Did They Leave Me? Weekend Writing Warriors

Here’s the link to the Weekend Writing Warriors central page, so you can visit all the participants sharing excerpts today…a fun way to sample new books and find new authors! (Also welcome to the Sunday Snippet visitors!)

I’m now taking snippets from my third scifi romance gladiator novel TALINN, which just released last week in the CLAIMED AMONG THE STARS  charity anthology.

The excerpt: From the beginning of the book, where we meet the heroine:

Bailey Kingsmere went to sleep a happy woman. True she wasn’t sharing the bed with anyone and hadn’t been for a long time—never date co-workers was her rule—but this cruise of the Stellar Aurora luxury cruise liner was going well. The rumors had been true and a bigtime talent scout was sailing with them this trip and he’d been spotted in the audience at the review twice now. All the members of the ship’s entertainment section hoped and prayed to their deities the man would discover them.

Her dreams were no different, she suspected, than anyone else’s. To sing and dance in front of a huge crowd as the headliner, not the interchangeable chorus girl. To be the name on everyone’s lips. And not have to cruise in this quadrant ever again.

She was in the middle of a pleasant dream when a blaring siren rudely interrupted. Gasping, heart racing, she sat up in bed and stared around her cabin wildly.

“You must evacuate now,” said the ship’s Artificial Intelligence crisply over the com. “All crew and passengers are directed to the nearest lifeboat with no delay—”

The sound cut off abruptly and the entire ship shuddered. Bailey screamed and clung to the bed until the motion subsided. She got out of bed and ran barefoot to the door, which took a scarily long time to open. The corridor was empty, smoke drifting ominously from various vents. Where the seven hells is everyone? Did they leave without me?

The blurb for TALINN: Talinn was a genetically engineered senior soldier in his Badari Warrior pack until unscrupulous laboratory guards faked his death and sold him into slavery in the galaxy’s hinterlands. Purchased by a nomadic warlord and forced to fight in games for the amusement of the crowds, Talinn has endured through sheer strength of will. He sees no possibility of escape but a Badari never gives up until the goddess calls him to the afterlife.

Bailey Kingsmere was a talented and ambitious entertainer on an interstellar cruise liner when her ship was destroyed in an accident. She escaped in a defective cryonic lifepod, which eventually drifted out of the Sectors entirely and crashed on a primitive planet. Superstitious locals decide to place her in the arena as a prize for a lucky gladiator.

Talinn needs only one look to know Bailey is his fated mate. He’ll do whatever it takes to rescue her from the other fighters and claim her as his prize but how can he ensure her safety thereafter? Since he’s not human and has alien reptilian predator DNA which gives him extra capabilities, will Bailey accept him as a mate? And can they ever escape their desperate situation and find a way to freedom?

The blurb for the CLAIMED AMONG THE STARS anthology:  Make contact with the hottest alien anthology in the universe! Claimed Among the Stars will rocket you to reading bliss with more action, adventure, and pleasure than one planet can contain. Curl up with this collection of wild and wonderful heavenly bodies and venture to the unknown worlds that only your favorite sci-fi romance authors could create. Hearts in zero gravity are free to fall, and destiny awaits unsuspecting heroines far across the galaxy. Whether you love a trip that’s nice and easy or dark and intense, this collaboration of more than fifty bestselling authors is guaranteed to please. Embrace the heat, the sweet, the dark, and the depraved, and grab your copy of Claimed Among the Stars today! A word of warning: this anthology is only available for a limited time, so grab your copies now before they blast off forever. The proceeds of Claimed Among the Stars will benefit The National Women’s Coalition Against Violence and Exploitation, which serves women and children in the United States and abroad.

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The first two books in the series, although each can be read as a standalone. Available wide and also as paperbacks on Amazon.

KYDEN: Condemned to the arena for the rest of his life. Elara, a Senator’s daughter, moves among the elite of her civilization. Yet despite the odds they’re Fated Mates. How can they ever be together?

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RENNYR:  Kidnapped, far from home, he’s been sold into the deadly arena gladiator system as a slave. Jaine is a human woman kidnapped from the Sectors to serve as arena fodder for the crowds. Fated mates, battling against the system which has them trapped, sharing one cell and one bed, fighting to survive…and to escape.

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