounds and Ghost Unit’s skills are needed. A credible threat to the Jutak Commander has the team racing to engage the enemy. Being a soldier fit Dorian Uchu like a second skin. After being rejected time and again, he’d finally found a place to call home and a team he’d die to defend. He didn’t expect the woman who came along and captured his interest with the same level of intensity. Now he has to figure out how to keep safe the one thing he’s always wanted—love. Time was limited for Zsamei Kreene. Determined to make the best of her life, she worked to find joy in her business and the few friends she allowed close. Falling for the mysterious man who showed up occasionally wasn’t in the plans, yet her heart grew to crave him with every beat. Was it wrong to take a leap of faith for love when she already knew this fairy tale couldn’t end in happy ever after?

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Tin 122-845 is a Sentient CanopicBot who loves baking, Wizard of Oz, and serving cake pops to the handsome, mysterious customer known only as Marcus. Marcus Delgado loves alien movies, coffee, and protecting a gentle baker named Tin 122-845 from a serial killer targeting “Sens” like Tin.
Two bodies have already turned up, and time is running out. Tin and Marcus could really use a detective but…there are none to be found.      Amazon KU


Can a war-weary commander win the heart of his independent mate before the Pylorians silence her forever? Dracus has known nothing but war. With Morax hostilities escalating and a rebellion brewing among his own troops, he doesn’t see that changing any time soon. Then Addison visits Lunar Prime. Now he is in the grip of bonding fever and all he can think about is claiming his mate. She is stubborn and independent. Good thing he thrives on challenge. Addison is brought to Lunar Prime when her life is threatened, but secrets draw her back to Earth. Her attraction to Dracus is instant and powerful. Still, she is not willing to redefine her life to please a male. Even one as tempting as Dracus.   AmazonKU

HIS TO TAKE by Piper Stone

This morning I was his captive. Tonight I’m his property. When Zadok Vakan caught me trying to escape his planet with priceless stolen technology, he didn’t have me sent to the mines. He made sure I was stripped bare and sold at auction instead. Then he bought me for himself. Even as he punishes me for the slightest hint of defiance and then claims me like a beast, indulging every filthy desire his savage nature can conceive, I swear I’ll never surrender. But it doesn’t matter. I’m already his, and we both know it.      Amazon KU


Her life on the Moon IV ship sucked. The lab she worked in didn’t value her, the men on the ship were best kept as far away as possible, and to top off the day, mercenaries were attacking Moon IV! Wendy would try to flee in one of the escape pods, but…why was she reacting like that when she came face to face with a dangerous and sexy as hell alien, who was looking at her as if he was about to devour her? Ever since his people were nearly decimated, R’Axell had been attacking human ships, a task he hated, but which led him to his companion. As soon as he saw that little human, he knew she was his soul mate, the one female to whom he would give his undying devotion and the love of his two hearts. Could he get her to accept him? And his people? Humans were enemies of his people, could he keep this woman by his side? The Goddess would not be so cruel as to have granted him the honor of finding his mal’heim, his eternal companion, if afterwards Fate was going to take her away from him forever, would she?      Amazon KU

*************************BRIEF BREAK BEFORE THE FANTASY/PNR BOOKS!***************************************

VS: Although the books can all be read as standalones, I really hope you’ll want to read KYDEN, book one in the Badari Gladiator series, and RENNYR, book two. And of course enjoy TALINN, book three, in the newly released CLAIMED AMONG THE STARS ANTHOLOGY! KYDEN and RENNYR are also available on Amazon in paperback. Full blurbs on bookseller platforms.

KYDEN: Condemned to the arena for the rest of his life. Elara, a Senator’s daughter, moves among the elite of her civilization. Yet despite the odds they’re Fated Mates. How can they ever be together?

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RENNYR:  Kidnapped, far from home, he’s been sold into the deadly arena gladiator system as a slave. Jaine is a human woman kidnapped from the Sectors to serve as arena fodder for the crowds. Fated mates, battling against the system which has them trapped, sharing one cell and one bed, fighting to survive…and to escape.

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“5 Stars! This is the scifi romance gladiator novel we’ve been craving!”   An Amazon reviewer

*******************************OKAY, THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT AND ONWARD WE GO!**************************************************


Entering the Abyss with its tainted mist is terrifying but there is no other choice. The Valley is in danger and the only hope lies in the hands of the enemy. But are Zanir and his people the real problem? A great crime  was committed and the repercussions are finally coming to a head. As the past continues to reveal itself, the one known as the orphan of the night wonders who she is. What is she capable of? If prophecy can be believed, the fate of the world rests on her. Failure isn’t an option. Now if only she knew who to trust. She’ll travel deep into the deadly Abyss seeking answers. She’ll find more than she ever expected. But will it be enough?

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With her new dating agency business starting to take off in Premonition Pointe, Marion Matched is busier than ever. Between yoga classes, her budding romance, and the ghost who won’t stop haunting her, Marian can’t seem to find time to get her hair colored and her upper lipped waxed for the upcoming wedding of her two favorite clients. Whoever said women should grow older gracefully never had to deal with patchy gray roots or whiskers that are stiff enough to cut someone. But all of her grooming worries vanish when the bride suddenly goes AWOL, and Marion realizes it’s one of her former clients who has abducted the bride. Now Marion finds herself in the middle of literal witch hunt so that she can bring the bride home and get her to the alter on time. Marion will need all the help she can get from the Premonition Pointe coven, the ghost who can’t stop flirting with the groom, and a gun-toting grandmother with a perchance for younger men.    Amazon KU


Most days, I’m just trying to raise my kid, and not die. So, when a troupe of randy pixies gather in my garden, demanding I protect them, I’m like, bitch, I can barely protect myself. On top of that, I have to worry about monster attacks from enemies new and old. My grimoire keeps talking in riddles. No help there. Linda the Gnome is more surly than usual. Even less help. Thank heavens for my hottie druid boyfriend who has my back, front, and side, and a fat cat named Bob who calms me better than a prescription mood stabilizer. Tru-craft has been nature’s midlife gift that keeps on trying to kill me. Earth nearly turned me to dust. Fire almost extinguished my flame. If I don’t master this new element, Air is going to blow me into the next life. Literally.      Amazon      AB     Apple Books     Kobo


True evil never dies. It only waits in the dark. All book editor Megan Law wants is to bury the memory of her brutal kidnapping and move on with her life. So when her publisher asks her to spin her hellish experience into the next bestseller, Megan agrees only because it might help keep other women safe. Then a mysterious, gruesome package arrives in the mail—a reminder that the nightmare isn’t over just yet. FBI investigator Ragnar Johnson is running out of time. He knows in his gut there’s more to the recent Embracer killings, and he needs Megan’s help. Even with their rocky past behind them, working together now isn’t going to be easy. But when things take a deadly turn, Megan and Ragnar discover a deep connection that they’ll have to use, because something is trying to tear them apart…forever.

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VS Note: A re-release.

One does not break an oath to the fae…But I am getting much better at finding and exploiting the loopholes. I may have promised the ruthlessly sensual fae lord, Rogue, that he can sire my firstborn child—but I never said when. And I’m not giving into his will-eroding attempts to seduce me until he tells me what will happen to my child. Which he refuses to do. So, I’m holding out against his allure, no matter how he tantalizes me, because the one way to protect my child is to make sure they’re never born. Unfortunately, Rogue is as wily as he is persistent, and soon I find myself in more bargains—I must give him a kiss every day and sleep by his side at night. Even as I travel through Faerie, perfecting my sorceress skills and seeking the answers to the questions Rogue won’t—or can’t—answer, he is constantly by my side, working his way through my defenses. He refuses to let me go. Most terrifying of all, I’m finding I don’t want him to.     Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


Being an orphan is tough…going through the foster care system is even tougher. I never would have made it through without my foster brother, Nick Callahan, to guide and protect me. But Nick and I have a troubled past. See, he’s full-blooded Were and I’m half Were and back before our fathers died, they swore an oath to be blood brothers and had both Nick and I branded to prove that we were family. Nick and I went our separate ways after we got out of the system, but I made the mistake of going back to my hometown of Wolverton on the night of the Open Breeding. And who should be there but Nick—my foster brother and protector and the one and only man I’ve ever really loved. But we’re forbidden to be together—the same brands that mark us as “family” keep us forever apart. And there’s another problem—Nick has a secret, one he’s been keeping from me for years. You see, he’s not a normal Were—he doesn’t shift into a wolf. Instead, he has a beast inside, half man/half wolf—an eight foot tall monster that hungers for me just as much as Nick does. Now I must choose between my foster brother and breaking the Unbreakable Laws of the pack. But under the full moon when his beast comes out and the Breeding Fever makes me crazy with need and desire, will I really have a choice?     Amazon     Kobo

NOIR REFORMATORY: THIRD OFFENSE by Lexi C Foss and Jennifer Thorn

So, I have a third mate. No big deal. Except, Auric punched my royal—descended from gods—betrothed right in the face. Novak has murder in his eyes, more so than usual. And my body is screaming at me to take all three males and teach them who’s in charge here. Because I believe the truth now. I’m a Noir royal, descended from the gods themselves and destined to fix the history my fake-father forged. The one where black-winged angels were the result of sin and scandal instead of the truth. My black wings mark me as a superior being, one that will reunite Angelkind to the glory they once were. But first, I need to get my three mates in line and keep them from killing each other. Ketos, a prince with gold-tipped wings, has a legion of Noir on his side, technology and power that we’ll need to play Sayir’s game. Not to mention he has always been destined to be my mate, a fact I know is as true as the sun and the stars. Novak, my lethal weapon, has been blessed by the gods, chosen to stand with us and slay our enemies. And Auric, my Commander, my Nora, represents everything I want for a new world, one where Nora and Noir work together like they were meant to. It’ll take a miracle, or divine intervention, to convince these three males to work together. It’s my ultimate test. A trial that I must pass. Because if I can’t bring my mates together, how am I supposed to unite a lost world?      Amazon KU


The grand finale of the Hellhound Shifters series! And just like that, the world changed. A new existence stands in the place of, well, everything. All for the greater good. Talk about a huge shakeup of the status quo! I know I should kick back and relax. Enjoy the company of Micah and Lyle, laugh and hug my brothers every day, and get in some quality gaming time. You know, actually enjoy life and appreciate the ones I love. Be happy. But I can’t… I just can’t. This is wrong. This isn’t how things should be. I need to put a stop to this…Right?      Amazon KU

ALPHA GEEK: FOX by Milly Taiden

A bat shifter working to overcome the ghosts of her past, and an Alpha Geek who’s discovered a terrorist plot, team up to save the world. Fox Redman, a billionaire game designer, discovers a terrorist using his game as a means for mass destruction in real life. When he goes to the FBI, Fox sits at the top of the hit list. Who’s he gonna call? Nick, of course, which gets him the most beautiful bodyguard ever. Bat shifter Vella Marlowe has a past worse than Dracula’s. So when her mate walks into Nick’s office, she’s not sure if she can take his rejection. Asked to be his bodyguard, she can’t help but want to curl up with his big bear body. If only she could focus on the job and not how cute he is. This time, though, Fox’s transformation into an alpha isn’t enough to stop a monster bigger than he is. A monster determined to rid the world of a particular bat and bear shifter. If Fox can’t save his batgirl, he’s going to be a bear to live with.     Amazon KU


Old dogs can definitely learn new tricks, and so can wise witches. Sara Walters has spent her time teaching other witches about the magical ways, but now that she’s fifty and it’s time for her to retire, she’s not sure what to do with herself. When she meets a sexy suitor her world is turned upside down. She’s supposed to act like an adult, but that’s a tall order when he makes her feel so young and carefree. Rhett Armstrong had long ago decided he would be happy being a lifelong bachelor until one scenting ceremony brings him what he thought he’d never find: his fated mate. She’s the picture of beauty, strength and sass. And he wouldn’t have her any other way. Though Sara thought she knew everything there was to know about herself, it turns out there are still secrets hidden within, and a certain wolf shifter is the key to them coming to the surface. But then he makes her question if they could really ever work. Now, she’s out of time and has to decide between listening to her heart or focusing on her fears.      Amazon KU


Lightning isn’t the only thing streaking in small-town Wisconsin. Warlock Raibeart MacGregor is on the prowl and looking for his true love. He has only one question for any lassie he meets, “Will ya marry me?” With his sanity often questioned by those who know him best, Raibeart believes there is a method to his madness. At least he hopes so. He’s convinced his true love exists, but he just can’t seem to find her. Tormented by nightmares, he’s compelled to run himself to exhaustion each night to keep them at bay. The fact that he prefers to drop the kilt while doing so is just a bonus. But when those nightmares begin to bleed into reality, he realizes the woman he’s been searching for is literally the one tormenting his dreams. Katherine Galbraith has been imprisoned by magick for so long that she can’t even remember what her crime was beyond the vague impression that she once loved a warlock. Bound to a world that never changes, she spends her days wishing for an end. But when prison walls begin to crack, she must decide if she wants a second chance at lost love or if that love is the reason for all her suffering. Magic, Mischief and Kilts!     Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo

BROKEN ANGEL by Charlotte Brice

Blake – Leon and Aspen, Quinn and Kai. They all have their future at stake as we try to uncover the werepirie project and unravel the demon’s curse. No one seems to care that I am the cursed one. I see the darkness rising, I just don’t scream about it any more. My brother may have uncovered something about the Wood fae from my past, but it’s down to me to rip this thing open and finally rid myself of the knife hanging above my head. I’ve never had enough faith in myself before, but now, I might have found someone else to have that faith for me.      Amazon KU


He can resurrect the dead, but can he get the girl? The fae Tris can’t seem to find his place in the world—either world, mortal or elemental. All his friends are married, but he can’t get a date, much less get laid. When he bumps into a hot girl, she’s not interested in sex or dating. Riley Jordan calls herself a cryptozoologist and only wants to follow Tris around to study him in his “natural habitat”—whether he likes it or not. Maybe he wouldn’t mind if she’d let him kiss her. But after one hot lip-lock, she puts her foot down. Now a series of bizarre disasters has led Tris to suspect he’s been cursed. After all, he is the thirteenth child in his family, born on the thirteenth day of the thirteenth month in the fae calendar. He might also have accidentally ticked off a few too many elementals. Add in his job as the guardian of a coveted healing vortex, and yeah, he’s screwed.     Amazon     Kobo

STOLEN PARADISE (KINGS OF EDEN BOOK 2) by Mila Young and Harper A Brooks

These monsters rule the city… and I’ve become their newest obsession. I’ve been caught in a war between the three most powerful gangs in the city… and I’m trapped with the most dangerous of them all. The Kings. With each passing day, they lurk closer, their darkness pulling me a bit deeper. They push me, demanding everything I have when my world is falling apart. Chaos is about to break out, and I’m finding myself craving the men who could just as easily break me. Ruin me. Kill me. I vow to escape, but I’m losing myself to this world of lust and war. The Kings of Eden don’t have hearts. So they want mine.      Amazon KU


My name is Hattie Holiday, and I can read minds. Sure people have all kinds of rouge thoughts running around up there, but I’m far more interested in using my special abilities to talk to my cat, Cricket, and whatever other furry creature I happen to come upon. Recently, I’ve lost my job at the public library but lucky for me a position opened up at the local country club, as an events coordinator, and I happened to secure the position. And since my love for books follows me wherever I go, not only will I have extravagant affairs to supervise but I’ve already snagged a few people to start a book club with. Sure the country club is pretentious and smells of old and new money, but I knew that going in. What I didn’t bargain for was finding a body right out the gate. And that book club I’ve just started up? Let’s just say the book club is out and the murder club is in. What I didn’t see coming were the secrets, and the deception, and the killer twist of a lifetime. Living in Brambleberry Bay can be a real killer.      Amazon KU


Fated mates…there’s only one problem: their families hate each other. With old money comes old hatreds, and the fight to survive will take everything the familiar bond offers witch and shifter. Ethan Lumin has followed the plan laid out for him since the day he was born. As part of that plan, he needs a familiar before he turns thirty so he can take his place on the Shadow Board as expected. But he wants more than a bound shifter who’s only interested in his family’s power and money. Axel Hollins learned a long time ago that family comes first, shifters come second, and witches come last. He wants nothing more than to escape the family business, but even the idea of becoming an artist is frowned upon. A chance meeting leads to a one-night stand and waking up to find that he’s now the familiar to the richest witch in London.      Amazon KU

WHEN STARS COME OUT by Scarlett St. Clair

Anora Silby can see the dead and turn spirits into gold coins, two things she would prefer to keep secret as she tries to lead a normal life at her new school. After all, she didn’t change her identity for nothing. Hiding her weirdness is just one of many challenges. By the end of her first day, she’s claimed the soul of a dead girl on campus and lost the coin. Turns out, the coin gives others the ability to steal souls, and when a classmate ends up dead, there’s no mistaking the murder weapon. Navigating the loss of her Poppa, the mistrust of her mother, the attention of gorgeous and enigmatic Shy, and Roundtable, an anonymous student gossip app threatening to expose her, are hard enough. Now she must find the person who stole her coin before more lives are lost, but that means making herself a target for the Order, an organization that governs the dead on Earth—and they want Anora and her powers for themselves.

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Pack alphas are bad enough. It’s just my luck I’ve fallen in with the worst of them all. My life in post-Convergence Texas was always one of freedom— riding the plains and farming the land. But when my family clashes with the local shifter pack, our feud threatens to doom us all. Because the most dangerous alpha of them all decides to claim me as his omega. Ex-priest and Alpha Prime Reyes has demons of his own. He says my family is on the wrong side of the war, but he’ll do anything to get me in his bed— and on his side. He demands my confession, but I won’t let him break me, even if he’s the hottest alpha this side of the Rio Grande. He thinks I’ll find salvation on my knees, but I’m a warrior. And I’ll fight him tooth and claw until only one of us is left standing.     Amazon KU


When time isn’t on your side…With Vincent gone, November is left exposed. Having lost everyone she loves, she’s desperate to find a new life. It could’ve been possible—until a group of Shadow Fae who blames her for Vincent’s death. now, her only chance at survival is to deliver to them a live Vincent or face her own fate. Problem is, the dead can’t be brought back to life. So her only choice is to travel back in time and find him. In London, 1901, Vincent and November reunite. But he isn’t who she thought he was. He’s a rake, an aristocrat, with no recollection of her. But that isn’t all her troubles. A Shadow Wraith is on her back, trying to take her back to her own time, and the Shadow Fae are still hunting her down. November must find a way to make Vincent remember who she is and change the future, before time, and her death catches up with her.      Amazon KU


Creatures of all kinds go to the Barista to find love. Even the slimy, demented, horned ones. Even the psychopathic, hellish, tentacled ones. Even the one that has hated humans for as long as he can remember.     Amazon KU


Even in the face of overwhelming odds, their hope burns strong. With Judicus’s sister’s wedding just days away, Mally and Sersha must race to save her from a fate she does not want, save Briccatore from disaster, and save the world from being plundered of magic forever, but with allies lost along the way and every resource used up, how can they possibly keep facing the darkness with nothing but hope on their side?      Amazon KU


The brush of her fingers, one accidental touch, and he’s caught up in a world with which she is all too familiar. Dana Rainwater is dying. Her life becomes even more complicated when she witnesses a murder. Making matters worse, the murderer believes that she can identify him. Taking leave from the pop-gospel stage to live out her final months in peace, she visits a remote area to commission the designs of a famous, yet reclusive architect few have ever seen. Wolf sentinel shifter Vadrian Parrish is a renowned architect whose nature-inclusive designs have earned the title of “Healing Plans.” Born to a high calling, his disturbing premonitions render him nearly inaccessible to others, but Dana’s touch draws him into another nightmare, one he’s not sure he wants to escape. From the moment Dana and Parrish make eye contact, their connection is undeniable. Dana is compelled to be with him. If only she had met him sooner. Can their destiny overcome the dangers threatening to annihilate them?      Amazon KU


Willow discovers there may be consequences to saving a cursed warlock from his tea pot prison…-
Peppermint Tea and Nothing is Free is book three of the Cauldron Coffee Shop Series, a witchy modern fantasy series with a romantic sub-plot, a mysterious teapot, and a cat who might be up to no good.

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To save his sect from destruction, Shen Qingqiu has at last submitted to Luo Binghe–though he wishes people would stop saying it like that! Unfortunately, they’re not wrong. Luo Binghe has finally made his desire for his old master clear. For all that Shen Qingqiu longs to return to their peaceful days together on Qing Jing Peak, he knows it’s impossible now that Luo Binghe has darkened into a true demon lord. But as Shen Qingqiu begins to uncover more of Proud Immortal Demon Way’s hidden plot, including his host body’s own backstory, he realizes he must learn to see Luo Binghe for who he truly is if either of them are to survive.

Amazon     Apple Books     The first two are on Kobo so I assume this one will be too, soon.


The twos just got a lot more terrible. Ian had enough trouble trying to write for a living and keep up with his daughter, Lucy, even before she started shifting into a squirrel. Now that she’s turning two and breathing fire? All bets are off. Olivia is used to her cat Seltzer bringing her live trophies, but she’s not sure what to do with a squirrel that turns into an adorable little red-headed girl, or the gorgeous single dad who comes looking for her from next door. Olivia didn’t come to Nickel City expecting to be swept off her feet, or to discover magic, but the next thing she knows, she’s taking a temporary job at a day care for shifters and discovering a hidden world of enchantment and instinct. Ian’s dragon is sure that Olivia is the one, but Ian has already had one relationship go down in flames, and he’s not sure he can trust Olivia with his deepest secret. He’s going to have to learn to control his own power in order to save her…or lose her forever.      Amazon KU


I never expected to fall … especially for my enemy. Stumbling upon a group of escaped demons changed everything, and the responsibility falls on me to protect Shadow City. As the battle rages on, a tug radiates from my soul, drawing me toward a sexy, mocha-eyed demon. Though he voluntarily surrenders, I don’t trust him. I should’ve killed him then and there…He’s become the catalyst for even more demon attacks, but I can’t give him up. Every moment we’d spent together strengthened the bond between us, and now, I’ll do whatever it takes to keep him safe. He’s my enemy… my mate. And he’s either destined to be my future… or to destroy it. Either way it’s too late. I can only hope he’s worth the cost.     Amazon KU


Velasin vin Aaro never planned to marry at all, let alone a girl from neighboring Tithena. When an ugly confrontation reveals his preference for men, Vel fears he’s ruined the diplomatic union before it can even begin. But while his family is ready to disown him, the Tithenai envoy has a different solution: for Vel to marry his former intended’s brother instead. Caethari Aeduria always knew he might end up in a political marriage, but his sudden betrothal to a man from Ralia, where such relationships are forbidden, comes as a shock. With an unknown faction willing to kill to end their new alliance, Vel and Cae have no choice but to trust each other. Survival is one thing, but love—as both will learn—is quite another.     Amazon     AB     Apple Books     Kobo


In exchange for my sister’s freedom, I have to enter the Lands Below, stop their attempts to bring down the barrier that keeps them all trapped underground, and kill Princess Elanerill. There’s no way this ends well, but I don’t have a choice. Not if I want my sister to make it out of King Grathgore’s court alive. But my borrowed magic backfires, knocking me out of the Lands Below and into a forest filled with strange shadow animals where the ground itself shifts beneath my feet. And I’m not alone. Aloserin, the dangerous Royal Guard from the Lands Below who’s trapped with me, calls this place the void. He claims those who enter the void’s twisting forests and shifting paths rarely return. Still, I have an advantage those previous travelers did not: I can communicate with the shadow animals that so terrify Aloserin. Perhaps the two of us can survive long enough to find our way out. As long as Aloserin doesn’t discover that I’m the reason we’re both trapped here.     Amazon KU


On this Earth, a woman is never truly free. Evil orcs held me prisoner for their depraved experiments. But even when I was liberated by the Burning Sun clan, I carried a reminder of being their property. A half-orc baby growing inside of me. This is not how I’d have chosen to get pregnant, but I still want this child. The Earth may be blasted and ruined, but life is still precious. But how will I bring a life into this dying world? Who will protect me? Into this steps Jorgen. The orc protector from the Burning Sun who will be the rock that I’ll use to help me through this ordeal. He’ll be the shoulders hold up my world. And hopefully his will be the house to which I’ll bring not just the baby I’m carrying into the world. But so many more.      Amazon KU


From the time she was born, Sigrid has only ever been ordinary. Being paired at birth with a plain horse—instead of the powerful winged mare of a valkyrie—meant there would be no warrior path for her. No riding the skies, no glory among the nine worlds. Just the simple, unremarkable life of a stable hand. Everything changes when a terrible enemy ambushes Vanaheim and Sigrid sees a vision of herself atop a mythical stallion, leading the valkyries into a harrowing battle. Finally, she can grab her future with her own two hands and become the hero of her own story…if she dares. But her destiny is tied up with Mariam, a fallen valkyrie who’s allied herself with the very enemy Sigrid is trying to stop. Now Sigrid has left ordinary behind as she begins a journey with the beautiful—if treacherous—valkyrie, each step bringing her closer to answers…and to awakened feelings for Mariam. Only, the life Sigrid has escaped may have been paradise compared to the one she’s racing toward. Because her destination is the realm of the dead: the gates of Hel.

Amazon      AB     Apple Books     Kobo

GEMINI QUEEN by Laura Navarre

I summon the lightning. I claim my power. The warlocks of Icarus Academy claim me. I start my night as a cat burglar in Singapore and I end up queen of the witching world. Too bad this rags-to-riches fairytale’s a gig I never applied for and won’t accept. My witchcraft is wild and lethal, so I’ve renounced my power. I’m a fish out of water at Icarus Academy. But these four sexy warlocks who rule the school just won’t take no for an answer. They want me to claim my power. They want me to summon the lightning. And they want to claim me as their consort. Because the witching world is dying, and I’m their last chance. But there’s a queen killer on the hunt. Unless I figure out how to claim my power before the killer claims my head, there’s a global extinction event looming. With my name written all over it.      Amazon (May be KU???)


It takes a queen to defeat a queen. High school senior Aggie is ready to concentrate on important things like college essays, science projects, and her secret older boyfriend. There’s one major distraction, however: she’s a demigoddess with the power to control luck. Her mom is one, too—the deadly Queen of Spades. When Aggie discovers how wicked her mother has become, she knows she has to win her back from the evil forces controlling her before it’s too late. Aggie is shocked when she’s chosen to be the next queen of her suit. Accepting the role will give her the strength to defeat her mom and save her. But in order to become queen, Aggie must first face a deadly trial, a heist to steal a dangerous treasure from the most powerful luck god of them all.      Amazon KU


A paranormal escort service. That kind of thing can’t possibly exist, right? But I’ve learned that otherkin are real, and my mage boss insists that sometimes they need a little quality time with a convenient, willing human body. My next client is a sexy gorgon. You know…a Medusa type? Every paranormal fangirl’s dream job, right? This short story is 6,500 words. This particular story is FF.     Amazon


Three wishes for my leprechaun’s gold coin. One down, two to go…I won. I defeated the changeling who’d been feeding on me. My treasures escaped the trap set by Balor’s dark fae. But now I don’t even know what I am. Am I fae? Like the monster who trapped me in marriage and fed on me for five years? Or like my leprechaun, Warwick Greenshanks, who plays a delicate game of neutrality between dark and light fae? He swore to never lie to me, but he didn’t make that promise on his gold. Only his heart. Balor of the Evil Eye is closer than ever to destroying the veil between the mortal realm and Faerie. The secret to defeating him is written in my very soul, but I have no idea what to do. I don’t even know who—or what—I am, and each battle the four Irish treasures wage may be their last.   AmazonKU

THE WITCHERY by S Isabelle

Haelsford, Florida, is a hellmouth. Or at least, that’s what Logan, a new witch struggling to control her powers, thinks when she arrives at Mesmortes Coven Academy. She is immediately taken under the wing of the infamous Red Three: Iris, a deathwitch, who wants nothing more than to break the town’s curse; Thalia, the talented greenwitch, on the run from her religious family and a past that still haunts her; and Jailah, one of the most extraordinary witches at the academy whose thirst for power may lead her down a dark path. With the Haunting Season approaching, Wolves will soon rise from the swamp to kill, and the humans and witches must work together to survive the yearly onslaught. However, the history between humans and witches is long and bloodied, with the current truce hard-won and hanging in the balance. And this year, the stakes couldn’t be higher as two boys from Hammersmitt School prepare to make their first sacrifices to the witches in exchange for protection. But when students start turning up dead, Iris, Thalia, Jailah, and Logan realize they’ll have to harness their powers and stop the Wolves themselves. Yet old dangers lie in wait, and the cost to break the curse may be greater than any witch or human could ever know.

Amazon      AB     Apple Books     Kobo


Violet is a prophet and a liar, influencing the royal court with her cleverly phrased—and not always true—divinations. Honesty is for suckers, like the oh-so-not charming Prince Cyrus, who plans to strip Violet of her official role once he’s crowned at the end of the summer—unless Violet does something about it. But when the king asks her to falsely prophesy Cyrus’s love story for an upcoming ball, Violet awakens a dreaded curse, one that will end in either damnation or salvation for the kingdom—all depending on the prince’s choice of future bride. Violet faces her own choice: Seize an opportunity to gain control of her own destiny, no matter the cost, or give in to the ill-fated attraction that’s growing between her and Cyrus. Violet’s wits may protect her in the cutthroat court, but they can’t change her fate. And as the boundary between hatred and love grows ever thinner with the prince, Violet must untangle a wicked web of deceit in order to save herself and the kingdom—or doom them all.     Amazon      AB     Apple Books     Kobo


Shawn – Shawn wasn’t looking for a mate when he’d accompanied Bryce to a book signing at the newly opened bookstore in town. The big bow-tied cutie isn’t Shawn’s usual type but when Shawn sets eyes on the bookstore’s owner, he feels something shift inside him. The boy that draws his attention is perfect in every way. Even before his wolf scents his mate. Sam – Sam is starting a new life, with a new business, and he’s excited for his future. He isn’t in town long before he sees the sexy biker who runs away from him. Sam thinks he’s lost his chance at learning more about the attractive guy. That is, until Shawn returns with gifts and sweet words. Sam would love to curl up against the biker and maybe whisper the word Daddy in his ear. He knows he doesn’t look like a typical boy. He’s too tall, too chubby, but that doesn’t mean his heart doesn’t crave to belong to a Daddy. Shawn sets out to woo his shy mate, but when a blast from his past makes Sam feel unwanted, things go from bad to worse. Then Shawn is shot by hunters and while he recovers, Sam goes in search of answers. Things are heating up and moving fast for our paranormal family. Unlocking the love of their mates might be the only way to save them all.      Amazon KU


Everyone knows the tale of Rapunzel in her tower, but do you know the story of the witch who put her there?  Haelewise has always lived under the shadow of her mother, Hedda—a woman who will do anything to keep her daughter protected. For with her strange black eyes and even stranger fainting spells, Haelewise is shunned by her village, and her only solace lies in the stories her mother tells of child-stealing witches, of princes in wolf-skins, of an ancient tower cloaked in mist, where women will find shelter if they are brave enough to seek it. Then, Hedda dies, and Haelewise is left unmoored. With nothing left for her in her village, she sets out to find the legendary tower her mother used to speak of—a place called Gothel, where Haelewise meets a wise woman willing to take her under her wing. But Haelewise is not the only woman to seek refuge at Gothel. It’s also a haven for a girl named Rika, who carries with her a secret the Church strives to keep hidden. A secret that reveals a dark world of ancient spells and murderous nobles behind the world Haelewise has always known.

Amazon      AB     Kobo


VS Note: From JUNE 28

These days, I’ve been killing it when it comes to letting people down. Now I’ve been kicked out of high school, arrested, and accepted into a remote, off-the-grid school owned and operated by an inscrutable billionaire tech guru. Gray Wolf Academy is looking for a certain kind of student. Ones that no one will miss. Like me. Then there’s Braxton. The beautiful, oddly anachronistic guy who showed up right when the trouble started. And he’s a total enigma—which means that I definitely can’t trust him, even if there’s something about him that makes me want to. They all tell me I have a gift. A very rare gift. And Gray Wolf Academy wants me to learn it. To use it. Because if what they say is true, I have all the time in the world. And that makes me the most dangerous high school student you’ll never know.     Amazon      AB     Apple Books     Kobo


Cal – I’ve never wanted a relationship—especially not with a human. With my father demanding my return to Hell and a demon leaving dead bodies in my bookshop, now is not the time to lose my heart. But one look in Oscar’s broken eyes, and I know I’m in trouble. Oscar’s been hurt before, and everything in me screams to keep him safe. How can I do that when I know being with me will only put him in more danger? More importantly, am I strong enough to walk away from him? Oscar – After escaping my last relationship with broken bones and an anxiety disorder, I’m tired of living half a life. My world revolves around my classroom, flat, and best friend. When fate throws Cal in my path, he seems too good to be true. He looks like he’s been pulled from my fantasies, and my baggage doesn’t scare him. Ok, so there’s the tiny issue of him being a demon, but I’ve dealt with far scarier. I’ve been broken once before, and I don’t think I’d survive it again. Can I let down my barriers enough to let Cal in?      Amazon KU


A Fae determined to recover her memory and learn her place in the realm discovers that there are no simple answers. With the help of a soldier with secrets of his own, she charts a course between two worlds, a dark forest where no Fae dare set foot, and the capital of the realm, which might end up being more deadly. Can she uncover her identity before the rest of the realm’s secrets pull her into something she can’t talk or fight her way out of…?     Amazon     Kobo


From spoiled rich girl to imprisoned siren—sometimes life sucks. My life was perfect—a cute, loving boyfriend, a rich and well-connected family and an immaculately planned-out future. As it turns out, perfection is a lie. After a random attack, I wake up to discover I’ve turned into a siren, had my vocal cords cut and am now imprisoned at Larkwood Academy, the most dangerous and heavily secured place for humans who have turned into paranormal creatures called shades. Everything here is out to get me—the warden, the guards and even the other shades. As I try to survive, I get closer to the men around me—Kit, a wendigo who is often called the warden’s lapdog, Deacon, a guard who isn’t a shade but also isn’t human, Knox, an incubus who struggles with accepting his own hunger, Brax, a berserker with a bad attitude and sharp tongue and Wade, a void who is far more dangerous than his innocent face and humor would suggest. The longer I stay here and get to know them, the more I realize I can’t trust anyone. Everyone wants me to follow the rules, but I can’t be that girl anymore. They might have stolen my voice, but they can’t keep me silenced.

Amazon     Kobo


As an omega, Kade’s purpose is to mate with an alpha and carry children. Years on the run have stolen that from him and ravaged his body. A chance meeting with his fated mate has Kade asking if Blake could be the one to heal his heart as well as his wolf. But what kind of alpha would accept a damaged omega? Meeting his fated was a dream come true for Blake, but Kade keeps him at arm’s length. Blake doesn’t need Kade to trust all alphas, just that Blake would never harm an omega, especially his prickly, reluctant mate.      Amazon KU


Julia Martel was once a spoiled young shifter surrounded by powerful males who shielded her from reality. Now she is a prisoner of the Great North Pack, trusted by no one and relegated to the care of the pack’s least wolf, the Omega, Arthur Graysson—the only wolf who has shown her kindness. Every day with Arthur opens Julia to the harsh wonder of Pack life and to a bond unlike any she’s ever known. But when the Pack is threatened, Julia must confront a legacy of doubt and insecurity. Only then can she lay claim to the power and fierceness that is her birthright. Only then can she protect the wolves she has grown to love. And especially Arthur, who is immensely powerful in his own quiet way.     Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


Thane – I’ve been told I’m beautiful to look at, but I’m a monster all the same. Barely contained.  Terrifying now that the thirst is upon me… I’m a beast king. That comes with its pros and cons.
Big con, I have to take a bride. It’s built into my DNA. We all reach a point where the drive kicks in. I thought I still had time. I was wrong! I need to find her. The one. A vampiress whose blood will quench me. The hunt is on. If I don’t find her soon, I’ll be put down like a rabid dog, leaving my throne to my greatest enemy. My rival by blood. Can’t! Happen! Bellicent – What happens in the dark stays in the dark… Or so I thought. I’m a half-blood. More human than vampire. A weakling. A circus trick only good for being used and abused. When the vampire king shows interest in me, I tell him where to get off…then I spend the night with him. Don’t judge me! Who wouldn’t leap at the opportunity? He’s the most eligible bachelor…(more blurb on ebook seller page…)     Amazon KU

CURSED (BECOMING THE DEMON QUEEN BOOK 1) by Charlene Hartnady and Be Brouillard

I’ve been told I’m a demon, but that can’t be right! My life is turned on its head one morning. It starts off as any normal morning would. A day like any other. Except, I sprout wings. Yep, wings…as in feathers. From there, things really get a little crazy. I suddenly don’t need my thick glasses to see anymore. Other things about me change, too. Then two guys show up at my door. Two sexy guys. I take one look at them and my eyes bug out and my mouth falls open for a hot minute. Holy moly!  They start fighting over me. Me? I can hardly believe it. Then they tell me what I am. What I’m capable of doing. They tell me I’m one of their kind and that I’m changing…evolving into something more. I’m not human! They say that I’ll learn how to use my wings and how to shift into my demon form. That I’ll be super powerful. I also learn that there are other supernatural creatures who will start to pick up on my energy soon. They’ll come after me. I need to get a grip on my powers ASAP. Then I’ll need to choose between the two of them and leave this realm. Did I mention that they are both princes? As in royalty? And that I find them just as sexy in their demon form as in their human ones? Both of them! What’s wrong with me? I won’t be able to choose. I’m not even sure I want to leave. This is my home! I am told that I will have to go or pay the consequences. The problem is that I don’t trust them. I sense that they are both keeping something from me. But after all they’ve already unveiled, what could possibly be worse?      Amazon KU


When the past comes calling, Cassius and Morgan have no option but to face the dire consequences of the choices they made before the Fall. With Cassius Black’s secret operations to save the world in the last five-hundred years finally revealed by the agencies that govern the otherworldly, his status as the most vilified Fallen on Earth changes almost overnight. Unused to his newfound fame, Cassius tries to keep a low profile, but Morgan King’s reckless actions soon have them in the news again. Forced to take a sabbatical, the pair heads to London to meet with Victor Sloan, who’s been incommunicado since his identity as the demigod who betrayed Cassius and Morgan during the War in the Nether came to light in the Spirit Realm. Meanwhile, Theophile Serrano’s attempts to adapt to his new job as P.A. to Sion CEO Hugo Frost are derailed by the strange things that keep happening to him. Things that soon convince him that he is losing his mind. Destinies collide when a catastrophe engendered by the dark God Elios strikes London. As past and present meet, Cassius finally comes face to face with the Guardians who were left behind in the Nether. Will unlocking the secrets of Cassius and Theo’s past be the key to the city’s salvation? Or will the truth tear them all apart and give Elios the victory he seeks?      Amazon KU


Catrin is a handmaiden to the old Queen of Dyfed, whose husband and king, Geraint, has died without an heir, leaving the kingdom ripe for plucking. Yet Dyfed is the birthplace of King Arthur’s enchanter and adviser, Prince Merlin, who travels to the troubled kingdom to settle the question of who should be king. Marcus Jorath is a newcomer to Camelot and wants only to serve King Arthur, whose peace has brought such a difference to the life and prospects of his family. Yet he is assigned to travel with Merlin to the out-of-the-way kingdom of Dyfed instead. When the Dyfed mage, Ianto, declares it is mid-summer’s day, the maids of the kingdom visit the Maen Llia to make a wish. Catrin disputes it is the solstice, for she can read and is learned in the ways of tracking seasons and more, but no one listens to her, and she is forced to visit Maen Llia with the other women. Merlin’s company of armed men come across the women, and Marcus finds himself drawn to the fiery redheaded Catrin and her blunt, direct way of speaking and thinking about the world. Their attraction puts them in the path of Ianto, who is more than the kingdom’s inadequate mage, and has plans of his own he will not let a mere slip of a girl interfere with… This novella is part of the historical fantasy romance series, Once and Future Hearts, set in Britain during the time of King Arthur.     Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


Vanessa loves having Grayson Hemming chase her, and she’ll do anything to keep him running. When werewolf Vanessa Blevin begins working at new law firm, she expects long hours, hard work, and harder personalities. Her boss is a demanding, demeaning bully who begins cutting her down on her very first day — cutting her down and setting her blood on fire. Grayson Hemming is tall, dark, alphahole handsome, the exact sort of werewolf she does not need in her life . . . but there’s something about the way he smells, his cutting smile, and the way his eyes always seem to find her. Her wolf wants his, and the feeling is mutual.  The lines between their professional lives and personal desires are blurred every full moon in his bed, and the only way she knows how to keep from being burned is to keep running. When she attends an exclusive Lupercalia celebration just outside of Cambric Creek, she knows exactly what to expect. The whole town knows what goes on at the invitation-only werewolf soirées, and every last one of them is eager for an invite. The Lupercalia festivities are an ancient rite of fertility and carnality, of sex and sweat and celebration, and she knows one of the wolves will have her before the night is done. One of them will have her, but only one wolf will do. One wolf, one knot, one set of teeth at her back . . . but he’ll have to catch her first.     AmazonKU


Gabriel lives a quiet existence as a seaweed farmer in a small seaside village. But his life is turned upside down when a naiad rescues him from drowning during a storm. Now Gabriel returns to his simple life in his village, but he is obsessed with the naiad, whose wild green hair; toned, naked body; and regal features consume his every fantasy. Gabriel must see the naiad again. The naiad, Alke, is an adventurer with no desire to settle. He is happy to swim wherever the tide takes him and have sex with whomever he meets. Then a human turns up searching for him. A virgin who stares at him with complete adoration and desire in his pretty hazel eyes. Who is Alke to resist? It starts out as sex. It’s meant to be temporary. Just some fun. But as they get to know each other, feelings grow. Can Alke admit that he wants more? And is Gabriel willing to wait for Alke to figure it out?     Amazon KU


Welcome to Hawkwood Hollow, where the dead outnumber the living. It’s time for the grand opening of Hawkwood Hollow’s first haunted hotel, and Maura and her friends are ready for the first guests to embark on their ghost tour. When a guest inexplicably drops dead of an apparent heart attack, it at first seems like a freak accident. But the victim’s widow thinks otherwise, and she’s determined to make Maura and her friends face the consequences. At first, Maura thinks the angry widow has lost her mind, but it soon becomes clear that there’s a murderer in the area… and they aren’t human. As if hunting a ghostly killer isn’t enough, Maura’s business is dealing with attacks on all sides as someone is determined to sink their business into the ground. Can Maura save the inn, protect her friends and catch the killer – or will it all go up in flames?      Amazon KU


William knows that his budding relationship with the nineteen-year-old Kaia will be frowned upon, but he’s unprepared for her family’s vehement opposition. Family means everything to Kaia, so when she finds herself in the impossible position of having to choose between them and William, she resorts to unconventional means to resolve the conflict.     Amazon KU


VS Note: From JUNE 30

Adrienne had everything. The friends, the clothes, the college acceptance letter – not to mention a healthy social calendar. Then one stupid mistake has her packing her bags to spend the summer with her estranged mom in Santorini. Adrienne is determined to make the best out of her forced holiday until the date from hell results in her getting attacked, nearly drowning, then rescued by a bunch of seafaring cosplayers. Because what else could explain the Bronze Age-era boat full of shirtless, loincloth-wearing men? Now, if only there was a way to explain the complete lack of technology, the insurmountable language barrier, or the fact that everyone is staring at her like she’s from another planet.      Amazon KU


I survived the first semester and despite Dean Belmont’s agenda and the Celestial Council’s misogynistic belief that women are the weaker sex and incapable of harnessing power, I showed them just how wrong they are. The Plus One taunting has ended, and instead of disdain, the looks being thrown at me heading into the second semester are wary and confused. Doesn’t matter. After the explosion at the end of the semester skills test, I’ll probably be expelled. Which—and I can’t believe I’m going to say this—would kill me. I need to learn more about my dad, my powers, and best of all…my guys:  Maverick – my distant and broody wolf.  River – my loveable and loyal bear. Brody – my… vampire, hot for teacher crush? Yeah, I’m not sure where that’s going. They call to the wildness in me and there’s no way I’m not going to answer that call.      Amazon KU


I see ghosts, but I do my best to ignore them. When Eddie Cayce turned home to New Orleans from her carefully built Seattle life, it’s not just for her grandmother’s funeral. She’s home to stay. More to the point, now that she’s broken it off with the almost fiancé and quit her corporate junior designer position over one too many trainings on how to run a copier, she has no reason to return. With the money she’ll receive in her inheritance, she can finally open the antique store she’s always dreamed of – that as long as her ability to see ghosts stays dormant. In Seattle, her gift had dwindled down to seeing the occasional ghost during her morning runs in her Queen Anne neighborhood. But here? New Orleans is filled with the visitors, as her grandmother always called them. And now, they are finding Eddie and want to chat. Especially about the most recent murder. Can Eddie carve out a real life here among the spirit world?      Amazon KU


Kelder O’Brien is the alpha of the DarkForest, a warrior with a past that has marked him deep in his soul, shattering his heart. For this reason, he lives by and for the pack, rejecting the very idea of finding love again. When he least expects it, his lonely existence will be shattered by the unexpected return of the only woman he once loved. Elisabeth Treamblay was his greatest secret, a memory that tortured him at night and that he cursed during the day. He thought he had forgotten her, that he had gotten over her leaving him with a terse note until he came face to face with her. It was an encounter that shook the foundations of his feelings and threatened to destroy everything he had achieved to date. What is Lis doing on his land? Why was she returning to his side? And those children who accompanied her…are they her children? He needs answers, to find out the real reason she abandoned him, and Kelder will do everything he can to get them. Danger lurks in the shadows for every member of the DarkForest pack, willing to do anything to achieve their goals. Witness the decisive battle that will change the destiny of them all.     Amazon KU


Something big is going on in this town. Police officer Darren Callaghan has been hunting for the cause of a burned mountain on the outskirts of Leadville, Colorado, but when a woman goes missing, he can’t help the feeling that they are connected somehow. A call comes in that some fences have been cut, and he finds a ragtag group of trespassers is squatting on some abandoned land outside of town. This is his moment. This is the missing piece. This is his chance to figure out all of the strange occurrences that have been piling up lately. The trespassers he questions aren’t what he expected though, especially not the dark-haired beauty that seems to be leading these snarling people. Aspen is gorgeous, protective, smart, and courageous, but it’s clear to see she’s hiding something behind those bright-gold eyes…something dangerous that will change the course of his life forever. Aspen Moore is a werewolf on her very last chance. Tired of running from wars her last Alpha started, she’s pulling one last desperate move to find sanctuary for the Trader Pack in the mountains of Colorado. Her Pack is in need of an Alpha who can keep them safe, but no one wants to tether themselves to a Pack that is being hunted. One meeting in the woods with a handsome police officer throws everything she thought she knew into a tailspin. Nothing is as it seems near Promise Falls, but perhaps a big, powerful, dominant man in uniform is just what she and her friends need to stay alive. Falling for him is a horrible idea, but the heart wants what it wants. The more she gets to know him, the more she wants to protect him from what is coming for the Trader Pack, and now she must choose—the life of her Pack, or the life of the man she’s falling in love with.     Amazon KU


I was a princess until my jealous sister betrayed me. Thrown into a portal, I’m picked up by a fallen centaur patrol. Here I become embroiled in a cruel and wicked world, where centaurs battle the monsters that spew from a broken portal and women are kept in stables and shared by all. Grimm, the leader of the fallen centaurs, is breathtaking from his human warrior body to the stallion beneath. He is also barbaric, ruthless, and monstrous in deed. I hide my omega nature, living among them as a drudge. Yet I cannot forever hide my response nor my growing fascination with the darkest centaur of them all.      Amazon KU


Lyssandra’s life is a lie. As a hunter of the Helius Order, she’s dedicated to slaying vampires and protecting the innocent. But she’s also a vampire’s human servant. If her secret comes out, her own order will execute her. When she finds Asher, she’ll cut out his heart for tying her to him, even if he only did it to save her. Even if it kills her too. But when a young girl is found dead, Lyssandra’s mission is derailed. In the gaping hole where the girl’s heart once was, lies single red rose. Lyssandra has seen the signature before, left by the vampire who took her uncle’s life. Karpov is one of the ancients, and his death is the only one Lyssandra wants more than Asher’s. Unfortunately, Karpov is also the only being—dead or undead—who holds the key to Asher’s whereabouts. If Lyssandra ever wants to find him, she’ll have to work with her uncle’s murderer. Asher’s death could finally bring her peace, but can she accept it when it means leaving her uncle’s killer alive? Or will she fall into his waiting arms, unable to fight the pull of the master and servant bond.     Amazon KU


Chayton – Five years ago, I walked away from my pack and my true mate to save my son’s life. It’s a decision I will never regret. Since then, I’ve lived with only one focus: to protect my son at all costs. Once again, I’m faced with the decision to save his life. I’m forced to either marry the human that saved him or watch my son die. The latter is never an option. Elizabeth – I moved away from the city to fulfill my mother’s dying wish. I had no idea I’d become a part of a world found only in fiction. Yet here I am, mated to an Alpha that wants nothing to do with me. However, for the little boy that crashed into my life, I’ll do whatever it takes even if it means going toe to toe with a shifter. Two lives were brought together by accident. Will they accept their new roles as mates, or does fate have another plan?     Amazon KU


Ever since I broke away from my MC pack, I’ve been living out in Perdue Town. Inking skin, enforcing the rules, and keeping tabs on my pack’s most wanted list—a price worth paying for my freedom.
Until she walks into my tattoo shop. Beautiful, innocent, desperate to save her family. Mine. All these years I’ve lived without the mating urge. Now my beast roars to life: Mate. Claim. Possess. Then, with a single word, she turns my world upside down. She has no idea of the bomb she’s just detonated.
But I already know I’ll protect her with my life. I’ll put her on the back of my bike, outride any danger.
And when I’ve gotten her to safety, I’ll claim her sweet body and make her mine.    Amazon KU

SEASCAPE by Stephanie Burke

VS Note: A re-release.

How sexy can a woman be after being tossed out of a plane into the deep blue sea? Very, apparently…Dr. Elanna Richfield, a world-renowned oncologist, is tossed out of a small, hijacked plane by a drugged-out fanatic over the Pacific Ocean.Storm is minding his business, sunning himself on the waves, doing what Merfolk do on vacation, when a beautiful, dark-skinned human falls into his lap. Elanna thought she would never see the light of another day — especially from several fathoms below. But Storm opens up a world she has never seen. A world filled with magical, elemental creatures of unending beauty and mystery. A world filled with political intrigue and danger.Now if she can survive mystical transformations, jealous queens, and the dictates of a ruling council, she may very well discover true passion and desire within her Seascape.      Amazon     Kobo


She’s always loved fairy tales. Starring in one isn’t on her bucket list…Not that Hope has much of a bucket list, except in her head. Forced to work for a pittance by her cruel stepfather, she has no way out of the drudgery of her life. Being mugged in the park at night is just par for the course… until a big, green monster rescues her. Rather than waking up in a hospital bed with a severe concussion as she expects, she’s whisked off to a fantastical land filled with all the creatures from her childhood stories. Only she quickly realizes that not everything beautiful is nice, and her big, green monster is not what she expected. A battle-scarred warrior, he might be her only chance of getting home alive. And, well… it doesn’t hurt that he’s put together like a Greek god, but boasting about his… equipment doesn’t get him on her good list. Saving her from certain death though… yeah, that might do it. Between a witch’s curse and a treacherous court, Hope must make a choice about her future and whether her monster lives or dies.

Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


We make our own family. Zander Leery gave up on the idea of family a long time ago. He grew up bouncing around the foster care system, never finding a home to call his own. He has no ties to anyone or anything so the last thing he expected was a phone call saying his estranged older sister made him guardian to a niece he’d never known existed. With no idea what else to do with the child, he heads for Noir, Louisiana in search of the younger half-sister he barely remembers, but what he finds in the little bayou town will change his life forever. We make our own fate. Maya DeLuca gave up on the idea of fate a long time ago. She has no use for a fate that let a crazed wolf kill her parents, kidnap her sisters and torture her. She’s worked hard to overcome her traumatic past, to grow into a strong, independent woman and a fierce Alpha Wolf. She makes her own decisions, not some supernatural force. She has her own plans and they don’t include the very human mate who just showed up on her doorstep with no idea that the supernatural world even exists. We make our own happily ever after. He’s human. She’s a shifter. But their connection is unmistakable. Can Zander accept this new world that he’s stumbled into? Can Maya accept the possibility that fate chose right? And if they can find common ground, will they discover that sometimes it’s our mistakes that lead us to exactly where we were always meant to be?     Amazon KU


Those were the men that protected me. I could fall asleep at night knowing that I was safe. Until…Vampires attacked us in the middle of the night, shattering every illusion I had. They were after my blood, and after the blood of every omega. We fought back hard, but we knew the danger was far from over. So when our former pack demanded our return, we knew what had to be done. Returning home was a tough but safe option. But it came with its consequences. The old Alpha had died… and upon our arrival, I laid my eyes on one of the most handsome men I’d ever seen. Lucas. His charm captivated me in an instant. My heart and mind raced all at once, and guilt caught ahold of me. There was no way my three other mates would welcome him with open arms, right?    AmazonKU


With a looming wedding to a man I will never love just days away, if I don’t get out now, I never will. 
I don’t expect a car crash to give me my opportunity, but it’s a chance to escape, so I take it. Now I just have to survive this wilderness before the fiancé who killed his last wife catches up to me. I never could’ve predicted that a naked mountain man would be my hero. But his strange habits, tragic past, and the sudden attraction that flares to life between us makes me burn like I never have before. If a sheltered girl could choose one man, it would be Nicholas. Even if I can never understand why he has a tendency to forget his clothes when he leaves his cabin. But with a determined ex who won’t stop until he’s caught up to his runaway bride, it’s going to take a strong man to stop him. I don’t know if Nicholas is that man, but my heart hopes he is.     Amazon KU


The cruel vampire prince held me as his slave until I escaped. Now he’s back to get me. As heir to the throne he must find a mate before his coronation … in just a couple of days. So he grabs me again … drinks my blood … makes me crazy for him …But never touches me for real. I fled him years ago but the memories still haunt me. The vivid dreams of the things he did to me … so bad, and at the same time so good. Now he’s mad at me for standing up to him, so he torments me. I must find a way to escape his castle, escape those wicked gray eyes, escape my yearning. I loathe this monster, but my body’s craving is slowly taking over. Is this the real reason why I didn’t I escape again when I had the chance to? I had undone the ropes … was out of the door …Yet something made me walk back into captivity. Will I give myself to the vampire prince willingly?     Amazon KU


A bachelorette party brings Drin to the attention of the boss of the nightclub, Hell. Her problem is that he’s a long-standing crush and patron, and he knows it. Drin has a miserable life. She is constantly scrounging for money, fighting for respect, and hiding her activation. As far as she knows, she is a muse. She gives her targets inspiration and intellect, but her body pays the price. A metabolic active uses their body to power their manifestation, and Drin spends her life hungry as her body burns power to survive in public. She is asked to sing in public to help a bachelorette gain a win in a live singing competition, but she ends up going against the city’s most popular male singer. They sing a duet, and her opponent is so thrilled that he grabs her and kisses her. She drops him with her knee, and the club goes silent. The devil emerges and walks toward her. She sees him coming and is shocked to see her best friend’s brother approaching her, and she’s stunned when he kisses her in front of several hundred partiers. He sweeps her to his lair, and they have a short conversation involving her work for the Blind Date Corporation as his escort. A day later and she’s being arrested for breaking a restraining order. Her best friend’s family has blocked her, but now, she is hauled to lock-up for talking to Vikor. Things can only get better from there, right? When the devil arrives to defend her, her case is won, and her heart is lost.     Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


I was kidnapped to be forced into marriage. The hideous alpha of the enemy pack picked me as his mate. And as I sit here tied up in this dark basement, my wolf calls the only one it wants: The beta wolf with the rough beard and gentle hands. But will he hear me? We spent one drunken, steamy night together. My restless dreams are still haunted by the desire in his eyes. My dark days are lit up only by thoughts of him. They are the only things that get me through the pain and torture I’m exposed to. Maybe I never really expected him to find me. But in my restless dreams, there he is…He managed to cut the ropes, and now we’re lost in the most incredible kiss…We should run, leave this place, but the pull is unstoppable. One moment I’m a weak captive, the next I’m a hungry she-wolf bursting with desire. Am I just hallucinating? Or are my dreams turning into reality?    AmazonKU


VS Note: From JUNE 27

What do you do when the devil has you in his sights? HIM: Some call me the devil. I’ve had many names. Mortals are so fun to play with. Desperate, hungry little things. And everyone says yes to my deals. Everyone. …Until her. Now I crave her soul. She has made me the desperate thing. So I’ll have my revenge. LUNA: Once, I stood at a crossroads and was offered the world in exchange for my soul. And I said no, a soul is too precious to ever trade! But if I was ever asked again? What wouldn’t I give, just to feel their touch? All night, all day, I dream of themmy bandmates. ALL of them. At once. Touching and being touched by them. They see me as their little sister, though. At least, they have until now…’Cause it turns out I’m being stalked by a devil who’s tempting me to do bad, bad things.     Amazon KU

RED ON THE RIVER by Christine Feehan

VS Note: From JUNE 28. Listed in PNR. Sunrise Lake book 2.

Vienna Mortenson isn’t your typical gambler. She prefers to stay under the radar, using her poker winnings to support her family and her community, including the local search and rescue team, which she heads up. Out in the backcountry there’s no time for hesitation when lives are on the line. Vienna prides herself on being tough and decisive. She’s not the sort to make a fool of herself over a guy, especially one who left her high and dry without a backward glance. Zale Vizzini’s job constantly puts him in harm’s way. Working undercover and disappearing for months at a time isn’t exactly a recipe for a stable relationship. Despite the challenges and the risks, Zale wants something real with Vienna. He just needed time to figure out how to be in her life without putting her in danger. Now, he’s determined to win her back, and he’s ready to lay all his cards on the table. As their friends’ wedding approaches, Zale takes advantage of the festivities to make a play for Vienna’s heart. But there are more deadly forces waiting to strike in the rugged terrain of Nevada and the western Sierras. Soon both of their lives are threatened, and the odds are stacked against them.     Amazon      AB     Apple Books     Kobo

TECH BEAR (B.E.A.R.S BOOK 3) by Candace Ayers

One, two, three four, I declare a cyberwar. Lukas Torres is both brawn and brilliance. He’s a skilled coder as well as a hardcore field agent. His social skills, though…well, they’re lacking. He needs help to win over his mate. So Lukas (accidentally on purpose) hacks into her server. Needless to say, that doesn’t go over well. When Brennan Malkovich gets a digital smackdown, it’s time to up her cyber game. And where should she turn for help? The cocky, arrogant hacker himself—Lukas Torres. Only he’s not so arrogant. Or cocky. In fact, he’s kind of sweet. In a snarly, growly, deadly assassin sort of way. B.E.A.R.S. (Bruin Evaluation Assessment and Reconnaissance Specialists)     Amazon KU


When the ravens and crows begin acting odd on the morning of Death’s Day, Samarius Cain knows someone dangerous has entered his kingdom. The witches’ texts warned him of this and warned him that he, Death, would meet his match when the ravens fell. After centuries of waiting, he’d begun to think the text was just a fairy tale…Until he spots the Tower of Chaos and Destruction herself, Deianira Bronfell, mingling with his people. Shadowmyer is the last domain on Deianira’s list. Death’s kingdom, if the rumors were true. Samarius Cain. No one knows what he looks like, and no one can get into his castle. But Deianira isn’t walking away without her final crown. She has a plan: climb the ladder. Get close. Seduce who she has to and kill the rest. Nothing will keep her from her final conquest… not even the man she finds herself entangled with and unable to stop herself from falling for.      Amazon KU


He left without a word and became a soldier. I was so broken hearted I didn’t think I could ever love again. It was as if I was reborn as a completely different person without my strong, silent shifter lover. After nearly a decade of pointless flings and long hours at work, I thought I was ready for him to come back into my life. Then I lost a patient, and all of the pain from the days when he left washed over me. I’m not ready. I’m not ready to see my mate. My love. I ran from it, hiding even from my family. Then I encountered another shifter, and everything changed. Now I might lose him all over again. I want to curse him for making me care. But he will always be my hot bear shifter, the love of my life. I can’t lose him again.      Amazon KU



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