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WeWrWaHere’s the link to the Weekend Writing Warriors central page, so you can visit all the participants sharing excerpts today…a fun way to sample new books and find new authors! (Also welcome to the Sunday Snippet visitors!)

Sorry about the snafu last week with my post not coming up as scheduled. Thanks for the comments I did receive! Here’s the link to it:  since that was the last snippet from LADY OF THE STAR WIND until the book releases in May. Then we’ll revisit it! (Moderators, please excuse me on this!) I WILL make the rounds today and comment, promise. Was on a plane last Sunday, coming back from the RT Booklovers Convention.

Here’s the first snippet from STAR CRUISE: OUTBREAK, which released this month:

The portal to the corridor burst open, and Mr. Enzell struggled into the lobby, half carrying his wife and surrounded by their white-faced children. Syl was sobbing in great gasps, and the boys’ faces were set in expressions of terror. The oldest had a blood-soaked wad of cloth pressed to his nose. Mrs. Enzell’s head lolled, and she looked as if she was crying tears of blood. Clint immediately moved to support the woman on the other side, calling for Emily as he did so.

“Seven hells, here we go.” Emily was right behind them as the men helped Mrs. Enzell to an exam room and onto the bed.

“Trynna started bleeding a few minutes ago, Doctor,” Mr. Enzell said as medical personnel hurried to get their new patient hooked up to monitors. “She said she was dizzy and then—then her eyes—she was—the tears were blood. And next thing I knew, my son’s nose was bleeding – what’s going on?”

StarCruiseOutbreak-FJM_Mid_Res_1000x1500The story:

She saved countless soldiers in the wars … but does she have the weapons to fight an outbreak?

Dr. Emily Shane, veteran of the Sector Wars, is known as “The Angel of Fantalar” for her bravery under fire as a medic. However, the doctor has her own war wounds–severe PTSD and guilt over those she failed to save.

Persuaded to fill a seemingly frivolous berth as ship’s doctor on the huge and luxurious interstellar cruise liner Nebula Zephyr, she finds the job brings unexpected perks–a luxe beach deck with water imported from Tahumaroa II, and Security Officer Jake Dilon, a fellow veteran who heats her up like a tropical sun.

However, Emily soon learns she and Jake didn’t leave all peril behind in the war. A mysterious ailment aboard the Zephyr begins to claim victim after victim … and they must race against time and space to find the cause and a cure! Trapped on a ship no spaceport will allow to dock, their efforts are complicated by a temperamental princess and a terrorist–one who won’t hesitate to take down any being in the way of his target.  If anyone’s left when the disease is through with them…

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Here was one of my favorite moments from the RT convention. This charming gentleman, Vikkas Bhardwaj, is the cover model for my October release, as it happens!

Cover model ecounter


42 comments on “The Outbreak Begins Weekend Writing Warriors

  1. Oh gosh! That is quite the outbreak starting there. A great tease! Definitely makes me want to read more. 🙂

  2. *swoon* That guy would inspire me to write a novel a year just to have him be the model for all of them!

    Exciting scene here, is this the start of chapter 1? This one sounds like a true page-turner.


  3. Thanks for the comments! Actually this scene is later in the book. I was raised on the premise that a good disaster movie takes some time to introduce the characters and plant a few foreboding thoughts before the crisis. So in the novel, first there’s a norovirus-like bug spreading among the passengers, much like the ones on cruise ships of today. THEN this bad boy disease strikes! Maybe next week I’ll share one of the less dramatic moments for contrast.

    Vikkas was such a charming person, was fun to meet him and have the photo taken!

  4. Great “disaster strikes” moment! Outbreak is one of my favorite disaster movies–I was raised on the likes of Airport and The Poiseidon Adventure. Can’t wait to read this one!

  5. Yes, the disease I ended up creating for the novel has aspects of several actual Earthly illnesses. Maybe I should have eased everyone here into the disaster more gradually LOL. Sorry!

  6. How exciting to meet the cover model on your cover! Saw an interview with him on Facebook. Seems like a really nice man, too, Loved the snippet. Congrats on the up coming release.

  7. First let me say, I love the picture! How cool is that? Next I love the snippet. Oh my gosh, that was intense! Great writing. I wish I could meet the cover model for my first book! I am so impressed by that!

  8. Great snippet. I want to know more about the outbreak — how it spreads and how it started.

    (Is this the book where the little girl has a pet that was sick — the pet is a little ball of fur? Or am I thinking of something and someone completely different?)

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  10. Uh oh… Well this isn’t going to be good. Great showing of the sudden panic and fear in the characters. I wonder just what this outbreak is going to be. Blood tears is certainly an ominous and eerie sign to come. Great snippet!

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