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May be edited a bit from published version.

Taking excerpts now from my new release, TRATUS, a scifi romance novel.

From the beginning of the novel. I’ve jumped ahead a bit and now they’re in Dr. Ghazhing’s ( the head scientist) conference room, waiting to begin their meeting. Briator is the Alpha of the pack, to whom Tratus reports.

“Gentlemen, meet Commander Martinggleer, newly arrived from Home World,” Ghazhing said as the officer gave Briator a curt nod and sat down without invitation. “He’ll soon put this small problem of your escaped comrades to rest, I’m sure.”

Briator lolled in his chair, apparently unconcerned. “I don’t care what happens to them as long as you honor the agreements with my pack. We were the chosen DNA line after all.” His words were a bit slurred but he held himself well. The new security chief assessed Briator with an expressionless face and squared his shoulders as if readying himself for a fight.

A battle the Badari would win, even if the Alpha was drunk. Tratus knew they could easily take everyone in this room but fighting their way out of the entire complex was dubious. He habitually made and discarded contingency plans constantly while he was inside the Khagrish walls, just in case. Cerodan, the other enforcer did the same.

“I’m afraid I have bad news,” Ghazhing began. “Three of your men didn’t survive the last field exercise. Killed in combat by the enemy. We were unable to retrieve the bodies.”

They lie. The words crept into Tratus’s head, along a tight beam from Welner, one of the other pack soldiers who’d been sent on the same combat mission. Every word he’ll speak is a lie. Nothing happened as they say. Ondre was executed by the Khagrish, on Ghazhing’s orders. Ragle and Hagiro died trying to defend him. Briator requested the elimination of the other Alpha. Don’t trust the Khagrish or Briator.

Tratus feared his knees would give out from the weight of the shock. With a tremendous effort he kept his outwardly calm demeanor. This was a true disaster, not only because of the death of pack brothers, but because Ondre, the dead Alpha was the man he’d sworn to follow if he defeated Briator in a confrontation which was to have occurred when Ondre came back from this mission.


Katrin Rodgerr, ex-Space Navy, was perfectly happy as Third Officer on a tramp freighter in the Outer Sectors, until the day she and everyone on board the ship were kidnapped by alien scientists to become subjects of gruesome experiments. Far away from home or help, Katrin does her best to bolster the other prisoners’ morale and look for a way to escape.

Until one day she’s chosen for an experiment of another sort – given to a pack of alien supersoldiers as a prospective breeder.

Tratus, senior enforcer of the Tzibir pack, never expected to find his mate, much less to meet her among the human prison population of the labs. But there she is and there’s no denying the instincts. Despite his Alpha’s objections, Tratus manages to convince the alien scientists to give Katrin to him and he vows to protect her. Deeply unhappy with the way his leader runs the pack as he disobeys all their goddess’s commandments and refuses to ally with other Badari packs to fight the scientists who created them, Tratus plots a revolt.

Despite herself Katrin is drawn to the giant humanoid warrior with alien predator DNA who treats her so respectfully. His scales and other differences from human males only make him more attractive in his own way. But the Alpha distrusts her and Tratus, and time is running out for them both…Can Tratus defeat the Alpha leading his pack to inevitable doom? Can he and Katrin survive the consequences and find their way to claiming each other as true mates or must he let her go?

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  1. Well, that definitely makes things a little more difficult. Maybe Tratus will have to lead the resistance then. Or go out on his own. A very intriguing snippet!

  2. What a blow for Tratus. I wonder if Briator had gotten a whiff of the plot to overthrow him and simply eliminated the competition. Very intriguing twist! Can’t wait for more! Tweeted.

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