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I felt like I should have shared a more romantic snippet in honor of Valentine’s Day but I didn’t want to disappoint readers who are expecting the next lines from Lady of the Star Wind. The WIP is an epic portal fantasy, which is undergoing a final edit and will be released after Star Cruise: Outbreak in the April/May 2016 time frame.

Sandy and Mark have been transported to an unknown world. This snippet is from  quite a bit further in the novel, after tey’ve left the mysterious mountain oasis, in the company of some new friends… Sandy was bitten by a snake, went into the green light with a woman unknown to her and now is sitting in a room she’s never seen before, with four women who seem to think Sandy is someone else…the Lady of the Star Wind…A new player, Haatrin, has entered the chamber and scolded the Moon Sisters.

Pivoting on her heel, she looked Sandy up and down, “Peace to you, daughter of queens. While it’s certainly true you’re not the Lady of the Star Wind from eons ago, your arrival might be timely, might be part of a larger whole.” Over her shoulder, she addressed Amrell and the others, “You know the balance is in jeopardy. Those who dwell in darkness gather and plot. This woman could be a key herself, a useful component of our strategy.”

“I’m not a tool to be used by others,” Sandy said, drawing upon her imperial heritage to sound haughty and disapproving, “And neither is Mark.”

“Yet you plan to dwell on the world Lajollae sent you to,” Haatrin made her assessment calmly. “Already you’ve chosen a side, made alliances – there’s a cost to such decisions.”

Sandy bit her lip, regretting all over again having agreed so easily to Mark’s desire to leave the oasis, and throw their lot in with Rothan and Tia. The stakes had been higher than she’d realized at the time.

A lot of creative punctuation – sorry! But Happy Valentine’s day…

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35 comments on “Higher Stakes Than She Knew Weekend Writing Warriors

  1. Great snippet! She’s trying so hard to be brave, but her internal thoughts betray her. Sounds like she has some big decisions to make. 🙂

  2. I’m intrigued to know more. Did she pick the right alliance? Loved her inner thoughts and her wondering the same thing. 🙂

  3. Oooo! What a twist! Let the plot thicken! I’m hooked, I’ve been hooked, but now I’m really hooked. Love the touch of drawing on her imperial heritage. And I LOVE this line! — “Already you’ve chosen a side, made alliances – there’s a cost to such decisions.”

    Things are getting mighty interesting, and about to get rather complicated and dangerous I’m guessing. She’s got herself in one tight spot! Great snippet! 🙂

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