Satisfy the Inner Beast Weekend Snippet

I’ve switched to my new release, NARIO, which is a scifi romanfe and the latest in the award winning Badari Warrior series.

Starting at the beginning of the book…the excerpt:

Hunting pleased the great predator woven into his genetic material by the alien scientists who created him and his kind. The woods around him were lush, full of smaller prey and the scent of growing things. Nario was after the biggest game of all, however, a group of rogue humans hiding deep in this virgin forest on Ushandirr. They were escapees from a Khagrish lab, set free when all their captors perished of mountain fever.

Although he had to admire their determination to remain free on a planet teeming with the oppressive aliens, Nario’s Alpha Jamokan and the Supreme Alpha Aydarr had decided it was time to remove these humans from their chosen spot and move them into Sanctuary Valley, where the Badari Warriors lived. Aydarr, whose word was law, didn’t relish the idea of a group of humans roaming free on his planet and didn’t want them establishing a firm foothold outside his control. Alphas played a long game, looking ahead to the day when the Badari would be totally free of the Khagrish and truly own the planet. Aydarr was willing to have a limited number of humans remain with them, which only made sense since his fated mate was human, as was every other mate, but he intended to pick and choose who stayed and who would be repatriated to the Sectors, willingly or not. And they would all have to accept his right to rule.

As the senior enforcer of the canid-descent pack, Nario wasn’t surprised to be selected as the lead for this assignment, and his team although small was well trained and fully capable of rounding up these people. He was pleased to have an opportunity for a special assignment—being an enforcer he had many duties in support of the pack and the valley but this mission would exercise his military skills and satisfy his inner beast.



What starts out as a simple mission to rescue a group of lost humans turns into a nightmare for pack enforcer Nario, as he’s captured by the enemy scientists and plunged into an unprecedented journey to their home world for unknown experiments.
No Badari has ever been to the Khagrish planet but Nario vows to find a way to save himself and the others taken with him. The situation takes on additional urgency when he realizes one of the human women in the group is his fated mate. Aliana Ridley was a historian in the Sectors, traveling from world to world to record significant events when she was abducted by enemy aliens and destined to become a subject in unimaginable experiments. Now she has to rely on this fearsome, genetically engineered soldier to help her escape their captors and find a way home. She agrees to pretend to be his mate to fool the scientists but soon finds herself experiencing emotions she never expected to have with a man who’s handsome but not human. Will Nario find a way to escape the enemy’s grasp and get them all safely back to the Badari planet? Author’s Note: This is a complete story for the two main characters, ending with their HEA. There is a cliffhanger situation unresolved in the book for a pair of secondary characters, which I’ll resolve in the next book in the series.

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